「Rispettivi Segreti」
“Their Secrets”

Kisses, ropes, handcuffs, love potions, and eating Cannoli off each others’ faces – guess what today’s episode was all about – herbs of course, or did you expect something else?

Wow, this anime will probably never let go of Nova and Libertá. I thought we were getting an episode about Luca but I was wrong! While Luca was a catalyst for today’s story, the main plot was about our very well known duo. I don’t dislike Nova or Libertá at all, they’re both respectable characters in their own way, but it’s a bit frustrating to see them having so much screen time when there are so many other characters in this show deserving that kind of treatment. Most of the characters pointed out the fact that Nova, Libertá, and Felicitá are children who need to develop their powers; therefore all the adults are mischievously plotting this kind of events that might help them reach their goals. Does this mean that the duels won’t begin until most of the characters are equal in strength? It seems like that to me as the duels are getting further away while the Arcana development is becoming the main issue. I wouldn’t be disappointed in this show if my assumption would happen to be correct, but I’d be a bit sad because I really want to know more about the other characters in a way that won’t involve the children, except Felicitá of course.

Speaking of Felicitá, while being aware of her fate, she didn’t seem to be interested or even thinking about romance – until now. Mama’s letter to her probably opened up her eyes. If she doesn’t win, she will be married against her will. Felicitá’s reaction to the letter has me confused. Her facial expression clearly indicates embarrassment, but her heart says “gli amanti” which means ‘lovers’ in Italian. I’m not entirely sure what to make of that but I hope to see some romance soon – this is a shoujo anime after all. Like most otome shows, I don’t expect Felicitá to actually end up with someone, but at least, it’d be nice to have some typical shoujo clichés every now and then. We already know that some of the males are romantically interested in her – the latest one to reveal his feelings for Felicitá is Luca!

I didn’t expect Luca to hold any special feelings for Felicitá. To me, he appeared to have a fatherly role, or perhaps, an eccentric older brother who acts like a father – now, where have I seen that before? Luca’s feelings surprised me a little bit, but they’re also understandable. I doubt Felicitá will ever understand his affection for her with him being so over protective of her to the point that it might be slightly annoying.

Something else that surprised me today was Luca and Jolly’s relation. Who would’ve thought that Jolly could teach alchemy? He doesn’t seem very social to me; in fact, he’s the complete opposite of his student who doesn’t seem to like his teacher very much. I’m wondering why the family is ignoring Jolly’s personal experiments. With today’s episode we’ve learned that the family is aware of his unauthorized methods in the lab – so why aren’t they doing something about it? It’s a bit strange but I guess we’ll find out soon, hopefully.

Aside from the main events of this episode and the very short scene about Pace’s past, it seems like there is a cheater in Regalo’s casino. I don’t know her name yet, but I’m sure she’s voiced by Tamura Yukari. Hopefully we’ll see more of this little cheater in future episodes, however, it doesn’t seem like she’s part of the upcoming one next week, but Jolly and Debito are, so I’m looking forward to that!

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  1. Sumire explained how to develop Arcana power in this episode, it isn’t by physical training but by spending time with each other. Looks like it is inspired from how Social Links in Persona 3 and 4 works.

    As of the duel, Show Spoiler ▼

  2. I had some hopes on this episode after seeing the Debito screenshot on the last week preview. I thought it would be somehow different and the show would be taking focus on other characters, but I was wrong. Just more atention to Liberta and Nova.
    I didnt like them from the start and I’m starting to hate them because of the huge screentime. Just feels like the other boys are filler characters.

    Seems that next week will happen an event involving Debito and Jolly and I cross fingers hoping that they wont show it in 2 minutes to leave the rest of the episode to Liberta and Nova.

    By the way, a big thank you for keeping reviewing the show, I am one of those silent readers who thought that would be nice showing support for once. Keep up the good work 😀

  3. Based on the opening, its gonna predominatly be Liberta and Nova.They are involved in all the event even though they werent present in the actual game.

    I recently did the game (Only Luca and Debito’s route) but im pretty sure the event where the trio goes and get herbs….Liberta and Nova didnt come with. Even the Piccolino was a Trio event thing. :-S

      1. Same :/. I don’t hate Liberta and Nova but this episode reminds me why I partially dislike the anime’s choice/use of events. In the game, this event was with Felicita and the older guys and while I don’t think it’s a bad thing to include Liberta and Nova if they wanted to emphasize more of the bond between the whole group, the episode ended up making it STILL focus on Liberta and Nova even if it was someone else’s event.

        I’m somewhat looking forward to seeing Debito’s event with Jolly, as it looks like the preview for next ep is heading towards, but I’m now half expecting Liberta and Nova to show up again and take some of the spotlight.

      2. I agree. I thought that maybe this episode would focus and develop Pace/Luca/Debito more, but they’ve only showed little tidbits of their background story so far. What the anime is doing is pretty much squishing in every single route’s main events but adding the main two in.
        As much as I like the interaction between the two (especially the part where they used each other swords because that involves reaching towards the crotch area yes good)
        I think next episode will also feature Liberta/Nova because of the shot of Liberta/Felicita/Nova in the preview, and hopefully Debito’s past will be revealed a bit more (I thought that they’d cover it this episode, with the shot of Debito and his emo hair in last episode’s preview .-.).

  4. I so far still like like but I am a person who has a different taste than eveyerone I know 🙂 but my reaction after this episode is: LUCA LUCA LUCA LUCA PACE PACE PACE PACE DEBITO DEBITO DEBITO DEBITO! :p I like those three alot 🙂 Next episode better be one where Luca slaps Jolly silly or something like that :D…..

    Thanks for covering it still! This might be my 2 cents in, but I don’t believe an anime that’ll show people fighting the duel from point one to be good, particularly when you know nothing about its charecters. Sure, they can begin their duel and showcase each charecter meanwhile, but that’ll just be another Bleach or Naruto. I so far have no troubles with how the story is laid out, episode two was too calm for my taste, but so far its nice, in my opinion.



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