With how many limbs Xanxus is losing, I’m surprised he’s still breathing. It’s looking less likely that this battle is an elaborate illusion, which… does not give me much hope, frankly. This one-sided loss is meant to drive home the fact Jager is nearly unbeatable, and the latest chapter completely succeeded in hammering the figurative last nail into the coffin – now I firmly believe that without divine intervention of some kind (or some really strong plot armor) the good guys are pretty much dead. I imagine Verde, and maybe Mukuro and Dino, will be able to hold Jager off until Tsuna arrives, but they probably won’t escape without some heavy damages.

One thing did get me thinking though; if Bermuda were to be separated from Jager, what would happen? The defeated Vindice’s words were very specific, and there’s obviously something bigger at play. Perhaps with that knowledge, Tsuna can finally turn the tide on this battle because by my count, Xanxus only has one limb left to lose.

I still find it odd that Mukuro and Dino are left unscratched – whether or not this is just a plot hole or something that was intended is still not that clear, but Amano obviously hasn’t forgot about them since they are making appearances in the chapters, however brief they may be. Whatever the case, I’m content watching the brains of the Vongola take a crack at fighting Jager for now.

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  1. Byakuran is always getting defeated.. rather easily too.
    I mean in the anime, when Tsuna went up against him it was so one-sided. I mean, seriously. Where’s the fighting?! He’s supposed to be UBER-powerful. Jesus.

    1. Also, this is the Byakuran of the present not future. Plus right now he does not have reading parallel-world-info ability, so he really does not known what happen during this battle in another parallel world, unlike he did in the future-arc.

  2. I think Jager trash out the stronger guys first then the rest. So when Tsuna come the stronger guys will not combine their powers……
    Also, where is Hibari?!?! We need you man!

    Verde plot the Mosca like a boss, now we shall see the power of physic and science…..

  3. And now all the Acrobalenos have used up their “presents” and we have yet to see Bermuda’s true form as well. I’m looking forward to that and Mukuro’s new moves in the continuation of the battle.

    random viewer
    1. No, not all of the Acrobalenos. only Fon and Mammon (may be) did. Uni never used hers before her team is defeated. Reborn only use some of his time, the manga never said all his 3 min are used up. Verde, well…………let’s see how this battle goes. Skull used up ~1min, but was trashed by Bermuda later. Colonnello, although he did not used up all his “presents”, his team’s boss watch was destroyed–when Tsuna’s dad tried to protect Nana.

      So, yea,Reborn can still release his the rest of “presents”.

  4. I have a few questions:
    According to chapter 356, each team contain, 1 boss watch, 1 Arcobaleno watch, and 6 battler watches. Since Team Colonnello, Fon, Skull, and Yuni are defeated, their battale watches (extra or not) are not usable anymore right?

    So this means, judging from the 1st page of chapter 380, Team Verde has 2 extra watches left. Team Mammon has 2 extra battle watches left. Team Reborn, after Chrome join in Ch 382, has only 1 battler watch left. In other words, a total of 5 extra battle watches usable.

    In the current battle, Byakuran, Enma, Basil, and I doubt they will left Hiari out, so this means there is still 1 extra battle watch left. Do you not wander who has it now? Will Ryouhei join again?


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