「こんなにも綺麗な月夜の晩に」 (Konnanimo Kirei na Tsukiyo no Ban ni)
“On a Night with Such a Beautiful Moon”

This week on Aesthetics of a Rogue Hero, Doctor Phil’s in the house. And you better be lockin’ all yo doors and yo windows cause he be takin’ your sisters. And apparently Akatsuki didn’t lock up properly, because Phil manages to get his filthy hands on Miu.

Crude references aside, this episode is probably the definition of straight forward. Pretty much everything goes expected, with Phil successfully tracking down Miu and Akatsuki arriving right in the nick of time to kick his ass. Sadly, that meant nothing really happened worth talking about, aside from the somewhat surprising stand Mr. Red Head puts up to buy some time and the fact that Phil Bennet is anything but the “hero” he seems to like calling himself. I half figured he’d just find her and prep to take her home, but nope, he has to attempt some messed up extra-curricular activities on the side first. But I guess it just works out that he’d fit the video above even more as a result… shrug*

Anyway, looks like this arc will likely lead to the end of the series. I reckon we’ll have an action packed battle episode next time around… probably followed by Akatsuki’s successful fending off of Phil. Ideally, we’ll get a battle between the Student Council President and Akatsuki to end the series afterwards, giving us one of those somewhat open-ended things where it concludes the arc, but keeps the gates open for a potential extra season in the future. I can see another possibility in Phil succeeding… but yeah, I mean, I just don’t think Akatsuki’s going to lose at this point. Guess we’ll see next week.

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      1. Well Hyakka Ryouran is gonna get a 2nd season. The thing in common with Hagure Yuusha is that both anime are ecchi and from the same studio and their source LN are published by Hobby Japan. Although I don’t know how well Hyakka Ryouran did in the BD/DVD sales.

  1. solid set up episode… well summarized there…
    I really wish there is season 2… but for now we will just be satisfied with the battle from this point on…
    Akatsuki, enter your serious mode now please 🙂

    1. I so hope for a 2nd season too, since the novel will probably never be translated in english, most LNs fan translators already busy with 2 years worth of semen: the novel.
      Note: This is a joke.

      Phil is a real bastard. I sure hope Akatsuki kicks his ass hard.

  2. Well they’ve followed the LN until now except for 2 little filler instances. So they should finish vol 3 in this arc. It’ll be a great way to end it due to the uberness of the thing they’re yet to face because of Phil’s BS.

    Phil was pretty darn annoying in the LN & they hit that nail on the head.

    The only problem with a 2nd cour is the pace of vol 4 & 5. It even bored me to death. The sheer amount of “holding back” is what is putting off what little fans the LN have. This anime is being used to jumpstart LN sales but so-far it hasn’t done anything. If BR/DVD sales don’t cut it, we’ll never the other few moments of awesomeness the LN have to offer.

    1. I like the series and I’m excited every episode, do not read the light novel, but I did not bother to know this information before each episode. Do not ruins the fun I have some information in advance, it gives me more excitement.
      View anime is the only way I can know the history. I really hope there is a second season and continue to see the story.

      1. That’s the silly thing about LNs, you have no idea if they will ever become anime. I only read 5 LNs only the last 3 yrs & they’ve all become anime. I was on vol 7 b4 I knew this would take to TV, & I just bought vol 8. I was glad since I love my badass MCs but that’s just another anime down the drain for me. It also doesn’t help that the authors always want the crap to be a ‘true adaptation’ – whatever the heck that’s suppose to mean.

  3. A great episode, red-head is not a bad fighter regardless of their level.
    I want to see Akatsuki and give a good lesson to Phil. The cute Myuu, Chikage and Kuzuha can not be treated like that and he go unpunished.

  4. I am sure epic battle lies ahead, as Phil is probably most serious opponent Akatsuki had to face yet, and was as boringly powerful in his curb-stomp-battles as Akatsuki himself.
    I can even see a slight chance of him maybe not defeating Akatsuki, but snatching Miu away and running away to the fantasy realm they both visited – and Akatsuki following him to the rescue of Miu.

  5. oh no indeed the only to describe this phil what a (bleep)-bag basco wannabee.

    sure give miu, shorty rep & lesbian were dong fine til he arrive total HEEL attack on them give hunting miu.

    well here BOSS akatsuki arrive heal shorty rep & lesbian then student council get everyone to safety so rescue miu.

    phil vs red hair from ep.3 sure give red hair doing it for pride & redeem but phil being a jerk of the series cue beatdown.

    miu bit wonder til yikes here phil catch her cause drag her back to get rid of all demons & chop off miu cue miu’s cry here BOSS akatsuki.

    next ep it’s so on boss vs phil.

  6. Turns out Phil is a perv too… And seriously, why use her as a bait? Demons are not stupid, we think too highly of ourselves already… Please go back to the realm and beat the shit out of them!!!

    1. I don’t know if you can say that Phil is a pervert… to me it felt more like the fact that he despise all things Akatsuki (since Akatsuki is considered the hero, and he is not…) but regardless, it sure enraged our boss Akatsuki 🙂


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