「Arcana Famiglia」
“Arcane Family”

As expected, Felicitá lost her memories after using her Wheel of Fortune, but to me, it looked like more than just amnesia. She didn’t just lose her memories – she lost her personality, her spirit – it’s as if her soul was sucked out of her. I have blogged shows where amnesia has been involved and I know Felicitá did not portray some form of memory loss. I’d rather call it soul loss, or a living corpse, if that makes any sense.

So, was the sacrifice worth it? – Nope! Mondo’s illness remains and it’s worse than it was to begin with. At least, now everyone knows why Jolly did what he did and why Felicitá used her second Arcana power. I thought Debito might soften up a little knowing that everything was done for Mondo, but I guess his scars won’t fade. This makes me wonder what kind of experiments Jolly conducted on him, Pace, and Luca.

Nova told Libertá that those born with powers are related because these powers the family have are inherited unless they’ve been achieved through experiments. Like Libertá, I wonder if he was brought to the family by Dante because of his powers or perhaps his history. But my main question is – how did Jolly get his powers? Is he part of the biological family?

And speaking of those powers – Jolly’s powers are finally revealed to us! After a risky decision it was decided that Jolly would use his power to forcefully bring back Felicitá’s buried memories. To me, it seemed as if Jolly’s powers came as a surprise to everyone. He himself appeared to be quite lost about them. I’m wondering, if he had these kind of powers, why did everyone fuss about Felicitá using her Wheel of Fortune? And why didn’t Jolly use his powers last time Felicitá lost her memories? Did everyone forget his abilities? When Elmo told Jolly he wanted to restore Felicitá’s memories, Jolly said he hadn’t thought about that. My first reaction was “Err, excuse me? What?”. How could he not have thought of it? And what makes it even more weird is the fact that he possesses a power that is related to memories. Oh well, weird logic is weird.

At least Jolly managed enter Felicitá’s mind and save her from the thorns engulfing her embodied memories with some help from the very sick Mondo, Libertá, and Nova. By doing that he earned some respect from his fellow family members, but still, I don’t think this is enough to be acknowledged. I don’t think Debito is ever going to forgive Jolly. I seriously hope we’ll get to see more of their cruel past so we can understand the hate.

After a short chat with Dante’s owl, Felicitá (completely recovered) accidentally overheard Dante and Jolly talking about Mondo’s physical condition. Obviously Felicitá’s efforts were all in vain, but it seems like there might be a way to save her father by combining both her Arcana powers and use them on him, however, using The Lovers requires a host that has a lover – something Felicitá doesn’t have. So the only way to save Mondo now is to pick a guy! Let’s see if we’ll get some romance next week! Personally, I’m rooting for either Luca or Libertá because I like eccentric/naïve characters (please don’t kill me).

Random thoughts:

  • Dat anatomy!
  • Why would Sumire tell Nova to stay out of this? Isn’t it better to get more help? I mean, this concerns her daughter!
  • Dat statue!
  • I don’t like horses
  • Luca during his teens, chasing the young Felicitá was very sweet. I absolutely adore Luca and Felicitá’s relationship.
  • Luca and Jolly are awfully similar to each other… Could they be related?
  • Finally! Felicitá has a different hairstyle! Too bad it’s only for a few minutes…
  • Full-length shots: 22, 24, 26




  1. I can’t support either nova or Liberta and it just seem cheap that they are always the only ones that get to do something Show Spoiler ▼


    1. One of the reasons why I’m still watching this show is because I want to see how they wrap up the series. So far, they’ve been mashing up all the routes together (though I don’t think we’ve seen any exclusively Dante events?), and the Duello’s outcome is different depending on the route… @___@


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