「勇者の背中」 (Yuusha no Senaka)
“The Hero’s Back”

This week on Hagure Yuusha no Estetica the “Chronicles of the Great Rogue Hero”, we have… well, more of the same: Akatsuki showing us why he’s just so darn awesome. Really, what’s not to marvel about him?

  • He’s got the brawn. I mean, that cockatrice was just going wild with no one coming anywhere close to landing a hit. But nope, Akatsuki only needs one hand to beat it. And he beats it so bad that it ended up like one of those scenes in Power Rangers, where we get the whole delayed explosion and victory pose to top it all off too.
  • He’s just so darn humble. “Were you the one that saved us Akatsuki?” “Well, yeah… but you know, it was all because Miu here held em’ off long enough for me to even get here in the first place, so all the credit goes to her.” YEAHHH.
  • He’s a good person to bounce things off of. Got some things on your mind/chest that you want to let out, but can’t? He’ll help you with that too.
  • Got an injury? He’ll help you with that too.
  • Think you’re smart? Compared to him, you’re probably not. I’m looking at you Tanaka.
  • Also, did I mention he’s also earned his place as one of the more legendary perverts in history for his whole walking on wall routine in the bathroom? “Oh you think you’re safe just because you didn’t see me in the room?” “Learn to look up.”
  • But yeah, Akatsuki’s really a guy who just dabs in a bit of everything. Kind of like a jack of all trades, except like, more of a king of all trades instead. The guy just continues to add to his resume every episode.

    But that’s enough about his supernatural talents for now, as there were some interesting developments this episode. For one, there was a whole Revenge of the Sith Tanaka’s revenge bit that played out, as it is revealed that he had intended to use this cockatrice event to frame our good ol’ bully from last episode. Not only that, he also reveals himself to be quite the capable fighter as well… albeit seemingly a tad bit kookoo one, as he spouts some cool lines (“Babel is a death sentence. Crushing it is my cause”) one moment and goes off the contradictory deep end by saying how “revolutions always have their sacrifices”. Yeah about that…

    Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see how true his statements were as the story starts developing, as it sure seems like Babel’s not as straight-laced as it seems to be. Those shady Cocoon meetings the Student Council President’s busy attending… the whole thing about the heads of Babel being caretakers of the world… there’s just something very, very suspicious about it all. But, I reckon we’ll find out more about that at a later point (hopefully). Until then, we can laugh a bit at yet another spectacular acronym in C.O.C.O.O.N., which stands for Children of Cross Over Other Nations. It beats me how people come up with these acronyms in the first place… but shrug* In any case, I have to mention how the Cocoon meetings reminded me of SEELE from Neon Genesis Evangelion for one reason or another, how Cocoon always reminds me of Final Fantasy XIII, and how their whole conversation about maybe being fake heroes reminded me of Nisemonogatari. Kind of interesting how that works out, but… it doesn’t seem like the similarities/references are intentional, unlike those of Eureka Seven AO.

    Moving on, it was nice to see the continued development in terms of the relationship between Miu and Akatsuki. The thing involving the quote “if you have time to worry about others, spend it worry about yourself”, as well as Akatsuki telling Miu that it’s alright to cry because of the loss of her father, really highlights the kind of person Akatsuki is, and gives us an indication to the inner demons Miu has been facing since the start of the series. Combine this with the fact Akatsuki clearly knows that at least part of Miu wants revenge and the fact Miu’s father told her he wouldn’t mind if he killed the person who defeated him, should be he unworthy… and just sets up a very interesting dynamic. Normally, these two would never associate with one another, let alone live with one another. But yet, here we are.

    One other nice thing to see was also the fact that Akatsuki’s definitely not one of those main characters that just have brawn and no brains… something he demonstrated in his ability to detect Tanaka’s hidden powers, as well as in combat with said Tanaka later on. They’re sure making it hard not to like his character to say the least and I reckon he’ll end up being the favorite character of many viewers’ for the summer season.

    And speaking of the sides of Akatsuki, it seems like we’re eventually going to also get some insight into some of his past… at least a darker side to him as a result of the new arrival. Though, from the preview, it seems like that won’t happen immediately. I can’t fathom why Miu’d agree to bring Akatsuki with her to purchase lingerie… but I guess it’s probably likely he just forced himself in anyway. Hey, at least you got someone who really knows about lingerie to go with you… even if he is a legendary pervert and a guy. Good for you, Miu! I think. (Yeah right… more like you’re setting up yourself for this). Anyway, one last thing before I catch ya guys next week: I can definitely see this becoming some new fad in terms of being a new way for guys to “handshake“. Heh.

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    1. As I’ve said before to a few people, I’m not much for series with fanservice in.. but I’m actually really enjoying this. Here’s hoping the bluray doesn’t have removed shower fog for once :l

      I wish you guys were blogging Binbou though. Drop Arc Famig and pick up Binbou ;X

      P Ko
    2. Awesome episode. I initially dived into this show expecting mindless fanservice, but the hero proved to be exceptional enough to entertain me and coming into the third episode the fanservice gave way to plot… and now more plot… and still more fanservice. Oh god, the best of both worlds. So much win in this series.

      1. Anybody want to guess what class Akatsuki started off as when he first started his journey?

        Judging by his inability to use magic and this extreme close combat abilities with energy control i would say he was a fighter class or maybe ninja(the whole being able to stand sideways on walls) to a lesser extent.

        Allen Walker
        1. well, I don’t think it would be surprising to say that Show Spoiler ▼

    3. 2 – He’s just so darn humble. “Were you the one that saved us Akatsuki?” “Well, yeah… but you know, it was all because Miu here held em’ off long enough for me to even get here in the first place, so all the credit goes to her.” YEAHHH.
      3 –
      4- He’s a good person to bounce things off of. Got some things on your mind/chest that you want to let out, but can’t? He’ll help you with that too.
      THUMBS UP if you tried to find a hidden message!

        1. Yeah, but against Tanaka it was a complete waste of time. He could have turned the guy’s head into a pulp in the time it took him to summon it either of those times, but instead he insisted on trying to attack with that stupidly slow thing.

        2. The opponent moving fast is the whole problem. The sword is WAY too slow: it has no chance of hitting an agile enemy. Akatsuki, on the other hand, has demonstrated excellent speed when fighting unarmed. He could have gotten to the guy and hit him several times over in the time it took him just to summon the sword. When he was playing possum after taking those hits he absolutely SHOULD have gone for Tanaka bare-handed: that might actually have accomplished something. Instead he wasted the entire element of surprise by summoning the sword again, and failed miserably at actually doing anything useful.

          I’m sure the sword is supposed to be a power-up, but dramatically they presented it poorly. In the very first episode in which he makes use of it, he is shown to do significantly worse in a fight with it than he was in previous fights without it. He ignores his established capabilities and good openings for his normal style to instead try to use the thing in a fight it’s not suited for, and it goes rather badly as a result.

          Besides, I think the design of the sword just looks stupid. It’s like a slab of rock with a stick stuck to one end. It would never be able to cut anything if it wasn’t magic. Its overall failure in combat just adds insult to injury.

    4. vol. 1 is now officially over… heading for vol.2 material… one thing I find funny after after being reminded by the anime now is that the LN had a designated “ecchi” chapter, so we will be treated one such next week 🙂

      the fight is still short, but at least they got the plot moving, so I can’t complain… I will just again add a little extra from the LN… Akatsuki had a bit of grudge against COCOON, or more specifically, one member of the COCOON, and that part of the reason why he trained so hard to get his power (he didn’t learn it all for pervertness after all). Aside from COCOON, terrorist organization also roams around quite normally (Takana is one such individual). Well, next week will be a great treat for all ecchi lover xD

      ps. HanaKana, are you doing it intentional or your English kinda sucks?
      pps. It is always the guy who don’t open his eyes, I tell you…
      ppps. Thanks for the post, Zephyr xD

    5. this ep

      Akatsuki vs giant chicken monster show how got extra band power.
      all it takes it few slash & boom goes giant chicken monster.
      with everyone safe & no longer “rocky” with wonder who behind it?
      Akatsuki found person behind the attack & also cause chicken monster go crazy.
      it was person wimp victim but he was faking cause speed attack on Akatsuki.
      but no effect tried to blow up the buliding but got freeze by class pres.
      Akatsuki mention yea still one day i will beat you.
      miu pass out then get better with Akatsuki enhance her healing.
      & tell her to cry for everything include part where Akatsuki killed miu’s dad.
      next day miu need new outfit size cue shower & WHAT cause Akatsuki standing on wall & top of miu cue cracker food.
      news showing mention a group of cocoon & a person seem Akatsuki know.
      miu ask what is cocoon is sorta big group control it all.
      Akatsuki on wonder see person arrive want hand shake but got fist grab.

      & next ep shopping for size outfit for miu.

      all hail BOSS Akatsuki
    6. AMV challenge: B.Tyler “I need a hero”
      I guess there is enough material already, and by the end of the series it will be hard to pick from the plentiful action scenes…

    7. The Student Council just irks me so much. They are just so unreasonable smug/arrogant except for the president who actually deserves to be. They are obviously deluding themselves just because they work up to Class A while Akatsuki has only been in Class B for a few days or so.

      1. And while they might be big fishes in a small pond, there is the “UN heroes security council” which probably is “best of the best” in the WORLD power rankings – and even they already ponder if Akatsuki will have enough power to join them.
        Which bring me to the other thing – why Akatsuki goes all hostile at the mere mention ofthe COCOON?

        1. well, the student council members are a bit cocky, but they will understand later… since they haven’t really fought Akatsuki seriously for once…

          COCOON is mystery to the outside world… so it is not hard to see them both mysterious and has strange and even evil aura…

          as to Akatsuki’s reaction to the COCOON, Show Spoiler ▼

    8. Awsome³. I’m having such fun with this series.

      A note to jrj: I love how you introduce thoughtful spoilers to the commentary here –
      spoilers written the the way a spoiler should be written, IMHO. You’re adding insight
      and value to the blog, giving direction for what to expect in the coming episodes… Thanks!

    9. And the question come, of all places you can train gathering energy at your feet and stand on the side of wall, why in the bathroom? Oh wait, it is Akatsuki, nvm then, the question is irrelevant here.

      1. from Akatsuki’s teacher: where else can you go all naked and feel the chi in the air? Bathroom!
        where else can you go all naked and have awesome ecchi encounters like this? Bathroom!
        where else can you go all naked and … ? (you can fill in the blank here) Bathroom!
        there you go xD

    10. The main reason why I like this show is because Akatsuk is really more brains than brawl, he look strong but he really isn’t since so many others are way stronger than him later on in the series. But his mind is a differnt matter, later on you will see him win fights against stronger opponent using his brains and outsmart the bad guys in ways that you will be saying ” Gosh I never thought of that, so that was the reason why he did that back in episode so and so”, just remember all of Akatsuk’s action have a deeper meaning one way or another in most cases. If he grab someones boob, on the outside he might want to get a feel of it, but in reality he might be planting a bomb or something.


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