Phew, nothing like suddenly stumbling upon a release of a chapter out of nowhere… on a Sunday no less! Well, no matter. Let’s get the three posts in 24 hours marathon on the road then eh?

Going right in, I just have to say what a great feeling it is to hit the nail on the head, as my prediction from the last chapter was right on. Turns out, Tobi indeed doesn’t really go transparent when dodging attacks, but merely teleports the part of his body under attack to another dimension. Similar to Kakashi’s Kamui, it links in with why Naruto and Co. were suddenly able to hit Tobi at all… though it turns out there’s also one extra explanation: The fact that Kakashi’s eye is linked to the one Tobi uses.

And thus, we can at least we can confirm that Tobi is in fact using Obito’s other eye. And well… at this point, there’s just an overwhelming amount of evidence saying it IS in fact Obito… considering all the details he’s knows about Kakashi and Guy and his mentioning of Kanabi Bridge, where Obito first gave Kakashi his eye and “died”. I can still see it possibly being someone who merely took his eye after the fact… but I’m finding it harder and harder to believe that the person under the mask is just some random guy who just somehow ended up being there at the same time and took the eye, let alone be able to utilize it to the degree he does…

Either way, it looks like we’ll definitely get a reveal next chapter… and it doesn’t look like it’s something that’ll please most people. Personally, I will admit that I don’t really mind if it is in fact Obito, especially if there’s a good explanation behind it all. Although… the one thing that would bother me slightly if it is in fact Obito is how long it’s taken for the reveal in the first place, because it’s something many people jumped on dozens of chapters back. But hey, you never know. Kishimoto’s occasionally thrown some interesting twists from time to time… so it may yet surprise.

Author’s Note: Took a bit to fix up, but blog’s back up! Take a peek if you have the chance and stay tuned for some previews of graphic novels and hopefully The Last Story artbook in the comings days!


      1. What intrigues me most about this chapter is not who is Obito, but Kakashi’s explanation of Tobi’s space-time jutsu. If Kakashi is right in saying that “absborbing things” and “being transparent” are the same jutsu, then Tobi wouldn’t have had to use Izanagi while fighting Konan, as being “transparent” means teleporting to another dimension, why didn’t he transport his whole body? I mean why to transport all of his body he needs to “absorb” but being “transparent” does not?

      2. But my point is that if he can make his whole body “transparent” why bothering sending only some parts of it to the alternate dimension. Plus if he is already there, why not appearing in some other place, away from Konan’s bombs, just like he did many times throughout the series. It made more sense when “absorbing” and being “transparent” were different jutsus.

      3. Reading back, the reason he couldn’t avoid Konan was because she spread 600 billion tags everywhere around. He could go transparent all he wants, but the fact is there was gonna be a tag in the general vicinity no matter where he tried to dodge to (Tobi says this himself) within those 5 minutes, because of the sheer amount of tags and the radius of the explosions. So second he turned solid, he would be blown to bits no matter what.

        Chapter 510 btw, for reference. 😀

      4. True indeed Zephyr, yet I still have some concerns about the jutsu.

        1)If Tobi has all his body being transparent, that means his whole body is in the alternate dimension. Thus, while being there, he could open a portal to another place far from Konan’s bombs. As I recall, Zetsu said Tobi could easily travel from one place to another.

        2) How come he send only parts of his body and not bleed to death. Remember when Deidara’s arm was sucked into the kamui, the arm’s tissue was broken, only Kakuzu could reattach the arm.

      5. True indeed Zephyr, yet I still have some concerns about the jutsu.

        1)If Tobi has all his body being transparent, that means his whole body is in the alternate dimension. Thus, while being there, he could open a portal to another place far from Konan’s bombs. As I recall, Zetsu said Tobi could easily travel from one place to another.

        2) How come he send only parts of his body and not bleed to death. Remember when Deidara’s arm was sucked into the kamui, the arm’s tissue was broken, only Kakuzu could reattach the arm.

        I seriously hope that further explanation will be done int eh following chapter. One simply does not ignore sci-fi “rules” regarding spacetime travel.

      6. okarin. his body is not in the alternate dimension only the ones that gets hit or passed by, just like when naruto passed by tobi that’s when kakashi sent naruto’s rasenggan to the alternate dimension. Both tobi’s arm and the rasengan went to the alternate dimension and that’s when it made a hit on tobi.

      7. It’s not Obito, because of what Tobi said “I told you not to open your mouth so easily” “you’re just words and no action, what somenone like you says is worth nothing!”
        it showed that, tobi has ever said that to Kakashi before and I can’t find any reason that Obito will said that to Kakashi back there when they are young.

    1. Well, we have an 2nd Change…

      It can be the “Healer” Chick. But, then we have already a “Back View” of him without Mask, and His Hair color is Black. The “Healer” Chick was Blond…

      I still go with the “Defect Host” better then nothing, Solution

      1. That logic is understandable though, compared to obtaining a sharingan from someone who was seemingly dead (Obito). I never once thought Orochimaru was completely dead. He was too much of a sinister character unlike our short lived Obito.

      2. If half of Obito’s was COMPLETELY smashed can you explain how he was able to have a conversation with kakashi and tell Rin to transplant his sharingan.You can not have a conversation if have of your brain is smashed not to meantion heart.

      3. If you read the posted picture it wasn’t completed smashed yet, as said by Obito himself. He was just holding on with what little time he had left. Under any circumstance, despite him being fully crushed or not, I find it very unrealistic that his other sharingan could be obtained. We’ll see though. But like I said, the BS meter is on it’s way up.

      4. There is an inherent problem to the obito=Tobi theory. Obito did not “die” a tormented soul racked with hatred and anger, he died doing the thing he preached; a person who doesn’t take care of his comrades is worse than scum. He sacrificed himself to save Kakashi, his friend and rival. He gave up the only thing he had left so that Kakashi and Rin might survive; his sharingan. There is no basis or set up that Obito would some how survive and also have gone completely mad. Tobi has Obito’s eye, this is a fact and not a surprising one since he has a room full of sharingan eyes. The candidates are narrowed down to 4 possibilities. First one is that this is a completely new character that kishimoto is about to pull out of his ass, forever condemning this manga to the shit pile. The second that this is the sage of six paths himself, an almost equally crappy outcome. The third, that this is Madara’s brother, Izuna, and the two of them hatched this plot together.

        The fourth and best option is that Tobi is one of the sons of the Sage of six paths, the one who possessed the sage’s eyes and powerful chakras. After losing in battle to his younger brother, the one who inherited the sages “body” he probably hid away in some broken form like voldemort until he could find a way to return (Zetsu). Sasuke and Orochimaru are on there way to meet the younger brother, the one who knows the truth and has also managed to survived until now. This was all set up by Tobi himself back in chapter 462 pages 12-13.

      5. Well between the battle at the bridge and the attack of kyuubi at the village is at least three years. A lot can happen in that time. The way I see it with the information provided goes like this:

        1. Obito’s eyes function just like Sasuke’s. The right eye can control space-time within self the left eye can control space-time in another location. Explains how Deidara’s arm got retrieved in the other dimension :p

        2. Obito survived being crushed by the rock, because his space-time jutsu activated and transported his vital areas in the other dimension. He just didn’t know it at that time.

        3. Obito, Sasuke, Naruto and Nagato all had mentors yes? And these mentors had a hand in shaping their mentors beliefs and goals. So why can’t obito be the same? Lol what if Danzo was Obito’s mentor after the battle at the bridge?

      6. First, Obito’s head wasn’t destroyed when the rock fell, otherwise that would be instant death. Second, some of his organs or extremities could have been damaged, but not necessarily beyond any cure. This means Obito’s body could have survived. Third, Tobi’s other eye could have easily being one of the many sharingans he has stored. Finally,answering Random Ram’s comment, Deidara’s arm wasn’t completely sent to the other dimension, but only a part of it, the rest fell to the forest. That is why when deidara fought sasuke, we saw that his right arm had a weird portion of flesh. That portion was added by Kakuzu to compensate fro the lost part.

    2. I mean after all the damn times i bashed ppl for saying its obito, i mean the fact is now its at least his eye tobi is using, i mean omfg i can just hear the epic i told you so’s all over the world. u guys can hear it too right, wow it is so deafening i cant hear myself think. Kishi u better not do this, i will be pissed.

    1. i had this crazy thought that it was her hahaha but i don’t think so.
      Cuz tobi was like he knew kakkashi and i was thinking who was close to kakkashi or something, then i thought about that girl, her name is Rin. she’s a medical ninja. she could have changed her face or something but that sounded stupid so no haha

  1. “The fact that Kakashi’s eye is linked to the one Tobi uses.”
    Did the chapter really explicitly say that? All we know is that Tobi uses the same mangekyou technique as Kakashi. Mangekyou Sharingan jutsus are not exclusive to individual eyes. As we saw, Sasuke can use the same techniques as his brother Itachi. Granted, they were given to him, but this disproves the idea that only one set of eyes can use a specific Mangekyou technique.

    Also, we haven’t seen much of Tobi’s mangekyou. Kamui is pretty much all that Tobi has used so far.

    “And thus, we can at least we can confirm that Tobi is in fact using Obito’s other eye.”
    Does it really have to be Obito’s other eye? Firstly, Obito tells us in his dying last minutes that his other eye was crushed by the rock. Secondly, Tobi co-conspired the Uchiha clan massacre so it’s possible he got a bunch of Sharingan eyes from that like how Danzou did. But then again, maybe the eye really is Obito’s – simply for plot shock effect.

    As for ‘Tobi being Obito’ didn’t Kishimoto confirm that was false a long time ago back before we assumed that Tobi was Uchiha Madara.

    There’s a popular new theory that Tobi is in fact one the Third Hokage’s team-mates. Back in the 1st Ninja War, the Second Hokage captained a team that consisted of Sarutobi Hiruzen and his group, Danzou and others including an Uchiha called Uchiha Kagami.

    Also, the 2nd Hokage’s full name is Senju Tobirama. ‘Tobi’ is the first part of his name and could be the inspiration for Tobi’s alias. And take a look at Uchiha Kagami’s appearence
    His hair resembles that of Tobi. My guess is, the identity of Tobi isn’t signficant. What’s signficant is his past and motivations which Kishimoto confirmed will be revealed in the next few weeks.

    1. sauske can only use amaterasu on his left eye but not on the right so if obito’s right eye can suck people at long range then his left can only suck himself or transfer his body parts to the other demension. Yeah tobi did say he found it on the bridge in the previous war.

      kakashi and tobi share the same dimension. not sure if other uchiha’s can access it.

      tobi’s not madara cuz madara is revived by the edo tensei and currently fighting the kages.

      but has kagami and kakashi met before?

      darn can’t wait for the next chapters

    2. Yes, it pretty much said the eye was Obito’s, because Kakashi said the time-space sharing only worked between them two. With the immediate comment after this being “where did you get that eye”… as well as the fact it wouldn’t have mattered whose eye it was unless it is, and it’s confirmed without a doubt that it is Obito’s eye.

      Who it is is still up for grabs, but the signs are pointing toward Obito atm in my view. Pretty sure Kishimoto did not say it was false.

    3. “Did the chapter really explicitly say that [Kakashi’s eye is linked to the one Tobi uses]?”
      Essentially, yes. Bee asks if all space-time jutsu lead to the same alternate dimension, and Kakashi says no, it’s probably only his and Tobi’s.
      “Does it really have to be Obito’s other eye?”
      I suppose it doesn’t have to be, but when Kakashi asks, Tobi does state that he got it from the Battle of Kannabi Bridge, which is, of course, where Obito perished and Kakashi got his sharingan.

  2. but, this is a no good way out escenario, if he’s in fact obito, that was for starters the already foreseen path, and raises too many questions, especially the one that states that he sucked at being a shinobi, and now he’s just way overpowered and co-founder of an international criminal organization, very hard to believe I think.
    the other option is even harder to believe, “he was just a random guy who happen to had medical ninjutsu skills and a plan to change the world in progress and was able to extract the eye and use its full potential, and also has the stamina at the same level of your average Uchiha, also let’s recall that obito didn’t have his other eye, he had just one left for kakashi to take, so that’s a really tough spot for a writer to be in, isn’t it Kishimoto.

    1. when you said medical ninjutsu i thought of the one closest to kakashi and obito and knew where obito’s body is and that was that girl who was team mates with kakashi and obito.

      anyone can go stronger w/ that sharinggan technique i see y not ?

    1. If you’re referring to the Second (2nd) Hokage, Orochimaru actually did revive him and the First during the Sound attack on Konoha. Go and reread it. There Sarutobi sealed them in the dead gods belly together with orochimaru’s arms.

  3. I thinks it’s Obito. If it’s not…I will cry
    If it is him….I will cry harder. Because they were teammates, and Kakasi and Obito were friends that were bonding. Kakashi tried his best, not knowing what would happen. He tried to get Obito out of harms way, but Obito went with what he wanted to do. Obito did a good deed, and “died” and honorable death.

    Will treaty
  4. How did you figure this was Obito!? If anything, this chapter only proved that Tobi wasn’t Obito!

    When Kakashi asks where Tobi obtained his eye, Tobi answers, indulging Kakashi in the fact that he asked where he got that eye, as if he was a grave robber.

    And Zephyr, do I really need to go over the overwhelming evidence from past chapters AGAIN that disproves the theory that Tobi is Obito?

    The only person I can guess that Tobi might be is Izuna. Reasons for this:
    – Tobi has been around for decades, and thus dates back to an older time (further backed up by the fact that his face has aged to that of old man).
    – Tobi has extensive knowledge on the Uchiha and Mangekyou Sharingan.
    – Tobi’s dojutsu is powerful enough to control Kurama; only one other person was able to do that… -hint- -hint-
    – Tobi has relations with Madara.

    Of course, this is all speculation. But at least my speculation is LOGICAL, Zephyr… “-_- There is no logical way for Tobi to be Obito.

    1. I read your theory last time, along with the other people arguing it’s not Obito. Taking that into account, if there’s one thing that’s seemingly sure, is that it is Obito’s eye that Tobi is using. You can keep saying that it’s not Obito, but it’s not guaranteed it’s NOT either.

      You argue he sounds like a grave robber, but at the same time, you have to wonder. If he indeed is a grave robber, then you’re going to tell me it was some guy scarcely mentioned ever or a totally random person? For now, I take that scenario as much less likely than it actually being Obito.

      And also, for your logical w/e, it’s been said Madara took Izuna’s eyes and he was pretty much dead. Also, if it was, you’re telling me that a blind guy’s been wandering around for decades, just so happened to stumble upon Obito at that time period, and got his eye? Then wandered around for who knows how long before making his reappearance as oh saviour via “world peace through epic illusion”? Doesn’t fit with his possible motivations in the slightest. Sorry, but your argument isn’t nearly as logical as it seems.

      Also, I’ve said I don’t mind Obito if there’s a really good explanation. Just because it seems like it’s impossible to get a good explanation, doesn’t mean there isn’t a chance that Kishimoto doesn’t. He’s shown some propensity to tie stuff around from a while back and to plan some stuff in advance, so…

      Regardless, I still said there’s a chance it’s not, and the only thing I confirmed is the eye. Just saying that there is a lot of stuff relating to Obito this chapter. Regardless of how you point out reasons why it’s “impossible” doesn’t mean the signs don’t at least point slightly toward him. Even the typical person would agree it points to him, even though it doesn’t seem possible.

      1. It’s known as this point that Tobi is using Obito’s eye, and I admitted last chapter that I acknowledged that Tobi is probably using someone else’s flesh.

        So because Izuna hasn’t been mentioned often, the possibility of Tobi being him is nill? Haven’t you ever watched Scooby Doo? It’s always the person you least expect! Haha, okay, but really: I don’t know if Tobi is Izuna, but if he isn’t, it’s certainly not because he wasn’t mentioned often. The 4th was barely mentioned before officially being revealed as Naruto’s father.

        Tobi, in that same scenario, also said he didn’t attack Konoha with the nine-tails.
        And no, Tobi hasn’t been wandering around for decades. He was the one who implanted the Rinnegan with Madara in a child Nagato, decades ago. In this scenario, it’s likely that Tobi was lying to Sasuke.

        If Tobi is indeed Obito, he’d have to be a time-traveller (to implant the Rinnegan). I mean, come on.

        “Even the typical person would agree it points to him, even though it doesn’t seem possible.”
        I think Kishi wants to confuse the readers in this regard, Zephyr.

      2. He might want to confuse readers, but still doesn’t render it impossible. e could easily troll you with you thinking he wants to confuse you, lol.

        I’m not saying Izuna’s totally impossible, but sure seems that there has to be better candidates than him, when you consider the sequence of events that would’ve had to happen for him to survive his “death”, live without eyes/while blind, acquire Obito’s eye, etc. etc. In my eye, even Obito seems likelier than Izuna at this point when you consider how ridiculous it would have to be for him to have ended at this point.

        And whoa whoa, hold up there. Where’d you get this info that Nagato got transplanted eyes? It was explicitly shown that he activated it on his own yo and that his eyes were his own. I think you’re confusing the part where Tobi steals the Rinnegan from Nagato’s body and then uses one and gives other to Sasuke.

      3. Thing you have to understand is that Tobi will lie if the circumstances require it. Tobi lied about the nine-tails, and then in the same time-period, talked about his past. We have no idea if Tobi was lying about Izuna dying.

        “And whoa whoa, hold up there. Where’d you get this info that Nagato got transplanted eyes? It was explicitly shown that he activated it on his own yo and that his eyes were his own. I think you’re confusing the part where Tobi steals the Rinnegan from Nagato’s body and then uses one and gives other to Sasuke.”

        Also, Tobi had no reason to lie to a dead girl (he had reason to lie to Sasuke — to manipulate him).

      4. Going along with above, if Tobi did in fact give Nagato his rinnegan, through whatever means, transplant, forced activation, whatever, Nagato was very young when he achieved this ability, during the Second World War. Obito wasn’t even born yet, or if he was, he was just a baby.

      5. I don’t know man, when you get to analyzing stuff like “did he lie” or “did he not”, then you’re just ending up with a lot of hypothetical that don’t necessarily prove anything. I see your points, but at the same time, it’s still possible he lied or twisted his story regarding the eyes as well.

        As such, at this point, I just can’t see Izuna being a firm possibility eh. A lot of the possible evidence is not really convincing enough to confirm, and the same logic can be applied to reasons why he’s not. Obito does have some interesting conundrums too… but possibly explainable. In the end you just can’t really confirm or deny eh. So I mean, guess we’ll see, but here’s a question actually…

        What’s your take on Uchiha Kagami? Been seeing some random chatter about em’. Haven’t see details regarding that theory… but if you’re going by the “not Obito” scenario… Kagami theoretically fits even better in that he’s similarly mentioned only briefly in the manga, not much is known about him, and he’s the only one not expectantly said by someone to have been killed.

      6. Uchiha Izuna (Madara’s brother) has a ton of motivation for all his actions, he gave his eyes to Madara for the sake of the clan, but after the way Madara was killed by the First Hokage it is very possible that he took them back and vowed for revenge against both the Uchiha clan (for letting down Madara in his fight against the first Hokage) and of course the Senju clan for killing his brother .. that would explain why he attacked Konoha using the Kyuubi and why he killed the whole Uchiha clan with help from Itachi, he probably suffered from a mental breakdown along the way while plotting for his revenge and decided to carry on his crazy “world peace” plan … i seriously don’t see Obito surviving his injuries nor having any reason to do what Tobi is doing (i.e his personality is completely the opposite, he took a huge risk trying to rescue Rin -his friend- and willingly sacrificed his eye to his other friend Kakashi)

        Few points to add

        -Resurrected Madara said you need Senju Cells and an a fully Awakened Sharingan to achieve the Rinnegan (the most powerful doujutsu), no way in hell Nagato as a kid did this on his own.
        -Tobi told Konan before killing her that he is taking Nagato’s eyes back because they originally belonged to him (and it is true since he gave his eyes to Madara, then Madara achieved the Rinnegan then died in his battle with the First Hokage, Izuna took his eyes back and implanted them in Nagato so he would perfect them for him)
        -Tobi defended Izunas choice to give both his eyes to Madara and said that Izuna did so willingly, why would Tobi even bother of care to defend Izuna’s actions .. unless he himslef is Izuna !!!

        Sorry, but Tobi=Izuna is the best theory out there, and i fully support it XD

      7. All the evidence presented is tricky, every single theory has its flaws, those who support Tobi being Obito and those who argue it is another Uchiha. I think that Tobi is indeed Madara, or at least part of his soul, but he is using Obito’s body. Anyone remember Fushi Tensei, and also this could sort of explain why Orochimaru was brought back right in this moment.Although this theory is kinda crazy, but come on Naruto has pulled off some of the most weird ideas.

      8. Aaaahhhh….yet after nearly 2? years,me and many many others stand partially rewarded! 🙂
        Yes…it IS obito’s eye…period…..
        Now lets wait too confirm his identity too but plz no more arduous long explanations of how it must not be it ect…..

        And as I said before, it IS kishimoto, he’s been pulling nearly every trick in the book…. time-travel is far-fetched but c’mon…he have resurrections ,souls being transfered here and there , fate changing techniques ect
        I mean,disregarding the most logical conclusion ( one many-many-many people, including me ,reached when tobi first APPEARED and have been supporting it ever since) that one-way or another he IS obito, it would be even more kishimoto-ish if he actually is a SPACE-TIME travelling obito…. even the words he uses since the last chapter betray that

        ( hahah, or even a time-travelling,mirror universe kakashi that dyed his hair black and has the eye on the other socket 😛 😛 kidding 🙂 )

        Anyway , another interesting fact is that his sharingan is ALWAYS on, just like kakashi-s and that we’ve seen happening only to one who has a sharingan while NOT being an uchiha…
        So, he could also really be a non-uchiha important person of the third war that was there to collect obito’s other eye.

    2. Also, “- Tobi has been around for decades, and thus dates back to an older time (further backed up by the fact that his face has aged to that of old man).”

      About that… where was this moment where he showed his face exactly?

      1. Any chance you remember where this was? And I dunno man, if it’s half covered, the wrinkles could merely be battle scars and what not. Hard to see a super old guy running around while blasting epic Rinnegan and Sharingan powers.

      2. Here are a few pictures comparing Tobi’s wrinkles to Danzo’s –



        Wrinkle lines are pretty much the same.

        “Hard to see a super old guy running around while blasting epic Rinnegan and Sharingan powers.”

        Danzo was running doing that stuff, too. Besides, Tobi’s hardly the same as everyone else (look at what happens when he’s injured — grey goo comes out).


        Based on appearance, he does seem to look like an older-looking Obito, but the question of age still comes into play given Kakashi and Obito were/would’ve been only 14 years old at the time of Kurama being summoned and attacking Konoha, and Tobi’s fight with Minato.

    3. Also, you can see the wrinkles in Tobi’s mask there, too (in the scan I just provided). Further backing Tobi’s claim is when Madara was resurrected and remarked on how the kid [Nagato] finally “perfected the technique.” Meaning, last time Madara was resurrected was when Nagato was a kid. And Tobi has relations with Madara, so I mean, do the math.

    4. Could be Izuna, that would be fine. OR…

      Tobi is one of the sons of the Sage of six paths, the one who possessed the sage’s eyes and powerful chakras. After losing in battle to his younger brother, the one who inherited the sages “body” he probably hid away in some broken form like voldemort until he could find a way to return (Zetsu). Sasuke and Orochimaru are on there way to meet the younger brother, the one who knows the truth and has also managed to survived until now. This was all set up by Tobi himself back in chapter 462 pages 12-13.

  5. Well, we know for a fact that Tobi has a habit of collecting Sharingans. He has a whole room full of them.

    So it is not impossible that he also collected Obito’s Sharingan after he died. In addition, before he implanted the Rinnegan into his left eye, he had two Sharingan (one of which he sacrificed to use Izanagi). If he was Obito, he must have been using another Sharingan as well.

    So either way, at some point Tobi was using a spare Sharingan. Whether the one he currently has belonged to him in the first place is the question.

  6. well this is just a theory what if madara is using different bodies with sharingan or a uchiha. because he was able to use the sharingan. but the fact that he can also use rinnegan might disprove my theory. but since in naruto anything is possible so ill just say it. >_<

  7. I’ll state my theory again! The Tobi who the 4th Hokage fought is not the Tobi who is fighting Naruto right now! This Tobi is Obito made up of Zetsu parts! Dibs if Orochimaru/Danzo has a hand in it.

  8. It’s not Obito cuz when Tobi attacked konoha and fought against minato Tobi was already a grown a$$ nikkuh… And at that time Kakashi was still a small pup.. Yes Obito died before Tobi appeared and attacked konoha.. So yes it was possible for Tobi to have jacked the other eye but damn howwas he able to do that if the other half of Obito face was crushed and under neath the rock? Was it not crushed? Did Tobi used some sharing an eye revival trick?

    We’ll find out forsure soon

  9. It’d be cool if Kishimoto can give us a legit answer as to how Naruto’s gonna stop the cycle of hatred by the end of this manga. Right now the only thing propelling him forward is the hope everyone (including Kurama!) has placed in him.

  10. So it seems I was right on the dimensional shifting and Kakashi essentially had attacks “follow” Tobi into the other dimension, which just so happened to be the same due to the Sharingan eyes being connected.

    I’m pretty tired of the argument on who Tobi is as it’s been going on FOREVER since he first showed up. First it was thought to be Minato simply for twist, then Madara, then Danzo (and we even had “proof” then, remember?), then back to Madara, and now someone else entirely.

    1. Well, with this “Alternate Dimension”… Kakashi, has not that much “Stamina” to do this so often. So the Fight must come to a “Fast” End, before Kakashi runs Dry on Mana for this “Dimension Shift” Trick

      1. 1.) It was Deidara. =)

        2.) It can depend. At the time, Kakashi could only use Kamui 4 times before being totally exhausted, if not dead (can’t exactly remember). However, it’s been a while since then and I’m sure Kakashi most likely trained with it (and in general), which would’ve increased his chakra reserves a bit, depending on the training, so he could possibly use it a couple more times maybe.

        Or Kishi will just hax it out and hope we forget such things.

        Like how Sasuke was constantly spamming the Mangekyo Sharingan (specifically Amaterasu and Susano’o, the REALLY chakra draining techniques) during the Kage Summit and beyond, yet showed NO signs of chakra depletion until near the very end against Mei/Mizukage, which doesn’t seem possible, especially with the loss of the forced chakra boosting from the Curse Seal, which he needed against Itachi just to pull off the necessary process of using Kirin.

      2. Well, depends in what Position now Kakashi swift. The other (Rock Lee’s)Sensei, must cover for him. So Kakashi can focus on his “Dimension Eye”. Because he is a bit exhaust from the earlier fights. Sorry, i am bad with Names.

        Kakashi’s is the Trump they have, and the only one that can “touch” the Enemy. Or they somehow force them to stay “Solid” in this World.

        Something like a “Big Badabum Flame Area Attack” in the Other Dimension, so he cant “switch” Dimensions without getting burned. That solves the “Running Low on the Only chance to Hit him” problem

        But It’s Kubo’s decision

      3. And now that will be more difficult considering Tobi will most likely now see Kakashi as the biggest threat now that he’s figured out how the technique works, but is also the only one who could really counter against it, so he’ll most likely try to target Kakashi now.

  11. As much as I like it whenever Naruto & Kyuubi get to share some panels, the one thing I was mad at was Naruto’s Rasengan hitting Tobi. Seriously, if it really made contact, then Tobi should have lost the arm, at the very least.

    Bad move Kishimoto, Bad move.

  12. Guys don’t fall for tobi’s trick. He is not Obito, remember just a while ago he was claiming to be Madara Uchiha and now he wants to be
    Obito, he is just a liar and he is playing everybody for his selfish reasons. I don’t know the truth until MK reveals his true ID for all I know
    he may not even be a member of the Uchiha clan and he’s just another sharingan thief like danzo and orochimaru. Let’s just keep our
    fingers crossed until Naruto unmasks him.

    K C M
  13. Does anyone else think that “Tobi” is just an alias/figure head like name,(sorta like Zero from the end of Code Geass?) and that like Aizen said above me, that the tobi that fought minato is not the same one that stands before naruto?

  14. Again, i will post my two theories about who Tobi is.

    First Tobi=Uchiha Izuna (Uchiha member who is also Madara’s brother, Madara took his eyes for the sake of the clan, but after the way Madara was killed it is very possible that he took them back and vowed for revenge against both the Uchiha clan (for letting down Madara in his fight against the first Hokage) and of course the Senju clan for killing his brother .. that would expalin why he attacked Konoha using the Kyuubi and why he killed the whole Uchiha clan with help from Itachi)

    -Izuna gave both his eyes for his brother, and Tobi seems to also have the habit of lending his eyes to others and taking them back after they serve their purpose (according to Tobi, he did this with Nagato when he gave him Madara’s Rinnegan and then took it back later when Nagato died and with Madara when he took his eyes back from him .. the same eyes he implanted in young Nagato).

    -The only one reported to have awakened Rinnegan (most powerful doujutsu) is Madara, so no way in hell a kid like Nagato could awaken it at that young age on his own when in fact the resurrected Madara himself said that you must have the Sharingan and Senju cells to obtain the Rinnegan, only explanation is that those eyes are the same as Madara’s eyes which Tobi/Izuna gave to Madara in the first place, Madara awakned their Rinnegan before his death then Tobi/Izuna took them back after Madara’s death and implanted them into young Nagato.

    -Tobi defended Izunas choice to give both his eyes to Madara and said that Izuna did so willingly (i.e Madara didn’t steal his eyes), why would Tobi even bother of care to defend Izuna’s actions .. unless he himslef is Izuna, that’s the only reason he would .. and the only way he would know if Izuna did it willingly of forcefully.

    -After Madara took Izuna’s eyes he was left to live in complete darkness for some time, probably that affected his psyche badly, also his brother’s death on the hand of the first hogake and the Uchiha’s actions later on made him feel that his (and his brother’s) sacrifices where for nothing, that probably is the reason for the way Tobi/Izuna is acting and why he participated in the Uchiha massacre with Itachi and before that attacked Konoha using the Kyuubi to avenge his brother (as the first Hokage is the one who killed him).

    -Tobi acted nervously when Kabuto wanted to ressurect Madara, he wouldn’t have such reaction unless he knew Madara well, also the reason Tobi/Izuna would react this way is probably becasue he isn’t sure if his brother would approve of his plans or not, and not sure how he would react when he know his own brother massacred the whole Uchiha clan .. that’s why he was so nervous when Kabuto threatned to revive Madara.


    Second is the possibility that Tobi=Uchiha Kagami (Uchiha clan member who fought alongside the Hokages of Konoha in the early ninja wars)

    There is one thing about Kagami that makes me believe he is also a very good candidate for being Tobi, his face, hair and his head band look way to similar to Tobi’s (when he partially removed his mask on several occasions) … compare those two pics .. the most striking similarity though is the hair .. same type and length of hair as Tobi, and the face almost looks identical with the head protector added.



    IMO we have two reasonable candidates for being Tobi.

    1. I’m really doubting Izuna as a candidate atm (reasons mentioned above in some posts)… but the more I think about it, the more it seems likely that Kagami would be the only other alternative to it not being Obito.

      He’s similarly mentioned only briefly in the manga, not much is known about him, and he’s the only one not expectantly said by someone to have been killed. And having been associated with Danzu, Sarutobi, and Senju and around the time of the Uchiha Clan Massacre would give a lot of motivation for his current motivations because he’s seen a lot of varying viewpoints in regards to fight/wars etc.

      Still, you have to admit there’s a lot of signs point to it being Obito. Might likely be a red herring, but hmmm… at the current point based on what’s been shown, it’s hard to discount Obito as being off the mark, regardless of any “impossibilities”.

      1. Obito is definitely a red herring. Tobi was around during the second attack of Kyuubi and Kakashi was still a kid. This was only a few years after the second ninja war so even if Obito did survive, why would he have aged so much in the small number of years after his death (supposing he did survive).

        I think in the end, one of Tobi’s eyes might have belonged to Obito but I seriously doubt he is Obito. Also remember, Tobi has a huge collection of sharingan eyes. The real question should be whether Tobi is in fact an Uchiha? Could he be like Danzo and simply using bloodline limts from other clans. We know he is able to replace his limbs and he also replaced one of his sharingan eyes with a rinnegan. Didn’t he also obtain Shishio’s sharingan from Danzo’s corpse?

        It’s either Kagami, Izuna or a person yet to be revealed.

      2. Yeah, I brought that up before a couple chapters ago in asking just why Tobi HAD to be a blood-related Uchiha and not someone else entirely just using the Sharingan because of its well-known power.

        Especially as we have living proof in Kakashi (and Ao with the Byakugan) in that you don’t actually have to be related to the Clan/Kekkei Genkai to be able to use/master it (Kakashi even turning it into a Mangekyo Sharingan outside of the “normal” means). Sure it may not have the “ultimate” potential that it would have if you were blood-related, but it’s still a very powerful tool.

    2. @EamonX
      Where are you getting this baseless theory about Kakashi being a kid around this time? Keep in mind that in the panel that is shown Kakashi was in his ANBU outfit: according to the databook, Kakashi joined the Anbu at the age of 13, The attack on the village happened when Naruto and Sasuke were born. In Part 2 Kakashi is stated to be around the age of 29-30, Naruto and Sasuke are 15-16 so that would make Kakashi 14-15 during the time that Tobi/Obito attacked. We’ve already seen what 12 year olds can do. Is it really that far fetched that Tobi/Obito would not be on a level rivaling Minato considering Kakashi was pretty much stronger than most jounin.

  15. The one thing that seems to get in the way of the whole Obito = Tobi thing is that Obito’s stuff happened during the 3rd Great Shinobi War……… which means that when Obito was non-existant or a fetus he gave Nagato the Rinnegan. :3

  16. It isn’t Obito.
    Remember the scene where Tobi is giving Sasuke the eye transplant? He has an entire room full of Sharingan eyes. He’s been scooping them out of dead Uchihas for decades, Obito is no exception.

    There’s also the fact that Tobi has, in the past, interacted with far too many people who are older than Obito. He was messing around with Pain and Kisame when Kakashi and Obito were just little kids.

    Kisame knew who Tobi really was, he had seen his face and recognized him as the former ‘secret’ Mizukage. If Tobi was Obito, or is using his body, Kisame would have been confused by his appearance.

    1. Good spot regarding the room full of sharingans, Tobi seems to have been collecting them for some time (way longer than Danzou had too), probably he got most of them from the Uchiha massacre when he helped Itachi kill-off the entire clan .. great chance to collect their eyes .. that’s probably one of the reasons why he helped Itachi with that massacre (and probably to avenge his borther who was branded a betrayer by the Uchiha clan when he fought against the First Hokage and died)

  17. hello, first time commenting here,

    not sure if it was mentioned (way too much to read through all those comments lol), but the only reason why i don’t think its obito is because of the age of tobi at the time of 4th fought tobi. If it really was obito, the masked man wouldve been shorter and about kakashi’s size at that time, since they were about the same age. But we could clearly see that kakashi was still a teen during that time, but tobi then looked like a full grown adult. kishi gots some explaining to do if tobi does end up obito.

    hope this makes some sense to some folks

  18. I wonder how they explain not only his identity but also how his body works. If I remember correctly he had his arm smashed during one fight and it changed to some sticky stuff and he just ripped it off and now he has new one…

  19. Am i the only one who still thinks that Tobi is Madara in some strange way? I know it goes against Edo ressurecting law, but what if he could split his spirit in parts before he died or any other bs explaination.
    The reason for my conviction is this: at different moments Tobi and Madara say the exactly same thing throughout the story. After Pains death, Tobi states that the god’s ressurection technique was ment to be for him, and at the same time when Madara is ressurected, he wonders, why is he ressurected with edo. He especially states about Nagato being grown, which points to the fact that he expected to be ressurected by 6 path technic.

    Now, how come both Madara and Tobi wanted to be ressurected by the same jutsu, while one of them was long dead and the other was quickly grown Obito? That’s because it’s bs and a troll move from Kishi, since Obito theory was floating around strongly since the presentation of his character. And there was ton of logical speculation that renders Obito theory highly unrealistic.

    1. Power-wise, of course, even if it was haxed/rushed most of the time (in Shippuuden anyway)

      Character-wise? Eh, he really doesn’t seem to have developed that much as a character to me…all he really seemed to do was slightly change his reasoning, but otherwise is still the same character…still all about being Hokage, but rather than just for respect and recognition (which he now has), it’s all about because of following Jiraiya’s dream of “true peace”. He’s still pretty naive (even foolishly at times), uses mostly the same tricks as Part 1 outside of power boosters like Sage Mode (I don’t even count his current Kurama cloak as it’s STILL his chakra boosting him, just not like how it did in Part 1), and so on.

  20. It’s Rin – I’m 0% sure of it. I have no basis for that statement but it almost has to be Obito at this point, so if it’s not Obito then it has to be Rin. That would blow your minds, wouldn’t it. We don’t have any idea (or proof) how/if she died but we know she is a medical ninja who knows how to transplant an eye.

    I actually don’t think that Tobi is Rin but since we are all postulating out our asses anyway I felt like joining into the fray with a wild theory.

  21. It’s gotta be Rin. Obito is too obvious at this point and Rin is someone who has experience in taking out sharingans which is something that can also explain in an earlier chapter, (can’t remember which) multiple sharingans in jars.

  22. Tobi is infact Naruto who was betrayed by the ninja alliance and sent to the past by Kakashi´s Kamui mostly i say till the time Madara fought Harashima to the point were Obito dies.

    Heck tobi could be anyone but i admit that it points to Obito but i like my theory better

  23. First, when we said Tobi is Obito, everyone dislike the comment, saying that we are bullshiting… Now everything is pointing toward that direction… Man, confusing writer really make us think a lot

  24. I like how everyone is arguing whether or not Tobi is really Obito. I have some doubts on Tobi being Obito but I like that others are putting in the possibilty that Tobi could be someone else from the series. I would also like to add, if no else has mention, that Tobi could have been some random person who was born into the world with non ninja parents. There are regular people in the ninja world so why not add that possibility. I mean Tobi could have been jealous of ninjas and heroes and planned the Infinte Tsukiyomi to make everyone become like him. We also learned that Tobi’s sharingan doesn’t neccesarily belong to him, since he “might” have stolen it from “someone”. Anyway, I can’t wait for the next chapter to come out soon because I would love to know what happens next. XD

    1. that’s the same story made up by that water bender in the legend of korra.
      he said he was a non-bender and his family got killed by benders and making everyone believe that he was a kickass no bender who can seal bendings.

  25. I’m pretty much sold that it’s Obito and really just bracing for backstory impact in a few chapters or so.

    And to those who still doubt: Well, at this point, who else could it be? From Kishimoto’s storytelling habits it should be fairly obvious that Kishi likes writing character stories that somehow end up coming full circle. I highly doubt Tobi is going to be revealed as a “new character”. He’s probably someone that we’ve already known about. Plus, if Tobi really is an Uchiha we’ve never heard about, some readers will be calling for Kishi’s head as all the foreshadowing up till now has been for naught. There are no more antagonists foreseeable in the story, aside from Orochimaru whose story actually look like it’ll pan out real soon. Kishi plans to finish Naruto within 2 years (possibly even less now, as the interview where this info was revealed happen awhile ago). There is possibly 100 or so chapters left in the story. From a storytelling perspective, Tobi being some brand-spanking-new-never-seen-before badass just doesn’t make sense.

  26. if tobi is really obito, i might punch my right eye with a nail. darn it, i cant tell if bad story telling, big plot holes, ridiculous writing i just cant accept tobi to become obito, just obito.

  27. Anyway, If it’s Tobi or Obito. it comes to 2 Basic Things…

    It must be someone that knows, what happened in this Cavern at that Time. And the Only Sources are 2 Persons? Or must they give an Exact Report to their Masters, what happen there?
    It must be someone with Black Hair, because we saw his “Back” Side of his Faces when he is unmasked, and Orichimaru must have seen his Face. And he was so Surprised that Orichimaru got an “Mandara” Sample? Or was it someone other? Perhaps his Original Corpse, and he is an “Edo Tenchi” Clone? He really have unlimited Chakra for me…

    Perhaps he is someone that “Kubo” dont gave any Screen time (Manga Time) so far. but is known in the Uchiha Clan Line. Perhaps some “2nd rated Bloodline” that want take Revenge

    1. Remember, with this “Edo tenchi” you have “unlimited” supply of “Eyes”. Every summon, brings back a complete “Body”.. So enough Fit Parts… If you take this to extreme

      1. Tobirama Senju was the creator of Edo Tensei as far as we’ve been informed, but I doubt it could be him considering he was revived with Edo Tensei before during Orochimaru’s invasion of Konoha and was also, along with Hashirama and Hiruzen, sealed within the Shinigami’s stomach.

  28. I seriously doubt that Tobi is Obito seeing that Obito and Kakashi are pretty much the same age. If you check chapter 503 when Tobi attacks Konoha with the Kyuubi Kakashi is still a kid/teenager. Tobi however is a fullgrown man in those chapters. Only way to explain that Tobi and Obito is one and the same is that Obito started growing like hell when he hit puberty.

  29. I know its a pretty weird theory but hey did you ever think about Danzo (yes Danzo) the guy that got killed by Sasuke or was it what we were made to believe?.

    Danzo: the guy that sampled dont know how many sharingans .. the guy that let himself manipulate by orochimaru to get the firsts dna, the guy got the same haircut, deep voice and enough reasons, and who´s the fight with sasuke got watched by tobi … what if it all was a big genjutsu put on sasuke just giving him what he wanted …i know its a far way but hey its plausible for me … and well he would have all the background about konoha and kakashi …he always wanted to get rid of the uchiha .. pressured itachi …etc

  30. I’m sorry, but doesn’t this week all but confirm that its NOT Obito? Think about it – Tobi said he got it from the SAME battle specifically where Kakashi got his – but if he was Obito, he would simply claim he’s had it all his life. It would seem to me that Tobi is more playing mindgames with everyone – we DID see all those Sharingans he has in jars.

  31. Anyone can explain what tobi said to Kakashi, tobi said “I told you not to open your mouth so easily” “you’re just words and no action, what somenone like you says is worth nothing!”??
    it showed that, tobi has ever said that before.
    if tobi really obito, did obito has ever said that to kakashi??

  32. Lemme just give you guys a simple hint that my gives some mindblow


    So the fact that maybe Tobi is Obito himself isn’t surprise me that much. But hey, I’m not a Naruto fan myself, so I maybe wrong about this.

  33. My problem with the Tobi = Obito theory is, that Obito was 14 years old, when the “Masked Man/TObi, first, fighting Minato and trying to destroy Konoha with the Kyubi. Also, Tobis face just doesn’t seem to have injury’s from a hug rock. Next, Tobis eyes are very similar to the ones of the real Madara. And with that, I don’t mean the Sharingan, but the eye shape, but maybe it is just a coincident. So I believe Tobi is Izuna. I guess Madara was still alive when he first made contact with Kisame, later Izuna took his place (at the point, where Tobi has suddenly short hair and a mask). Later Tobi reveals his identity to Kisame, but he mistakes Izuna for Madara, because they look alike.
    This is just my opinion, but I’m pretty sure, that Tobi isn’t Obito. He was about 14 Years old, when Tobi first appeared … and death.

    (and sorry for my bad english …)

    1. and I’ve been wondering, in ch 404, when Tobi showed his face to kisame, tobi said that kisame were the closest for him, then kisame said “Mizukage… I mean Madara”
      kisame mentioned mizukage accidentally., it should mean something.

      1. Personally, I think Tobi as the “Mizukage” (coupled with his manipulation of Yagura) was about getting rid of potential threats to his/Madara’s plans. Like Konoha, Kirigakure was a village full of powerful Kekkei Genkai-wielding shinobi; one of the Sharingan’s biggest weaknesses (unable to copy Kekkei Genkai abilities) as well as the Seven Swordsman with all of their unique swords. Ones like Samehada, with its chakra “eating” and supply ability, would be a big boon to an Uchiha opponent.

        So with the Bloodline Massacre and the breaking up of the Seven Swordsman, that eliminates quite a lot of potential threats while also keeping Kirigakure busy with the ensuing civil war (until Mei came into power anyway).

  34. Tobi’s sharingan belongs to Obito. But that does not mean he is Obito. He has a whole collection of Sharingan in his lab.

    Tobi is probably a strong Uchiha that Madara clearly knows. The fact that they are sharing some sort of plan confirms it. Also for him to evolve and use Obito’s sharingan just like that proves that he is an exceptional Uchiha. Unlike Kakashi that can’t handle the strain of using Kamui or the space-time jutsu.

    Izuna probably comes into mind at first, but I think Tobi is probably another form of Zetsu infused with cells of Madara and Hashirama. It was mentioned in chapter 510 that he has both the powers of Senju and Uchiha. That’s why he can use Izanagi perfectly. It was also mentioned some chapters ago that Tobi kinda new Uzumaki Mito. And was familiar with her ability to sense other peoples negative intent.

    Tobi also talks in a way that he portrays himself as Madara. And he knew everything regarding him. I don’t think he was just pretending. He might also be a clone of Madara using Hashirama’s power to produce a clone similar to Zetsu. Zetsu was more like a plant. Similar to Hashirama’s ability. Remember that white goo thing when he pulled of his arm when fighting Tourune and fuu. Also when he got hit with Minato’s rasengan. His arm was falling out like some kind of slime.

    Also. You guys may have forgotten, but Kisame saw Tobi’s face. It was also Kisame who first met him. Kisame CONFIRMED that the person who he saw in the past that was controlling the 4th mizukage was in fact the current Tobi which he named Madara.

    Please reread these chapters.

    For the Tobi=Obito fanatics.

    Chapter 507 – Tobi first appeared (on Naruto’s Timeline) and talked to Kisame as the 4th Mizukage.

    Chapter 494 – TOBI showed Kisame his face and confirmed that he was actually Madara, or at least the one he was taking to on chapter 507.


    Chapter 398 – the Truth?

    Chapter 399 – Showed Izuna’s coffin, with him laying there. Also with some Lies.

    Chapter 400 – Tobi talking to itachi about helping him with his secret mission >.<

    Chapter 401 – Sasuke knows Tobi is lying.


  35. i still don’t understand how nagato had the ringgegan when he was revived by edo tensei.i mean i thought tobi took one and placed it on his right eye? the only ones who had the black rods during that time where the revived jinjurikis. the ones who purely had the ringegan was madara, tobi and nagato.
    another thing is that how itachi still have his eyes. i thought sauske took them. Though i don’t understand the method on how to atain eternal mangekyou, does the person take the eyes and replace them w/ the other? or do they absorb the energy of the other mangekyo? it was explained that the ones w/ mangekyo and revived by edo tensei can temporarily use the mangekyo. so i guess its absorbing the energy of the other person’s mangeyo method? i’m not sure.

    1. Everyone that was revived using Edo Tensei will attain their original body in a state before death. It was mentioned by Kabuto. Both Negato and Itachi still have their eyes before they died. The person you should question is Sasori.

      Regarding the Mangekyo transplant, I don’t recall anyone explaining it.

  36. Wow, just came behind the secret of the masked man. It was so obvious.
    It is… Obitos BROTHER! Think about it.

    He has eternal MS, so he must be a close relative. Every eternal MS so far came to be through a sacrifice of brotherly eyes. The whole story canon is turning around it.
    He also would have a motive to hate Konoha and the world of Shinobi.
    He also said “that he would need Nagatos Rinnegan Rebirth for himself” cause he wanted to revive his beloved brother. Everyone prove me wrong!


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