「時のスパイラル」 (Toki no Supairaru)
“Spiral of Time”

The effects of the Infinity Clock are dangerous, but so hilarious! I found myself laughing at everyone changing appearance like that. I don’t know if I’m laughing so much because I’m super tired or because the comedy really is funny, but it was amusing. A roasted turkey suddenly revived made me chuckle and I’m sure I woke someone up with my laughter throughout the episode.

I don’t think Lapointe’s true identity came as a surprise to everyone. Knowing that he has been using Zentopia for his own evil plan which involves Oración Seis gave away a lot, and of course, the most obvious hint – his face. I still didn’t want to call him “Brain” until it was confirmed, but with Natsu recognizing Lapointe’s smell as Master Zero’s, we can now rest assured. Lapointe is Brain! And that revelation didn’t seem to surprise Natsu so much as he has considered Zentopia to be his enemy for a while, excluding some people, but to Byro, this means a lot.

It was nice to see Byro finally realizing that he was blindly following orders of someone who has been hurting Zentopia. I wish he’d done it a lot faster. He seems wiser than his team mates, yet they changed sides earlier than him. We had Coco and Hughes helping Natsu today against Gatman. I’m a bit worried about Hughes because Gatman can use his magic without being in control of his body. I hope someone comes to her aid soon unless she can win.

The battles are speeding up and it really feels like we’re reaching the end. Now that most of the Zentopia members are on FAIRY TAIL’s side, the remaining villains are Oración Seis. Good thing they’re so few now that Mira took out Racer. I loved her victory speech about looking forward rather than just running away. This episode reminded me of how amazing she is and I hope to see her fight more often in future episodes.

The remaining FAIRY TAIL members are now storming Zentopia’s headquarters. Why does Ichiya always get some kind of heroic end in the serious battles? I don’t know if this was supposed to be comedic or serious. Even though the background music was epic, I found myself laughing at his sacrifice. I wasn’t mocking the show; I just thought it was funny. I guess we won’t see him again in the remaining battles.

Speaking of the remaining members of FAIRY TAIL (by that, I mean the ones who are on their way to the main battle), I didn’t expect to see the grown up version of Wendy again so soon! Or a grown up Gajeel! It’s been a long time since I laughed so much at a single joke in FAIRY TAIL. Oh, how I love this anime. The aging didn’t last long but it sure was hilarious.

I’m not sure if Gildarts’ punch was enough to knock Lapointe out, but he is up against five people so I’m sure they will take him out somehow. We still have Brain II, Angel, and Cobra left. Kinana is looking for Cobra and I’m really excited to see their reunion. Hopefully it’ll be a blast!

Oh, and I almost forgot, Imitatia is still there but she doesn’t seem like a threat anymore. After all, she just wants her beloved Lucy for herself – how romantic! We’ll see how things go next week when the battle against Lapointe continues.

Moete kitazou!

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  1. Did you guys noticed the grown up version of Wendy, she also had big boobs. I hope the time skip of Fairy Tail comes and the characters
    undergo certain changes and then we get to see Wendy and Levy get big boobs, maybe Carla too( but that may be unlikely because I can’t
    imagine cats with boobs ).
    P.S. I love to said so and I said so that cardinal rapowant was Brain I aka master Zero but correct me if I’m wrong didn’t zero have a
    somewhat psychotic destructive unstable personality if so how did he manage to control himself to stay stable and fool the people of
    zentopia for a long time. Maybe Natsu’s beatings made him mellow a bit.

    K C M
  2. Actually Wendy’s boobs were slightly big unlike Edolas Wendy whose boobs were really big, but just the same I hope the series progresses
    and Wendy grows up to be a boobilicious babe like Erza, Lucy and Edo-wendy. That goes for Levy too.

    K C M
  3. If Fairy Tail ever wants to more than live up to it’s potentials or wants to exceed it’s expectations then it should give us more Dragon Slayer
    battles. For instance we have seen – Natsu vs Gajeel, Natsu and Gajeel vs Laxus, Natsu vs Cobra, but I am still not satisfied although in
    the nearby future we shall be introduced to new Dragon Slayers ( when Sting and Rogue make their debut in the anime ) and have more Dragon Slayer battles but in the mean time let us see another Dragon Slayer battle specifically speaking- Gajeel vs Cobra.

    K C M
  4. The zentopia arc is reaching it’s peak/conclusion so here is list of battle format that I think or hope would happen.

    1. Gajeel vs Cobra, as I mentioned earlier because it will be a cool fight another Dragon Slayer battle.

    2. Natsu vs Midnight, as Natsu hurries to save Lucy He might be pinned against Midnight as we saw in the opening
    theme song as well as Lucy falling from the sky and he runs to Her hoping to catch Her.

    3. Erza vs Imitatia, as we have discovered Imitatia is not just a new member of the new oracion seis but could also be
    one of their strongest as she was able to knock out Natsu in one blow. It would be interesting for her to clash with
    Erza. Did you guys also notice Imitatia’s obsession with Lucy, she still calls her nee san and she tells Lucy that she
    won’t let anyone have her that she(Lucy) is all hers. So it’s all about saving a comrade ( Erza ) against possessing a
    comrade ( Imitatia ).

    4. Gray/Elfman/Warren vs Angel, don’t be surprised if it is three or more against one besides Angel doesn’t count as
    one as she has evolved her powers from summoning Spirits to summoning Angels, she was like lethal weapon 1
    when using Spirits as we have seen before,now she is like lethal weapon 1,2,3 & 4(referring to the movies) when
    using Angels so Fairy Tail would need all the team work they can get to defeat her.

    5. Gildarts vs Zero, this would be an epic battle as two of the strongest characters in the series go mano a mano and
    settle it out to help conclude the zentopia arc and progresses to the pending arc of the series.

    6. Gildarts vs Byro, I thought that I would see Byro team up with Gildarts and work with Fairy Tail to stop the oracion
    seis members now that He realized that he was used all along but the preview of next week’s episode shows him
    clashing with Gildarts which brought question marks on my head, maybe he is being manipulated by Zero which
    I doubt, so I would have to wait for next weeks episode.

    Do you agree or don’t you agree with the battle formation, either way I respect your opinion as a fellow fan of the series.
    Thank You.

    K C M
    1. Hmm, I think it’s because of the file I used. I tried using a different one now, so I managed to make the skirt less blurry. Do you think it’s better now?
      Also, FAIRY TAIL’s animation isn’t the best; “clean” and crisp shots are very difficult to cap, sorry.

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