「満ちたり 欠けたり」 (Michi tari Kake tari)
“Waxing and Waning”

To say the least, this episode is one of those that could easily make or break a series. We’re finally at a point where we see the culmination of all the character development in the series, a point where we can see what this series can truly deliver now that the characters have overcome their respective traumas, and now that we’ve become emotionally invested in them as well. And the result? TARI TARI passes this test with flying colors, as this entire episode was full of the cast just feeding and bouncing off one another. There just aren’t enough words to describe how awesome the interactions were this episode, and it’s just this dynamic that separates this series from the rest of the pack. I mean, in the end, TARI TARI is just an anime, and the friendship between the cast a virtual thing. But it’s so smooth, so well done that if you just listened to how they talk to each other, you wouldn’t be able to distinguish whether it’s something from an anime or something from real life.

And it’s just sad seeing this series come to an end, but alas… it’s like that quote: “All good things must come to an end.” At the very least though, it seems like it’ll be quite an emotional ending, and one where it won’t matter whether or not I brace myself for it or not. Heck, I was getting emotional toward the end of this episode just thinking of the group singing Wakana’s song and going against the cancellation of the White Festival by forcibly hosting their own.

But in the end, I suppose that’s just a byproduct of how much impact the reveal was: that the school would ultimately be replaced by luxury condominiums due to lack of funding and enrollment. I had figured there was something bad coming, but I never anticipated anything along such lines. Maybe something like the addition of certain facilities that would kick out the need for a Choir Club or something… but shutting down the whole school… just wow. And to top it off, the fact the creators intentionally held it under wraps so long too, made it even more emotional. I mean, seeing Sawa mother and Wakana’s dad reading the notice about the school’s closure… it just made me tear up a bit. I mean, they just went through so much recently with their children and things were finally looking up. Now they have to deal with something like this, something just so much worse because it’s not something they can control. It’s just down right messed up. And I’m really hoping they pull some magic to rectify the situation, however unrealistic and idealistic that sounds… because that’s how much this series has managed to make me care.

Either way though, I just find myself having to back track a bit, because there were just some great moments this episode. There were the scenes with Wien’s modeling skills in action, Taichi’s stalking of Sawa to get some pics in exchange for art, Taichi being told never to draw again and getting owned by the art club… just priceless. And then there were the other conversations, like the one where Wakana admits that the only reason she’s continued to work so hard on her song is due to Konatsu forcing her to, which just emphasize the great dynamics between everyone. And well, I’m just out of words, quite frankly. Like they say, “a picture’s worth a thousand words”, and the episode doesn’t need much extra explaining to emphasize how good it was, and how good of a series TARI TARI is. I’m disappointed the end is coming, but it’s okay. TARI TARI’s like that bullet train you just saw for the first time. It’ll be gone before you know it, but just seeing it is infinitely better than not having glimpsed it at all, so all you can do is just sit there and enjoy it while you can.

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  1. It was heartbreaking watching the gang work so hard know something really really bad was going to happen. The signs were there, the flags were up, we could see it coming from miles away but it doesn’t make it any less shocking to hear that the school is to be bulldozed for housing. The worst part about the whole thing was they waited until the students were full swing into festival mode before breaking the news. They could not even wait until the festival was over to start the works.

    On a happier note, it was good to see Wakana not giving up on the song and despite everything still completed the song. And what good is a song if it isn’t sung? So the gang will get together and it whether officially endorsed or not and not only that but they will possibly pull the choir members in on it too. It will be good to hear the song sung in such full, bright and youthful voices.

    Lastly, how good does Sawa look in this episode. Firstly with that amazing outfit and then with the dance. No wonder she is so popular.

  2. That scene where Wakana is telling Konatsu how long the song will take is hilarious because Wakana is coming up with all these little lies and Wien is looking at her fondly like “No one is buying it.”

    I loved that small moment.

    1. I think a lot of it had to do with how little time the Principal left for any kind of action eh. That’s what makes it even sadder really, because it’s just like a sudden ambush with no real ability to prepare. The guy really messed up.

    1. To each his own… Though I still find KC, TT and AW to be much better than a certain Art Online

      Simply because a certain Art Online took too long to reach the main show and the flow was not done nicely

  3. No Konatsu arc?? But then again she doesn’t have any major problem lk Sawa/Wakana…

    At this point I’ve come to like all the members of Choir and Sometimes Badminton club…. So Best TARI TARI Choir and Sometimes Badminton club??

    This pretty much sums up abt the feel I felt when the reveal came….

    Lastly, lol at Konatsu scrip. Now I want to see the musical….

    1. I think we can count the first two episodes as Konatsu arc since it showed us how she overcomes her stage fright.

      And… remind me again why Wakana’s outfit is different from the others in her club? (But she has same outfit as those in choir club)

      1. I believe the school has a specific music section which caters more towards the students’ musical education, hence the different uniforms. A bit like the different-sized ties students have in the art-oriented high school in Hidamari Sketch.

        Wakana quit due to her mom’s death and applied to transfer back to the “general” section, though it seems she gets to keep her uniform.

        Kinny Riddle
  4. And finally Tari Tari shows me that it’s really Wakana and not Konatsu who is the glue that holds the cast together. Still, though, Konatsu finally got taken seriously for once, and that’s a 5-star moment for me.

    And GOD DAYYYYM, Sawa. I thought all P.A. Works could do was loli-esque, and I was satisfied with that, but here she comes and blows me away.


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