「鴨川アドバルーン」 (Kamogawa Ado Baruun)
“Kamogawa Balloons”

Full on slice-of-life mode engage! More so than any other episode I can recall off the top of my head, this one showed us what director Suzuki Toshimasa and his team would have done had Rinne no Lagrange been a full-blown slice-of-life comedy. Peppered throughout the episode were tons of funny little moments, along with plenty of everyone being cute. Though nowhere near the level of epic yuri kisses or embarrassed shoujos, I was laughing throughout most of the episode, and since that’s clearly what they were going for then I have to count that one as a success.

Speaking of successes, the addition of super-clumsy first year Miki Reiko (Takamori Natsumi) was a solid addition to the comedic formula. Since Lan has been acting pretty competant these days, Stalker-chan took over her dojikko duties and dialed them up to eleven. Then she gave us this, for which I am eternally grateful. Banzai, Stalker-chan!

Still, while I always enjoy the funny moments LagRin always gives us, I prefer it when they’re peppered throughout the episode. As far as main courses go, the comedy just wasn’t very filling, which was why I found myself gobbling up what character development and plot we got all the more voraciously. As far as character development goes, that was all Youko-nee this week. Her conversation with Machiko-sensei + the central “find what makes you happy” message of the episode felt like they were laying the groundwork for a more fundamental shift in Youko-nee’s character before the season ends. This focus on her (and Asteria) strikes me as a bit odd, though. Why are we focusing on secondary characters so late in the game? Still, it’s not necessarily bad. They intrigue me, so I’m honestly interested in what we’ll learn about them.

Also, Michiko-sensei and Youko-nee’s conversation gave us an interesting take on the whole “dead parent” trope. Usually when a parent dies, we focus on the effect their death has on their children – Madoka, in this case. Yet Madoka wasn’t the only one who lost someone. Youko-nee is Madoka’s cousin, which means she lost an aunt too, and one she clearly looked up to. She was “only” an aunt (only…how harsh, how cruel), but whereas Madoka had Youko-nee as to look up to, depend on, and learn from – she had a female role model to help guide her life – Youko-nee had none of that. Sure, Youko has always had her friend Machiko, but that’s as different as Lan and Muginami are to Youko herself (in Madoka’s eyes). Youko has had to be an island, and the rock against which Madoka could anchor her life when she most needed it…but when did Youko ever get a chance to do the same? What does the rock anchor itself against?

But that’s nothing next to the plot bomb at the end. We got irrefutable proof that Asteria was the one who caused the trafedy 20,000 years ago, ans was absorbed into the Rin’Ne before Yurikano, straight from the person herself. But Moid was also there 20,000 years ago, and he’s got something like fifteen memoria to prove it. Asking for payment from Dizelmine for the glowing slab-seed thing…he’s certainly exuding full-on bad guy vibes. I think this is where it switches to Moid being the Big Bad while Dizelmine gets sucked into doing something else unkind, though this time far more unwillingly. I still don’t know his plan, but after Asteria’s talk of the three Voces on the slab (whereas only one caused the tragedy 20,000 years ago) and the markings on Moid’s memoria, I’m thinking…well, I don’t think everything is as it appears. Maybe Moid is trying to blow up the Earth, to finish what he presumably started 20,000 years ago, but I don’t know, he doesn’t seem the type for wholesale slaughter to me. We’ll see, I suppose. It looks like we’re going to get some more yuri vibes next week, but I’m hoping for a little more plot as well. Only a few more episodes now, and I want to know where this is going! Guh…is it next week yet?

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Cute-&-funny hijinks ensue, and were great, but it was the char development & plot that I most loved. Also, Moid!! #LagRin

Random thoughts:

  • Poor twintails-chan. Just no match for Madoka’s bakaness.
  • Quite enjoyed Lan being frightened at the thought of a “phantom” club member. Way to go, Muginami!
  • A stunned Madoka is cute too.
  • Wait, Array in male clothes? What is this sorcery!
  • So it sounds like Array is leaving, and perhaps all three of them. Things are too peaceful, too idyllic. I can only assume everything is about to start blowing up.
  • I hadn’t noticed her, but I’m told Stalker-chan has been around all season. I appreciate director Suzuki and his team having the forethought to include her ahead of time so they didn’t have to pull her character out of nowhere (trope!) for this episode. A little planning ahead will go a long way towards earning my praise. A dubious honor, I know, but it’s something.
  • Lan’s stunned wan was so cute, HNNNNNNG!!!
  • Ahhh, poor Assistant-kun. Not even in the running. Fighto, dayo!
  • Wait, they have a high school club broadcasting the festival to the rest of the galaxy?? Only in Kamogawa, people.
  • Related: I feel like, if Kamogawa is the most well-known city on Earth to everyone in the Polyhedron, it should have blown up in size by now. I can’t imagine it would remain so unchanged with all this attention. More of LagRin’s idealism there, I suppose.
  • I like how no one was much worried (other than her haremettes) while Madoka was flying away. Hang in there, Madoka-chan.

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    1. So for this episode, it is about the school life of Madoka, Lan, and Muginami again. The problem is that their Jersey Club is about to be abolished. While the club was started by Yoko and has been in the school for a long time, it was never approved by the school. The girls had to find a new member in order to save it. Luckily, one girl quickly comes to them to join by the name of Reiko Miki.

      Reiko is the background girl who has been stalk…. I mean following the girls since the beginning of the season. She is much clumsier than Lan. She knows the trio very well and has seen them riding on their Voxes, which is actually her reason for joining the club.

      We get some delicious Madoka and Muginami service. Nice Madoka bath service. While it is a shame that Lan does not have one, I am a bit disappointed with Mugi’s. She (the model) cheats in the nude drawing by wearing white lingerie. I feel like I want to sink the Lan/Mugi ship just because of that.

      We get some nice scene between Machiko and Yoko as they talk about Madoka, her mother, and the Jersey Club. Something tells me that they can be quite a cute pairing.

      I am pretty sure than we have not seen the last of Reiko Miki. Muginami (or Lan) could use a girl to pair with if Madoka ever ends up with Lan (or Muginami).

      I hope Dizelmine is not up to something again. But it looks like Moid is looking to be the real big bad.

      Another great episode. Next week, we will see more school life and probably more yuri.

  1. Well Array not working in a cafe at the moment, can you blame him? Manual labour is no fun in dress. lol

    Now here’s a plot bomb for you, what is Moid is what what spliced off of Asteria when Queen Maycun entered the Rin’Ne. >_< I've thinking that was since the last episode.

    Either that I could see him being Queen Maycun consort/vizier in the past.

    Moid's end game scares me because we just DON'T know what makes him tick.

      1. I don’t see why that page is so important or whether it even answers any of Ani_BEE’s questions. That manga page really ambiguous, i’m not even close to fluent in Japanese but that seems to me like an intended contextual misunderstanding, unless there are raws that speak otherwise.

        I do think Moid is a King of some sort though, but only as of this episode when he revealed his Memoria. It just seems like perfect indicator of a persons right to rule, as a Vox = Power, and the Vox chooses its owner.

        Also this thing about four Voxes. The tablet has only three Voxes, and Asteria and Moid are yellow and purple, which are different from the Voxes now. I can’t remember right now, but wasn’t Midori before it was green just a shiney grey plane shaped thing. So instead of a fourth or even a fifth Vox, there are only three but they cycle through their pilots? If the 20000year ago thing had Asteria and Moid that would imply one more.

  2. Well I loved the : “when do I get to f;y my own giant robot?” haha best misunderstanding of the season!

    It’s being speculated that we have a fourth yellow robot… This is a total guess but want to protect the innocent. Show Spoiler ▼

  3. Moid is the bad guy!? When will Lagrange stop with the plot twists!?! I might die from the LACK of surprise!

    Seriously though, Miki was pretty funny, if only because she’s even clumsier than Lan. Which is quite the achievement. And it once again proves Madoka has the charms to attract girls. The conversation with Yoko and Machiko was interesting. It seems that both Madoka and Yoko are the same in that they use the Jersey Club to hide their depression.

    Stilts, you will be reviewing the OVA right? Its got some great moments for the yuri goggles!

  4. Moid…oh Moid oh Moid oh Moid OH MOID!!! …Moid…

    What are you supposed to be/do/want/think/etc?! He’s still super sinister but I just can’t find it in my heart to write him off as a complete bad guy yet :(…

    The comedy this episode was good though. After all that Madoka went through, Miki ends up doing else (trololol). Although it worries me what this kind of filler material is doing here at this point.

    Array not in a maid uniform was definitely shocking. Feels like he’s done worse in a maid uniform…like fight in an intergalactic space battle.

    I’m so anxious for the moment when LagRin begins the “finale countdown”. I think with this episode it should be starting and picking up in full force 8D.


  5. I still can’t help but feel like we may be getting set up for a third season…

    Random notice: Yurikano – Red; Muginami – Orange, Asteria – Yellow, Madoka – Green, Lan – Blue, Moid – Purple.

    Color Coded for Our Convenience~~

    Moid Speculation:
    Show Spoiler ▼

  6. Best stalker “hidden char” since Amagami!
    Moid is certainly looking like he is up to no good. What exactly his plan entails, remains to be seen.
    I wonder if the girls newlyfound pacifism will be tested soon.

  7. Boy, I’ll tell you, first it’s the mist used for censorship, now they’re using
    stunt doubles. I could tell by the ink. Really! No way that was Madoka.

    I laughed when the chair went flying – poor Madoka.
    Moid’s certainly looking eviller every episode.

    Welp, final arc of the series coming – hope it’s a good one…

  8. Madoka’s uncle isn’t a widower, he’s divorced. He mentioned his ex wife to Muginami after Villagiulio threw her out of his organisation back in season one. (Of course Muginami was asleep at the time so I don’t think any of it really registered with her.)

    I’m normally a big fan of this show but this episode felt kind of weak in spite of some of the moments you mentioned. I’m hoping it’ll get back in form next episode.

  9. What, no comments on the changes in the ending?

    If you see Mugi’s version next week with changes as well, you’ll know that they pulled a SHAFT on both the opening and ending the first 3 episodes. 😛

  10. Enjoyed the episode!

    My theory on Moid’s memoria/Asteria’s memory loss: When Asteria referenced being absorbed into the Rinne, she said something along the lines of, “It tore my soul(in the process)” or some such. (I’m going from memory here, so that isn’t a specific quote)
    My little pet theory is that Moid is her missing piece. So in some ways, he could be a reverse trap. Everything to me so far is screaming it, down to how it pans from Asteria’s conversation to Moid’s revealing he remembers what happened 20,000 years ago, and has a ton of memoria.

    Of course, I could be entirely wrong – but you never know! =D
    Especially when it involves someone being ripped into the Rinne and then spat back out, and not entirely “whole”.

  11. I’m surprise not much was said about the Yoko and Machiko pairing.
    I like to think I wasn’t the only one who wanted to ship these too. D:
    Besides the internal amusement I had about these two together was just in my head for a while
    this episode made it a reality that made me extremely giddy. More like suprise giddy to be right.

    I couldn’t believe that conversation! “You know we’re on the same boat, Yoko” Priceless!
    It says it all with a great amusement. I feel bad for the assistant. Fight-on indeed!

    It would be amazing if the Queen of Yuri Trolling (Loli/Asteria) would make a quirky comment about Yoko/Machiko since they sometimes talk later on in the series. We can only hope. Waiting for next week!


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