「渚の鬼畜パニック!」 (Nagisa no Kichiku Panikku!)
“A Brute Panic on the Beach!”

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed recently, it’s the propensity of beach episodes to actually include some important plot points or character development. Maybe it’s just something I haven’t noticed until now, but when you have a fanservice laden show like Estetica actually inserting the beginnings of a serious plot into its beach episode… there’s no way not to notice. And well, the series is better off for it.

First and foremost, let’s talk about the beach segment for a bit. To say the least, this portion took up most of the episode, giving us not only the gratuitous fanservice they haven’t been shy to give out, but also quite a few comedic scenes to top it all off. I mean, Haruka alone was on a comedic roll the entire episode! Her breaking of the fourth wall a bit by saying: “We just had a break! Why are we having another!?” The other members of the Student Council accusing her of caring too much about Akatsuki… Trying to hide in the woman’s shower thinking she’d be safe from Akatsuki’s swimsuit strip fest, but ending up being the only one to lose all of her swimsuit… Yup, she was definitely the source of quite a few laughs this episode.

But of course, in the end, Akatsuki is the main focus… and well, he certainty took that role again this episode as well. Getting chosen as the guy whose trunks have to be taken off to win the contest… His subsequent flipping of the contest upside down by eliminating the competition via stripping their swimsuits instead… Being able to walk on water (Couldn’t help but think: AKATSUKI HAS LEARNED SURF”)… Him telling Class Rep: “Oh a one piece eh!? Don’t worry, it’s a bit harder to take off, but I’ve had experience with those too! You won’t feel a thing!” (And here I was thinking he’d say he wouldn’t strip her)… and other stuff like Izumi and Class Rep trying to trap him in a pit. To say the least, it was just one of those ridiculous episodes that you couldn’t help but laugh, either at the events themselves, or just how crazy everything was. I mean, really? A Hide and Seek with Swimsuits on the beach that’s broadcast on TV and where the corporation takes responsibility for all issues that occur? That’s just asking for—WAIT A SECOND, HOW DOES THAT EVEN LAST 25 YEARS WITHOUT GETTING TAKEN OFF THE—never mind.

All in all though, it was actually pretty nice how they also occasionally inserted some more serious plot within all the… stripping. But yeah, Risty and friends from the other world make their reappearance. And it’s not looking good for Akatsuki, who has been branded a traitor for bringing “the Devil Lord’s Daughter” to his world. As expected, Risty defends Akatsuki, which leads to quite a few revelations, including the fact that the “real hero” was a Leon, who died protecting everyone in an event that led to the death of Risty’s family. We also get the reveal that only those summoned from the other world may return via the gate and that there is in fact one other person available to do so in (Doctor) Phil Bannet. As such, he’s been given the mission to find Miu and Akatsuki, as well as kill the latter if possible. Combining with the fact that the Ranking Tests are coming up soon, and things sure don’t look that good for the future. But, as badass as (Doctor) Phil seems to look, I find it very unlikely that he’ll be able to do anything to Akatsuki. Maybe it’s possible he manages to kidnap Miu, but actually defeating Akatsuki really looks unlikely…

In any case, it looks like we’re getting a bit of the calm before the storm here. The Ranking Examinations are coming up per the preview, so I’m not quite sure whether or not Phil’ll make an immediate appearance or not… but I am at least slightly intrigued at the coming episodes, more so than any of the previous ones. But with only some 5 or so episodes left and no second season in sight, I find myself wondering how much actual plot they’ll be able to cover, as well whether it’ll end properly at all. Guess we’ll see in the coming weeks.

Author’s Note: Took a bit longer than expected for The Last Story to be released, but you’ll find some preview pictures of the Limited Edition version on my blog. Hopefully I’ll also be able to get out my review of the Miku VN02 figure I just acquired as well sometime tonight or tomorrow.

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  1. *Insert obligatory beach episode here*..Oh wait!

    The beach portion seemed to be anime original, the competition itself kinda felt out-of-place (stripping a guys trunks??).

    Still, when was the last time a guy walked into a shower room with females and didn’t get owned for it?

    The plot portion served as a good buildup for the following episodes to come, can’t wait to see doctor phil getting his ass kicked lol.

  2. Wut, a plot in my beach episode?
    Actually I was surprised that the “other side of the gate” would pop up with some trouble, but seemingly there seems some rulers that need to get rid of all loose ends… and conveniently there is another hero available to take on the task, though I doubt he will be up to Akatsuki’s level of powers. Still this adds another layer of fights/troubles to the incoming “battle tests”! (Miyu’s identity can be revealed on the occasion, leading to possibly some problems with school)
    I want to see Akatsuki faced with a female enemy either brazen enough to dont care about getting naked, or suited in a proper (and well locked) chastity belt’n’bra…

  3. Boring.
    Phil is a clever guy. He is from Akatsuki’s world and has magical powers so it pretty obvious he is attending Babel’s school and he is going to participate in the exams. Phil also has chosen a good moment to take Myu since Student Council’s president isn’t around to check surroundings(he participates in the summit). So a fake Scarlet Dusk is just a perfect time when Phil can do his preparations for kidnapping.

  4. the beach portion is anime original, so kudo to ARMS for making an fan service episode so good… and Kaidou, you are so responsible for making Aki the Oni in the game xD

    the post speak for itself as far as the beach part goes… so I will just say a little about the plot side then. It is true that only people from other world can enter the dimension gate to that world, but there is always exceptions to every rule. As to Phil’s power level, all I can say is that he won’t disappoint viewers, and his involvement with the exam is sooner than you think.

    Now onto Listy and her party. Listy (the blond queen, I think that is the official spelling) is an skilled mage. Her high elf is good with both magic and healing, as well as being sexually harassed by Akatsuki. and her red hair knight guy, just like Akatsuki, can’t use magic. He specialize in sword fighting. Lastly, Leon, the “real Yuusha”… there is more to him than what is being said here, but we won’t be diving into this story till season 2 probably.

    ps. enjoy the fan service while you still can, once the rank exam starts, we will dive into more serious plot elements… xD

      1. Lol… I know people say they watch it for the PLOT… I do too (plus I read the LNs)
        If ARMS takes the more faithful route, then the next several episodes will focus much more on the fights than anything else 🙂

  5. In through the door, and out through the window…
    Why not leave the way he entered? Oh, this is Akatsuki, nevermind.

    I was actually betting the Class Rep would be the one to win since she
    was the only girl in a one-piece – but I forgot the last episode in that
    Akatsuki is no respect-er of age. I thought they’d work something out.

    I only have these episodes to go by, but I wonder if Miu has some power that
    will be of use in the future, maybe in the upcoming conflict? After all,
    her dad was very powerful and we’ve yet to see anything from her…

    1. generally speaking, this show has shounen anime tropes, so there are power ups and new abilities for most of these characters in the LN, but to what extend we will see those is determined by ARMS…

  6. One thing I kind of wonder for awhile now is how come all these young kids that got send to another world manage to survive and come back, especially alot of them went to worlds that are currently at war. Do alot of them become some sort of immortals when they cross worlds, I mean I know they get special powers later but still during the beginning they are pretty much normal kids, you can’t be tell me all of them are just so lucky to manage to survive in all those war torn world and come back safe and sound. unless the thousands that got send back are from a group of millions then I can see the luck part in play but they never mention the actual number.

  7. Moderate Fanservice and introduction to main development of this arc, I can only say that this series is so great as our main character.
    The poor and cute Myuuends ends exposed every two episodes, lol XD.
    I want to see how the test will be in the next episode XD.

  8. I wasn’t surprised that it wasn’t all about fanservice, I don’t really get at all why some of you, Ghost included, seem to think that way. *Insert usual Rockmanshii “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” rant here.*
    I think Phil can’t beat Akatsuki either, he must have a plan or a countermeasure against him but Akatsuki will outsmart him. I’m looking forward to next week.

    1. Phil is powerful, there is no question about it… the anime might not show it, but if I remember correctly from the LN, Phil beats our red hair sword master fairly easily… and that sword master, one could argue, is on par with Akatsuki as far as sword skills goes.

  9. this week ep

    beach time while miu find right swim wear for beach.
    meanwhile in other world some of them wonder if demon king’s daughter is hiding & assume where is hiding.
    everyone in beach time for fun then here kaidou show beach game for all to play.
    game is on & target is boss akatsuki to catch his pants.
    so boss akatsuki so if target maybe should hunt them all take their swimwear as well.
    cue boss akatsuki own’d everyone in beach.
    back in other world they feeling demon king daughther in akatsuki’s world.
    back to beach boss akatsuki can walk on water & quicksand pwn the lesbian.
    almost going for kana hana til kaidou to the rescue cause why think of the children so spare kana hana.
    next get vice pres in women shower yea boss akatsuki got her all.
    miu in water hiding til oops swimsuit don’t worry boss akatsuki got her out for safety.
    & in other world now full certain demon king daughter in akatsuki’s world so send someone get her.

    next ep return school time.

  10. Here is how I think the season will unfold. I believe that Phil will capture Miu and think that he kills Akatsuki but fails. Akatsuki will return to the other world with the rest of his harem to rescue her when it is revealed that Baram Die Alone Disdia was the true enemy in the just ended war, not the Demon lord that was defeated and they need Mui to complete some plan that was interrupted.

    How else can you explain wanting Mui returned? Wouldn’t you expect them to be relieved that she was taken away? Why does that make him a traitor?


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