It has been a long time since I laughed so hard at a FAIRY TAIL chapter. I think I have to wipe my tears before I continue writing this post.


It’s the third night of the Grand Magic Games. Levy recommends everyone to visit “Ryuuzetsu Land”, the most well-known summer rage spot in Fiore (a pool). Everyone wants to go because it’s so hot. Since the master took off somewhere with Laxus, the remaining FAIRY TAIL members can’t ask for permission, so they head to the pool without any notice. A mysterious person (the woman Jellal was following, last week) appears to be listening to the conversation from outside of the bar (where the FAIRY TAIL members are).

The girls have arrived at the pool, all healed and ready for some fun. Natsu has already started without everyone. He is seen riding a train on the water, although, the fun doesn’t last long as his motion sickness takes over. Jet and Droy fear that Natsu might barf in the pool. The Exceed trio runs off towards an aquarium, followed by Levy and Gajeel (the latter doesn’t seem very interested). Cana didn’t bring her swimsuit so she decided to show up in her underwear – something that upsets the adults, and also raises the question “doesn’t she always wear a swimsuit though?”.

The Strauss sisters are talking about their brother, Elfman, who apparently already is in Ryuuzetsu Land, hiding from his sisters. Elfman joined Evergreen along with the remaining Raijinshuu members. Somewhere else, near a ride called “Love Love Slider”, Juvia is inviting Gray to slide around on the said ride. Gray, true to his powers, refuses to go with her so Lyon takes over. Wendy meet up with Chelia and the two of them run off to have fun. Warren refers to them as angels. Quatro Puppy is seen relaxing in the pool.

From nowhere, Jenny shows up and pulls off Mirajane’s bikini top, exposing her to Macao and Wakaba. As a payback, Mirajane pulls down Jenny’s bikini bottom, giving the two men nosebleeds. Somewhere else, Lucy and Erza are being treated like queens by the hosts of Blue Pegasus. When Ichiya shows up, Erza takes Lucy and leaves.

Lucy strolls away and finds Mavis swimming around. Apparently, Makarov and Laxus are there too, to keep her company. On the other side, Erza runs into Jellal whose reason for being here is the magic power he was chasing.

Everyone is having fun; happy faces can be seen everywhere. That is, until Flare shows up behind Lucy. It turns out that Raven Tail’s members weren’t captured, only interrogated because they broke rules, not the law. Flare apologizes to Lucy and leaves. Lucy is surprised, but happy.

Natsu and Ichiya are having a race. Despite Alzack and Bisca’s warnings, they both run and fall. Ichiya flies towards Erza and Jellal. The latter notices the incoming man and pushes Erza over to save her from being hit, but he ends up grabbing her breasts by accident. It doesn’t seem like Erza minds very much though.

Ichiya wasn’t the only one who was sent flying. Natsu flies towards Gray, Lyon, and Juvia who are arguing near the Love Love Slider. Natsu crashes into the two males, pushing them over onto the slide. The ride seems to work with magic, so it forces Lyon and Gray to embrace throughout the entire ride, setting Juvia’s boy’s love awareness on fire. Gray and Lyon obviously dislike the situation and start freezing everything around them (including people). Natsu counters the ice with his fire, causing an explosion that Sting and Lector from Sabertooth are watching from their balcony.

The Ryuuzetsu Land is no more but a memory. Everyone is worn out, spread out everywhere in different awkward positions. Natsu is seen laughing at the center of it all. The chapter ends with Makarov and Mavis crying over the repair bill that is adressed to FAIRY TAIL.

Last week, some of the comments said that the upcoming two chapters would be side stories, which turned out to be true. I was fearing that this would be a bad thing considering the cliffhangers from chapter 297, but, I can’t say that I’m disappointed. I was thinking “oh no” when I saw the first page of this chapter, but when it was over, I found myself crying with laughter, so I guess I can say that I loved this side story. The comedy in FAIRY TAIL is, after all, the thing I enjoy the most in this manga. It’s so simple, it’s the typical slapstick kind, but so enjoyable. I think everyone knows this by now, but I must say it again – I love FAIRY TAIL.

It’s quite difficult to write about the chapter itself as its story wasn’t something special. But everything that happened today was very amusing, and certainly very shippable. I know it’s hard to come across romance in mainstream shounen titles, but that doesn’t mean that there is no such thing. Aside from the comedy, FAIRY TAIL centers a lot on bonds, and some of them appear very romantic to me despite being funny. Erza and Jellal, I don’t think I have to say much about them. They’ve already kissed, so in my eyes, that’s a confirmed ship for sure. But now we have Elfman and Evergreen, Levy and Gajeel – both “couples” share very sweet moments in this chapter. If this isn’t romance, I don’t know what is. So let the shipping begin!

Speaking of shipping, I don’t know what to say about Juvia’s boy’s love delusions. While it is funny, I hope she doesn’t support Lyon and Gray in the future. I want her to remain a creepy Gray stalker (hopefully she will be acknowledged as a “woman” by Gray soon). Oh well, a lot of ships on the waters today (haha), but there was more to this chapter than the funny romantic moments.

Cana showing up in her underwear, I thought that was hilarious. Ichiya was quite funny too. I can’t say I feel sorry for him, but he sure made me laugh a lot.

Aside from the laugh fest, there was some seriousness to this chapter too. The woman Jellal was following was here (after listening to some advice from FAIRY TAIL). I am super curious now, who can she be? There are many theories; most of them point towards one of the FAIRY TAIL girls from the future. I’m not entirely sure myself, so I won’t make any assumption for now.

Flare showing up in this chapter was quite a surprise. Her apology to Lucy seemed very sincere and kind, but I don’t understand why she apologized. She doesn’t seem like a person who would change for the better so easily. To be honest, she looks like a psychopath, so I can’t help but wonder if this apology was fake or not. Also, we now know that Raven Tail’s members are free, so I expect to see them again in a future arc about the Lumen Histoire. So while this was a side story, we got some major information too concerning the future aspects of this manga.

By the way, something I noticed as a fan of the anime, this chapter had a spoiler for the current filler arc.

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Next week’s chapter will be a side story too, so I hope to see some comedy. Hopefully Natsu won’t cause any further accident then (poor masters). Looking forward to chapter 299!

Moete kitazou!

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  1. When Hiro Mashima want’s to do fanservice Hiro Mashima sure can do fan service. Also Kinana has been in lots of panels during the GMG just its kinda like where’s Waldo with her.

    Also anyone else notice that Warren seems to like the little girls a little to much?

  2. Do got to say but one of the best things about Fairy Tail compared to many other shounen series is that even after this long, it’s still very very fun. Can’t say it’s the same about others like Bleach and Naruto…

    The only other shounen manga that I also enjoyed is D.Gray-man. However, D.Gray-man is not exactly “fun” but it’s interesting and still is.

    Anyways… FAIRY TAIL! That reminds me… of why Mavis decided to call her guil Fairy Tail and that’s just odd but funny.

  3. After last week’s chapter this was a waste of time, this should have been just set for an anime filler episode not a manga chapter. To hear that next week is the same just pisses me off.

  4. I wasn’r very fund of this chapter but I agree that the timing was great, if he had continued from when he left at the last chapter then there will be no room for any fun portions to come by later , so giving us a funny chapter now was the best choice to keep things equal ^^ like gintama and how there is a serious arc after a bunch of funny chapters ^^ but FT is the oppesite .

    I especially laughed on Elfman and Evergreen , and on Laxus lol he seems so cool while doing what FT does ! Jellal’s Mask lool it was really funny ! Lyon and gray were just hilarious .

  5. This chapter was amazing and I got a lot of laughs and funny moments. In fact there are 10
    funny moments in this one chapter.

    LOL No. 10, Fairy Tail Girls and Blue Pegasus Boys.

    – Like always Ichiya, Hibiki, Ren and Eve can’t get enough of flirting with Fairy Tail babes
    and what’s with Eve in the bandages looking like an egyptian mummy. It is interesting how
    Erza scolded Hibiki for his low MPF point, Ren for flirting when he has Sherry and Eve
    for his mummified injuries. I don’t blame her because Ichiya is like an annoying dog that
    sniffs and follows people around.

    LOL No. 9, Gajeel, Happy and Lilly the sea creatures.

    – Levy and Carla weren’t the only ones laughing, I found it funny that the three of them
    were heads on the picture holes of two fishes and an octopus with Happy as a fish I guess
    you can call him a cat-fish, Gajeel as a fish with legs and Panther Lilly as an octopus
    with seven arms(I guess that makes him a heptopus).

    LOL No. 8, Mirajane and Jenny getting even.

    – They say payback’s a bitch or at least some say so. Jenny sneaks behind Mira and exposes
    her boobs which prompts Mira to expose Jenny’s you know what. Macao and Wakab seems to be
    enjoying the show with teir nosebleed.

    LOL No. 7, Flare Corona.

    – Lucy was startled by Flare’s sudden appearance but Flare made apparent that she came to
    apologize. She was already in a swimsuit and looks like she wanted to join the party
    despite not staying. I don’t know if her apology is real and sincere but time will tell
    and I would like to see an apology from Minerva I hope Erza beats it out of her.

    LOL No. 6, Gray Juvia and Lyon.

    – As always Juvia wants to have fun with Gray by sliding down the love slider and Gray
    refusing to give in and then pops out Lyon carrying Juvia to the top of the love slider
    which aggravates Gray. Is it me or is Gray somewhat jealous even though he doesn’t return
    Juvia’s feelings He’s always bickering with Leon when the three of them are together.

    LOL No.5, Elfman and Evergreen hiding from the other’s.

    – (Elfman and Ever sitting in the tree KISSING). Seriously these two crazy love birds and
    their secret affair never ceases to humour me, I bet that they were the first to arrive
    before everyone else but now they are hiding from everyone from fear of being discovered
    and are bickering about whose idea it was to have a romantic time together not knowing
    that Freed and Bickslow have spotted them and are laughing at their silliness.

    LOL No. 4, Erza and Jellal.

    – Erza: What are you doing here?
    Jellal: I came here chasing the magic power.
    Yeah right in a swimming trunk. Unlike Elfman and Evergreen Jellal and Erza aren’t shy
    of their relationship however, that relationship is not that straight foward either as
    one is a wanted fugitive and wanted dead by some angry girls while the other is not.
    It’s not hard to figure out that Jellal wants to be close to Erza any slightest chance
    he gets and I can’t blame him with a babe like Erza, I will follow from the beginning to
    the end of time.

    LOL No. 3, Ichiya slips and spins, Natsu trips and flies.

    – Natsu and Ichiya running around like little kids ignoring Bisca and Alzack warnings and
    ofcourse like little kids getting caught up in the moment causes mischief when Ichiya
    slips and rolls towards Erza and Jellal while Natsu trips on Ichiya and flies towards
    Gray and Leon, pushing them in the love slider in Juvia’s dismay(I bet she wishes that
    Natsu hits her and Gray instead).

    LOL No. 2, Frozen Ice and Fire Blast.

    – I don’t think that it was Gray and Lyon’s intention to freeze almost everone at the pool
    considering that they were in an awkward position which got even more awkward when they
    froze themselves along with others but what was Natsu thinking blasting the ice and as
    usual overdoing it not only causing a lot of property damages and putting everyone in
    the most awkward position(look at the last page), he also laughs at his handwork, That’s
    Natsu alright. Well it ends with Laxus giving Natsu a bump in the head as punishment
    and Master Makarov getting the bill, poor old man. Well if they win the tournament they
    can pay for the mess.

    LOL No. 1, Jellal and Erza’s Boobs.

    – GOD I wish I was Jellal, what a lucky son of a gun. Does he know how many that would want
    to be as lucky as He is, thanks to Ichiya rolling towards them as he slips which forces
    Jellal and Erza to duck with HIM on top of HER,He even notices how soft HER precious boobs
    are, so much for chasing the magic power. You were chasing your luck with Erza and you got

    Thanks for your time to read it. I’ll see you tomorrow for the Anime and next week for the Manga.

    K C M
  6. Fairy Tail unlike Naruto and One piece has a better love plot storyline. There is Jellal and Erza, Elfman and Evergreen, Even though Gray doesn’t return Juvia’s devoted but annoying feelings but his jealousy shows that He might come around unlike Sakura keeping her obsession for Sasuke despite the fact that the latter tried to kill her twice and Naruto can’t be that dump not to notice Hinata’s feelings even though He cares for her. One piece is just annoying with Sanji drooling over any female in the series that’s just rubbish.

    K C M
    1. I don’t really see it lol. Fairy Tail characters are cute and hilarious but the love is just as shallow as any other shounen manga. Gray and Juvia’s relationship, or Elfman and Evergreen’s relationship has primarily been for comedic relief only.

      And truth be told I would take any chapter of Naruto/One Piece over an entirely filler chapter with fanservice.

      1. As a fellow Manga/Anime fan I respect your opinion with no grudge but if you have an entire filler of Fairy Tail I would be glad to swap with you on one chapter of Naruto or One piece.

        K C M
    2. Well with One Piece, Oda has said many times that he specifically wanted to avoid and romantic plot lines because he wants the series to focus on the heroic literature definition of romance, as in the search for adventure and heroic deeds. He even named the prototype of what would eventually become One Piece, “Romance Dawn.”

      1. I know that and I have no problem with one piece on that it’s just the pervy nature of Sanji
        that cuts me off at times, I would prefer a romantic plotline or even a love rivalry instead
        of that.

        K C M
  7. Haters gonna hate, so let’s read their comments, digest, and not care about them. And the one that always wear bikini wear her bra and panties to the water park? Got to say, I didn’t see that coming!!!

  8. How I feel abt this chp in a nutshell:

    So many things to laugh at and so many fanservice for both sexes lol!! (Since when Cana become drink mate w/h Quattro Puppy?? Lol)

    All my ships are there too!
    Juvia x Grey, Elfman X Ever, Levy x Gajeel, Erza x Jellal (LMAO at this and obligatory b00b grab) etc.

    The only thing wrong is Ichiya. Shoo shoo!

    I still don get where the hatestorm coming from… Sheesh its stated Chp 300 will continue the main story be4hand… And plus tis the “calm be4 the storm”…


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