「La Ruota della Fortuna」
“The Wheel of Fortune”

The truth comes out, and I believe this episode answered most of the questions I had concerning La storia della Arcana Famiglia. If you were getting tired of the side stories (that would eventually lead to the duels), then rest assured – the story is on the main track again! I guess only Libertá and Nova were given full episodes for character development because the remaining ones are having theirs woven into the main story – the one concerning the duels, or in fact, the fate of Felicitá.

By “main track”, I don’t mean the duels themselves, but the duels as a topic. We finally know the truth behind Mondo’s plan. He made a contract which gave him powers (the cards), but all cards need hosts that can provide them with energy and if they don’t have any, they will eat away Mondo’s lifespan. Jolly who apparently has been with Mondo since the beginning knew about this so he experimented with artificial and real human beings (giving them powers) to ease Mondo’s burden. To ensure Felicitá’s future to be a good one, Mondo announced the duels – a way for him to find a suitable heir who can look after his beloved daughter.

While this ensures us that Jolly is as far away from a villain to the family as possible, it doesn’t necessarily make him more likable. Causing other people to suffer for someone else isn’t just in any moral or ethical aspect, but I guess there is no reason for us to worry about him doing something weird anymore. He’s still a cunning man though; keeping important details out such as the fact that using Felicitá’s second Arcana power – the “Wheel of Fortune” (the power to alter the fate of the cards’ hosts) will cause amnesia. In this case however, I think it’s fine to make that sacrifice because a life is at stake.

Aside from Felicitá, we’ve been introduced to another character’s powers – Sumire can cure people but the consequences of doing that aren’t very pretty. I’m not sure if she gives away her lifespan to others or if her Arcana punishes her for using her powers, but whatever it is, it’s not healthy. I’m a bit surprised Felicitá managed to wake her up at such young age. I don’t think she had received any training at that point, so I find her very talented.

As the story is reaching its climax, we’re getting cut off with cliffhangers more often than usual, and there is no room for an omake. I’m very excited to see how Felicitá will handle the situation, and also, I’d like to know how her decision (and the consequences of that) will affect her fellow friends – especially Luca, Pace, and Debito. They will probably not like this at all, considering that her decision was based on something coming from Jolly. I’m looking forward to the next episode!

Random thoughts:

  • Is Elmo a different being from the one in the glass tube?
  • Jolly without his shades was a bit surprising.
  • I wish Mondo would’ve had another seiyuu to portray his younger self. Tachiki Fumihiko didn’t suit this version of the character.
  • Hmm, Mondo wants someone to look after his daughter. Nova wants to set her free. Does that mean that he is out? I believe a free Felicitá doesn’t necessarily mean that she is being looked after.
  • How old is Mondo? It’s hard to tell…
  • In the beginning of the episode, the maids were fixing Felicitá’s hair. From sideways, it looked like she only had one ponytail and I think that hairdo would suit her very well!
  • If Elmo has powers, does that mean he will be in the duels too?
  • Dat statue!
  • A picture is worth a thousand words, har har har!
  • Is this Mondo’s favorite t-shirt? He seems to wear it whenever he is ill!
  • Full-length shots: 9, 22, 31




  1. The only question I wanted to answer was what is Mondo’s power? I know it’s The World but how does it look like and what does it do? Does it change the whole world? or just the area he lives in? And if it just changes his country than isn’t that a false world? O.o

    1. I agree about that not being Elmo in the tube. After all taking in to consideration what Elmo is I think we can assume it’s an unfinished project that Jolly is creating to continue to ease Mondo’s burden of the cards. However it either isn’t finished or it was unsuccessful, judging from the way Jolly was talking. Also I think they showed Elmo reading or somewhere else in the mansion during that time…but I can’t remember for sure.

      Maneki Neko
  2. I don’t know if anyone noticed, but Jolly’s eyes don’t really match at the part when he took his shades off. I guess that’s why he wears them even when it’s dark. That’s my random comment.

    random viewer

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