「気づいた時にはまた始まっていたという話」 (Kizuita Toki ni wa Mata Hajimatteita toiu Hanashi)
“A Story That Continued Before Anyone Realized It”

After last week’s halfway point, I wasn’t sure what I was expecting from this episode. Although I’m a little sad to realize that a lot of last week’s developments went… nowhere. I am looking at you Iori and Taichi! However, I can understand why. A lot of awkward confrontations lead to awkward conversations and no one really wants to “talk” about it afterwards. From my personal experience, trust me, it’s always the aftermath that no one wants to initiate conversation about – the giant pink elephant in the room. As a result, I give props to Iori for bringing it up. It’s clear that they both like each other, but Iori loses a lot of points for maintaining their relationship at “status quo“. What is that even supposed to mean? I figure that guys (and girls) both want more concrete answers when it comes to these things… no one wants a “maybe” answer. Grey area is seriously the worst place to settle when you both like each other.

Forgetting about the main couple at the moment, Heartseed also makes his reappearance and that music! Oh-em-gee, that music is what sends shivers down my spine and his monotone voice. I really can’t stand Heartseed’s character anymore. From his lack of compassion and his indifference to everything… he lacks so much emotion and disinterest in the lives of the characters – all he’s looking for is a good show. Why? What is this going to accomplishment other than to tickle his funny bone and for entertainment? Ugh! It’s stuff like this that lacks explanation which bothers me. Other than that… I will take the plot twist at face value. The characters will now act impulsively to heightened emotions and thoughts at sporadic moments. Got it.

So this sets up a new arc for us and the center of it all this time seems to be Himeko. The stripping wasn’t a surprise, but rather just a huge tease! It’s more than obvious to me that she has feelings for Taichi; what annoys me is how Iori seems to be so oblivious to it. It’s a blessing and a curse to be so ignorant to your surroundings though. I think Iori does a great job with interacting with others and changing herself to suit her audience, but at the same time, I think she doesn’t think too much into what people do or say (does that make sense?). Enough about Iori! What does this mean for Himeko? Is she purposely isolating herself? Seems that way to me… perhaps she is the selfless freak that needs protection (rather than Iori and Yui).

And to welcome a new arc, we get a new ED! I was already impressed by the small changes in detail to the opening (change from pink to green theme), but a new ED was unexpected. They switched it up the focus from Iori to Himeko this time and I think it’s a great way to foreshadow upcoming events. Last arc, Iori was the one who ended up in the hospital… this arc (and possibly the final one) may show Himeko breaking down. This wouldn’t come as a shock to me, but it’s all about the buildup to that moment.

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ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「Cry Out」 by Team.ねこかん[猫] featuring. atsuko (Team.Nekokan [Neko] featuring. atsuko)
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  1. Inabaaaaa~~~~~~an. TAT.

    “Or we could cover for each other”
    “Oh, yeah.. right… ” why didn’t I think of that… … Because you rely only on yourself Inaba. And you put up a good front in the meantime.

    When Himeko mentioned hikikomori as retaliation to Heartseed’s antics this round. Well Yui’s already stayed home from school an extra day, and I can’t help but wonder if Himeko hasn’t seriously considered it before, or would still.. seriously… consider it… .. . .

    Yaaaay for more focus on Inaba, boo that my heart is going to murder me after this arc x_x;;.

    1. I think Inaba DID think of that; however, if she relies on someone, say, Taichi, to help fulfill her desires (remember, her desires are Taichi), Taichi would probably say, “Sure, I’ll help.” She probably avoided that solution to

      1) protect herself from ab/using Taichi for herself, and
      2) protect Taichi (and Iori) from any kind of emotional trauma. This is twofold, since Cherrie pointed out that Iori is seemingly oblivious to Inaba’s feelings; but in my opinion, and based off of Iori’s past actions, she might not be so oblivious to Inaba… Speculations :<

      1. If Iori is really serious about taichi sooner or later i’m expecting that “stay away from my man” conversation. Inaba’s obvious in my opinion in her feelings, even to Taichi in a sense since she’s so open with him. Iori would have to get jealous sooner or later…all fuel for Heartseed’s investigations. I kinda wish Aoki would get some time with Inaba or Iori and see what could happen. even if it was to lament about Yui. He doesn’t even get a proper bro moment with Taichi so far lol.

  2. I thought the “status quo” was a very mature option given the situation. I assumed she was thinking of the high probability of pregnancy if they just let their emotions rule them.

    1. It’s true. The decision was well-made… but the longer you stay away from something you love, the more you yearn for it. So I feel they did make the right choice… but then the longing for each other will eventually build-up.
      But great episode, as always!

  3. After this gets sorted, or during the course of which, the cast really oughtta find out more about who and what Heartseed really is. Then destroy it.

    LN readers, has there been any more info on Heartseed?

    1. Heartseed
      Show Spoiler ▼

      1. English Translation @ Bakatsuki, up to Vol.1 Ch.5
        If you can read Chinese, Chinese Translation @ Lightnovel.cn, up to Vol.6 Ch.5, with Vol.4 Ch.10 & Vol.5 SS#4 also incomplete at the moment. Chinese LN name is 心连情结.
        Somebody at Animesuki also mentioned a Korean Translation site, the site is 대원씨아이 and the Korean LN name is 하트 커넥트, so if you can read Korean, try that too.

        Vol.7 & 8 are yet to be translated. The spoiler information I posted belongs to Vol.7 (I read the raw scan). Note that Vol.5 & 8 are side story volumes.

  4. Inaba has feelings for Taichi, but the question is what feelings? She’s sitting there typing on a computer, and all of a sudden she’s jumping his bones. Meanwhile, contrast with Iori and Taichi, who each know that they like each other, and their response is to contact each other to… talk. I do give Taichi credit for wanting to step up and protect Iori from Fujushima, tho. And I think that both of Inaba’s solutions are untenable. I also wonder if anyone’s impulses besides Taichi’s are unstoppable, as his have twice been stopped – rather easily, mind – but nobody else’s have without serious interference (the cops, Yui, completion).

    1. well, this kind of depends on how strong the desire is… as Himeko pointed out, the more hidden and repressed the desire is, the harder it will be released… (plus more interesting in the eyes of heartseed I guess). Himeko, as the master of disguising her feelings, really can’t do much against her desires there xD So for now, I believe Himeko’s second plan might work to some degree.
      Iori’s feeling for Taichi, on the other hand, has to compete with the question that if the feeling is true or just stirred from all these abnormality.

  5. Some thing about this show bothers me and I just can’t get into it. I don’t know if it is the low quality animation or if it tries to do too many things at once like going from silly gags to fanservice to over the top drama. The characters don’t seem to have much direction (since there doesn’t appear to be anyway to break out of heartseeds grasp), and romance is at a standstill. However, I get the feeling that it is probing into characters too deep too fast. I can’t really grasp much depth in the characters. Originally they seemed too generic and now they are too defined by their traumas.

    Talking about traumas reminds me of GTO and how they used personal stories and issues to get closer to each other. KC falls short of GTO and I would say that the main reason is that Taichi lacks charisma as a character. The things he says and does in inaba and iori situations are actually pretty interesting but it feels like it falls short in the delivery. I wish he had a slightly more animated personality.

    1. GTOI does feel similar to this in a sense of learning to trust and what not. But GTO had the whole unorthodox teacher making things right going for it. KC is more how they discover each other and how they cope with the circumstances (albeit bizarre) that they are going through. If Inaba ends up with Taichi, I just hope Iori doesn’t take it too hard. (and vice versa)

      Arashi Yamato
  6. Black huh. Makes Inaba’s response to Taichi’s confession of using Inaba as a “side dish” more believable. (If we are to believe that underwear color determines personality)

    Arashi Yamato
  7. finally it is here… I should have refreshed more often xD
    A huge episode for Inaba Himeko shipper (myself included). This may mark the beginning of a new phase in the ultimate battle between Iori and Himeko xD

    as to Himeko’s supposed isolation, remember Himeko is supposed to be the level headed strong one in the group, and that she doesn’t trust others (although that has certainly changed for the better). So it is natural that she tries to act tough, and only leaves her vulnerability to herself… especially after that fan service for us embarrassment she made

    a word on Iori and the relationship front. Iori wants to keep the status quo because she doesn’t want to go out with a guy that she developed feelings for in an abnormal situation. In a way it makes sense. She probably didn’t have feelings for Taichi prior to the body swap, and she wants to develop feelings for him under a normal setting. I can’t blame for her on that. As to her being oblivious of Himeko’s feeling, all I can say is that Iori isn’t as good at picking these kinds of things as she claims. Example is Yui’s problem. Plus when facing the master tough disguise girl Himeko, it is almost impossible to see that, even for Iori.

    and lastly, thank you Cherrie, as always 🙂

    1. “She probably didn’t have feelings for Taichi prior to the body swap, and she wants to develop feelings for him under a normal setting. I can’t blame for her on that.”

      I’m sure that it’s pretty clear that she has liked him from the start.

      1. Well, at least I didn’t get tat sense that Iori had feelings for Taichi prior to the event in the LN… Also I don’t see the anime made clear that is the case though. Plus if she had feelings for him even before the swapping, then she has no ground to keep their relationship at stats quo since her feelings got a response she wanted…

      2. The reason for keeping things at the status quo is nothing to do with the body switching, it’s to do with no control on acting on impulses. Personally I think ‘status quo’ is foolish. They can say they intend to date but will not hang out on their own together until the current trial is over. That would have been better for their relationship. The fact she didn’t suggest that implies to me that there is another impediment to their relationship that has yet to be dealt with

      3. I am trying not to post spoiler here, but reading the LN on this part really made me think that Iori’s reasoning is precisely that she is afraid of her feelings are the by-product of the body swapping incidents. My biggest question to your theory is that there is no evidence to suggest that Iori had feelings for Taichi before body swapping. Keeping the status quo makes more sense under the current situation. Because she is still doubtful of her feelings, she doesn’t want to act with haste and short term desires. Also do you think it is plausible that they can acknowledge each other but does not go any further under the current situation? The power to release desire is very strong by the way.

  8. Inaba had the strong secret urge to sleep with Taichi? She is way naughtier than one would imagine. I like it, especially when she, the always cool and professional Inaba, blushes while trying to explain the situation. Another proof of her strong feelings towards Taichi. I guess she will isolate herself now, ostensible in order to protect the others but most likely in order to no fall for Taichi even more.

    Still, long way to go till ‘Taichi x Inaba’. Go for it, Taichi!

    By the way: after Iori’s, Taichi now also fumbled with Inaba’s breasts, too. Watch it, Yui!
    By the way²: am I the only one to notice that Yui and Aoki could not be less important for this series?

    I’ll stick to my opinion, though: besides Hyouka best anime of the season. Can’t wait for the 4th arc. You’ll see why.

    1. if you are waiting for arc 4, then you must know that Aoki and Yui got their moments to shine in this arc and the next, right?

      and since when did Taichi extend his evil hands to Iori? xD

      1. ok, I understand why you are not so interested in their story… but they are like catalyst to the three you mentioned above… without Aoki and Yui, the story of the three won’t move forward as much as they would. And I really think anime will do a great job animating Aoki in this arc xD

        as to that answer, it doesn’t count… since it is Iori’s hand touching Iori’s body… so it totally doesn’t count xD

    1. I think that’s a pretty accurate drawing of a B size actually… remember that even amongst certain cup sizes, you have variations =P I think this is fairly realistic for an anime…

  9. I think Himeko’s problem is she see’s herself as the protector/mother of the group.

    At the same time she’s pushed to put up a strong and collected front to support everyone while at the same time deeply worrying about them all. You have those two impulses colliding to make her an emotional wreck.

    1. Yah, she does, doesn’t she? I feel like she may feel that way because she thinks she’s the outsider of the group… The additional one of the other two (potential) couples. Plus the fact she said she can’t trust anyone. Maybe she doesn’t know how to fit in?
      But I really like the Inaba x Taichi pair as well. AHH, can’t choose who goes with Taichi! The guy’s not important; it’s whose feelings will get hurt that I’m worried about…

  10. First off… Let me just say that this’s definately in the running for the best in the season. The 2 other contenders being Lagrange and no Horizon (yes haters gonna hate me and there’d be plenty of dislikes for this post.

    Why I keep on saying that this’s in the running for top spot is attributed to the following reasons –

    The drama – Thus far the best of the season. Though some might beg to differ, this’s one of the few shows that brings me on a roller coaster ride of emotions
    The characters and their predicament – Easily relatable and lovable and their interactions. Enough said.
    The pacing – Well paced and fluently flows (unlike a certain chronological Online show)
    The seiyuus – They’re pulling it off nicely. Can’t believe Aki Toyosaki is able to pull off a character like Iori and Miyuki Sawashiro is a definately a good choice for Inaban. The other possible seiyuu for Inaban being Chiwa Saito XD


    This ep somehow strongly suggests that Inaban wasn’t trolling Taichi when she told him that she strokes herself to him. It also kinda suggest the hunch that I had since the start… Inaban likes Taichi.

    Frankly speaking, when it comes to girls, those whose characters that are similar to Inaba truly fascinates me. They potray themselves as strong but deep down, they still yearn for someone to hold them and comfort them. Call me a selfless freak if you want. I clearly admit that I was one. After watching this episode, I’m more for a Taichi x Inaba pairing. Though it also pains me to see Iori going ZETSUBOU SHITTA!

    On a side note, lacy black truly goes well on any girl. In this case, it truly amps up Inaban’s sex and hotness appeal

  11. I’ve always have been on TaiHime shipping even though the previous episode made an emphasis on TaiIori. Still, I wanted the TaiHime to work somehow. Given that Himeko have reveal her true feeling, that might still be possible. As for Iori, I’m sure things will work out. Seeing that she wanted to maintain the status quo, I think that this be the best not just for Taichi and Himeko, but also for her. I think. I hope so.

  12. Unfortunately for Inaba, Taichi clearly has no romantic interest in her. Taichi’s instinct were always geared toward Iori. He even looked likes he’s about to cry when Iori decides not to pursue their mutual interests. Iori did have a point though, there might be nothing to stop them from f***ing like rabbits. At the same time I think its a bad idea, because they obviously like each other and keeping that in it might be a ticking time-bomb that might explode in any moment.

    I still support the Iori ship because I don’t like to side the Inaba ship out of pity for her. At least my googles found a new ship for Inaba.

    1. I guess you can say that Taichi’s desire to protect Iori is strong enough that he can hold himself against the other desire… But since we are not seeig the story from Taichi’s POV, we will never know.
      Also Taichi, like many other male leads before him, is a bit dense to what is happening around. Coupled with a master of disguise Inaba Himeko, it is not all that implausible that he just haven’t see her in that light yet (do I need to remind you that he did steal Inaba’s first kiss?) xD
      As to your Inaba ship choice… All I can say is that don’t forget who class rep is after… So class rep is on a different ship… (one with Iori’s name on it)

  13. Poor Inaba… I can relate to her somewhat as I was always conflicted between my responsible side (reinforced by years of acting as big brother to younger siblings) and very, very kinky sexual side (watching anime didnt help!)
    Plus, I like girls who are open about their desires…
    Dear Taichi here is basic test for you, when a girl is coming at you like that and says you need to strip too, she wants to:
    A.study anatomy
    B.get cooler because AC is out
    C.do some body painting
    D.engage in sexual activities
    you have 4 gusesses, hopefully you will find out the answer before next episode…
    I guess Inaba didnt lie about that fapping to Taichi’s photo… and even if she did, she is 100% true now
    Inaban X Fujishima : SUSPICIOUS CHARACTERS SPOTTED! Fujishima did a little bit of trolling, but even that was enough to send Taichi knight-charging…
    also, its good for the Heartseed to have borrowed body, because if the cast is anything like me, they must feel a powerful urge to kill him, at least once every episode…

  14. I dare say the drama here is better than Tari Tari.

    Inaban may want to appear to be in control, but deep down inside, she is extremely suppressed, which is why this random impulse outburst scares her a lot, for she fears the calm and collected image she has built up for so long amongst her friends, particularly Taiichi, will all be shattered in seconds.

    Kinny Riddle
  15. the Drama with this anime is really top notch… might even be able to pierce my fascination for hyouka, but definitely top three but like everyone else its a matter of personal preference, like how I still would like taichi to be true to his word of how he feels for iori but high school!!! ughhh… just please dont let it be like a soap opera, let it pass even more than that lame of a cliche.

  16. So many feelings to type in a short response. I been a fan of Inaba since day one. In episode 4 she totaly won with her “confession”. On this “take off your clothes” was off the charts. I really hate love triangles becuase the losing leg always make me feel sad (I’m looking at you Tanigawa); but I’m rooting for Inaba so much, sorry Iori. Actually the “status quo” felt more like a break up to me. It was like yeah we acknowledge our feelings but let’s keep them down for now.
    /start rage: Which brings me Taichi (this dawn on me like 2 hours after watching the show) is he crazy or just another “dense” male lead! I just started to rage against him. First for not noticing how Inaba is isolating herself from the group. Second for agreeing to this we are but aren’t status with Iori. Man step up and redeem yourself! I was fine with you from 1 to 5; but in 6 you really screw up I just want to punch you. /endrage
    Finally Inaba have you forgotten your O-kasan teaching? Every single female in the world knows that you don’t wear black under white! That’s basic traing when little girls start wearing training bras. Not that I’m complaining that black lace was daring and lovely.
    Taichi count your blessing and do the right thing.

  17. Cherrie – I think it’s awesome you are covering this show, but I am sometimes baffled by your interpretation of it. Especially your dislike of Heartseed. His measures are a bit extreme, but I think it’s fairly obvious he is doing all of this for far more than solely for his entertainment. The entire show seems to revolve around self-realization and finding one’s identity.

    I’d go so far as to say that Heartseed is possibly just a device used to explain how human’s interact and accomplish this. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, acting on your impulses, etc.

    I’m not criticizing your take/reporting on the show at all and it’s awesome to read it every week, just seems like everyone is so anti-heartseed, when to be fair (apart from making Lori jump off the bridge, which he later says she was never really in any danger (and I do think we can believe him about that)) “he” really hasn’t done anything.

    Also I’m a Taichi x Himeko shipper. I’ve mentioned this before, but I think the relationship between Taichi and Lori is sweet, it is naive and destined to fail. It would rely too strongly on Taichi carrying her through hardship, when what I think Lori needs to to determine who she is on her own terms. I think that is what the show is hinting at as well, but maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part 😀

    1. You don’t understand the dislike for Heartseed?? O come on!! What he did the last episode was just downright cruel. He made her jump off a bridge and be hospitalised, and then told everyone to chose someone to die! Even if it all turned out OK in the end that was just bloody cruel.

      1. That is just plain psychological torture, straight off worst KGB manuals…
        Heartseed though is so alien that he might just have completely different set of blue and orange morals… Which doesnt make it better for us.

    2. I’ve been thinking about this as well, and I quite agree with you, but probably not for the same reasons. People can hate on him, but the way I see it, Heartseed is an entity with powers beyond human understanding, at least that’s what it feels like so far. They can call him cruel, but I wonder what’s the point of doing so? To quote Loki, “an ant has no quarrel with a boot.” Heartseed will do things because he can, just like when we step on insects while walking; would we necessarily be called cruel?

      But I digress, what really facinates me about Heartseed is that, in a way, I think Heartseed’s suppose to be us, the viewer. Similar to the movie Cabin in the Woods, we the viewer want to see conflict, and Heartseed will provide. Some people, I noticed, call it forced drama, but I don’t see it that way. Heartseed is sort of the response of our desire to see something happen; a metaphysical extension of ourselves. That’s why I don’t really hate him.


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