「晴れたり 泣いたり あとは時々歌ったり」 (Hare tari Nai tari Atoha Tokidoki Utatta ri)
“Sunny Days and Crying and Sometimes Singing”

As they say, all good things must come to an end. For TARI TARI, that end is now. It wasn’t the most innovative, but it did slice of life right and had more than enough charm to stand above the rest. Cue them tears, because this was a heck of an ending for a heck of a series.

TARI TARI – 09, 10

「白くなったり 赤くなったり」 (Shiroku Nattari Akaku Nattari) /「萌えたり 燃えたり」 (Hou Etari Moe Tari)
“Turning White and Turning Red” / “Crashing and Burning”

“Ah, after 10,000 years I’m free! It’s time to conquer Earth! Alpha! Rita’s escaped! Recruit a team with teenagers with attitude!” This week on Power Rangers TARI TARI, we get the continuation of a long string of quality episodes, and a new focus on Wien.


「気にしたり 想いっきり駆け出したり」 (Ki Ni Shitari Omoi Kiri Kake Dashi Tari)
“Worrying and Racing Ahead”

I called this the surprise of the season before. But you know what? It turns out I was wrong. Yup. Wrong. Because as it turns out, I wasn’t giving the series enough praise. I’ll be blunt: TARI TARI is the best new show of the season. And if you dropped it earlier, you are seriously missing out. A lot.


「空回ったり 見失ったり」 (Kuukai ttari Miushinatta ri)
“Spinning in Circles and Losing Sight”

A distinguishing feature of shows with large casts is whether not they’re able to give particular characters a specific focus while ensuring the others don’t get left out. TARI TARI passes this test with flying colors. Also inside: a bit of interesting trivia regarding the series’ name.


「飛び出したり誘ったり」 (Tobidashishitari Sasottari)
“Running and Inviting”

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t too excited the moment I opened the first episode of TARI TARI. Most of it probably came from Divine’s less than excited opinion about another slice-of-life anime from P.A. Works with a premise that on paper sounds about as fun as playing with a dead cat. However, by the time the credits started to roll I was a little shocked by how strongly the show really grabbed me in.