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OP2: 「未完成ストライド」 (Mikansei Sutoraido) by こだまさおり (Kodama Saori)
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「夕べには骸に」 (Yuubeniwa Okuroni)
“Dead at Dusk”

In all honesty, I wouldn’t really mind a few more episodes of this mindless but terribly interesting look at the inner-workings of our main cast. Not only is it cool to get a glimpse of everyone when they’re doing their own thing but after getting the chance to listen to someone besides Houtaro talk to himself, I wouldn’t mind if Kyoto Animation did things like this more often.

The thing is, I’m still surprised just how well the writers seem to be weaving together an interesting story with a mystery hiding in-between its seams. Because at first glance, this episode just seems like another character-centric one. Each person seems to be doing their own thing with some type of problem brewing around them. Chitanda and her bad luck with advertising the Classics Club, Satoshi and his competitive “friend” that just won’t leave him alone, and Mayaka trying to fight against that smug looking upperclassman. With the except of Houtaro, it feels like everyone is slowly traversing a path that will lead to some sort of self-realization. But if you look a bit closer and give things a little more attention, I bet you’ll be able to see the strands of a few different mysteries starting to unravel. While the most obvious would be trying to figure out why things throughout the school are going missing and why Chitanda seems to be holding herself back from pushing Houtaro to solve it, I’m actually more interested in something that’s a little less technical.

For me, I’m dying to watch Mayaka settle this dispute of hers with this smug senpai of hers. Not only did Mayaka try to reason with herself before starting the fight but when things started going I LOVED how she just wouldn’t give up. For some strange reason, watching her take the bait and then turn things around with that fierce attitude of hers really got me pumped up.

For another episode that doesn’t have an explicit mystery, I think this is one of the most enjoyable arcs we’ve had thus far. With everyone showing a bit of their true colors, especially pervert Houtaro, I can’t wait for what the next episode has in store. Oh, and did any of you notice the Manga Society’s President run out and post that sign right before Mayaka and her Senpai started fighting? Brilliant!




  1. I also liked the “random girl” at the end, when Eru is walking down the hall, trying to keep things together. She’s at the left of the frame in 3 shots looking down the hall toward Eru, first smiling, then giving a “boo” face, then talking secretly. She’s not quite in focus,, as she’s very close in. Attention to detail. KyoAni is excellent at that.

  2. I wonder if the missing go pieces and the fortune teller’s missing tarot card is related to the missing apple juice and the Hyouka club receiving 200 copies instead of 30. Sounds like someone is really sabotaging other clubs as I predicted previously.

  3. i missed my starbaby ending, it’s almost like the first ED was houtaro’s dream and this new ending is like Satoshi’s with the sherlock theme. glad to see Irusu in the opening. hopefully she bumps into houtaro again before festival ends.

  4. You know, I’m pretty sure the “Masterpiece” discussion, that you didn’t really touch on, could have sparked some really interesting discussion here in the comments, if this post wasn’t a week late. You didn’t even mention the new OP, just like you skipped the new ED last time. I appreciate your work, but to be honest, I’m not enjoying myself, reading these short reviews.

    What did you guys think of the awkward ChitandaxOreki moment at the end?

    1. priceless….instead of asking what he might have thought of them…she seemed awfully embarassed…hoho i wonder if it’s just the costumes or that it’s him who migth have seen it

  5. New OP was good. I thought I heard a square wave in the first seconds of the song and got all giddy, but I later realized it was probably just a synthesizer. It’s still a good song though, adding it under the category of “speaker test” songs. I enjoyed how the imagery in the OP focused on Houtaro’s character: no one sees him but the Classics (Literature) Club, and only Chitanda is able to bring him out of the “grey” lifestyle into a “rosier” one.

    I’m rather enjoying this school festival arc. This arc has been good development for Mayaka and a little for Satoshi. I’m a little sad that we’re returning to mystery in episode 15.

    Not usually a fan of shipping, but ChitandaxOreki moment at the end was cute. 🙂

  6. LOL at Houtarou being caught redhanded by Chitanda for taking a peek at her cosplay album.

    With Hikasa Youka this episode cameoing as the MC of the Quiz Show, this completes the K-ON cameo set featuring HTT seiyuus appearing in this show.

    Another cameo is Hayami Saori as Juumonji Kaho, Chitanda’s fortune-telling friend whose missing Tarot card, together with the missing Go stones, will set events moving. Despite her name, the identity of this thief “Juumonji” has nothing to do with her, and is purely coincidental.

    Ibara’s Manga Club sempai Kawachi obviously knows about the self-made manga Ibara mentioned, judging from her reaction.

    Kudos to the Manga Club president for her quick thinking in reinterpreting what could have been an embarrassing argument by branding it as a face-saving “philosophical debate”.

    Watch this space concerning Ibara’s side-plot with the Manga Club, as it is not totally unrelated to what will happen.

    Kinny Riddle
    1. Loved that moment between Oreki and Chitanda!! I dunno but it seems that Chii-chan kinda liked it that Oreki has seen the pictures.

      Also Chii-chan cosplay gave me a heart attack… I loved her victorian cosplay that I had to replay it like 3 times to see it again.

  7. Oh! argh. uhh. not sure how I should comment already knowing how next episode has developed @A@!!!. Moar item Trade Quest XD!. whee~~~. Oreki discovering Chitanda’s photos was pretty epic X3. Chitanda discovering Oreki discovered her photos, equally epic X3.

  8. I wonder if this is really a somewhat romance-orientated anime. So far we didn’t see any proof of that. It’s nevertheless an absolutely great anime. I love it because the main male protagonist is no soulless standard-boy but a clever and calm detective-youngster.
    The best animes are those where the protagonist is some kind of genious (Code Geass, Death Note) or a profound character (Kyon, The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi).

  9. I very much enjoyed this episode. ChitandaxOreki is always cute. I feel like this is all going to tie together quite well if KyoAni lives up to it’s name.
    Speaking of KyoAni, are there plans to cover the K-ON! Movie? It just came out last week.

  10. looks like a great case is being done just a guess… while the things stolen are lame, i think the case will make hotarou and the kotenbu become famous. with that forget the anthologies and they will become an investigative team and will be involved in a major crime as the climax of the story… —- JUST A GUESS.

    LasT MaN
  11. Doing some guess work here:

    I have a feeling that Oreki’s sister is involved in the pranks that’s happening in Kanya Fest..knowing that Oreki will solve these interesting mysteries, the classics club will get credit at the end, and the anthology will sell (which is probably why she order so many)

    Any other guesses? 🙂

  12. The mystery of this episode is right under your eyes, people.
    THAT awkward moment happen not because Chitanda found out someone is a peeper but a keeper.
    Only 3 photos was left in the envelop when chi-chan picks it up, and she knows who did it without confirming the content.

  13. Love seeing the CC members on their own, especially Satoshi and Houtaro whom I feel have been underdeveloped a bit personality-wise. Satoshi seems to have a lot more going on under the surface so I hope this festival brings some of that to light!

    The Manag Society’s prez reminded me in this way of Shizuru of Mai-HiME; all smiles and soft-spoken class, but a brilliant opportunist when no one’s looking.

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