Another chapter about which very little can be said. Fans of Mari will probably be delighted by the mass of fanservice we’re graced with of her ten-years-younger form! I wasn’t really expecting it, but hey, I definitely won’t complain! Unfortunately, there was very little in the way of plot development this week. Keima is now trapped in his seven year old body (I can only imagine he’ll be capturing someone in a similar age range or something) and we’re confirmed to definitely be in a time before the weiss were set free which means it’s highly likely that will come into play.

Contrary to my hopes, it doesn’t look like Keima’s father will be turning up since he’s away on a business trip – it would’ve been a great time to finally introduce him, and who doesn’t want to know what kind of badass could possibly have tamed Mari? We can also assume that Tenri and Keima are already friends by this point since Tenri’s mother’s presence heavily suggests that the two families are already on good terms.

In addition to this, we get a little bit of entertainment from the usual antics of Elsie and Keima. Keima was already playing Galge and making gaming chairs even at the early age of seven… I wonder if his distaste for 3D had already set in by that point. And Elsie is as ditzy and hopeless as usual – just look at all those fire trucks (d’awww Elsie)! The only real food for speculation this week is in what the beam of light from the globe may be pointing to. Realistically, it could be absolutely anything, but since we saw the mystery girl holding a similar object in an earlier chapter, it wouldn’t take a huge leap to imagine it could be pointing to that.

tl;dr: @MoombaDS – Quite a bit of fanservice this week in contrast to some of the stronger plot development in past chapters! #TWGOK


    1. This may be a rather hentai guess, but if the author plans to make our favorite God conquer his own mother I will be shocked. Anyway, apparently the bigger issue at hand is that earthquake Keima talked about, as well as his minor memory lapse (you can’t imagine one with a god-like brain to have a memory lapse, that’s blasphemy in this case. Anyway, all of this doesn’t seem to link to the “parallel world” cause that happened.

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