I couldn’t stop myself from grinning throughout the entire chapter as the Natsu fangirl I am.


The battle between Natsu and Sabertooth’s two Dragon Slayers is on. Someone in the audience is crying while observing the game. Jellal, Ultear, and Meldy are tracking the presence that reminds them of Zeref.

Rogue wants to fight Gajeel, not Natsu, but the latter tells him he can do that if he beats Natsu. Sting reminds Natsu that Dragon Force is similar to a dragon’s power – nothing of this world can excel that. He also tells Natsu that he killed Weisslogia (his parent) with his power. Natsu doesn’t seem affected by that at all. He tells Sting that he’ll use his powers to fight for his friends that were made fun of by Sting, and punches Sting in the face.

Lucy is seen watching the battle from an infirmary. She watches as Rogue uses his “Dragon Roar” – in his case, a shadow roar which Natsu counters with his “Fire Dragon’s Roar”. Natsu’s fire completely demolishes Rogue’s shadows. Sting yells at Natsu saying that it’s not over yet while Natsu taunts them, telling them to come at him.

Everyone in the audience seems pleased with the battle. Natsu is dominating both Sting and Rogue. He lands hit after hit sending them flying everywhere. Sabertooth themself aren’t very impressed. Lector is crying for Sting who is getting beaten by Natsu in the arena.

We’re taken to a flashback with Sting and Lector where the latter is asking the former to make him his student. Sting is a bit surprised that Lector isn’t scared of him and decides to bring the Exceed with him. In the end, Lector couldn’t become strong but he always enjoyed watching Sting’s strength.

Back at the games, Sting and Rogue perform their Unison Raid – “Holy Shadow Dragon’s Lightning Fang”. Mavis who is observing the battle thinks that there are some walls that can’t be destroyed by power, however there is a type of power that can – the power of feelings. Natsu counters the Unison Raid with an ultimate Dragon Slayer technique – “Crimson Lotus, Exploding Flame Blades”.

These attacks cause a part of the arena to explode. The audience are shocked and eagerly waiting to see what happened. Rogue and Sting comes out of the rubble only to fall down again. They both admit that Natsu is too strong. With this, they’re both out. FAIRY TAIL wins this battle.

I constantly got chills while reading this chapter. And it’s not just because I absolutely love Natsu – it’s because I thought this chapter was amazing!

Of course, not everyone shares my opinion. I noticed some negativity over how one-sided this battle was. Personally, I don’t think it’s one-sided considering that Natsu and Gajeel were being punched around by Sting and Rogue in the previous chapter (for the sake of studying their opponents’ powers). Each guild got their own chapter to show their strength; turns out that FAIRY TAIL was the stronger one. Also, Natsu’s motivation was his will to avenge his friends which, in my opinion, is a much stronger resolve than Sting’s promise to Lector, and this might make me seem a bit biased, but I really wanted FAIRY TAIL to win this, so, I couldn’t be happier with this chapter’s outcome.

I know I said I respect Sting for his promise to Lector, and I still do, but after giving it some thorough thinking, I realized that Sting shouldn’t be very respected. I mean, while he is valuing his promise to Lector (and their friendship), he mocks others’ relationships. So in the end, I couldn’t sympathize with Sting when he fell while thinking about Lector.

Rogue on the other hand, hmm.. I don’t have much to say about the guy but I definitely like him more than Sting at the moment. I still expect them both to end up in FAIRY TAIL in the future, and if they do, I know I’ll be able to forgive them easily like I did with Gajeel. This is something I love about FAIRY TAIL – it has the ability to make any character likable!

But no one is more likable than Natsu if you ask me! He was brilliant in this chapter. I knew he’d win this fight because of how predictable most battles in this manga are, but I didn’t expect him to win in such an epic way. Not only did he beat two Dragon Slayers at once all alone, he also proved that power doesn’t matter – it’s all about your heart. Man, I love shounen despite the clichés.

Natsu’s attack in the end was insane. I don’t think I’ve seen it before, is it new? The attack’s name reminded me of Byakuya from Bleach – the way the fire became flower petals/blades; it was quite impressive.

I’m very pleased with this week’s chapter and I can’t praise it enough. Hopefully we’ll see Erza fighting Minerva soon and I expect that to be even more impressive than Natsu’s battle. I’m also very curious to find out who the crying person was near the beginning of this chapter. I thought it would be Zeref until Ultear said the presence was slightly different from him. Hmm, who could that be? Anyway, looking forward to next week! This arc just keeps getting better!

Moete kitazou!


  1. He used this attack when he battled against Laxus that one time. The capability of Crimson Lotus, Exploding Flame Blades is that it can smash through dragon scales and inflict uber damage, which if you add that with Second Origin, means dayuuuuuum.

  2. I am also a fan of Natsu, but still not taken it all easily.
    The downside of this chapter was just short, I would be a little more, but no.
    The complaints are always the impatient and those who do not reason that these chapters are short, that joining the two above would be a complete battle, and that still is not the climax of the arc.
    We still have the best and most epic of history to come.

  3. Crimson Lotus: Exploding Flame Blade was used vs Gildarts and way back when against Laxus. Although the attack does look much different then it did back then. Seems to be a powered up version just like Natsu.

    Speaking of Laxus and all of Fairy Tail + allies their faces were priceless. Basically all calm and knowing. I guess you never doubt Natsu where he is fighting for the honour of his guild and his friends.

    Totally agree this arc is one of the best I have read in awhile. Although I have a suspicion it’ll be coming to an end soon. I mean Fairy Tail has basically defeated all the boss characters set up with the exception of Kagura vs. Erza. I mean Natsu beat Sting/Rogue (first newly introduced characters), Laxus beat Ivan/entirety of Raven Tail, Wendy tied her God Slayer, Lucy did what Lucy does, all it basically leaves is Kagura vs Erza. As I don’t think there will be Master level fighs any time soon.

    1. I want to see the Laxus v Orga fight

      Frame 1: Laxus and Orga facing each other
      Frame 1: CLose up of laxus scarred eye with a cocked eyebrow
      Frame 2: Orga falls to the floor burnt to a crisp, hair all on end

  4. oh yeah double falcon punch as the header! Maybe Rogue isn’t as much of a jerk as Sting so I might feel for him getting this kind of humiliation but Sting deserved every bit of the beat down he received and so much more. When you laugh at other people’s failure you are doomed to fail yourself, aaaand what’s worse here is the fact that two dragon force/lacrima powered dragon slayers got OWNED by one traditional dragon slayer and his fists and no dragon force. So much for the most powerful guild. Suck on that Sting.

  5. While I enjoyed the fact that those snobby sabretooth guys got what they deserved my heart felt sympathy for lector however, lector and
    sting felt no remorse for yukino who was forced to strip and forced out of the guild so I say that it if fair that they get to feel what she felt.
    Now I can’t wait to see what their master is going to do to them, will he strip them and force them out too or will he declare war on Fairy
    Tail just like phantom lord did. I also can’t wait for day 5 when all 5 members get to fight. it will be awesome.

    K C M
  6. Natsu broke into the place Sabertooth was staying, wreaked the place, challenged their master, and now beat two of their best fighters by himself like it was nothing. Bloody amazing.

    1. I agree with you it would have been better if Gajeel was part of the action too. Hopefully on the 5th day when it’s 5 on 5 every body will be
      part of the action including Gray and Laxus.

      K C M
  7. I’m just upset that Gajeel didn’t play a bigger role in this. We still don’t know what exactly is between him and Rogue…

    Other than that, I’m perfectly fine with Natsu winning this one. They had it coming~





    1. Don’t forget Laxus has to beat orga and Gray has to beat rufus too, I’m not satisfied that Natsu had to beat Sting and Rogue by himself(although I’m glad) so the re-match will be on day 5 when its 5 vs 5 so Gajeel will have to beat Rogue and Natsu beats Sting again.

      K C M
  8. Seriously, Sting has been a real jerk on many occasions. His promise with Lector is not enough to redeem him or inspire sympathy for him. He deserved to be beaten so much.
    I am more interested in Rogue. He seemed to resent what happened to Yukino, and seems a much more decent guy overall. But it is not easy now to guess how his link to Gajeel will be revealed. Maybe Sabretooth’s Master will keep them, unlike Yukino. Or as some suggest, they might join FT.

  9. Currently, Fairy Tail is leading against Sabertooth by 1 point, 45 vs 44.

    Now think back to the chariot event, when Natsu, Gajeel, and Sting were throwing up all over the place. Sting said at the end that 1 point will not matter, and Gajeel retorted that they shouldn’t cry when it comes back to bite them. That time is now!

  10. I am shocked, did they really kill a dragon with that sort of power. It that’s the case then that must have been some illusion, it would be no surprise if the dragons used some form of clone jutsu to fool those two.

  11. True .. the Chapter kicked ass’s !! but I am so dissapointed , just like Moridin said now there is no one to look up to -_- either mashima will make FT the strongest or will make all the three remaining players lose in some way -_- which will be stupid since laxus has been training for 3 months and Erza simply cannot lose !, .. gray will lose for sure if mashima wants the reader to sit on the edge of their seats -_-

    this chapter would have been better if he simply made the match come to ROW !! is he that excited about distroying sabertooth and make the two dragon slayer join FT ?? well ok , we’re back to the tepical manga Fairy Tail is -_- waiting for next chapter .

  12. Natsu being Natsu! Man! How many chapters has it been since I’ve been able to proudly say that about a chapter?

    All the confident looks of the onlookers absolutely sold this chapter for me. The details put it over the top. Chelia, standing alongside Leon and Jura, clearly with “Holy wow” expression. Sabertooth clearly shocked and almost a bit confused! Minerva with a calm, collected “Shit…” expression, probably already going over in her mind what will happen next after the battle. Kind of like a “storm of shit is hitting the fan” expression.

    And Natsu’s double face punch. Omg. Love this. The way FAIRY TAIL uses the nakama power concept…!!!

  13. This chapter… This chapter… Fuck this chapter!!! Completely awful.

    I know friendship is just a trope for shounen, but holy crap does Mashima exaggerate it to sickening degrees. How the hell does Natsu get off with that awful friendship speech after cheating Gajeel out of a good fight. This isn’t friendship. There’s no trust when you take on the burden all by yourself. Natsu’s just hogging all the glory. Gajeel actually worked hard for three months while everyone else got the easy route.

    Natsu just randomly pulled out the most generic, yet somehow incomprehensible series of attacks to churn out a win. The two most hyped up Sabertooth members just got beaten singe-handedly. (Not to mention Mahima trying to evoke sympathy for them. Everything these guys have done is completely indefensible and some sob cat story isn’t going to fix that.) *Poof* There goes the tension and suspense. “There are walls you cannot take down with only power” Lol, that’s rich. Mashima should have just been honest and said that people don’t need power at all. Seriously guys, as long as you have friends you can beat Mike Tyson’s got nothing on you. Believe in yourself and Usain Bolt will be eating your dust. (Think about it. Fairy Tail’s lucky that their enemies never have the power of friendship either!)

    I shouldn’t be surprised though. Especially when Natsu already royally screwed over the lesson from Gildarts by rushing in to save Makarov from the Acnologia. Dealing with and accepting hardships? Fuck that! Let’s all subvert Makarov’s heroic gesture by dying with him! Ten dead guild members are better than one dead guild member!

    1. You know it’s really bullshit when Gajeel went out of the picture just so Mashima could inject his own perception of awesomeness into Natsu i.e. let’s have Natsu wins against Elza first before feeding us this kind of stuff, even Sasuke doesn’t have it like that.

  14. I thought it was a fantastic chapter and was exactly what I wanted. After looking back through the chapters I remembered the time when Natsu went into Sabertooth’s building alone. I thought this chapter was a great way to round off the beating Natsu wanted to give the guild.

    I had no idea who that woman at the start would be but after a while I thought that it might be Yukino. Nothing has happened with her/come to light about her since she went to go see Arcadios a few chapters back. My guess is after meeting with Arcadios she finds out about the plan and what’ll happen to Lucy, after befriending her only recently and seeing she’s a nice person she sheds a tear whilst watching Natsu fight so awesomely for his friends/revenge for Lucy.
    Purely a guess, which is something I don’t often do, I just like to see what happens when it comes to not feel disappointed.

  15. I wonder if next chapter, Gajeel will come back and fight with Natsu again (since they’re always fighting).

    Sabertooth kicks out everyone who loses, so I suppose Sting and Rogue will be looking for a new guild now – which means Fairy Tail, since they’re collecting all the Dragon Slayers. I kinda hate Sting though (and I have no opinion on Rogue).

    1. Here is a better idea instead of Sting and Rogue to join Fairy Tail, let sabertooth be reformed, get rid of their heartless master and elect a
      new master that is kind and humble to their members, as Rogue points out sabertooth lacks the bond that ties their comrades together
      and Sting could use a lot of that. I would also prefer that Rogue gets to be sabertooth’s new leader since he understands better than anyone the bonds that they need.

      K C M

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