And it’s finally that time. After all these years, we’ve finally arrived at the vaunted 600 chapter mark, and Kishimoto celebrates by pulling a rather surprising move. I’m not sure if this means the Kages have already been defeated or not, but sure seems like they already have, or are at least incapacitated in some degree. It’s probably more likely Madara decided to come over after sensing that Obito was in trouble or something of the sort, but regardless, some of the pieces are starting to fall together.

First off, the key thing to notice is how Obito side steps the question about whether not he really survived or not. It makes you wonder whether or not he might actually be a revived corpse per the forbidden technique… which would then lead to the question of who revived him in the first place. It seems easy to say it’s Madara at this point, seeing how they both seem to know each other and are seemingly allied… but it seems a bit farfetched that he would still be alive at the Battle of Kannabi Bridge AND just so happen to be there at the time. But still, I suppose I can’t rule it out either, because the actual details into his exact death are a bit vague. At the very least, I do remember him stating he awakened his own Rinnegan shortly before his death, which may have something to do with it. In addition, Madara would be someone who knows the forbidden technique too… so there’s definitely a good possibility this is the actual scenario that transpired, as I can’t see many other alternatives at the moment.

Continuing along the presumption that Madara’s related in this, it then also fills in the question of how Tobi was around back then either, because we could conclude that Tobi was Madara himself back then. Following his death, Obito would subsequently take over the mask and the identity, biding time until he could set his plan in motion under the guise of being Madara. It would also explain why he was so irritated when Kabuto ended up reviving Madara, because his revival ended all pretense of Tobi being him, not to mention it was probably part of Obito’s plan to eventually revive his “mentor” as well. Also, Madara could’ve easily taught him many of the time/space jitsu in the years in between…

In the end though, you just can’t be sure about these kind of things. The result from the above events sure seem to fit nicely though (well, as nicely as an explanation could fit this situation), but again, take my speculation with a grain of salt. In any case, I have to admit it was quite surprising the Kage fight seems to have been bypassed completely. I had figured it’d come into play soon in the form of an actual change of focus to the fight, but hey, this result isn’t too shabby either, as this not only potentially answers some questions, but suddenly propels Naruto to its impending end, instead of trying to drag things out. In any case, that’s about it for now. Guess we’ll see the answers soon enough…


    1. Well, if the above speculation is correct in some manner, Madara’s been lurking for a while. Probably followed Obito since he was an Uchiha, saw his situation would be beneficial in terms of shifting his world views towards one favorable to his plans and viola!

    2. Presumably we’ll find out next chapter.

      But the only thing that makes sense would be that Madara is the original Tobi, and he rescued Obito and trained him to be his successor when he realized he’d die of old age before he could complete the Moon Eye Plan.

      1. Given Madara’s character that we’ve seen and the way it was described how he and Izuna were constantly competing with eachother on being stronger than the other, I have high doubts that Izuna just willingly gave up his own Mangekyo Sharingan for him, even as his brother.

        Izuna doesn’t come off too great either if, like Madara, they just so easily killed whoever their best friends were just to get the Mangekyo Sharingan in the first place.

  1. First off, the key thing to notice is how Obito side steps the question about whether not he really survived or not. It begs the question whether or not he might actually be a revived corpse per the forbidden technique…

    This, coupled with the fact that whenever Obito loses a limb on his right side of the body, a white goo comes out instead of blood and the limb is always regrown later, leads me to think that he’s not necessarily a revived corpse, but that he’s some sort of conglomeration between Obito’s body and Zetsu. Plus the way he put “I” in quotes when he’s talking makes it seem like Obito is nothing more than a vessel, a means to an end.

    1. Yeah, Tobi throwing around limbs like it’s candy on Halloween let people quickly to believe that he is a revived corpse too, but after seeing how he regrows them it’s pointing more towards Senju DNA.

      1. I did have a constant theory on Zetsu ever since Tobi was talking about the whole Senju and Uchiha cells bit in that Zetsu was an early experiment on combining the two of them.

        As we saw, the white half is composed of Hashirama’s cells, but with the primary Zetsu, we also saw his attitude was a lot calmer. This lead me to believe that the black half was composed of Uchiha cells while that half had a dark, cynical attitude with a darker-sounding voice. However, he’s the only one to have had both sides as the whole army was only made up of those from Hashirama’s cells.

      1. it could also be that the orignal zetsu tried to save obito but the only way to do so was to meld with him, giving obito half is body while taking in the esence of half of obitos body, and thus creating the black and white zetsu

    2. I’m gonna throw in my two cents and say that Obito, like Danzo, has some are Harishima’s cells placed into him from Orochimaru. He was probably picked up after the battle because he wanted the Sharingan. Also Orochimaru was working with the real Madara and after he realized Madara was dead was most likely when he went rogue(er). The last part is probably a stretch, but given Orochimaru’s history with dealing with Harishima’s cells there is most likely a connection between Madara harvesting the cells, Obito having them, and still the mystery of the Black Zetzu. Don’t forget the other two guys from Raven (I forgot their names) found some scrolls that spell big news and Orochimaru is the ‘guy who knows everything.’

  2. It is possible, that kage fight goes on, since Madara created a ton of clones in midst of battle. As well it is possible, that he defeated them with ease, since he posesses all the cheat codes in Naruto universe.

    It seems so strange to bring Rin as Tobi’s motivation. “You failed to protect the girl i liked at the age of 10 and now i put all world under permanent genjitsu”. Obito’s character is all twisted as well. Why didn’t he return to the village? It is logical for him to come back, if he was revived in any way.

    Still to much terra incognita. I will still go with Tobi being some kind of plant clone created with rinnengan, who consume Obito’s body, thus assuming his appearance and memories. Now he is just trolling Kakashi and audience hard.

    Also i like how Madara makes a dynamic entry. Guy sensei must be in a lot of envy/

    1. Also consider this:
      For a single moment imagine you are Uchiha Obito. You struggled to gain attention and glory in the shadow of your team mate. Now you end up saving his ass, and passing to him legacy of dear importance to any Uchiha, your eye. Then you die.

      Now, in the next moment you get revived. What exactly keeps you from going directly back to konoha? That you are a zombie? You died protecting comrades, i think they will understand. That you miss an eye? You gave it away willingly. What else? I see no reason at all.

      Unless either of two scenarios was in place. Obito was held against his will and brainwashed, or this is not Obito at all.

  3. So it most likely seems that ‘Tobi’ was really more than one person all along. Madara being the initiator carrying his will under a masked guise, in which over time the survived Obito, having shared similar interests with Madara was trained to eventually take the identity of Tobi. What I believe inspired Obito’s will to be similar to that of Madara’s was probably Rin’s death in a ninja world he thought was incomplete, and therefore, as Tobi he is trying to make the ninja world complete by carrying out the moon’s eye plan. This is just speculation though…. We will see.

    1. After the battle ends it will be revealed that Sasuke traveled back in time, met Madara who shortly before his death gave him the rinnengan which he had awakened, traveled further into the future, stole Obito’s body and gained his eye, traveled more, gave rinnengan to Nagato. So yeah…future boy Sasuke was Tobi all the time 😛

      But seriously now, I still believe that given all the clues we have, Tobi can’t be Obito. He is someone else who is just using Obito’s body. My guess is that he is Izuna and it happened pretty much the stuff I wrote above (took rinnengan from Madara, stole obito’s body etc). But we’ll see.

      1. Then what was with that Rin speech for? He certainly needs to be someone linked to Kakashi and his generation to know her. And at this point there really is no need to be hiding his identity by trying to trick Kakashi into thinking he is indeed Obito.

  4. A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…there was a guy called MADARA UCHIHA who fought the first hokage and lost. Not so long ago ITACHI UCHIHA was ordered to stop the UCHIHA from taking over Konoha. He left his little brother alive who was called SASUKE UCHIHA.
    Only recently a UCHIHA called OBITO thought dead, was alive and shocked everyone.

    There’s more background story behind THE UCHIHAs then there is behind Naruto. They should rename the manga: SASUKE ,SASUKE:Shippuden and of course a yaoi doujinshi: SASUGAY: Twister With Orochimaru.

  5. obito doing this moon eye plan because rin died? hmm..since he learned edo tensei seals from kabuto (he did see kabuto perform the seals right?), why dont he just revive rin with edo tensei and stop this moon eye plan. :p

  6. Hm…I always figured it was one of those “mask+symbol continuation” things, but I guess I never figured the initial owner was Madara. Although that’s speculation based on other speculation! Really reliable stuff :).

    Anyways, we now know Madara faked his death against Hashirama. So if he’s the one wearing the mask during the Kyuubi invasion…when or how does he actually “die” >_>? I feel that there’s either going to be an ingenious and elaborate plot explanation coming, or it’s going to be an extremely obvious and predictably childish one. This home stretch will be the defining moment of Naruto. Lots of plot holes and shielding already though…sigh.

    And seriously, what is up with the Uchiha = emo thing. The only one that seemed like (at least at the end of his story) he never really went emo and was always focused was Itachi. Except Itachi’s outwardly appearance was super emo. Maybe that’s what is written on the secret Uchiha tablets! :o!!! It’s a yin-yang balance of outward and inner appearance. The more normal or handsome you look on the outside, the more emo you must be on the inside.

  7. Hey guys – isn’t there a picture of “Tobi” being the masked man with long hair like Madara’s back in a manga somewhere – I seem to remember that, perhaps when he is meeting with Itatchi….

    1. Chapter 507 – Long hair Tobi first appeared (on Naruto’s Timeline) and talked to Kisame as the 4th Mizukage.

      Chapter 494 – TOBI showed Kisame his face and confirmed that he was actually Madara, or at least the one he was taking to on chapter 507.

      Chapter 399 – Showed Izuna’s coffin with him inside.

      Chapter 400 – Long hair Tobi talking to itachi about helping him with his secret mission.

      1. He showed himself to Kisame, but neither Kisame nor himself said any name. Kisame was surprised to see who was in reality but it’s impossible to know who was Tobi in that moment for the reader.

      2. Correction on my post. 494 should be 404.

        LOL. Hahaha. Please read those chapters before you reply. Clearly you haven’t done it yet.

        In chapter 507, Tobi or apparently the one controlling the Mizukage named himself as MADARA. “I’m Madara”.

        And in chapter 404 Kisame said, “Mizukage-sama, or rather Madara-san”.

        There you go, look it up if you don’t believe me. 🙂

  8. Tobi was already using Kamui when he fought Minato.

    Tobi at that time has the same techniques and S/T jutsu as the Tobi now.

    So, it’s safe to say that Tobi has possession of Obito’s sharingan when he fought Minato.

    That means that the masked man during Naruto’s birth and the Tobi now is the same.

    If not, then the masked man borrowed Obito’s eye then gave it back to Obito after the fight with Minato.



      NoOoOoOo LOL … this is just worse than the german organ donation scandal ö.Ö …

  9. I always had a nagging curiosity as to how Rin died. Looks like we’re about to find out, along with how Obito and Madara know of each other and how Obito and Kakashi obtained their Mangekyou Sharingans. My guess is that Madara found Obito and saved his life. Madara prepared and trained Obito to take his place and execute the Moon’s Eye plan. Before he died Madar asked Obito to kill him in order for Obito to awaken his Mangekyou. When Obito’s awakened so did Kakashi’s. Thats just my guess.

  10. Is it me or is this whole thing starting to become some kind of a soap opera. Obito turned
    psycho because Rin died, what happened to the whole uchiha clan are destined to be a clan
    of hatred and vengeance. At least we know why Madara attacked Konoha, because of his envy
    of Hashirama Senju recieving the title of hokage over him and the fact that the uchiha
    clan turned their backs on him when they refused to support him to revolt against Hashirama’s rule(selfish reason) and we know why Sasuke wants to attack konoha because his brother was used by the higher ups to murder his family and mass murder the entire clan and
    was reviled as an evil traitor(understandable reason but still…)but Obito’s reason is
    because Kakashi failed to protect his life love girl and he wants not only to attack Konoha
    but the entire world. Isn’t that funny.

    K C M
      1. I know it’s a shonen manga, when I said soap opera I was referring to how MK the author made
        Obito a psycho because his dream babe got killed. If he wants revenge he should kill the
        person that killed her or take it out on Kakashi for breaking his promise not end the whole
        world. Now that’s why it looks less like a Shounen Manga and more like a soap opera.

        K C M
  11. Huuuuuh, dull … lol …now i just watch to see what more or less interesting things madara has to say and when sasuke will join the happy uchiha emo club just right there. Maybe there even will be an explanation as how Rin died.
    And mostly, what will a chakra depleated and devastated Kakashi, a *urgs* weired guy sensei and well Naruto do against 3 Uchiha with an awakend Mangekyo + Rinnegan? YES THAT is the only part i´m waiting for .. oh hey wait weren´t there all other shinobi already on the way to Naruto?… yeah seems now a few characters still have to die then .. BLOOD BLOOD .. Kishi makes them all die ^^.

    ps: Rin being the reason for all this is a little to flat for me .. but hey .. i´m not writing this stuff lol. Now i´m just waiting for somebody to pull Rin out of a pocket to make it completly senseless … since the Dead have a habit of not staying dead in this manga even this wouldnt surprise me anymore

    pps: Orochimaru would probably laugh his ass of as there are 3 uchiha now that he can “play” with 😉

    1. I seriously doubt Sasuke would join Madara & Tobi. If the entire world goes beddy-bye how will he get his revenge?

      I’m sure whatever info he gets from Orochimaru will prompt him to side w/ Naruto at least temporarily.

    2. You have got to admit that even orochimaru’s obsession of getting the sharingan is almost impossible now that Madara is back and in edo tensei form thanks to kabuto and his useless
      ass getting kicked by Itachi and Sasuke. Madara Uchiha is the one that has obtained a better
      undying body unlike orochimaru who needs a host body every three years and it is not a stretch to say that Madara is the top villain in the story than orochimaru.

      K C M
      1. yeah orochimaru trying to get a sharingan was meant more like a joke, i dont see either how that would be possible ^^ … i dont know .. i always thought sasuke would look for madara not orochimaru know “the guy thats knows it all” … i thought he meant madara. But at least he´s got to show up there. He´s going for naruto or am i wrong? And even if he wants to have a word with tobi or madara they are all in the same place and its unlikly they will split up again.

  12. I’ve finally figured something out. Naruto will no doubt fight Sasuke but according to the
    prophecy of the great toad sage, Naruto will fight the young man with power in his eyes.
    The person that the great elder toad sage was talking about is not Sasuke but Madara.
    (I explain), prophesies are not always direct in other words they may describe but are
    not always specific on the persons or the events in which they refer to. They are like
    riddles which must be solved before it becomes obvious.
    (Why is it Madara some of you may ask), it’s quite simple if you look at it closely.
    Madara is now in his released edo tensei form, he is not being controlled by his summoner
    and he can’t die,he won’t age, he is forever young, do you get it now (a young man with powerfull eyes).
    So therefore Naruto has to fight him to save the world. Do you agree or disagree?

    K C M
    1. The problem is is that even with Naruto’s power as it is now, he still couldn’t beat him in any conceivable way.

      Even if he does turn out to be more powerful in some hax fashion, Madara is essentially immortal, any sort of damage to him will simply be regenerated, has infinite chakra (Naruto may have TONS with or without Kurama, but even he has a limited amount), AND normal sealing doesn’t work on him as he simply easily overpowers them (not like Naruto really knows anything about Fuinjutsu anyway). So even if Naruto turns out to be more powerful, all Madara would have to do is beat him in a battle of attrition and that’s something no one could win in his Edo Tensei state.

      The only way Madara could really be stopped at this point, outside of some convenient hax plot device (they better not give Madara a “moment of stupidity” cliche and somehow trick him into breaking Edo Tensei’s connection to himself), is the Shiki Fujin, but as far as we know, only Minato and Hiruzen knew it and they’re both dead and in the Shinigami’s stomach (and the emergency seal with Minato was used up against Pain).

      1. yeah something like that .. the next step would probably be sasuke awaking the rinnegan and maybe help naruto

        another way would be that naruto somehow – i dont know how – develops an ultimate sealing technique .. at least his clan was known for powerful sealing techniqes ..didn´t he hold the kyubi in control with some sealing of the six paths before he became truly friends with him?

      2. For a moment, let’s recall, what exactly does Madara have in his arsenal.
        – Immortality
        – Infinite chakra
        – All mangekoyo techs
        – genjitsu
        – Amaterasu
        – perfect susano
        – 6 paths powers
        – infinite summons
        – jitsu absobtion
        – ashura arsenal
        – soul pulling
        – gravity manipulation
        – ressurection
        – ability to control ninetails
        – mokuton
        – hashirama’s plant clone ability
        – mokuton flower ability
        – ability to cast battlefeild-sized meteor
        – ability to cast at least 25 bushins, who can use above mentioned abilities without limit.

        Soooo, i all eager to see how Naruto will talk-no-jitsu him…

      3. You are absolutely right, there is no way Naruto stands a chance against Madara now but I’m
        sure in time He will get stronger,remember his goal is to be Hokage and not just any hokage
        but one that surpasses all previous Hokages so what better way for him to fufill that dream than to defeat the immortal Madara Uchiha. Also don’t forget that all nine tailed beasts have faith in Him, they call him the Sage of the six paths’ something or whatever and gave Him their chakra, until we know what that does we have to see Him and Bee, Kakashi, Guy face
        off against Madara and Tobi(Obito).

        K C M
      4. You are right Naruto doesn’t stand a chance against Madara as He is now but in time, He will grow strong enough to face Madara Uchiha, remember we don’t know the connection between Naruto and the Six Paths Sage as the tailed beasts have pointed out, if we do by
        then He will be strong enough to take on Madara Uchiha and fufill his destiny. Have faith
        in our Hero.

        K C M
      5. Well, it won’t matter how powerful Naruto gets if Madara remains as he is. There’s just no way Naruto could win otherwise unless…

        1.) Some new hax power out of nowhere. (Either brand new or Naruto somehow awakening the Rinnegan himself and somehow knowing how to use ALL of its abilities right then and there, but even then, Madara has the advantage in experience and all.)

        2.) Madara having a “moment of stupidity” that enemies tend to have (Kakuzu and Pain being the biggest glaring examples) that involves him releasing Edo Tensei on himself, thus allowing himself to be killed again.

        Sadly, given how things have gone, it’ll probably end up being #1.

      6. Perhaps Naruto will die by Madara Uchiha’s hand and He will get to meet the Sage of the Six
        paths(just like Kakashi met his father when pain killed him) in some after life dimension,
        The Six Paths Sage will tell Naruto that He has been waiting for someone like Him and will
        converse with Naruto about how He tried to create true peace before He died and left His
        dreams to two sons. He will then tell Naruto that he has been watching what has been going on since his death, specifically the war of the descendants of the two sons because of the
        decision to make the younger son his successor. The Sage will then offer Naruto advice and
        grant him a lot of power and send him back to life to defeat Madara and create peace in the
        ninja world.

        K C M
  13. Seriously, what is going on ???????????? How in the world could Obito fit in all this? Urghh this reminds me of Tsubasa and its infamous mind screw. I don’t understand. Seriously, I don’t understand!


  14. And, of course, in true Naruto fashion, we get NO actual answers yet and probably won’t for a while while generating a billion more questions. Either go back to the Kages fighting the clones or it’s going to be a whole half fight/half talk bit for the next few chapters.

  15. Well on the idea of Obito being revived why does it have to be a forbidden Jutsu like Edo Tense? There is the possibility of Outer Path: Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique. There is actually quite a bit of evidence that this might be the case.

    For example when Madara was resurrected he was disturbed he was resurrected by Edo Tense and not the power of the Rinnegan. Furthermore Obito was also pissed off when Nagato used the technique to revive the villagers.

    As we all know Madara awakened the Rinnegan through his Mangakyo Sharingan it would make sense that Madara has access to the powers of the Outer Path (as Tobi did as well when he took Nagato’s Rinnegan). So perhaps before he died he used the power of Samsara to revive Obito corrupt his mind with the “realities of war” most notably the death of Rin to put into motion a plan that would see Obito one day awaken his own Rinnegan or use the already awakened (albet weaker version) in Nagato to revive Madara once again. This would be conveyed through the Tsukiyomi before Madara’s death from using Samsara (unless Madara is so strong he can just raise the dead willy nilly a possibility).

    This theory would clear up some inconsistencies. Such as why the “Tobi” that fought the Fourth was notably more powerful then Obitobi we have now. Also why Kurama knew Madara personally and had a hatred for him.

    1. Also this could prove why Obito didn’t just take the Rinnegan from Nagato right away. As he wished Nagato would use Samsara to revive Madara so Obito wouldn’t need to sacrifice himself which explains the annoyance Tobi had when Nagato used Samsara for another reason.

    2. Reviving via the Rinnegan only works on those who were killed recently, so as mentioned, Madara would’ve had to just so happen to be there when Obito died in order for the technique to work. If he stumbled upon the body too much later, it wouldn’t work.

  16. Oh no, your one friend who you had a crush on got killed. That is definitely a reason to screw up everyone’s lives.

    Obito was better served as just a flashback character. He’s literally not been mentioned for seven years, only Kakashi has any real connection to him, and Naruto has no idea who the hell he is. If this is the final battle, it’s getting pretty shitty.

    And what’s happening with that Gedo statue? Shouldn’t the Infinite Tsukiyomi be done by now?

    1. Oh, you know how the concept of time is in these shonen-style anime/manga; 5 minutes takes up 10+ episode/15+ chapters and all while various number of years only takes 1 episode/half a chapter.

  17. I’ve got a question that keeps bugging me.

    He’s pissed that Kakashi let Rin die but why doesn’t he just revive her using Edo-Tensei? XD He just needs to find her grave which is probably in Konoha.

    If not, he’s found other peoples DNA which I’d assume is much harder.

    Kurisu Vi Britannia
  18. From the start, the implausible, yet tangible obito=tobi was something I am sure many of us didn’t want to see happen.

    However even accepting that, I am upset this is all over Rin’s death. Assuming Obito is not brain washed, this is the dumbest motivation EVER for any villain.

    Why not take out direct revenge on Kakashi in this case?

    I think this logically means that Obito is some sort of puppet/zombie/brainwashed/sasuke clone, which is what many of you have assumed already.

    600 chapters guys! Naruto as a series has come a long way and I am sure many of us are getting too old for this!

  19. The worst offense about this is that Obito was basically the only down-to-earth, nice guy Uchiha in the series. A personality more like Naruto’s than the usual arrogant, gloomy type to be found in most of the Uchiha. But now, he’s even worse than Sasuke, and I can’t believe I’m saying that. He wants to destroy the world because Kakashi let Rin die? What a terrible reason. Even Sasuke has more of a reason to be pissed; his entire clan was wiped out!

    I’m so pissed off.

  20. Guys I think I solved the mystery between Madara Uchiha and Tobi. Obito may not be tobi after all. The real Obito did not become tobi however, tobi became obito. I know this sounds
    like a stretch and everybody wants to put this tobi mystery to rest and move on with accepting Obito as tobi but like I said last week there are inconsistencies if Obito remains
    as Tobi. So I have gathered a lot of texts and formulated some theories and some points to
    my theories so please bear with me as I explain.

    Theory No. 1, Madara Uchiha created tobi to carry out his infinite tsukuyomi plans before
    he died, he also planned to be revived so that he will be the one to apply the infinite
    tsukuyomi. (You guys may ask, how did Madara create tobi?), he created tobi with izanagi.
    Now a lot of people think that izanagi is a technique one can use to escape death but it
    is more than that, according to tobi izanagi created all nine tailed beasts. He said so
    when he battled Konan.
    TEXT: Naruto Ch 510:Pg 11
    Tobi(to Konan): Izanagi was originally a jutsu used by the sage of the six paths. The
    Senju and Uchiha were one and the same. The sage was the two clans and the two bloodlines
    in one person, used his powers to create many things.
    By administering imagination and spiritual energy which forms the basis of yin power,he
    would create shape and form from nothingness. By administering vitality and the physical
    energy which form the basis of yang power he would breathe life into that form.
    The tailed beasts were among his creations with his yin-yang element power he created
    the nine beasts from the ten tails chakra a technique turning imagination to reality.
    Point of conclusion: Tobi is Madara Uchiha’s creation from the technique Izanagi and
    remember izanagi requires one to have the power of the Uchiha and the Senju to have it’s
    access and remember also that Madara gained access to Hashirama’s DNA during the fight
    (as Kabuto mentioned in Chapter 561, page 8 when he was talking to Madara, as well Tobi
    to Konan in chapter 510 page 12). This sums up my first claim as to what tobi is.

    Theory No. 2, Tobi is not a real person, he is the figment of Madara’s imagination brought
    to life to be anyone he desires but a real life person. With tobi Madara’s plan to rule the
    world is set in motion even when he is dead, however Tobi(not being a real being) loathes
    humanity and existences. Tobi can be anybody with their life, memories and experiencies
    but his own that’s why he needs the infinite tsukuyomi for his own surreal existence.
    TEXT: Naruto Ch 564:Pg 12.
    Tobi(to Naruto): You can call me by my old name tobi if you prefer. The war has already
    begun, Madara, Tobi call me what ever you want. I am no one, I don’t want to be anyone
    all I care about is completing the moon’s eye plan.
    Point of conclusion: Tobi can be anyone’s existence besides his own, that’s the way Madara
    made him, so he needs the infinite tsukuyomi to verify his existence. In the past he has
    been a lot of people Madara, when approaching Kisame, Obito when fighting the Fourth Hokage,
    and he has posed as the fourth Mizukage when he was controlling him and probably other
    characters (this should explain why he gave Nagato the rinnegan and motivated Yahiko to
    create the akatsuki, both claims happening right before Obito’s alleged deaths). Tobi can
    be anyone with their life, memories and existence but his own and because of that he feels
    that Naruto and Bee should understand him(remember Obito never suffered these circumstances
    being less popular and not noticed by the girl of your dreams doesn’t bring discrimination
    as being a jinchuuriki does).
    TEXT: Naruto Ch 564: Pg 13
    Tobi(to Naruto and Bee): This world is completely worthless there is nothing left in it but
    misery, you two have two have grown up as tailed beasts and you have endured the misery
    that comes with it. You should both understand that misery a little.
    By referring to Naruto and Bee’s loneliness, tobi is looking for empathy that his
    entire existence is full of misery and loneliness by not being an original being so that
    is why he loathes everybody and their existence.
    Theory No. 3, It would appear that Madara and Tobi have different agendas despite both of them working together as I’ve implied earlier, Madara wants to rule the world but tobi wants to verify his existence by eliminating reality and rule the world too.
    TEXT: Naruto Ch 561: Pg 9
    Madara(to Kabuto):So that’s why you’ve certainly prepared well, do you know our plan as well.
    Text: Naruto Ch 561: Pg 10
    Madara(referring to Tobi it appears you haven’t captured the Kyuubi yet.
    Text: Naruto Ch 560: Pg 2
    Madara( to himself): This is something he would do. There is something he would do. There
    is probably a reason behind all this…. though it seems that things aren’t going as planned
    for him to revive me like this.
    Point of conclusion: As I have pointed out before that Madara wanted to be revived back to
    life to carry out the moon’s eye plan but realised that to be brought back by edo tensei means that things aren’t goimg the way he hoped and kabuto also in their conversation made
    the suggestion that tobi may not act according to plan.
    That concludes a few of my theorie I could have gone on and on but unfortunately for me
    I’ve got other duties, so do you agree or disagree. Thanks for your time.

    K C M
  21. Random thought…what if Obito isn’t the mastermind of all this. What if its the person Sasuke is going to look for? Highly unlikely chance but what if the person Sasuke is looking for turns out to be his dad and hes the mastermind of all this. His dad could of survived by using Izanagi the night Itachi killed him.

  22. Yeah but its a little hard to believe that Tobi was not Obito at the fight with the 4th hokage because the space/time ability seems to only be linked with Kakashi/Obito and Tobi at that point “Tobi” was already phasing in and out to avoid the 4th’s attacks. So unless Madara can do that as well which he didn’t show any signs of phasing when fighting all five kages. So who knows maybe the alt dimension is kind of like the hyperbolic time chamber in dbz.

  23. IM SORRY Obito’s death is vague? Out of every thing happened in Narutoverse ITS THE ONLY THING THATS NOT VAGUE! For clarification we saw Obito getting squashed, half side. Moments later he gets squashed every side. So we can conclude he got squashed. So what’s so vague about his death? Him getting squashed, him getting squashed, and him getting squashed. Did I forget something? NARUTO ATE IT NOM NOM NOM! There you go! Obito’s alive.

  24. After following this for 600 chapters, I’m willing to wait a few more before reserving judgement on its quality. Let it slide for now guys. We can all ripe it to hell or praise it to heaven once its done.

    1. Sadly, same with One Piece though. And a lot of shonen anime. I still don’t know how geppo works, or how going Merry was fixed by a spirit, or how devil fruit works, or how luffy gets OP when eating meat, or how come Ussop always break his nose, or how come no One Piece in Random C and many more. But it’s shonen. So it’s expected. Although some anime like HXH explains almost every detail and every technique.

    2. Well, basically all that happened was Obito took out his eye and they replaced Kakashi’s eye with it. The act of physically taking it out isn’t that hard and only requires cutting the optic nerve and associated connections for the most part. The act of putting it in Kakashi worked out because Rin was there as a medical ninja and can heal back any of the connections. Because the eye itself is undamaged, just reconnecting it to Kakashi’s optic nerve etc. is all that’s necessary to insure it can be used. It’s kind of like an organ transplant for the most part… just… with instant healing.

    3. Hmm, Naruto may have a list of things that needs more explanation but the eye transplant isn’t one of them. The eyes themselves are magical. People rip out their own eyes and replace them with supernatural ones. It doesn’t need much more explantation than that.

  25. Don’t know if this was posted before and there’s too many new comments to check them all…

    One thing that greatly annoyed me from this chapter was Naruto. How dare he tell Kakashi that whatever happened between him and Obito doesn’t matter right now, that they need to stop Obito first? What about Sasuke then? People have tried to stop Sasuke’s plans and Naruto always starts with his ‘Sasuke is my friend, I’ll save him’ and now that Kakashi is in the same position, Naruto wants Obito to be stopped? Ugh.

  26. Random musing: I just discovered a pattern here. Take Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke; Obito, Rin, Kakashi; and then Yahiko, Konan and Nagato. Notice that it’s always the short spiky-haired one of the group that fell in love with the girl (be it one-sided or not)?

    1. The author would likely dig in to that. To be frank, that is my only evidence left to prove Tobi isn’t Obito. We seen Sasuke used out his Sharingan burning it out faster than a candle light. Tobi had used his Sharingan way to many times and not get blind.

      It is obvious that Tobi must be someone else, otherwise he can’t risk using the Sharingan in such a manner. Anyway, if it is Obito, then the only explanation is that he must be using the first Hokage’s cells to prevent such a thing.

  27. Am I the only one who is extremely upset that we are headed towards the end???

    And regarding the Obito issue, to me I can’t help but wonder how he has gone so twisted. He sacrificed his life for Kakashi and now he wants to kill him because he let Rin die. I know love is a common motive for murder, but it just seems like an extremely stretched point to explain all of these major happenings. Perhaps this is just me wishing Obito stayed innocent and is being controlled. I want a great explanation from Kishimoto, but I also want to see the Kage fight because that is pretty big for him to just skip over. And most of all I DO NOT WANT NARUTO TO END. When I read the last chapter I will be completely crushed. I hope there is a nice long epilogue. x.x


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