「風雲!桶狭間!」 (Okehazama!)
“Winds of Change! Okehazama!”

Nobuna’s fate is finally kicking into high gear with a swift downfall of the Imagawa. Yoshiharu, however, takes some blows for the team.

Last episode, I mentioned plot armor being an issue I had with this series, given how all the main characters came out unscathed. Thanks to this episode, I’ll have to correct myself. I was very surprised when Yoshiharu took those shuriken like a boss, and I had high hopes that similar situations would play out like this one…until the ending. It’s understandable that Yoshiharu has a soft spot for pretty girls, but using groping as a tactic for saving her…I’m still iffy on that.

With that being said, this’ll probably not be the last time that Yoshiharu gets injured for the sake of Nobuna’s dream. Though this is a step forward in terms of moving away from plot armor, it’s to be expected that Yoshiharu will quickly recover from the injuries he receives (he’s already on the battlefield when Nobuna charges) and that none of the female characters will ever face a scratch on them.

Other than that though, there are few other gripes I had with this episode. Other than Imagawa being portrayed as a wimpy noble [see: historical notes], the characters all performed well in this titular flag event. Nagahide continues to be her badass scorekeeper self whilst the former Nobuyuki throws a wrench in the historical accuracy.

One important dynamic I want to highlight is Nobuna’s attitude this episode. Although a little rash and harsh in ‘firing’ Yoshiharu, her actions are an important development that helped mold Yoshiharu’s character. Previously, Yoshiharu was basically the final authority on all decisions, undermining Nobuna’s ability to make decisions for herself. It would’ve been a pity if Nobuna had to always default to Yoshiharu for advice, but today’s episode fixes that possibility. I really admire how Nobuna and Yoshiharu’s dynamic is evolving despite all the romantic comedy in between–both of them take care of one another in equal portions, in situations where neither of them may be entirely right. Instead of a sort of supernatural being that can basically plow through the entire era, this episode shows the flaws in his ‘future’ trait and brings him down a notch, whilst also elevating Nobuna’s status as a daimyo who can make her own dream come true. Her dream will be achieved with Yoshiharu, but she will be the one on the reins.

Next week, we’ll be seeing another genderbended (and loli) version of history appear, but not without a cunning character to spice things up like Azai did in episode 3.


Historical Notes: Spoilers Possible

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  1. Damn it Monkey, stop it.
    Now that Imagawa is alive, I don’t know what will happen next.
    I guess, the only characters that will be getting their heads cut off are the “Male Warlords”.

    Hanzo is pretty badass, and I thought that “ninja warp” is exclusive to him until Goemon does it as well. *sad*

  2. I decided to start following this since I hear it’s actually quite good once you get past the apparent genderbend gimmicks. After all, if King Arthur can be a girl, why not Nobunaga?

    Anyway, we may be seeing the beginning of Saru’s growing harem via collecting his master’s defeated enemies, who all happened to be cute girls. But Saru has now increased the butterflies even more by keeping Nobukatsu, Dousan and Imagawa alive. And with Hideyoshi dead in the beginning, Saru has now placed his feet firmly in this alternate timeline.

    Unless Saru assumes Hideyoshi’s position, and then secretly grooms Raccoon Girl Motoyasu (aka Tokugawa Ieyasu) to be the ultimate ruler of Japan. But this would require Akechi Mitsuhide to betray Nobuna eventually…

    Lately Noto Mamiko has been slowly making the transition to voicing more mature character roles, as seen in Hanasaku Iroha, though she shows she can still play the adorably cute girl here as Imagawa pleading for mercy.

    Kinny Riddle
  3. Now I’m rather curious on how the major historical events will play out. From what happening appears Saru’s causing a predestination paradox (destined events are going to happen it’s the details that can be changed), although he himself isn’t sure what the effect going to be like.

  4. I’m looking forward to seeing what Imagawa brings to the table in the future. Wondering who the new guy in the previews is, and when Azai will make another appearance. Anxiously awaiting next week.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  5. I like how he is playing a 1983 game in the 21 century and making use of the knowledge he get from gaming… This make me want to go and play Nobunaga Ambition… Any good torrent out there??

  6. The part where Nagahide jumps in and then slices through the grunts in the rain… That slowmo shot where the rain drops bounce off her spear… It so reminded me of Devil May Cry 3 :P.

    And the part where Sagara gropes Katsuie to stop her from killing Imagawa… That look on Katsuies face is just so… so…. cute XD

  7. Hm, I like the idea behind this anime. Even the idea showign the warlods as woman is no bad. But why to hell small girls. This little green girl giving orders to an army… jsut awful. ;(

    Maybe I’m to old ~~, but the wish to fulfill every fanservice ruins this show me.

      1. what- or whoever she is. :>
        Its a little girl in this anime, and this is just sad for me. Why not all roles with at least grown up woman. Its just stupid to see little girls on a battlefield acting like warriors.
        I’m just disappointed cause I thought its gonna be a nice anime upon a good idea.
        For me! its a fail. ;(

      2. Well, Ieyasu was nicknamed the “Old Raccoon” due to his extremely patience and willing to bide his time for no matter how long it takes.

        I await the day when anime moe-fies even Emperor Palpatine……

        Kinny Riddle
  8. Best Ep yet IMO. Great mix of action, romance & comedy. LOL at the interaction between Nobusumi (what a player – “Leave it to me…I’ll seduce her”) and Yoshiharu. I agree with Zanibas that Yoshiharu’s injury was a good deviation from his normal invulnerability though I do think he got off a little easy with only a single flesh wound (not the Monty Python type :P).

    I also liked the fact that the show addressed the question of whether Yoshiharu’s interference altered history. That’s a big underlying issue for this type of show, and the fact that “history” might deviate from what he knows gives a needed aspect of uncertainty to the show IMO. I doubt that the show will deviate radically from history (e.g. Nobuna fails to conquer Japan), but it would be nice if something unexpected occurs. Very much looking forward to Ep. 05

  9. The premise of this show is shit. Acknowledging that comes first. But the studio, MADHOUSE, is a veteran on…well, anything, so it was obvious they were going to pull this off.

    This is the best anime of the season so far, easily beats SAO(I read SAO’s LN, so episode 2~3 were crap for me).


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