「落涙」 (Rakurui)
“Falling Tears”

“ENJOY YOUR TIME IN HELL!” And what a time it is. It took eight episodes to reach this point, but we finally get the episode we’ve all been waiting for: one filled with BETA, death and destruction.

And true to episodes of this nature, come the use of virtually every weapon at the disposal of the various armies involved: Naval Support? Tanks? TSF’s? More TSF’s? Giant railgun? We got em’ all today (and BACON) and darn is it quite the show. But in the end, it shows just how big of a threat the BETA are, even without the deadly laser class to back them up. Heck, they still almost lost anyway! But nope, we got Yuuya backing everything up with his giant railgun of destruction (see GIF of it in action here), and all’s right with the world.

Still… it would’ve gone much smoother had the Russians not pulled the maneuvers they did in providing less tanks than they said they would, as well as doing virtually everything in their power to try and stop the test fire of the new weapon. I know there’s people wondering why the heck would you sacrifice your “best” squadron in order to prevent the testing of a weapon that could save humanity, but that’s just how politics works in the Muv-Luv universe. And it’s nice to see some of this actually being put in, as the political maneuvering behind the scenes is a crucial part of the Muv-Luv experience. In addition, it’s even more notable because some of the politics present in the source material for earlier episodes were notably cut out, so it’s nice they’re doing it at all. I’m hoping that they do elaborate on the reasons for the Russians doing what they did though, as they left out the explanation this time around. As a VN player I know generally why it happened, but it really would kill the point of having this aspect in the first place if they don’t explain it later.

  • VN players, please refrain from spoilers regarding this section. If they don’t talk about this within a few episodes, I will discuss this myself at a later time.

Moving on though, the lack of explanation doesn’t change the fact this was a pretty good episode (and probably the best of the series so far), as the action scenes were quite superb, and we got to see just some of the unique aspects of each countries’ TSF’s to top it off. Seeing all those SU-37’s from the Russians, the J-10’s from the Chinese, and the Shiranui Type 2… phew* Just sends a tingle down my spine as a die-hard mecha fanatic.

And while we’re on the topic of TSF’s, we get Cryska and Inia kicking ass in their SU-37UB’s too, but there’s definitely something wrong when you’re fighting with this expression on your faces. Seems like Cryska went through some kind of memory wipe, and we get a show as to just how drastic of a difference it made. Kicking the crap outta the people who bothered her last episode… warning to Yuuya to find a right time and run because she doesn’t “want your filthy blood staining the motherland”. Just, wow.

Looking ahead, it seems like next episode’ll be the start of a few episodes of breathers. I reckon most people want more BETA (and generally more episodes of this nature) after this episode, but if every episode involving the BETA’s as good as this one, I’ll gladly wait a few episodes in between to get to the next one. Hopefully they don’t go dilly dallying and doing nothing in between though. Some full lengths, a GIF of Yuuya shooting the cannon, and a MEME (contains curses) below.

Meme / GIF

Full-length images: 07, 08, 09, 10, 31.

Author’s Note: This is a personal request for those of you that are fans of the series and have a Facebook. Baka Tsuki is currently doing a poll to consider the next work they TL, and Muv-Luv (including the side stories) is on that list. However, it’s losing currently to other series who will get TL’ed by another group either way due to their popularity, so if you could spare just a few seconds and vote here for Muv-Luv, you’d have my sincerest thanks!




  1. I don’t really see how the VN is needed to explain the test sabotage. Its a common theme in MLA that international intervention is frowned by nations mostly due to politics. As for the Zhar Batalion’s deployment, remember it supposed to parallel the real Soviet Union. As far as WWII, the Soviets ascribed to the lovely combat doctrine know as “cannon fodder”. The Zhar’s are composed of Georgians and Kazakhs and not native Russians. So the Russians didn’t really want to commit most of their resources to a glorified live-fire test and just shoved the ones they deemed expendable to the meat grinder.

    One thing that I did like in this episode is that they show the clear division between the political motives and the military combat. The test sabotage was politically motivated but the actual frontline soldiers don’t really care about that. They’re more concerned the about finishing mission and trying to live to fight another day. Its pretty much why Latrova ordered the retreat so Yuuya can save them.

    The railgun was quite impressive. That thing shoots 120mm rounds at 800 RPM so its no surprise that it tore though the Destroyers front armor easily. Then leave nothing but a cloud of blood.

    Fun little trivia for the MLA VN readers:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Lol I don’t know man, if you never played the VN, I’d say you’d kind of be going what the heck right about now. There’s always the possibility it relates to a certain other Alternative plan, which would then require VN.

    2. In regarding to the show, what i have to say pretty much covered by Zephyr.

      VN’s Spoiler
      Show Spoiler ▼

    1. I agree, if Yiu wasn´t in love of Yuuya now there no way back. But I have the feeling that we will hear more of Crysca and that chinese eishi that for some reason has been focus for a couple of seconds in this past two episodes. Still, I´m on Yui´s route until the end.

    1. I’m more worried how a Railgun (kinetic weapon) end up behaving like a Beam weapon! (plasma?)

      Wait, did they just pull a Divine Buster on those Beta?! (how many bullets was loaded into that thing!?)

      Its not hard to see the surviving country’s in power going at each-others throats behind the scenes because once the Beta is eliminated there is a whole LOT of land to take under your country’s control and there WILL be some war to determine who gets what so having a technological edge over your peers WILL help achieve that goal, it’s kinda sad really…

      1. Well, one could reason it shoots out the bullets at such a speed and rate that it looks like a beam. There’s the whole feeding mechanism they showed before the gun fired, combined with a railgun… well, being a railgun, so eh.

      2. I was more worried by the fact it looked like that thing was going to explode any momment, it was an esperimental weapon after all but it´s safe to say it passed the test with honors!.

      3. It is easier to just animate a solid beam than the staggered projectiles it should have had. When the stream of fire was being walked down the line of BETA it should have curled with distinctive streaks for each projectile.

    2. Old habits die hard and killing each other is man kind´s oldest trick as sickening as it sounds. But nothing like some evil aliens to put things under a different perspective, but I think the soviets have a different opinion in that regard; I don´t know what the hell did they do to Criska and Inia but add it to that political stunt they just pulled and it´s safe to say they represent the worst scum of humanity in the Muv-Luv universe.

  2. I want my tsundere Cryska back! Not that robot like we got this week.

    As a side note that oneliner, without using profane language, that she spit at Yuuya can come handy where I live

  3. Great episode full of action, and also on how politicians operate in history. More than anything I thought impeded cannon test for not show the efficacy and power of this. Cause a withdrawal that causes self-destruction of the cannon to abandon the mission, as Yui told Yuuya to do in case of danger. And thus delaying testing and demonstration of power.
    That’s what I thought, because something more than having power, is to make clear to everyone the difference of power. This is not only against the BETA, forward weapons can be used against other nations or what remains of them.

  4. Also guys, just a quick personal request for those of you that are fans of the series and have a Facebook. Baka Tsuki is currently doing a poll to consider the next work they TL, and Muv-Luv (including the side stories) is on that list. However, it’s losing currently to other series who will get TL’ed by another group either way due to their popularity, so if you could spare just a few seconds and vote here for Muv-Luv, you’d have my sincerest thanks!

    1. While we’re on the subject of translations, some kind soul from /m/ is translating the TSFIA(Tactical-Surface-Fighters in Action) short stories. They’re basically a compilation of stories about badass pilots from around the world(like China and Egypt). You can get the latest one here.

      Slight warning, two of the short stories “Heritage of Valkyries” and “Valkyries Hereafter” take place after the VN so don’t read those unless you want VN spoilers.

  5. Well, Yuuya didnt get to show off piloting skills much, but he was handy with that high rate of fire heavy weapon. I hope for some more respect from Zhar members, Cryska and of course Yui.
    I think Russians were trying to get a hold of the gun in an attempt to create own copies later, though YMMV. Japanese were so eager to show off its capacity that they pushed it on the not very compatible platform of maneuver combat ATF that is Shiranui. Meddling Politicians in the Rear at their best!

  6. You know, this episode had more scenes where it looked like crap and they took their time to finally get into the action, but man did I enjoy it nevertheless.

    My favorite part must have been Yuuya, a character which has been pretty badass so far, sitting in the TSF fighting the fear of his first real battle against the Beta. Does the main chara of the VN experience similar feelings?

    If following episodes are as good as this one, then I’ll really need to pick up the VN.

    2nd favorite moment of the episode:
    That Jacob guy getting what we all knew would come. 😀

    1. I think every soldier feels that way when they are with death for the fist time, no training can truly prepare you to the hellish horrors of war; spice it up with the fact that your enemy wants you as a snack and you have some serious reasons to go crazy of just stress.

      P.S.: Yes Jacob´s death was the proof of karmic justice.

    2. Yes, the VN’s protagonist experienced similar feeling.

      Minior spoiler
      Show Spoiler ▼

      In my honest opinion, the psychology details portrayed here is plain in comparison to the VN, period.

      *High-Five for Jacob’s karmic justice*

  7. Despite being cannon fodder, was I the only one who cheered when the supposed “leader” of the harassment group not only got man-handled by an amnesiac Cryska the second time around, but also got killed on the mission?

  8. Deciding time to comment, I’ve been a long time reader of this site….but never really commented.

    I liked this episode since it finally got back to fighting BETA, Just felt like two things were proven in this episode:

    Tanks, They Do Nothing!
    Chain Saws are Perfect Weapons, Cryska demonstrates why in this episode.

    Looking forward to the next episode……

    1. If u ever tried the TBS game of | Muv-Luv Alternative Faraway Dawn (AKA “Get Raped by the BETA: The Game” |, tanks and other vehicular combat unit serve as important close artillery support fire in the game!

      In fact, they are way more useful than low ranked TSF….

      Note: Game is HARD. Like, REAL HARD.

  9. Plot progression check.
    Beta animated check.
    TSF in action check.
    Full weapons arsenal display check.
    Death check. (Bonus point for annoying random characters’ death!)

    Bakaro is happy! =D

    Note: I love ML, but i also want to see SAO translated…. Hmmm tough choice.
    Well SAO vote is winning by a large margin anyway~ Voted ML!

  10. Total Eclipse comes out with what may be the best episode yet for the show, quality of the animation aside.

    Something is definitely wrong with the Scarlet Twins, from Cryska’s forgetting of the previous episodes events to the twins’ strange behavior during the fight with the BETA. From what was shown of them in this episode, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Russian government regularly tampers with their minds to make them more effective in combat or prevent any “unnecessary” thoughts or ideas. Unscrupulous as it is, it fits perfectly with the type of government that would sacrifice their own Eishi just to spite and sabotage the U.N..

    The worst part about it is that it seems to have done away with all the development between Cryska and Yuuya from over the past few episodes, with Cryska treating Yuuya with even more distaste than ever before. Yuuya’s basically at square one with her again, and it’ll be interesting to see how their relationship will progress. Inia seems to have her memories intact, so I could see her working to improve the relationship between the two.

    After episode after episode of being belittled, mocked, and insulted, Yuuya Bridges earns his status as the main protagonist by saving the day with the 94 Second and a Railgun. Not only that, he even went to the trouble of saving the Russian Eishi who showed him nothing but disdain. Though as cool as that sequence was, I found Yuuya’s stress during his first sortie much more interesting. Even with his confidence from last episode, being thrust right in to the thick of things with the BETA brings out the more vulnerable side of Yuuya as he enters his first real battle. Not to belittle Yuuya, but I can’t help but think the stress might get to him if he were to actually come into close contact with the BETA, considering how bad he got just from having to fight them at a distance. And if you lose it mentally against the BETA, you’re bound to lose everything…

    But the real treat of this episode for me was the interaction between Yuuya and Yui at the end. From Yuuya complimenting both her and Japan, something you’d never expect him to do, to Yui’s own awkward expression of how she’s glad Yuuya’s alive, I couldn’t help but smile. Props to Yuuya for being able to maker her blush with words alone. The two have come miles from where they were at the beginning of the show, and if I was asked who I was shipping Yuuya with as of the moment it would probably be Yui. To cap it all off, Yui finally breaks her vow to never cry from episode 2 after speaking with Yuuya. Now I’m sure the Railgun being successful is part of it, but having Yuuya survive after promising to both live and bring back the Railgun, and to even go to the trouble of complimenting her, was in my opinion a bigger factor. If I didn’t think so already, I’d say that after this episode Yui has officially fallen for him.

    The next episode preview gives me the impression that Yui’s preventing Yuuya from getting in any real action against the BETA because she’s worried he might die. Considering his reactions prior to the battle, she might have a good point. Of course, this is bound to bring conflict between the two. I just hope their relationship has reached the point to where they can talk out whatever problems they may have without descending into their pre-development relationship.

    And I officially call Tarisa as being in Yuuya’s harem now.

    All in all, Total Eclipse is getting better with time, and I hope it continues that way for the first course.


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