This week, we finally get to—Ah whatever, Tobi is Obito. I know most of you guys weren’t looking for this development, so I’ll give you a few moments to take the reveal in, rage a bit, maybe defenstrate something. Catch ya guys back below when you’re done…

Anyway, so yeah, turns out Tobi is Obito Uchiha after all. We’re not given any real explanation as to how he ended up here at this point at time, but I would say it’s safe to assume that it’s most likely a result of him awakening to the Rinnegan and somehow avoiding the bulk of the damage from the rocks… or something. At this point I don’t think I should bother speculating though, as whatever theory I come up with most likely has been talked to death and “shot down” for one reason or another, so I’ll wait till we get some semblance of explanation. Hopefully it’ll come next issue, but I do see a scenario where we all get trolled and the explanation gets pushed to much later… heh.

Regardless, as much dislike as there is surrounding this reveal, I have to point back to my reasons why I was suspicious of it being any one else: the fact that there was very little chance Kishimoto would suddenly use a character that hasn’t gotten more than like a panel or two of limelight and the fact they have no significant impact/relation with anyone here at this point in time. Though I will admit I did question the possibility of it being Obito at some point. But anyway, the main reason I bought this up was because it demonstrates how Kishimoto basically put himself into a real bind with this scenario. For one, he clearly spent too long on trying to hold back who Tobi was. Yes it’s a typical tactic used to generate excitement, but there comes a point where your viewers just don’t give a darn and want a reveal, and you never want to hit that point. He did. Combined with the fact he pretty much gave obvious hints and then didn’t surprise with the reveal, as well as the fact he didn’t give enough backstory to the other possibilities pondered here to use them as a possible Tobi, and really, Kishimoto backed himself into a corner he couldn’t get out of, especially not without some semblance of rage inducement. Sure, it could’ve been Izuna or Kagami, but he’d be hard pressed to bring them out of the blue and give a viable explanation due to the aforementioned. So either way, didn’t look good.

And well, here’s the result: a chapter everyone will be talking about for ages and not for good reason. Hopefully though, by the time Naruto concludes, we’ll look back at this chapter and just laugh. Because I know that after sticking with Naruto for so long, there’s no way I’m leaving now, no matter what happens. And hopefully you’ll join me for the rest of the ride, despite what happened today, because at least this reveal isn’t nearly as trolling as many of the other actual trolling done by certain—whoops, going off topic there. But hey, you get the drift. I’ll catch ya guys next week, but if comments and views suddenly tumble, I’ll understand.


    1. Tbh, let’s give this another week. Next chapter will probably reveal more.

      Firstly, Tobi has an old man’s voice, he can easily replace body parts (arms, eyes etc) and knows a lot of secrets that even Kages didn’t know. There is OBVIOUSLY more than what meets the eye.

      Remember, it was only like a year or so between Obito’s death and Attack of Nine Tails. How did Obito change from a little teen kid to an adult kage-level villain in such a short time is signficant.

      I was one of the Obito-deniers and I was disappointed by this development. HOWEVER, there is a chance this is just Obito’s body we are witnessing here. The real Tobi took Obito’s body during the Ninja War and used it for himself. Otherwise, the whole powerup from Obito into Tobi just doesn’t make sense and then Kishi would definitely be moving houses into Trollville.

  1. I never cared enough to debate who Tobi was, I always just rather see the reveal. But I cant stop laughing, because reading the comments here, you had this legion of naysayers writing essays on why it cant be Obito (despite evidence in recent chapters saying otherwise, and Zephyr’s assumptions) and insulting anyone who predicted Obito.

    All I can say is, LOL. Must feel real good about yourselves now huh? Now suck it up.

    1. Kishi’s going to have to write a 500 page essay on how and why Tobi is Obito with lots of bells of whistles, because this development makes NO sense. How he was able to give Nagato the Rinnegan… How he was able to fight on par with one of the most powerful Kage’s in history only a few years after his accident, and how he possessed the voice of an adult man then, too…

      1. We do already know 1 thing about what happened to Tobi before he didn’t realy die…
        The real Madara did already say that he met himm before he died. That already explains how he gave Nagato the rinnegan,and a possible way to get a power up.

      1. lol to be honest I’m personally not 100% convinced its actually him, I cant help but to feel like Kishi is actually trolling us, only to find out next week that its just Obito’s body or a lookalike or some other random plottwist.

        Cause all the naysayers do have a point: When Tobi attacked Konoha with the 9-tail, how the hell was he an adult then? Naruto was barely born at that time.

        Either way, I’m still very happy that Kishi did this, whether its really Obito or not, it certainly made all the jerks here look bad, even if for just a week heh.

    2. I’m with you on that, YanDaMan…I’m saving this comment page for when I have some popcorn, and then I’ll read every single comment.

      Jesus, I loved this chapter. They way Kishi revealed Tobi’s identity was priceless. A flashback with every grown up’s childhood, while abstaining from making redundant dialogue bubbles like Guy’s youth passion or Kakashi shrugging everything off. Perfect fanservice for me.

      It was really heartwarming, I laughed at many of Guy’s appearances and matches against Obito. I love it when you don’t need dialogue to get an idea across. In here there were lots of that.

      I loved it, wish more Naruto chapters could be as entertaining as this…

      Now, let’s read some heartbroken trolls…

  2. Kind of disapointed they made such an obvious choice. At first nearly everyone know he was Obito until they fake confirmed him being Madara. After Madara appeared… yup hey Obito.

    1. after read its flashback,I think it’s about Love triangle (LOL)
      when he thinks he can no longer survive, Obito decided to leave Rin in the hand of Kakashi,
      but then he’s surprised of being survived from that rock.
      being actually alive, He choose to watch them from far.
      Until he found out that Kakashi failed to protect Rin the love of his life,
      then getting disappointed and broken heart.
      some say the only way to fix a broken heart is to conquer the world (LOL).

  3. Maybe Obito’s body has just been possessed by Madara? Here’s my issue, if Obito is doing this because he crushed on a girl who crushed on a seemingly perfect guy with issues instead of him, I’m going to print out a picture of him and burn it. Naruto went through the same thing he did, and hell of a lot worse. I hope Naruto or Gai sock Obito a good one (brainwashed/possessed or not)

    1. Yeah, I’ve contemplated the idea that there may be a Control-type technique or Soul Transfer-type technique in here somewhere. I kind of hope that there is because even though Tobi = Obito was obvious, I wish that there were some deeper meaning behind it.

      Hopefully the goal with Obito is not to accomplish some bullshit jealousy and war motif. Please no. And please not now.

  4. Like Blackadder would say “I would advise you to make the explanation you are about to give… phenomenally good”.

    Either way, like you said Zephyr, I’m sticking to the end of this…

  5. I’m mostly dissapointed at the moment. But not with the reveal. I knew this was going to happen. No, I’m dissapointed that such an awesome flashback sequence is being ignored just because people aren’t satisfied with an obvious reveal. Seriously… I haven’t enjoyed a chapter in a while as with this one. The flashback sequence was just awesome.

    1. I agree, I thought it was great.
      With all the similarity between Naruto, and Obito’s past history shown;
      Exept with the endings being opposites. It seems like a great movement in the story to me.

  6. Totally agree with everything you wrote he entire thing was getting out of hand. Kishimoto will really need some logical gymnastics to square everything from here cannon wise. I mean the Obito as Tobi revelation (if you can call it that) fits into the theme of Naruto where Kishimoto tends to like similar characters being the enemies or mentors of each other. With Obito clearly being the Naruto type character of his group so the next few chapters will of course show how Obito fell from grace as it were. It’d be more interesting had we not see the EXACT SAME THING before with Nagato’s fall into Pain… hell Tobi has Nagato’s Rinningan if the connection wasn’t clear enough.

  7. I don’t see why people are saying this is kishi trolling. I found it pretty obvious and suitable. In fact, people have predicted since tobi’s first appearance that tobi=obito, and the hints from the latest chapters have further proven that this is fact. To the people arguing that there is no logic behind tobi=obito, do you really think Kishi just made him obito randomly? There will surely be explanations/flashbacks in the upcoming chapters, so just relax until we have seen the full picture. Great chapter overall, 5/5.

  8. I STILL don’t think tobi is obito, so during the nine tail fox attack on konoha, kakashi, gai and kurenai were all kids, Obito suddenly all grown up? There has to be another twist I’m sure of it! im guessing tobi survive the event at kannabi bridge, and tobi is using orochimaru body swapping technique to survive and some how landed on obito body.

      1. The masked man that fought the 4th and Tobi are the same. They both have Obito’s eye. They both use S/T jutsu or kamui. They are the same. If not, then another person stole Obito’s eye, then gave it back to Obito’s body after the fight. @_@

    1. Tobi being somehow using orochimaru body swapping technique to survive and landed on obito body, it’s a bit hard to understand, because I think it will be imposible for Tobi to have a grown up body then.
      It’s a heartbreaker indeed seeing this development,
      but let’s brave ourself hopping for he best reason next chap. xD

    2. Obito probably woke his Kamui as the rocks fell, it’s not that hard to firgure out. The rocs came down and went right threw him.Also the only skill he used when fighting the 4th was his Kamui. Sure it’s a strong as hell bad ass skill that put him on par with the 4th, but it’s not this crazy huge power up people keep complaining about.

  9. Where is that dude that put up all that crap that we ‘undeniable proof’ Tobi wasn’t Obito. He had all this crap about Obito being too young to control the NineTails even after I told him Naruto and Sasuke surpassed they mentors and he still stuck with it….anyway

    I pretty sure a lot of people saw this coming the moment we saw both Kakashi and Tobi used space warping jutsu. Rin’s death is definitely what made Obito go over the edge. He risked everything for her to live and she ended up dying anyway. This theme goes along with the others
    Jiraiya-Tsunade-Orochi(although i don’t remember Tsunade crushing on Orochimaru)
    Based on what happened with other trios
    Tsunade survived, Orochi betrayed, Jiraiya died
    Kakashi survived, Obito betrayed, Rin died
    It’s only natural that this time
    Sakura survived, Sasuke betrayed…holy shit Naruto will die!!!

    1. Felt like a cheesy flashback though. I feel like I’ve seen this relationship too many times. Continuing off what Zephyr mentioned, it feels like a “patchwork” chapter, where there’s a huge gap between the planned point A and point B, and this is a plot shield quality chapter meant to bridge that gap.

      The trio connections you mentioned are pretty spot on though :o! So let’s hope Sakura dies instead. Please. All the teams are B-B-G, and in chronological order they die: G-B…G?!?! So let’s hope Sakura adheres to the 2-sample pattern. :|…

    2. Never said I had “undeniable proof.” Merely that there was no logical way for Tobi to be Obito; and I still stand by that now. None of this makes sense, and the only explanation I see Kishi providing is one of the mock ones I gave jokingly.

      But like others have noted, there has to be more to this than what’s shown. I have faith Kishi hasn’t completely gone insane, so Tobi can’t JUST be Obito. There’s likely more to it. Hell, Tobi spurts grey goo when he’s injured; and I believe Obito was a human, hmm?

      1. Just to be devil advocate… maybe he has a inhuman body, due to the damage of the boulder, just saying. I mean, it’s not that far-fetched… I’m not saying that it is, but it’s a possibility.

        Sora no Kaze
      2. Considering the strange texture of the left side of his face…(Well, right side from Tobi’s personal perspective) that’s certainly not out of the question. I believe his right side is where the boulder fell too.

        The previous one-sided mask is obviously to conceal his “blank” eye until he filled it with the Rinnegan.

    3. You forgot Nagato, Yahiko, and Conan as another trinity that tends to fit the build. Except there was no true betrayer in that grouping like the other three but beyond that their origins fit the main trio’s roles almost to a tee. Also if you go far enough back the First Hokage and Madara fit similar archetypes as well (also the entire family connections to Sasuke and Naruto makes that connection clear). Kishimoto to me really likes these thematic links that seem to flow throughout the entirety of the story that are building up to the third “Battle at the End” between the Senju and Uchiha. Who represents the Uchiha is still up in the air.

      1. Ah sorry ya they are kinda minor in the grand scheme of things even if Nagato was close to a god for a seriously long time in the manga. I’m just starting to find it funny how this theme became apparent so long ago. I think when I started watching through Naruto (I marathoned it when Shippuudden came out then shortly there after read the Manga) I saw the first links of Sannin to the three main trio. Then of course to the 4th’s group, then Jariya’s group ect…

  10. As a theorist of the “Madara remnant” I feel down but hey I saw this coming too, it wasn’t trolling people he told us it was gonna be Obito we just didn’t want to accept it.

  11. “Obito, Obitwo Face.”

    Next chapter he will reveal that Obito is actually spelled “Obit” (Obito in japanese), he simply switched the letters order to create his evil persona name Harry Potter style.

  12. For those of you who like to say I told you so you probably used guess work to figure that tobi is Obito nothing more than that, this has nothing to do with whether you are right or wrong, it has something to do with consistencies, I admit that I’m dissapointed that MK made Obito be tobi, however, it’s his story and I respect that but still this development doesn’t stick. Why you may ask?
    1. Let’s start with how he got out of the boulders that supposedly crushed him to death,
    and don’t tell me that he used his sharingan or awakened the rinnegan while being at
    the brink of death. Some may say Madara saved him that may be likely but how was does
    Madara fit in at that point.
    2. During his fight with the fourth Hokage how could he have been slightly older than his
    sensei or even a lot older than his peer(Kakashi) and when did he learn how to summon
    the nine tails or awaken the mangekyo(some are beginning to say that he killed Rin to
    get the mangekyou).
    3. You must know that Kakashi,Obito and The Ame orphans (Yahiko, Nagato and Konan) are
    born on the same generation of their time, but born into different villages. If tobi
    claims to Konan that he gave Nagato the rinnegan and motivated Yahiko to form the
    akatsuki how is that possible. Tobi should be slightly older or it would make sense if
    all of these are Madara’s doing but Obito approximately of the same age is ridiculous.
    So Kishi has some backstory explaining to do here otherwise he will end up making this masterpiece manga/anime look like one of these lousy american soap operas that never end and
    keep boring viewers with lame storylines and plotlines.

    K C M
    1. 1. And when you consider that, as we now know, Madara was TRULY dead…yeah. And I doubt Obito could awaken the Rinnegan at this point anyway. From what Madara showed, it seems you need to actually acquire the Mangekyo Sharingan and the Eternal Mangekyo sharingan, thus going through all the “evolutionary steps” or something for the eyes. Obito only had a 2-tomoe Sharingan when he awoke it and gave one to Kakashi at the time.

      2. These are the things that I’m sure a majority of people are waiting to see answered. And then there’s how he doesn’t even at all older from than even 15-16 years after to this day.

      3. Also more that we hope get answered.

    2. I would go with for number 1, someone helped him. It stay the most consitent and make the most sense rather then the plot device of him somehow achieving Rinnigan or a greater power. Which means that this would go with the idea that there someone else behind the scenes.

      For number 3, I doubt that he gave Nagato Rinnigan literally, Like eye transplants, rather he gave it metaphorically through intense trauma and because he is a descendant of the sage of the six paths.

      and for number 2, he had a teacher >_>…, and carrying on his teachers will.

      Sora no Kaze
  13. I came to think recently about another theory concerning Tobi. I haven’t seen this float around much, but then again i am not looking a lot. What if Tobi is a shapeshifter? He could use the same ability as Zetsu for instance, when he feeds on chakra of someone to shapeshift into him. This would explain the Obito look, that he has from constant contact with Obitos eye. As well the fact that Kisame recognized Madara in him earlier.

    The same way you can speculate that he has memories of his look, which explains Obitos memories and Madara plans in Tobi’s head. Of course Tobi somehow related to Madara. May be he was created by Madara through some elaborate mix of sharingan and rinenngan tech, who knows. It is just that Madara is long dead before Nagato’s birth, but the first thing he says after ressurection is about Nagato. That strikes me as odd.

    The reason i keep clinging to elaborate explanations is because it is such a wierd twist from Kishi. It lacks in any aspect. Mystery? This theory was around for years. Impression? Obito was a one chapter character, who did not establish himself beyond generic goofy but kind-hearted fellow. His reappearence, is not beyond meh for me. Logic? This twist raises tons of logical questions, which are now ought to be adressed. You know them all. How a chuchin can battle hokage on equal grounds, how did he establish Aktsuki in such short term? He said he had something to do with Nagatos rinnengan, but Nagato was born before Obito, etc. Overall a bad troll choice

    1. Arri-att , you are right and absolutely spot on, it’s just like I’ve being saying all along the timing doesn’t match at all and there are a lot of
      inconsistencies if Obito is tobi. The ame orphans were born before Obito or approximately at the same time and at the konoha incident
      orchestrated by tobi, Obito would still be as young as his peers Kakashi, Gai, Kurenai and Asuma for a kid to pull out a stunt like that does
      not make a lot of sense. To be fair even some other japanese animes had inconsistencies of their own like Tsubasa: reservoir chronicles.
      I still think that tobi’s real ID is not Obito (although I’ll just have to accept it if MK keeps it that way). Let’s see how it develops from here.

      K C M
  14. The first time I saw Tobi I thought it was Obito because he only had a sharingan on his right eye. Then when he used izanagi I didn’t think it was him anymore…and when he controlled the kyuubi and went head to head with the fourth.

  15. Well, that was an “interesting” development. On a more important note, isn’t Kakashi supposed to have become a Chunin at the age of 6? Why was he in the Chunin exams with Rin and Obito, looking 12?

    Did Kishi forget his own plot or am I just missing something?

      1. And Naruto failed to graduate and was held back three times, yet we’re supposed to think he’s the same age and attended the same class as his graduating class.

        Kishi just sucks at consitency.

    1. Though they look older, (probably inconsistency of the drawers since I’m assuming he has assistants), no where did they actually point out that their were older then what was said previously in any sort of text. Just assume that all of them were approved to take the Chunin exam when they were 6.

      Sora no Kaze
  16. All I’m gonna say is that, I’m pretty sure EVERYONE smelled this coming from a mile away.

    no scratch that, a MILLION miles away, ever since that Kakashi Gaiden arc, or in my own case, ever since UNS2.

    Seriously, who DIDN’T assume simply because of the Sharingan AND his spiky black hair?


    1. Obito was one guess, but before they were revealed otherwise, I also thought that Danzo and a somehow still-alive Tobirama (of course, would need plotholes filled in due to his revival at the Chunin Exams via Edo Tensei and having his soul consumed by the Shinigami) could’ve been other candidates.

  17. I’ll start by saying that i was relieved to find out that Tobi is Obito, or at least using his body but a list of inconsistencies were brought to my attention.
    Reasons that Tobi IS NOT Obito:

    Plothole Number 1: Tobi’s Power Level (chapters 500-504).
    There is no way Obito could turn into an alpha dog shinobi who mastered S/T phasing and teleportation within a 1-2 year time frame. At 15 years old? No way… There is also no way Obito would know how to extract the Kyuubi, hypnotize it, control it like a puppet, and then summon it wherever the hell he wants to. And all of this is supposed to have happened 1-2 years after Obito supposedly died? That’s just not feasible.

    Plothole Number 2: Personality U-turn (chapter 241 page 19).
    “Of course those in the ninja world who break the rules and regulations are called trash… but those who don’t care about their companions are even worse than trash.” Will of Fire talk from Obito. It makes no sense for.
    him to suddenly manifest this unwavering vendetta against Konoha unless Tobi is just using Obito’s body as a vessel, in which case, Tobi isn’t really Obito anyway because his soul and spirit have nothing to do with it.

    Plothole Number 3: Kushina Quote (chapter 501 page 7).
    “Do you have ANY idea how long I’ve waited for this moment?” It’s a complete contradiction for Obito to say something like that when, hypothetically, he wouldn’t have been alive long enough to make that type of comment because Obito would have been 15 years old if he fought Minato. Tobi has probably had to wait DECADES for the opportunity to extract the Kyuubi from its host.

    Plothole Number 4: Kyuubi recognized Tobi (chapter 501 page 8 ).
    The Kyuubi actually recognizes Tobi and possibly knows who he is. If THAT doesn’t convince you, nothing will. The Kyuubi made a direct transfer from being sealed into Mito to being sealed into Kushina, so there is a fundamental contradiction for the Kyuubi to recognize anyone in the outside world when it was sealed for all that time. If the Kyuubi actually recognized Tobi, it means Tobi has to be someone who was alive during Hashirama/Madara’s generation.

    Plothole Number 5: Tobi is too tall (chapter 503 page 9).
    Tobi was shown to be adult sized when he fought Minato, chapter 503 page 5. But on page 9, Kakashi, Gai, Asuma and Kurenai are all shown to be much shorter as they are going through adolescence. Obito would have been around that size and is therefore too short to be Tobi.

    Plothole Number 6: Minato would’ve figured it out (chapter 500-504).
    If Tobi was really Obito, then Minato would have figured it out when they were fighting each other. Obito was Minato’s own student and would have recognized his chakra, but he didn’t.

    Plothole Number 7: This is HIS doing (chapter 560 page 2).
    “This is HIS doing.” That means Madara knows exactly who Tobi is, but there is no way Madara could have worked with Obito because Madara had died already. We know this because by the time Nagato gets Madara’s Rinnegan from Tobi, Madara is officially dead – “I awakened these eyes shortly before my death.” (chapter 560 page 15). This is important because Nagato is older than Minato, and Minato is older than Obito.

    Plothole Number 8: Hashirama Comparison (chapter 462 page 14).
    Tobi says to Naruto “I can see the first Hokage in you.” To make that type of comparison Tobi must have known what Hashirama was like as a person. Problem is, Hashirama was dead before Obito was born.

    Plothole Number 9: During Our Battle (chapter 512 page 9).
    “This is something I grew from living tissue I stole from him during our battle.” Kabuto already revealed the Madara coffin so there was no reason for Tobi to keep lying. So if Tobi actually had a fight with Hashirama there is no way he could be Obito.

    Plothole Number 10: Too Much Knowledge.
    It is impossible for Obito to know so much about the bloody history between the Senju clan and the Uchiha clan before Konoha was even established as a shinobi village. Tobi has to be someone from that generation. It is also impossible for Obito to know so much about Rikudou Sennin, his sons, the Bijuu and the Juubi.


    Plothole Number 11: Nagato is much older than Obito.
    Why is this important? Because Tobi GAVE Nagato the Rinnegan. In other words, it is impossible for Obito to have given kid Nagato the Rinnegan because Obito is much younger than Nagato.

    My honest theory now is that Tobi is Izuna using Obito’s body. It was never stated that he died and beside in Naruto death is a meaningless as Sakura.

    1. Madara most likely saved and trained Obito to carry out his will. Despite all things Madara didn’t die against the first hokage. He was still around and probably died passing on his teachings to Obito. They have sharingan and probably used it to accelerate Obito’s progression. Everything Obito knows about the past was told by old man Madara before his death. This is all theory on my part mind you.

      1. just a quick note, how much do you think a time difference between Madara’s death and Obtio’s birth?
        if we count generations, it goes like this(correct me if i miss or make a mistake)
        Madara/Hashirama Generation
        2nd hokage generation
        3hokage generation
        Jiraya generation
        Minato generation
        finally Obito generation.
        Also Tsuchikage shows age reference. Maybe 80-90 years tops passed since their encounter with Madara

      2. The Second and First Hokage were best friends so they’re the same generation.

        Also on the same point the Madara as teacher makes sense as it would explain why Tobi in the present is FAR weaker then Tobi when he fought the 4th.

      3. I have doubts about that.

        Firstly, because of the fact that Madara hinself stated that he died and I doubt anyone or anything could’ve killed him besides Hashirama as he was demonstrating against FIVE current Kage.

        Secondly, Madara just isn’t the type to actually willingly teach his abilities to other people. He’s shown to be much like Sasuke in being power-hungry, selfish, egotistical, and one who only cares about himself and is willing to throw everyone else under a bus just to use their mangled corpse as a stepping stone to either get stronger or keep others weaker so he remains number one.

        Even if he manipulated Obito somehow, I’d have doubts on him teaching him abilities like controlling Kurama or anything like that.

      4. The 1st and 2nd Hokages were also BROTHERS, so obviously they are the same generation. It’s also probably safe to say that the generations can be pretty much followed by who taught whom. Meaning 2nd Hokage->3rd (and Danzo’s)->5th (and Jaraiya’s)->4th->Kakashi->Naruto->Konohamaru.

    2. Also Plothole Number 12:
      Tobi was apparently controlling the fourth Mizukage when he started the ritual of academy students killing each other, the ritual was stopped after Zabuza killed all 100 of his classmates, Zabuza is the same age as Kakashi and Obito, so Obito couldn’t have been the Tobi controlling the fourth Mizukage.

    3. Mikkye I couldn’t have written a better explanation why tobi is not Obito you nailed it perfectly, you just served MK in his own story. Kishi
      is probably putting it like this just to pander to his fan base, and the reason why they all think Obito is tobi is because they two characters
      have or almost have matching names, that’s just silly. Mk can still fix this and give us a better surprise or else he is going to let this inconsistencies almost ruin a great manga/anime show.

      K C M
    4. Yes, yes, that’s very in-depth and you’ve definitely highlighted all the plot holes. The one thing you haven’t realized, however, is Kishimoto’s writing took a drastic turn for the worse once Part 2 started. Actually, I’d like to say the chinks in the armor started appearing during the Sasuke retrieval arc in Part 1. So, all those plot holes you mentioned? Kishi doesn’t care. He went with the easy and predictable choice.

      It’s as simple as this, really. What arc took place in between Part 1 and Part 2? Kakashi Gaiden, in which we first learned of Obito. And then, Tobi was introduced shortly after. Kakashi Gaiden basically set up the whole Obito=Tobi reveal, and in retrospect, doesn’t seem like a randomly placed flashback in between the two parts of the Naruto manga.

      1. For me, it started after Naruto and co. got utterly owned by Sasuke after they finally encounter him again in Part 2.

        After that fight, Naruto appeared utterly pathetic after 3 years of “training” under a Sannin (very little change from Part 1 besides the basics really). So they had to rush his development so Sasuke no longer appeared so hax powerful (lol), but even THAT comes off as weak when you consider that, aside from Sage Mode (uber-rushed), it’s all still the same general tricks of Kage Bunshin, Rasengan, and Kurama’s chakra; just bigger, more powerful variations.

    5. Oooor :

      1) Obito is a Madara clone created by Orochimaru JUST LIKE Yamato. And maybe they are both together in this. Its not like kishimoto hasn’t already told us that this can happen…he has laid his ground before, rough i admit, but still it’s all there till now.
      This could explain a lot of thinks, especially Yamato’s secretive style. Maybe they have some sort of genetic memory or something. It could also be the reason Orochimaru is resurfacing all the time. Maybe he is mmuuuuuuch deeper in this than it was always assumed.

      2) Maybe, i say maybe , Space/Time manipulation! He might be able to travel time. (and really, Kishimoto has follow every! trick in the damn book. Time travel won’t be a surprise after all other things ( among these ressuretction and eternal genjutsu stuff )

      3) Rin might be somewhere in this, the medical one.

      4) Aaand most probable , the masked man persona already existed. Tobi/Obito just followed the patern. There might actually be more than one “Tobi” in existence. And that could also explain the personality shifts. There could be two of them.

      And as far as power levels are concerned
      Don’t use this kind of argument about what one can or cannot do in that universe.
      Please i mean, naruto in three years : Hokage-power, gaara:Kazekage , Sasuke:Don’t even want to mention it……..
      And we are talking about someone with , say it with me again ,”Space/Time” Techniques. I mean even Show Spoiler ▼

      used the “Hyperbolic Time Chamber” idea of a space where time is slower than the outside. (for us dragonball fans!)

      Maaybe ,

      Obito Trained in this “Alternate Reality” he creates with his Kamui, and the time there is SLOWEEEEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      True story! 😉

      No offence for all this ranting!!! 😀 Just trying to make a statement sound viable through the internet. Not that easy , I guarantee that!!!!!!!

    6. Even if death is meaningless… I’m pretty sure it did state that Izuna died in battle, more specifically cause he was blind after giving up his eyes and fought to the death. Then again, death is meaningless… so… yeah >_>…

      Sora no Kaze
    7. I don’t know if Kishi even keeps up with his own manga at this point, so probably some if not most of those plot holes will be overlooked

      For instance… did you catch how Minoto was on the Hokage mountain BEFORE Obito “died”, when he clearly wasn’t kage until after that war. Even in the Gaiden they show the mountain w/o his face on it!!!

  18. @Arri-att
    I think 100 years at least since Madara first emerged. Like you said the Tsuchikage is still around. So it’s possible that Madara lived to Obito’s period and died of old age a little bit afterwards. The question is if Madara posed as Tobi originally or was it Obito the whole time.

  19. I think you should calm down guys and give the author a few chapters to fill in the blanks. And then if you don’t like the explanation you can write essays about plotholes, ragequit or whatever.

  20. There’s nothing I can really say on the Obito/Tobi subject, its already been said. But did anybody notice all the shots of Kakashi being awesome?! There are tons of screenshots of the adults being really cool…and its all overshadowed by Obito/Tobi…

  21. I believe there is a reasonable explanation on how he survived, I think my first one makes sense:
    1. Obito survived with the help of the real Uchiha Madara before the collapsed rock.
    2. He used Kamui to teleport (I doubt this is the case because he hasn’t archieved the Mangekyō Sharingan )
    3. He used Izanagi to cheat death, he already lost one eye so blindness doesn’t effect him.(I also doubt this because he needs Hashirama Cells)

    Obito meets the real Madara, before Madara’s real death he taught all his techniques and plans such as:
    1. The creation/harvesting of Zetsu.
    2. The Eye of the Moon Plan.
    3. Giving Nagato the Rinnegan so he can resurrect Madara.

    Perhaps Obito like Yamato is a clone who was injected with the DNA of Uchiha Madara and Senju Hashirama cells. His body can handle both as Obito is a descendant of Sage of the Sixth Path. He refers himself as Madara is partial true and this explains his intense hatred for Senju Hashirama and the Will of Fire.

      1. Madara obtained the cells of Hashirama which could prolong his life but it could be the fact that he was heavily injured in the fight against Hashirama that weaken him. He needed someone to help him so he asked Obito to complete his plan.

    1. You need a sharingan to use Izanagi, and at that point, Obito only had one (which he still has), so Izanagi is out of the question.

      Also, like you said, he needed Hashirama’s cells.

    2. Just a minor correction in that you don’t require Senju cells to use Izanagi.

      Any Uchiha Clan member with the Sharingan could use it, but it was forbidden even among them simply because of the cost of completely losing the eye (not just blindness, I think, but with the way the eye closes off after using, it means it’s shut off completely, thus needing a transplant).

      The whole bit of requiring the cells of a Senju was in order to become a “true Sage” (which I doubt Obito is; Madara is FAR closer) and to use the Banbutsu Sōzō/Creation of All Things, which is described as being the “perfect” Izanagi (what the technique was based off of).

  22. Those who do not agree here’s a little something for you:

    1. You say you’re gonna stop reading; you will not. Even if you do you will stumble into spoilers and/or news of new chapters and eventually go back to check and start reading again.
    2. You’re going to rage over this for a while, then in a few days it will be forgotten.
    3. The next ‘reveal’ that comes along the way will be the same process.
    4. The guy’s been writing the story for almost 14 years, cut him some slack.
    5. In a few chapter the focus will go back to the action and everyone will just start calling Tobi, Obito unless proven otherwise.

    Bottom line: Suck it up and let the writer do what he wants cause it’s his story not yours.

  23. What the hell is with the timeline here?

    In kakashi gaiden, minato is not the hokage right?
    Then why the hell is his face carved into the mountain when obito is getting ready for the third test? ie before kakashi is even a chunin. (which he supposedly became at 6)(jounin at 13)

    This chapter really pissed me off.

      1. Perhaps, but why do they look 12? And how could they all be so talented (they weren’t) so as to all become enrolled for the Chunin exam at 6?

        The point of Minato’s face being carved into the wall can’t be argued against though, and seems to suggest that Kishi forgot his own timeline.

      2. I also wanted to point out the fact they look older for some reason… but regardless, assuming previous information, they are 6, despite their looks. And should be. No where in the text does it say they’re older or younger. We can only base this on previous information.

        Sora no Kaze
      3. Also, that I have no clue… unless Kishi states that it’s because Minato was already chosen to be Hokage, but wouldn’t take the role yet until the previous Hokage retired.

        Sora no Kaze
    1. They never mentioned when Minato became the Hokage and in Kakashi’s gaiden, they never called Minato the Hokage.

      So Kishi can just make Minato the Hokage between the time when Orochimaru left the village (because they mentioned before that Orichi was bitter because he didn’t became the 4th) and before Naruto’s birth (when Kushina was pregnant because Jiraiya called Minato, Hokage).

      Also during the fight between Ay and Bee, I don’t think he was Hokage at that time. But that’s irrelevant because we don’t know if that happened first or the Chunin exam of Obito.

  24. You guys don’t go celebrating yet, let us not forget that tobi is the master of deception, we don’t know if tobi deliberately put on Obito’s
    face to reduce the morale of Naruto, Bee, Kakashi and Guy. There is a lot of explaining to do here.

    K C M
  25. Yo seriously whatever happend to reality ? … Narutos rasengan not smashing obitos face in the process? Eh? What ? Every other person would have died ten times from that blow …

    Otherwise completly senseless chapter to me – tumbs up for Mikkye here -, … why is tobi obito ?WTF ?!? it doesnt fit with a lot of things just as postet before…. kishi should rewrite former chapters then … the timeline is for the gutter ..yeah yeah 15 year old obito attacking konaha stealing kyubi etc bla bla .. where is the f*cking plot for this eh? what? …for real? there would have been more than a few variants that would have been 100 times better than this outcome!

    now i´m really waiting for a very very reasonable explanation .. it better be.. or i´m f*cking losing interest …it´s just so lame .. if you ask me kishi was just to lazy to think of something else and took onto the first wish/spectalulation of the fans x/

  26. To all those “Tobi can’t be Obito” haters who are trying to save face right now:


  27. The original “tobi” or masked persona was probably Madara. We know Madara didn’t actually die fighting the 1st Hokage; he survived for some time after, awakened the rinnegan, then died. During this time, he gave Nagato the rinnegan (remember, he thought Nagato would be the one to resurrect him), saved Obito, and fought the 4th hokage. This solves all the timeline issues that would arise if Obito were the original Tobi. Obito just took over after Madara died.

    Still though, so many things in this chapter made no sense. Minato is already the 4th Hokage before Obito turns chuunin. Chuunin Kakashi looks 5 years older than jounin Kakashi. Also, DAT FRIENDZONE.

      1. I’m going to be open-minded about it, but really? Was there really no other big name Uchiha out there that it had to default to the young untalented one who sacrificed himself to save Kakashi? I remember when this series was about Naruto and Sasuke. Oh, and Sakura too. lol

      2. Haha, I’m surprised you’re being so harsh on the Obito matter. I’m even more surprised you dropped the manga altogether! I knew you were busy, but damn.

        I think this is a far better outcome than if Tobi was some other Uchiha. I keep seeing tl;dr comments about how it could be Izuna or other Uchihas…Honestly, I don’t even remember when those guys were named even once in the manga. I’m glad Tobi didn’t turn out to be one of those.

        In my opinion, Tobi isn’t really Obito, or at least not mind-wise. Many posts already explain in detail why simple timeline contradicts this.

        So, this way, I see Kishi pleasing both fans: those that were always claiming Tobi was Obito almost like religion, and those that claimed he wasn’t Obito. Next chapter we’ll probably get to see how Tobi got Obito’s body…I’m liking it, and I would very much like to insist you, Divine, to read from were you left–if not only for some Naruto and Kyuubi goodness. I’ve been waiting more than ten years for this, dammit. But yeah, life comes first so…Good luck with that, and hopefully someday we’ll see you back in RC. Your mad predicting skillzz are top notch entertainment!

      3. I mean how can Obito know about all those stuff that he said. About Madara, Sage of the six Paths, Juubi, the war, the past, Uchiha, Senju, Hashirama, Gedou Mazou, Izanagi, Rinnengan, Izuna, valley of no end, Uzumaki, the plan of Madara and everything.

        HOW? He read it on the stone tablet that only Uchiha can read. I don’t buy it!

        He became so strong to fight Minato on equal footing because he trained hard like Naruto and Sasuke and has ridiculous improvement rate with half of his body disabled and one sharingan. Seriously? Fought Minato? His mentor. His sensei. It was too long ago since obito died so he doesn’t remember Obito’s fight styles and attack patters, gestures, the way he talks, not even any emotion or hints that he recognizes slightly that he is fighting his student. Minato is a shinobi. He should be able to notice those things. Like what Tsunade taught to Sakura.

        Don’t get started with that time travel theory.

        Where did Tobi get that fan like weapon of Madara. So he met Madara. Madara saved him and taught him everything. Told him about the past everything he knows. Oh, that explains everything. Including what I mentioned above and Obito being completely out of character.

        All those knowledge and skills that Tobi used belongs to Uchiha Madara and Izuna. The previous chapter is just Kishimoto trolling. What was Obito’s sacrifice for? What was that Kakashi’s gaiden for? All of it a waste if Tobi is indeed Obito.

      4. Gee man, maybe it’s not Obito at all. Groundbreaking theory, huh? We’ve seen ninjas go from body to body to keep immortal since 400+ chapters ago. What’s so shocking about this reveal? I’m not saying this is awesome, since it feels cheap as a writer, but Kishi has done this before. Maybe he’ll take the “Hashirama cells do everything!” route. Maybe a little of both.

        Consider this week’s chapter a prologue of the explanation that’s about to come…Until then, don’t rage over stuff that we’ll surely get to know in a few week’s time yo…

      5. I am still convinced, that the key to understand Tobi is Madara. The way he acts and speaks after ressurection drops a lot. The fact that he had a hand in Nagato’s cause while being dead. Literally, he is dead for like 40-60 years before Nagato,s birth, yet it is the first thing he speaks of after ressurection. He expects to be ressurecte by Nagato’s technique. Tobi mentioned himself to Zetsu, that Rinne tensei was supposed to ve used on him. Very strange?

        There is still Zetsu mystery. Who is he? How is he related to Tobi? He is a plant and powered by Yamato, which strongly suggests mokuton relation. He possesses perfect doppelganger technique, which, i think, could explain Obito reveal.

        I think the grand reveal will happen, when Tobi meets Madara.

  28. Perhaps the most logical explanation for the “plot holes” is that actually there are more than one masked men.
    Obito just assumed the persona of someone that already existed.

    Another possibility could be that obito might actually be an experiment,just as Yamato.(who is curiously gone! and , let me take a risk here , MIGHT be the one who knows everything , and orochimaru is taking sasuke to. Yeap,yamato=mastermind theory arising! )
    Orochimaru might have created him out of Madara’s cells just like Yamato is out of 1st hokages. We also have not heard anything about parents regarding obito.
    So, maybe he is actually a “clone” of some sort, of Madara.

    (And maybe they work together with Yamato on that… :P)

  29. Am I the only one not raging over the reveal of this chapter? I mean, we all saw it coming. There were multiple signs throughout the series, especially the fact that only his sharingan on his right eye was shown and his left eye was always covered up. Who else sustained eye injury in the series?

  30. What if “Madara” or the guy in the “Mask” was an “IDEA” or a symbol. Maybe before Tobi there were other people that wore the mask, others that share the same objective as Madara. And Orochimaru here is kind of the middleman, without him ressurecting the dead won’t be possible. since he showed interest in the sharingan, maybe he tried cloning other uchiha’s to make a sharingan and take them himself.

  31. I find it funny how one of the strongest good guys Hashirama, Minato and the strongest villains (Madara, Tobi/Obito) all come from Konoha. How has Konoha not taken over the Ninja world by now?
    When Hashirama and Madara were still allies, they should’ve been unstoppable (Hashirama even had the tailed beasts under his control)

  32. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I’m still going to wait for chapter 600 for answers. I still believe that Obito is dead. Tobi might be using Obito’s body, but Obito is DEAD. Totally trolled. DAT KISHI! >:)

    OK! After rereading or just looking (because there are hardly any lines to read) at chapter 599, I conclude that Tobi is NOT Obito. Totally out of character. Definitely not him. It’s just Kishi trolling all of us. Just so that all the Obito=Tobi fanatics to go crazy and say “I was right”. Then after chapter 600 or 601, we will get the true revelation to who Tobi really is. Just you wait. >:)

    Yes! I am BITTER!! >:)

  33. What about all the mistakes in this chapter?

    Why is Kakashi here? These are Genin graduates. Kakashi became a Chuunin at age SIX! He has no business being there! Likewise, he has no business being at the Chuunin exams with Rin and Obito, since he’s already passed them! What’s the point of having someone already a Chuunin team up with two Genin for those exams?

    Why is Minato’s face already carved into the mountain? He became Hokage only AFTER the Third War, AFTER Obito died!

    Again, Kakashi is ALREADY a Chuunin! Has been since he was six! So,

    So, according to this little montage…Obito did all his shit because…he felt inferior to Kakashi?
    THAT IS NOT A MOTIVE! Even if it was, even if somehow it IS Obito, surely this motive would have become null and void the instant he fought the Fourth Hokage on equal terms! Being pissed off that your team-mate is better than you is a shit motive to write for the villainous mastermind who wants to take over the world.
    It cannot be Obito, because he was TWELVE YEARS OLD when he died. He couldn’t have plotted a master plan at that age, not before and not after. Rin and Kakashi confirmed he had died after the rock slide (oh let me guess…next chapter, Kishi is gonna have Obito say he somehow used his Kamui power to escape…except 1) he didn’t have it 2) he didn’t have it 3) he had been underneath the rocks long enough for Rin to perform eye surgery, thus long enough for the damage to his body to be fatal. How can he be pissed off that his friends left him for dead, when he told them to do just that?)

    1. Awesome, people giving my comment thumbs down without responding. What is there to even thumbs down about me pointing out the inconsistencies of the chapter with what has previously been stated/written/drawn by Kishi?

  34. Seems my comment, with the mistakes of this chapter got put into mod queue. Hopefully it gets accepted. There were a lot of mistakes this chapter.

    1) Kakashi was a chuunin by age 6, so why is he even taking the exams with the rest here?

    2) Minato wasn’t made Hokage till after the war, in which Obito was already dead (or thought to be dead), thus why is his face already carved on the mountain?


  35. I think having Tobi as Obito is fine, whereas the “Masked Man” that fought Minato could very well be Madara or someone else entirely (if it’s still Obito then Kishimoto better give us a good explanation for it).

  36. I’m kind of disappointed, not with the chapter or anything, but just the fact that having tobi be an obvious character is, to me, kind of a weak point of story telling. I hope Kishimoto has a very good explanation for tobi being obito, otherwise I’m going to look at it as being…kind of bland I guess. and of course I’m still going to read Naruto, because once I dropped a manga or anime, IT’S DROPPED, thats why it’s good for me to keep an open mind. Mikkye did bring up some very good points, and that there is A LOT of plot holes. lol, It could also be ANOTHER plot twist and that tobi is just being another one of those big trolls…*cough**cough**aizen**cough*. I don’t know, lets see what will happen from here on in.

  37. Pushing past all the comments regarding the Tobi/Obito debate, I’d like to take a moment to comment on the presenation of this chapter:

    Perfect. The little amount of words said in that chapter simply heightened the atmosphere of the reveal. Starting off with Obito’s name as the chapter title was a nice touch.

    1. I would agree with that if it were for the 2 glaring inconsistencies ruined it for me. Kakashi clearly being older than 6 and the hokage mountain just kinda killed the sentiment for me.

  38. To everyone that says that if Tobi is Obito, Izuna, Kagami, Zetsu, or a nobody then you would give up naruto or stop watching it because he is someone you don’t want him to be. Then please do stop watching Naruto or stop reading it. Be a man and don’t take back your words. Clearly you are only watching naruto because you want to know who tobi is. You’re definitely not a fan. After knowing who Tobi is, just imagine for yourself whats going to happen next. You know better that Kishi, right?

  39. I mean how can Obito know about all those stuff that he said. About Madara, Sage of the six Paths, Juubi, the war, the past, Uchiha, Senju, Hashirama, Gedou Mazou, Izanagi, Rinnengan, Izuna, valley of no end, Uzumaki, the plan of Madara and everything.

    HOW? He read it on the stone tablet that only Uchiha can read. I don’t buy it!

    He became so strong to fight Minato on equal footing because he trained hard like Naruto and Sasuke and has ridiculous improvement rate with half of his body disabled and one sharingan. Seriously? Fought Minato? His mentor. His sensei. It was too long ago since obito died so he doesn’t remember Obito’s fight styles and attack patters, gestures, the way he talks, not even any emotion or hints that he recognizes slightly that he is fighting his student. Minato is a shinobi. He should be able to notice those things. Like what Tsunade taught to Sakura.

    Don’t get started with that time travel theory.

    Where did Tobi get that fan like weapon of Madara. So he met Madara. Madara saved him and taught him everything. Told him about the past everything he knows. Oh, that explains everything. Including what I mentioned above and Obito being completely out of character.

    All those knowledge and skills that Tobi used belongs to Uchiha Madara and Izuna. The previous chapter is just Kishimoto trolling. What was Obito’s sacrifice for? What was that Kakashi’s gaiden for? All of it a waste if Tobi is indeed Obito.

    1. Even with the tablet, an Uchiha can’t read it ALL on their own normally. The only ones who could read it all would be those with the Rinnegan. Otherwise, those with a Sharingan could only read a small portion and a Mangekyo Sharingan can read a little more.

  40. A moment of calm please ragequitters, trollsayers, and negatrons.

    I am witholding judgement of this event until all the strands have played out more. A lot of people are going to look trigger happy if kishi lines everything up next week.

    Of course, theres no reason to say there hasn’t been an epic ballsup, but i’m pretty sure the plot has been extensively mapped out by kishi. If you’re telling an epic tale its essential that you have a plan. Its not like you asspull each chapter after the next and hope it all works out…

    At least i hope thats what will happen. I’ve got too many excellent memories and characters / events out of this manga to see it tarnished by a speculous ending.!


  41. well played kishi! WELL PLAYED! I think this is sort of like “The Prestige” tactic being used. Cause you know, the audience ain’t satisfied with just a trollface under the mask, the next part will be the hardest to do, and will determine his rise or fall.
    Bring it on!

  42. If this is true, jealousy for some girl is a pretty pathetic motivation to take over the world. So we are to believe that Obito summoned the Nine-Tails a year after his death because he was jealous? That Obito wants to place the world in an Infinite Tsukuyomi because he couldn’t get the girl he loves? Yeah, makes sense.

    1. Also, way to kill all the suspense over Tobi’s identity by pretty much making it obvious as Justin Bieber’s love for cock through that flashback. If that wasn’t enough, you had to give the name of the character in the FUCKING CHAPTER TITLE!

  43. I like the chapter.
    Not saying that I’m behind this revelation because, well, I think we all saw it coming at some point in time ago (whether we dismissed it afterwards or not). However, no matter what the concept is, I really like the execution. The wordless flashback was really poignant. Gotta hand that to Kishi!

    On the TOBI matter:
    (just reiterating some few comments I see here) What if Tobi is not just one person but various people wearing the mask? He did say it himself: “I’m nobody. I’m just a name.” So, he can be both Izuna and Obito, I suppose; but we won’t know until Kishi reveals the justification, after all. :/

    I know that after sticking with Naruto for so long, there’s no way I’m leaving now, no matter what happens.

    Yup yup, you said it Zephyr XD Same here, same here. *laughs*

  44. I don’t think I was nearly as let down by this reveal as many people here seem to be. Sure, Kishimoto went the expected route, he didn’t try to surprise or rise above the “good enough” plot point people had long suspected would come. But really, sometimes I get sick of series that adhere to the opposite of the spectrum, where twist after twist is thrown at the audience until I feel like my head will explode (I’m lookin’ at you, Mawaru Penguindrum).

    The next chapter will, with any luck or forethought, showcase the reasons why this reveal was the way it was. Perhaps there’s a lot more to Tobito’s presence and involvement than it appears at a glance.

    Zephyr said it already: After all this time, I’ll be sticking with this flawed, high-energy, on-again-off-again badass series to the very last page.

  45. I literally just look at the page. Reality shattered for me. I normally bitch about naruto, but nothing
    LIKE 8 YEARS!!!!! EIGHT!!!!!
    I remember people joking about it from my early years in high school. I am a college graduate with a job now. THis #$&%*(% %U&$#*$( %*&%*#&*%*&$(#&$*$&#(%*&$(%&^($*&#(*#&$(*^($^%*$&^

    I need help guys, I don’t know how to cope.

  46. Guys I’ve finally figured it out. Tobi is Obito but at the same time not Obito in other words, the real Obito didn’t turn into tobi but the real tobi became Obito. I know this sounds crazy but just think about it. So who or what is tobi.

    Tobi is an entity created by Madara Uchiha. As we all know Madara Uchiha lost the battle but survived it and from the battle he was able to
    gain Hashirama Senju’s cell and from that cell he was able to create zetsu but he made an advanced version of zetu which is tobi, so he
    managed to awaken the rinnegan but he was still dying and put his will unto tobi and zetsu to someday bring him back I cannot explain
    everything but I will once I do some research and explain everything.

    K C M
  47. Can you hear it, oh my good its loud, cant you hear it…..1 billion screams of narutards. All of them in a singsong voice yelling, shouting at the top of their lungs only one phrase…..

    I TOLD YOU SO!!!!

    I am going deaf D: and i am sad that kishi let them get to him

  48. Well my theory is that after Obito was left to die under that rock, Izuna Uchiha, the Tobi at that time found him, saved him and imprisoned him and later wanted to use his body as his new one because he knew that his own body was about to die. Maybe Orochimaru learned his body-swap technique from izuna and that’s what Sasuke is going to find out at the place Orochimaru brought him to.
    Showing some flashbacks from his time as a prisoner could give Obito alot more background and at the same time they could serve as explanations about Tobis plans and his motives because i don’t think Tobi will tell them the story of his life just because they unmasked him. Also i can’t get this scene idea out of my mind where obito is sitting in his cell and izuna is about to leave and Obito asks him where he is going and Tobi tells him that he is “going to visit his old hometown” while he packs some kunai’s or something. 😀


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