It seems pretty evident to me that Keima’s assumption about Dokurou being saved is premature. In fact, the chapter makes that pretty clear in how she once again begins to regress and is saved yet again by a kiss. For some reason, the kissing seem to be the only way to snap her out of the gloominess that threatens to turn her back into a baby, perhaps by stirring some minor feelings of love – not quite enough to complete the conquest, but enough to stall the regression. I’m also not sure about Keima’s second assumption either – that the mysterious device with slots for the two orbs is a time machine. It’s entirely possible that it’s true though, especially given that the orb was tied in to the repeating time loops, but I’d like the think it’ll be a way Wakaki will include the weiss in this storyline.

I’m guessing there will be some startled reactions when Keima brings home a young girl (isn’t he a bit young for that?). How he convinces Mari to let her stay should be entertaining to witness! At the very least, the kissing could lead to some rather awkward situations should he need to urgently stop Dokurou from regressing at any point in time! But the most interesting thing this chapter brought was the knowledge that Vintage is playing a role – that the plot thread wasn’t hastily tied up and cast aside at the end of the previous arc. With this arc, it’s also worth noting that it’s entirely possible that Keima was chosen to be Elsie’s buddy not just because he was the ‘God of Conquest,’ but (potentially) because of his success with Dokurou.

tl;dr: @MoombaDS – Not the most eventful of chapters but the appearance of Vintage brings hope for what’s to come! #TWGOK


  1. How to bring Dokurou home:

    1) Keima: Mom I brought a girl tht says she have the same dad.
    2) Mom: Give me a sec.
    3) ???
    4) Mom: Don worry I will take care of you frm now on and forget abt tht guy.



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