I feel like I can understand Keima’s frustration with the whole situation – to be perfectly honest, I find repeating loops in video games to be tedious so I can only imagine how hard it would be to repeat a day in real time over and over while retaining the memories of it. You’d always be a little on edge, wishing for time to pass as quickly as possible to get to the part you have to do exactly right… a bit like the run up to a musical recital or an exam – one screw-up and it’s all over! We can see just how frustrated he is when he lies to Dokurou to try and convince her not to attempt suicide anymore, telling her that if she dies he’ll die too, something that could potentially work given that she was horrified at the thought she might have killed him in the previous chapter. Alas, that did not seem to be enough and in a last act of desperation (I don’t blame him for not wanting to repeat the loop again, especially now that he’s realised he’s running with a limited number of retries), Keima chooses to go for the kiss.

Seems like that might have been the fastest conquest in Keima’s run! Or perhaps it was only the beginning of the conquest; perhaps the kiss was merely enough to shock her back to full awareness so that Keima could proclaim his devotion to saving her. Whatever it was that stopped the regression, at least we’re now going to be moving onwards with the story and hopefully we might be getting some answers next chapter!

tl;dr: @MoombaDS – Was that the fastest conquest ever? Does this make Dokurou a shotacon? I’m not even sure! #TWGOK


  1. Does this make Dokurou a shotacon?

    Lol, I don’t think that even matters in the big picture. Kaminomi is a story about Keima and his conquests, first and foremost. More importantly, it cements Keima’s reputation as an uber-pimp. To a true pimp, age is never an obstacle; he is the epitome of charm to women from all walks of life. And I would imagine, seducing an ancient, ageless hell-mistress is something of a holy grail to him.

    So to answer your question, no, I don’t think it makes Dokurou a shotacon. Keima’s just such a big pimp that she’s willing to go shota for him…XP

    1. I would like to know about this, too. I don’t remember any remaining female cast who has similar appearance. The closest one is probably Tsukiyo’s doll. New soon-to-be-revealed character?

      1. I’m of the opinion that it’s definitely a new character. All the characters shown in that page are related to this arc/event in a way… You have the 6 goddesses’ (or at least their vessels.) The 4 devils Elsie, Haqua, Nora, Lune, plus Dokuro and whoever’s back that is.
        Oh and of course Keima lol.

        I’m guessing the new character may know why Dokuro is the way she is at the moment. Maybe…

  2. Dat PIMP! Keima makes Dokurou goes shota on him lol.
    And since the orb symbol changes, does this mean he can move to the next stage???

    Also, those chibies!!! This guy harem mates can rival the one of Touma lol (^.^;)


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