「 La Luna nel Buio」
“The Moon in the Dark”

Finally, an episode that doesn’t focus on Libertá and Nova (they were still present though) – I couldn’t be happier! Since episode one, I’ve been curious of Jolly’s nature and character, so today’s episode fulfilled my hopes and expectations.

Besides Jolly, this arc will involve Debito, Pace, and Luca too. These three guys grew up with Pace’s mother in a church; I assume it was her grave we spotted last week. The church itself served as a catalyst for today’s episode. Debito’s story about a child meeting the devil in this church probably indicates him meeting Jolly; that’s how I interpreted it.

Conducting experiments on humans can’t be good, so Debito, Luca, and Pace lashing out at Jolly made sense, but at the same time, I was a bit confused. I know the three of them attained their powers through Jolly’s experiments but I don’t know anything about the process. Were they tortured? Do they loathe their Arcana powers? Is it the fact that they felt like victims? If so, why don’t they question the family itself? I mean, sure Jolly who caused them to suffer so much shouldn’t walk around without feeling any guilt, but he did what he was told to do by his leader – their leader. Oh well, hopefully we’ll find out more about their pasts soon so the pieces can fall into place.

At least we know what’s hiding behind Debito’s eye patch. Like Libertá, Debito’s powers are considered to be dangerous (I assume), so he has an amethyst implanted by Jolly in his right eye socket. Something that caught my attention a long time ago was that “Debito” means ‘debt’ in Italian. If you connect the story about the devil and Debito’s eye with his name, it makes sense somehow. With Dante and Jolly having this kind of power (to alter others’ powers), are there people who stand any chance against them in the duels? The only one I can see winning this is Felicitá with her Arcana power. It may be a cliché but it’s a decent possibility if you ask me.

Aside from holding power over other members in the family, Jolly has another secret – well, it’s not a secret anymore because of people being nosy. Jolly’s experiments have risen to another level. Forget experimenting with humans, he can even create them, although, it’s not exactly a human – it’s a homunculus. The experiment is named Elmo, and he seems to be a very talented person. Jolly doesn’t have any problems with the kid so far, in fact, he seems to be very proud of the child. Jolly’s facial expressions were so different from usual when he was strolling around with Elmo; he looked very happy. I don’t know if this is good or bad but it sure makes him even more suspicious. I, like Felicitá will naïvely believe that he is a good person until proven something else. Mondo wouldn’t expose his family to a dangerous person, would he?

With all the things going on in today’s episode, there was no room left for an omake, so there wasn’t much “fun” today, but it sure was interesting and definitely one of the better episodes of this anime. I’m looking forward to the continuation of this arc next week!




  1. You don’t know how long I was waiting for an episode about these characters. I mean Liberta and Nova are ok, but I actually consider the other characters more interesting. On the other hand, too bad they didn’t have an omake this episode. Those are usually really hilarious.

  2. @StereoMan thanks for covering Arcana Familgia :)….

    I have a mass of interst towards Joly and trio, Luca, Debito and Pace. Of course I figured out that Luca hates Jolly for some reason and in the passed two episodes we saw Debito as well. It seems that Pace did not suffer the same way the other two did, so I’m guessing that if they were tortured, it wasn’t the thing that makes them hate him, there’s probably something more to it. Why do I think that Elmo and Debito are connected, it would be my dumbness that guesses it.

    I really am a fan of this show, can’t wait for next week. I guess I really hope to see more screen time for the Trio, they’re the reason I keep watching the show 😛


  3. When Jolly enters the church. Shit gets real very quickly…And you know shit gets real when Debito starts a crazy laugh ready to blow brains all over a CHURCH.

    You KNOW shit gets real when Pace is mad and isn’t thinking about “LASAGNA!!” O_O. I’m glad this episode didn’t focus on Liberta and Nova. I mean I LOVE those guys they’re my fav characters but I wanna see others get some screen time.

    This week I saw alot of different sides to these characters that I didn’t know existed.

    Debito getting “destroyed brain” hungry in a church

    Ultimate highlight of this episode? I may be a guy…yes…And I’m not gay…no…But Debito’s “Bammmbiina” was definitely the highlight of this episode. Ima start saying that XD Although I doubt it will have the same effect it has with Debito D:.
    Pace mad and thinking about hurting Jolly rather than lasagna.
    Luca getting more angry at Jolly. Next week looks intense

  4. Finally stuff on the trio and Jolly. There’s only 5 more eps so I don’t know how they’re going to cover ALL the character’s issues and the Duello in a satisfying way but vill see. I suspect at the very least, based on the preview, they’ll be going into WHY Jolly’s so focused on his experiments, maybe.

    One thing I hope they get around to covering/revealing is (VN SPOILERS)…
    Show Spoiler ▼

  5. Doesn’t Jolly usually lock up his lab? I guess he wanted them to find out about Elmo now. And finally some Arcana Power action this week. There isn’t many episodes left so I hope the ending won’t be rushed.

    random viewer
  6. Thanks so much for covering this series! Even though the first few episodes weren’t AMAZING, I fell in love with the series and am so glad people haven’t abandoned it yet. And @Rachelmon, I’ve had the hots for Debito since the beginning so I know what you mean about having your fangirl wishes fulfilled ^_^

  7. It was a nice watch. However from an otome point of view I got confused. It seems that the guys are at least at 3 level of age ranges ?! [Feli,Libe,Nova]; [Pace,Debito,Luca], and [Jolly, the rest] So doesn’t this make all the other guys “old” to be romantic material for Felicita? If Jolly “raised” the 2nd group, Luca “raised” the 1st group giving a 10 year average that will place the first group in her teens, secong group in their twenties and 3rd group in their thirties. Guess my gripe is that sometimes they don’t act they age. Like Debito pushing Fel to the bad, and she did nothing? dunno it was ackward.

    1. Felicita – 16, Liberta – 18, Nova – 15
      Pace – 25, Debito – 23, Luca – 29
      Jolly – unknown, Dante – 38

      All from MyAnimeList. Interesting age gaps (personally they don’t bother me much), but I guess at least they did their math right? I thought Felicita’s reaction to Debito pushing her to the bed was pretty IC since she isn’t really the type to push away. It could also be interpreted as her trusting Debito or being worried about him since he didn’t seem well.


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