Hot damn. There’s my dream team.

nullI seriously don’t know how a team composed of Xanxus, Byakuran, Squalo, Dino, and Mukuro is supposed to cooperate, but I guess that’s up to the next chapter to show. Jager’s definitely got some nice beating coming his way though, given that each member can utilize their full potential. Unfortunately, this being a shounen series and all, I highly doubt the strongest member of the Vindice will go down so easily, and although I really, really hope Tsuna won’t come to magically save the day, I have a nagging feeling that’s how it’ll end up. Here’s to hoping it won’t though, as these characters are some of the strongest fighters the mafia world has to offer, and they’re all more than capable of holding their own in battles: Xanxus is the leader of the Varia, and everyone can probably remember how overpowered Byakuran was made out to be in the Future Arc. Dino’s power levels are kind of in the unknown, but as Reborn’s student and a boss of his own famiglia, there’s no mistake in assuming he’s a very powerful figure. So if these capable people suddenly get their asses handed to them in the name of making Tsuna shine, it’s more than likely I’ll have a bone to pick with the series. Please, please, please KHR! – let’s avoid that annoying shounen trope!

Speaking of annoying shounen tropes, Reborn pulled a classic one this chapter. It’s always somewhat hilariously entertaining when protagonists – or antagonists – lay out their plan step-by-step for the world to hear. It happens all the time, so it’s nothing new, but it certainly is baffling since theoretically, one would be too busy trying not to die to have all this time to explain. Alternatively, it’d be a wise decision to strike while the enemy is talking, but no one seems to take that option. I guess if that happened, shounen series wouldn’t exist. Sarcasm aside, KHR! has been pretty sparing when it comes to this front, at least from what I can remember.

Previous events were pretty much forgotten with the entrance of the Saikyou3 Dream Team anyway, and I cannot stress enough how much I want to see this motley crew of fighters in action. The dynamics are just so interesting, and the more time devoted to them, the better. This is one of the occasions were a battle dragging on for several chapters is more than welcome, as these characters need all the panels they can get to demonstrate the humor and action that’s sure to come. Like I said though, I really don’t know if Amano Akira is going to maximize what she has – most readers probably expected a face-off between Jager and Tsuna, so pitting the strongest Vindice member against these guys is either a ballsy move to defy expectations, or prolonging the inevitable event of the Vongola Decimo flying in to save the day. Obviously I’m hoping for the former, since relying on the latter is just lazy and seriously brings into question the ability of any of these supposedly “powerful” characters.

If the second choice must happen though, I would much prefer it if it were to occur in as non-cliché a way as possible – Tsuna appearing to coordinate the teamwork would be a much better sight to see, not to mention it’ll really emphasize his growing leadership skills and his ability to pull people together. He’ll get to shine, and there’ll be character development to top things off; it’s a win-win situation, one that doesn’t stretch too thin in terms of believability. In any case, only a few more days before seeing the Saikyou3 Dream Team in action!

And one final thing: here’s the fruit of my masochism – enjoy.


  1. You just voiced the same exact concerns I had and the same exact desires as well!
    As you said, IF Tsuna has to come and help everyone, I hope it’s only in a leadership capacity or some other non-cliche manner.

    Unfortunately, I fear that they are just going to have Jager defeat them in order to ‘showcase’ his power/reinforce Reborn’s initial concerns about how Tsuna can’t beat him.

    I hope this doesn’t happen and only think it will because having such an awesome crew of fighters show up seems too good to be true, lol

  2. Byakuran isn’t as powerful as his future self and everyone doesn’t have box weapons (yet anyway). I’m not saying that the dream team are not powerful altogether, but if they have to combine their powers to even be on par with Jager then that guy is someone to be fearful of. There’s going to have to be more strategy and teamwork to the fights than in any other arc. Besides, Tsuna needs all the allies he can get to take out every Vindice within 90 minutes so I don’t think Tsuna can go be the hero to save everyone. Everyone will have to fight in their own battles and win as planned.

    random viewer
    1. I agree, plus Byakuran is (was ?) powerful in the future because he can access to all the info in different parallel world and thus be able to predict/know/seen his enemy’s future movements. That was how Dino and Squallo and others were easily defeated.
      Now, Byakuran is younger, not to mentioned he was wounded in the previous watch battle, just move out of hospital, and can not use his “seeing-the-future” power anymore, says in chapter 355 first or second color page. In other words, he is not as strong as his future self.

      As for the combine power and execute the strategy, HELL YEA!!! I am eager to see the Dream Team battle, especially how Xanxus will cooperate w/ others w/o increase his rage on team works. ^_^’

  3. Does anyone notice the apparently floating towel-cloth thing just underneath Byakuran? Last time I checked a sheet wasn’t a force to be feared in the Supernatural Mafia world. But if it is I may never sleep again.

    another guy

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