I’m pretty glad I never decided to join in with the assumptions that the mysterious girl was Demeter. Many people speculated that it could in fact be Dokurou given the importance she played early on in the arc and it turns out that they were correct! She obviously has some major trauma which is making her attempt suicide though what it might be is currently unclear. Were it not for the fact that she survived the fall in the previous chapter, I would have guessed that her death at this point contributed to making her a demon or something, however that’s obviously not the case and the reasons behind her de-aging remain a complete mystery to me. This whole situation brings up an interesting question – assuming that she’s human at this point in time (of course it’s entirely possible that she isn’t), does that mean that under particular circumstances humans can become demons? On the other hand, she could potentially be a demon raised among humans, with her trauma originating from ‘accidents’ she caused, though this seems a little bit on the cliché side even if her comments about not wanting to kill support it… and it would probably also explain why the fall didn’t cause her any serious injury.

Should Keima succeed in capturing her, will this stop her from becoming the Chief of the Runaway Spirit Squad thus drastically changing the future? The fact that Keima has been sent back to ‘change’ the past strongly suggests that whatever his actions are, they’re not going to result in the timeline we’re familiar with. It’s also nice to see that contrary to a lot of people suggesting this arc may have no actual connection to the previous goddess arc, the revelation of her identity makes it seem much more likely that Vintage will continue to play a part. I wonder just how much of a role Dokurou is playing in her own capture – she was the one to supply the orb in the first place so she surely must have had some idea…

With two chances used up and only another two remaining, it’s good to see that Keima was able to put his foreknowledge of the situation to good use, managing to get to the scene much earlier than in the previous cycle. It’ll be interesting to see just how he makes use Dokurou’s identity – I suspect Elsie might be able to tell him more about her should he ask. Fun stuff in this chapter included a practical use for the fire trucks (albeit an ineffective one) and what appeared for a moment to be a very bad end for Keima. It would have been pretty cool had that actually been a bad end followed by the orb performing a reset. Unfortunately it was not. However, it’s still worth noting that the orb glowed anyway – perhaps in response to Keima’s success at getting an emotional reaction from Dokurou. As a side note… doesn’t Dokurou technically count as the ‘first girl?’ I wonder if this means anything….

tl;dr: @MoombaDS – Mysteries deepen with the revelation of our latest capture target’s identity! #TWGOK


  1. Dokurou…wow, didn’t see that coming.
    But I guessed correctly that Keima will use up all of his lives/chances to come up with a solution. Though I’m pretty sure he still doesn’t realize that he has 2 chances remaining. This will be tough. So he’s suppose to let her die? Damn, no use guessing as Wakaki is known to troll so much. Let’s see how this goes.

    Keima and firetrucks? Does not compute.

  2. Doubt Dokurou is human considering their history goes back to the war with old hell.

    The little dokurou we know had an artificial body after losing their original way back in the war with old hell. So let’s assume that the real Dokurou is some sort of spirit inhabiting this artificial body…

    What if the girl herself isn’t Dokurou but rather through some twist Dokurou is inhabiting this girl in spirit form and that is what Elsie’s detector is reacting to.


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