My feelings are all over the place after reading this chapter.


Everyone in FAIRY TAIL is feeling relief and joy over Natsu’s battle result. They have very few days left to rest before the last battle which will be one of the survival kind where all members of each guild will participate. Now that everyone sees FAIRY TAIL as the strongest guild again, most people are targeting them instead of Sabertooth.

On Sabertooth’s bench in the audience, there is no joy. Lector is seen crying over Sting’s loss. Both Rogue and Sting’s Exceeds are sad. Orga is quite surprised to see this kind of result but Rufus doesn’t seem very affected. He has memorized everything from the battle, gaining himself an advantage in the upcoming battle. Soon the Sabertooth guild master shows up and his angry appearance scares away the crowd around him.

Down at the arena, Natsu is smiling and telling the defeated dragons of Sabertooth that they should fight again some day. Rogue asks himself how he could overestimate himself so much, and he wonders if Gajeel is on par with Natsu.

Somewhere in a cave we find Gajeel who finally can step out of the mine cart he was stuck in. Angry and confused, he wonders where he is when he all of sudden spots a skeleton, and not just any skeleton – a dragon’s skeleton. It appears that Gajeel has found a graveyard for dragons.

In another side of the town, we find Jellal following the person with magic similar to Zeref’s, but we don’t see that for long as we find ourselves with Yukino who seems quite pleased with Natsu’s triumphant victory. The guard addresses Yukino as “Sergeant”, something she isn’t used to. It seems that Yukino volunteered to take part in the Eclipse project after getting an invitation from Arcadios. The guard says that Arcadios is trying to save the world but no one notices him.

Back at the infirmary, Carla has another dark vision where the castle is being destroyed. Levy bursts into the room, happy for her own guild. She asks if anyone has seen Gajeel who has been gone for a while.

Moving on from the battles, we find Levy narrating the chapter in the form of a letter. She point back to the day Natsu won, saying that they were certain they would win, but the last day’s battle was violent. On 7/7 they lost to destiny. Many people died, some of them who were very close to Levy, who is seen writing all her narrating thoughts in a letter to Lucy. Levy can’t take the situation anymore and asks for help.

We’re suddenly back at the games (current time) where Jellal has caught up with the person he was following. He shows his face to the person expecting that the target will do the same. It turns out it’s a woman whose face shocks Jellal.

This chapter was, wow, I can’t even describe it because my thoughts are everywhere. Many things happened; the story development was more important than anything today, in fact, a bit too important as there is more information to take in now than ever.

We have Yukino contributing to the Eclipse project, Charle’s vision, the graveyard, Jellal’s encounter with that unknown woman, but the most shocking of all – Levy’s letter.

The plot twists are everywhere, and personally, I think it would’ve been better if the revelations wouldn’t be packed in one chapter. It’s too much for one chapter; I think there should be more focus on Jellal at this point because it’s been slightly annoying to see him following this woman in every chapter without any further result. I’d much rather his stealth adventure have some more structure. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll have my way with this next week as we’re probably going to see more from the dragon graveyard Gajeel found.

The graveyard was exciting to see. It’s nice to know that Gajeel wasn’t pushed away from the battle just for the sake of comedy – he actually found something relevant to the story. I’m very interested in how this graveyard will affect the Dragon Slayers. From the prophecy speech we saw during Ichiya’s fight, I was really excited to see the dragons being involved in the story again, so I was really happy to see more dragon related things today. Maybe this graveyard is related to the dragons’ disappearance?

Something else that was quite exciting was the fact that Yukino is part of the Eclipse project. And wow, Arcadios wants to save the world? I thought Eclipse was going to be the end of it, and I was so sure that’s what Charle’s vision was telling us… Unless, Arcadios is lying? Maybe he just used his powers and authority to convince Yukino to join his evil plan? I hope Yukino won’t get hurt from this, because I really like her, and I want to see her join FAIRY TAIL.

From one girl to another, I don’t have much to say about Jellal’s encounter. I’m trying to figure out who the girl is but I have no clue. I’m guessing she is from the Tower of Heaven, but I’m probably wrong.

Alright, moving on to the main thing of this chapter which really surprised me – Levy! I am really worried now. She mentioned the last battle. Did Sabertooth cause the pain? What worries me more than anything are all the deaths she mentioned. I can’t help but think that Gajeel is one of those who died. The letter scene began right after Levy asked for Gajeel. Also, she said someone very dear to her died. I really hope it’s not Gajeel. Heck, I don’t want anyone in FAIRY TAIL to die. This manga is a shounen, but a very comedic one. I don’t expect its battles to be very dark and grim, and I’m too attached to its characters. I would be so sad to see a FAIRY TAIL member die. My brother thinks some of the dead guys could be the Shadow Gear people (Jet & Droy), Levy’s own team mates.

And what about Lucy? I assume she’s alive because the letter is addressed to her, but where is she when Levy needs help? Did something happen to Lucy? Maybe this letter isn’t meant for “her”; maybe it’s just a simple call for help using Lucy’s name who is one of Levy’s closest friends? My feelings are really everywhere and I just hope no harm will befall the kind souls of FAIRY TAIL. It’s frustrating to read all the current stuff while knowing that this dark devastating future awaits everyone. Well, I guess all we can do for now is to wait and see. Looking forward to next week when we’ll see more of the graveyard (hopefully)!

Moete kitazou!


    1. I wouldn’t be surprise if it is Lucy under that hood. Maybe she will somehow use her celestial key magic with all the key together to change something. Especially after not having a role for this part much yet, except losing.

    2. My theory is basically the same as the main theory but just with a different person. I concur that the person Jellal saw is probably from the future however I think its unlikely to be Lucy. The way Jellal reacted to the person makes me think its not Lucy. Nothing against Lucy its just that the sum total of Jellal’s interactions with Lucy have been virtually zero that I can remember. I think its either Erza as somebody else I believe said just due to Erza and Jellal’s relationship or it’s Ultear.
      I’m currently leaning towards Ultear for simple reasons (as its just a shot in the dark) that Jellal would be surprised to see her as she was supposed to stay away from the GMG’s, that she has a closer relationship with Zeref then others do (little compared to almost none for everyone else save Jellal), and her magic Arc of Time could potentially serve this purpose. Then again Arc of Time could also just be cast on somebody totally seperate and it could be anyone once again making it Lucy, Erza or anyone for that matter.
      Overall AWESOME chapter.

    3. Love the lucy theory but there are three problems. one like someone else stated i dont believe jellal would have been so shocked. Two i just cant see lucy’s power being infused with zeref. Finally this person representing zeref power was said to been present every year. You cant tell me that “The future Lucy” cant remember what year the tragedy happened

  1. My guess is that the woman is someone from the future to prevent the disaster Levy was talking about. Mashima did some time travel stuff with Rave Master so I’m sure he can do it again. My guess though would be Erza, coz she was the one featured in the cover. Though how would she get a power similar to Zeref’s? And how was Jellal able to tell that the person was a woman? He asked the question “a woman?” before she turned around. Hmmm…
    In any case, good post-battle chapter.

  2. I think it’s more of a red herring. Remember waaaay back when we first met Lucy she was writing letters to her mom, who we then found out was dead. Levy might be writing to Lucy but she might be dead as well. Carla’s vision might change that though. Regarding jellal I think that might be either Lucy (if she survived) or levy herself from the future. In any case I can’t wait for next week to find out

  3. Well…Levy didn’t exactly say someone dear to her died but she said the word “also”. Maybe she meant he was terribly hurt D:.

    Also, I share the opinion of Sharingod. I also think that the girl is Lucy from the future. In fact, I remember seeing some spoilers Mashima drew where Lucy left with Zeref promising that she would never see Natsu again or sth like that; then Jellal died and so did Makarov…But well, they were just ideas so I don’t know if he really plans to use all of that. The other possibility is that the woman is Layla, but I don’t think so…Jellal seemed to recognize her so I’m 90% sure is Lucy. Also, she cried when she saw Natsu fighting and her face looks VERY SIMILAR to Lucy’s so it’s VERY POSSIBLE that it’s Lucy from the future trying to stop what’s going to happen or sth like that :O.

    This chapter was so cool yet it gave me the shivers. I don’t want anybody to die :(. I kept finding people who said Fairy Tail members would die (for instance: Gajeel, Makarov, Gildarts, Jellal) but I was thinking…what if the ones who died weren’t all from Fairy Tail? What if someone from another guild died as well? AAAAH, I’m just too scared. I can’t believe how dark Fairy Tail is turning T___T I like it but at the same time it makes me afraid cause’ I love Fairy Tail guild so much and I don’t want anybody to die 🙁

    PS: Gajeel finding the graveyard was REALLY INTERESTING!!!

  4. oookay, clearly the scene with the scarred Levy is from the future, I am going to think that the mysterious woman can either be:

    A. Someone from that dark future where Eclipse came true and caused many deaths
    B. Someone from a parallel world where Eclipse happened and they have come here to prevent the tragedy from repeating.
    Identity: Given that Jellal kept emphasizing that the woman’s magic was similar to Zeref’s I think she might actually be a female Zeref from that alternate time/universe.

    Note to self: So all this time the one who was narrating this arc wasn’t Lucy but Levy who was apparently one of the only survivors of the looming apocalypse.

  5. Everyone’s saying it’s Lucy and that is VERY possible. But what makes me hesitate in believing it was Lucy was, one, Jellal stated their power is very similar to Zeref’s. Two, he was SO shocked to see them…If it was Lucy, why would he be THAT shocked…I wouldn’t be surprised if the mystery person is someone who supposedly died already. Had to go back to see Levy’s scars since I didn’t the first time, :'( ! I don’t understand how Lucy could ever learn Zeref’s techniques or gain his type of power…that just doesn’t seem possible in any way. Mashima is doing incredibly well with FT so far and it can only get better!!

  6. I share the same opinion as others, as soon as scarred Levy appeared my immediate thought was that the hooded woman was Lucy. The arc this time is around powerful Celestial Spirit magic and Lucy is the centre of it all. Arcadios is in cohorts with Zeref so his ‘saving the world’ thing is false, he’s just using pretty words to entice everyone and Yukino into helping.
    My guess is that (calling this the ‘past’ set of events) Lucy gets captured, Zeref does something with the Eclipse Gate which infuses his magic with Lucy and the world ends. Arcadios did mention about Lucy’s “life is cheap if it can open the gate way to changing the world” but I think she survives. Then sometime in the future, Lucy being a Celestial Spirit mage and beefed up by Zeref’s magic has somehow travelled to the past to stop this event.

    This chapter made me say ‘woah’ way too many times. I can’t believe all those revelations in the final few pages.

  7. I’m guessing this will be a time traveling scenario like Rave Master. Levy prolly wrote that letter in the “past” and “future” Lucy finds it later and…oh dear time traveling can get confusing @.@

  8. what if the time the dragons disappeared there was a eclipse plan too, but the man they used was zeref(this could also explain why he knows natsu). and if it happens to lucy then that would explain how she has the same power as zeref. seeing levy like that is going to keep me up at night. FT and OP are my favorite mangas. and seeing something like this is heartbreaking.

  9. Did you guy’s see the look on Sabertooth’s master’s face, it was almost like a combination of tornado and volcano which made many people
    from the arena run away as if there was an earthquake. Hypothetically speaking I think that he is going to wage war on Fairy Tail out of
    jealousy just like the way phantom lord’s master did for the same reason, if that happens I hope to see master Makarov unleash his Fairy
    Law on sabertooth’s master once and for all.

    K C M
  10. Yes I noticed the side story will get two weeks time before we get back to the grand magic games i.e chapters 298 and 299 will be a story
    that tells or shows what happened in the future with either future Lucy of future Levy explaining why everybody died and what caused the
    natural disasters, and then chapter 300 will return to the grand magic games.

    K C M
  11. I really think that the person being lucy is possible. but i remember searching google for “Zodiac Signs of the Eclipse” and a list of 88 (89 including Ophioucus) listed all the possible variants of the celestial spirit keys. the one that popped out at me was the sign of the DRAGON. It could be that a being with OP strength that has to be a celestial mage.. (and Capricorn said that with great training Lucy will become “stronger than ever.”) that if this Eclipse Plan has a mechanism that traps the body of the mage and uses his/her magical power to summon the Dragons.. and since the Dragon is most likely a silver key, there were multiple ones. Someone might have collected these keys to trap the dragons that survived the Festival into the celestial world (which is what we probably saw in the Igneel’s ‘confidence-in-Natsu’ scene where the shadow and light dragons’ were as well). and bringing up some Skyrim talk, it could be one magic (possibly closest to the ‘One’ magic) forbidden and lost, Soul/Essence transfer magic. The surviving dragons had their souls/essences extracted and placed into a human body, like a dragonborn :D. And i think these multiple “Zeref’s” popping up are the human forms of these dragons, Grandine’s Earthland Human left the games because Wendy did her best and obviously knew it would end in a tie. and now Igneel’s Earthland Human, who cries at seeing Natsu surpass the “power of dragons(x2)” without releasing his own. (and having a different gender counterpart was seen with Mary Hughes in Edolas/Earth Land)

    Or the people are entirely different and have been seen before. Layla probably didn’t die at all, and is now “Queen” of the Dragons, being the one to summon them, and the “King” being an actual Dragon, going undercover as different people, monitored the games to have a good show. The king watched Wendy’s match, leaving after not seeing her win, and Layla who watches or the other way around.


    That's nice Luigi
  13. That was amazing! I really, most truly, think its either Levy, or Lucy from the future. If it is Lucy though, something must of happened to make Jellal looked so shocked. I’m thinking that in Lucy’s future the eclipse plan went through, and Zeref, highly disliking evil like Grimoire Heart, had came in tried to stop it, but instead, Lucy got Zerefs magic infused in her. Though, I also think its possibly Layla Heartfillia, who Jellal mistakes for Lucy.

    FT rocks
  14. I recon the the person who Jellal thought was Zeref is in fact a future version of Erza or something
    Some evidence
    1.has a FairyTail stamp on left arm (First page) same as Erza
    2.has huge as tits, same as Erza
    3.Also has similar hair colour to Erza in the manga (same shade of black)
    4.On the first page she’s in a hallway full of armour and who has tonnes of armour? you
    guessed it Erza
    5. Lastly it has to be someone Jellal knew for him o be shocked like that and Jellal knows Erza very well and she was in the tower of heaven

    J Ho
  15. I think the one magjic her mother told her about(the one magjic to bring someone back from the died)I belive the hoodie women is layla and she going to save lucy but end up killing her self in the end but layla gives lucy the “One magjic”to bring back everyone to life.

  16. and when lucy use the one magjic she will sing a song”one magjic to bring back everyone to distory the ecplise to be with everyone aging “that is fairy tail”and her mother alive aging and her mother enter the guild and becomes a member and everyone happy aging-the end of fairy tail- 😀

  17. I think it might have been Igneel in a human form from Edolas. It don’t really make sense but
    to be direct, she was crying when she saw Natsu. It could also be Lucy from the future who
    came to stop the Eclipse plan or the Dragon King Festival.

    -For Eclipse plan, Lucy might have went in to kill Zeref and Aconologia. Or it might have been
    Lucy from the future. Maybe Lucy’s mother is Future Lucy who came from the future. Future Lucy
    might have changed her name to Layla. Cause they look totally alike. Except the fact that Lucy
    don’t look like her mother with the pony tail.

    -For Dragon King Festival. The Dragons might have rampaged and killed Fairy tail team and the other teams participating. And Future Lucy (Layla) might have come back to stop it. Or as well as to save Fairy Tail in order to change the future. And she will rape Natsu and have babies and divorce and marry her own father.

    Jokes. =3 But anyway, Maybe in the future’s history, the dragons might have killed fairy tail team and that is why levy is crying. She might have gotten injured from the rampaging
    dragons. Who knows. Hiro Mashima always trolls the shit out of us when we guess. Lmao. Happened to me lots of time.

  18. If the hoodie person layla, maybe she came back from the past to stop this .and remember layla use to be a mage maybe she lost her power as mage during the ecplise that is why she give up her keys and give them to lucy.And the one magjic her mother told her about(what could it be?) I belive it is layla and she learn her daughter was in fairy tail and about her members thats why she was crying during the match because she is glad her daughter is with great people and she left.And it cant be lucy because natsu would have notice because he can small if it is lucy so that makes or point 100%sure it is layla.

  19. i most liekly think its lucy but if could be laya mabye she was sucked by an anime because rember lisanna dint die she had a grave and she wus sucked from the anime so its a possibility also lucy could cus the visions carla had and stuff show lucy singing probrably to revert the apocalypse from happening and mabye jellal would be suprised that she was like mabye the only survivor i mean wouldnt that be surprising. so i agree 95% fir lucy 3%for laya 2% for someone else

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