「予兆」 (Yochou)

If there’s one thing that’s a given in life, it’s that sometimes you just have to accept the hand dealt to you. Yuuya finds out the hard way, as he returns to both a hero’s welcome… and a new found hatred from the other blood-covered squadrons. And it’s just one of those stuck between a rock and a hard place dilemmas, because you can’t argue against either view. On one hand, you can call him a hero. He was responsible for firing the railgun when he did, the way he did, and thus the reason the remaining squadrons made it back in the first place. But on the other hand, one can also argue, all he did was pull the trigger and that he’s taking away the spotlight from the other squadrons that actually put their lives on the line. Whichever way you look at it, Yuuya’s getting crushed in between, and it showed. His passionate plea to allow him to obtain data via close-melee combat, his argument with Commander Latrova about his personality, his constant speaking out of turn toward the end… virtually everything he did was related to the situation he was thrust in, as well as his own feeling that he didn’t do anything worth lauding as a hero for, and it made this episode so much better as a result. It’s just nice to see the other sides of a character, as well as a proper maturation/development through the series, which Bridges seems to be demonstrating the farther ahead we go.

And while we’re on the subject of development and reveals, let’s not forget Commander Latrova, whose epic quotes and revelations are quickly turning her into my favorite character from the series. I mean, with such complex quotes and accurate judgement of Yuuya’s character, you can’t help but admire her character:

“You’re skilled, but immaturity is holding you back.”

“When you blame something outside yourself for your own failure to do something, the only thing you can convince is your own heart. You can never convince anyone else. If everyone around you seems convinced, it’s proof they’re spoiling you. People like that are never good to have around. Cut off ties with them immediately. If you can’t take it all, decide what you’re going to abandon. That’s what your fight is.”

To top it off, she also gives us a much more human side to her as well, revealing ultimately that she does what she does because she not only wants to protect the children of her squad, but also because she hopes someone else out there is doing the same as a result, protecting her own child. It’s a bit selfish, and she admits as much, but it’s just a really strong reveal that tugs a bit at the emotional heartstrings. And seeing that she undoubtedly sees a bit of her child in Yuuya, one can only wonder at the feelings she’s holding in at the moment. Yet, she’s still holding strong, looking forward, and doing everything in her power. Now that’s a strong character for you.

And to the side, we have Yui, who finds herself conflicted as well. Her decision to bring the railgun to the Soviet peninsula for a test has backfired in ways she never imagined and is a direct catalyst of Bridges’ sudden reckless rush to fight on the front lines in close combat. She understands his desires and wishes to help, but also doesn’t want her miscalculations to ultimately cost his life either, leading to her saying she would pilot the Type 94-Second in the next exercise instead. And while people are discontent at how different she’s suddenly treating Bridges, at the very least, the conundrum she faces this time is a bit more realistic, and one that shows the many things you have to consider as a leader, rather than something purely forced and emotional.

In the end though, politics comes knocking on the door, forcing Bridges to sortie in the Type 94-Second, which no longer has the proper armaments now that the railgun isn’t working and the Japanese government is refusing to send engineers in order to preserve its secrets. The sortie testing out the Actives work out well however, so all is well… until the BETA return for a third time, this time via a surprise underground attack only a few miles away from the base. And well, it looks like the squadrons of the Kamchatka Peninsula are about to find out the hard way that the greatest threat the BETA pose are via their sheer numbers.

Looking forward, I can’t help but contain my excitement at the next episode, as it looks like we’ll be seeing Yui in action against the BETA for the first time since the beginning. I also have to say, it was interesting that they didn’t decided to go back to more typical shenanigans, but it’s a good surprise that keeps the upward trend of the series since the main story kicked in a few episodes ago. On that note, I’ll catch you guys back next week, in what should be a gore-filled episode filled with Yui kicking butt, and probably the inevitable deaths of some of the key base staff (hopefully!).

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  1. This show demonstrates that even if the darkest and more desperate times, humans can still be absolute pricks to each other.

    Humans can be selfish, self-serving, and self-destructive.

    1. You are absolutely right, we human beings are a difficult spicies since we worried about thing like profit or military knowledege when the world itself is at the edge anahilation. That´s why humanities worst enemy is humanity itself, the never ending war of our inner self.

    2. The lack of a united front is what makes MLA interesting compared to other sci-fi. Its easy to make Humanity vs. Alien story but Kouki weaved a lot of international politics to make the situation more dynamic like the real world. WWII for example was a lot more complex than Axis vs. Allies.

      At the same time Muv-Luv always leaves the message that humanity will pull through no matter how hard it gets. Even in the alternate timeline MLU: The Day After, (which makes MLA seem like paradise if you can believe that) it never lets go of this optimistic tone.

    3. That is why the series feel so epic for me.
      The author’s work invoke the very soul of humanity, hide nothing and bare everything.

      In my opinion, this show still does not do justice to the VN, period.

  2. Latrova may be right about what Yuuya is thinking, but I can’t agree with the answer she gave him after he critiziced her squadron for the way they’re treating outsiders, namely Cryska and Inia. And Yuuya and his team mates too.
    Does she think the fact that many ppl of her team had to suffer discimination gives them the right to act the same?

    1. “An eye for an eye makes the world blind”. I think Gandhi has an absolute truth in this regard and if you put the fact that they need all the manpower they can get it´s insane to start inner fighting.

    1. Not only that, Yuuya and Yui have change each other a lot in the course of this arc, they´re starting to show signs of not only romantic feelings but maturity and grow as persons. This battle will leave Yuuya with more than one lesson and sadly I think it will be a painful one to learn.

  3. Latrova gets some development and a sympathetic background. In other words, she just raised a major death flag. Nice knowing you hot Russian MILF! At the very least she could hope for a meaningful death.

    Its nice to see Yui and Yuuya getting along. Although it does give an unfortunate side-effect of making Yuuya seem like he’s given special treatment. Yuuya notices it too that’s why he’s so eager to prove himself in battle.

  4. Guys I know little about the BETA, all I know is that they are aliens attacking humanity but can anyone that knows more more than about them answer this question please?
    Are the BETA smart, or are they just beasts attacking without thinking without any plans in mind?

    1. Its a plot point in MLA that the BETA and its intentions are a mystery. All that is known so far is that they refused to respond to any attempt to communicate with them, implying that they don’t acknowledge humanity as living beings.

      The nature of the BETA is a major spoiler for the VN though, so its best to read that first unless you like being spoiled.

    2. The BETA are the biggest enigma of the whole series. There’s a lot of stuff about them that gets revealed in the visual novels and I really doubt that Total Eclipse will go over those.

      But yeah, they behave like your latter description. They don’t give a shit about losses and attack as a horde. That’s why today’s underground attack was a pretty big deal.

      1. Ohh I see Thanks fragb85 and xRichard for answering and if I will learn more about the BETA in the VN, do they also talk about them in the games? I have the first game called Muv-luv and when I finish with it I’m planning on also playing alternative. Do they talk about the BETA in those games?

      2. Yes John, they talk a lot about BETA, anti-BETA tactics and many BETA-related military secrets that I don’t think Total Eclipse will reveal. Military secrets that reveal what the word “Alternative” means to the BETA-verse.

    3. Any attempts to answer your question will certainly spoil your experience with the VN, so i shall not mention it.
      For now, imaging them as typical alien horde from game or movie is fine.

      Part of the fun is to discover the true nature of the BETA after all.

  5. When I saw Yui running outside while the BETA were rummaging about and then they suddenly appeared near the base I felt a creeping chill down my spine.

    EDITED: Note that spoiler tags and warnings regarding this are there for a reason.

  6. As Total Eclipse nears the end of its first course, things start heating up.

    First and foremost, I want to say how happy I am that the Yuuya and Yui conflict, or lack there of, was handled. Instead of an actual conflict over Yui deciding to pilot the 94 Second, Yuuya takes Latrova’s words to heart and agrees that it’s probably the better move. Actually, a lot of his actions in this episode struck me as a sign of growth for Yuuya. His complete lack of animosity towards Yui, actually bowing to her in order to get a chance at real combat, and even giving her a smile after she said she’d at least try to get him out into the action. I can see why that smile would have such an effect on her. And I really like how Yuuya doesn’t desire to fight on the frontlines for purely hotblooded fighting reasons, but to ensure that the 94 Second is the best machine it can be so that Eishi don’t die needless deaths.

    Yui’s also changing as well, as her feelings for Yuuya are starting to effect her decision making. Though I wouldn’t say they’re being effected to the degree that she’d do something extremely stupid, just that she keeps him in mind to a much greater degree. And Vincent seems to see it as well, I’d even go as far as to classify him as a Yuuya/Yui shipper.

    Latrova is certainly an interesting character. I’m not saying what her squad did to Cryska and Inia was at all justified, nor was her allowing them to do so, but she plainly told Yuuya that things just aren’t necessarily clean cut. There’s a lot of complex relationships among the Soviet Union, and she’s just trying her best to ensure that the Eishi under her command are safe and emotionally stable. She’s trying to be the mother for them that she couldn’t be for her own child, who actually does resemble Yuuya.

    On her interactions with Yuuya, I thought her complimenting him was actually genuine, in direct contrast with her squad. She’s trying to give him as much advice as her position will allow, most likely because she can’t help but see her son in him. I really hope the two of them get further interaction before Latrova has to leave or her death flag turns genuine.

    And it looks like the first course of Total Eclipse is going to close out with a large scale BETA fight, truly thrusting Yuuya into a fight, though unfortunately he won’t have the luxury of fighting in a properly tuned machine. And of course, it looks as though Yui is finally getting back into the thick of things, and my primary hope is that we get a scene of Yuuya and Yui back to back, the 94 Second and Yui’s Takemikazuchi, vs the BETA. Though of course Cryska and Inia have to fit in somewhere, since they’re just as important to the show.

  7. All of your base are belong to us! – would say BETA if not for their lack of communications…
    3k kills in a first sortie IS something you can be proud of, Yuuya. Yes, you did that with heavy support weapon and not using your skills fully, but dead BETA is dead BETA, no matter how killed.
    I like the development and background on Cdr. Latrova, she is MOTHER TO HER SOLDIERS (trope!)
    and definitely likeable. Remember, she was quick to leash her underlings when she arrived at the scene of the assault on Inia and Cryska. Yes she could have all of the court-martialed, but she knew that would end with 1.wasting trained Eishi 2.more dead people as they would have been replaced by fresh recruits (with all the results we saw in ep 02).
    Yuuya is growing up, definitely, to the point Yui seems to be a childlike and selfish by comparison.
    Ewok out!

  8. I feel for Yuuya.
    Being framed as a hero without the equivalent amount of efforts, does feel dishonored.
    Mix that feeling with the slightly immature desire to prove oneself in battle, certainly result with what we seeing here.

    Note: I got a real bad feeling for the plot’s direction currently going.

    Main VN’s Major Spoiler
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