「気にしたり 想いっきり駆け出したり」 (Ki Ni Shitari Omoi Kiri Kake Dashi Tari)
“Worrying and Racing Ahead”

I don’t know how TARI TARI does it, but every few weeks, it just manages to leave me speechless for one reason or another. I mean, the things that happened this episode had me so emotional that it actually left me in despair at the end. And it’s because I realized that no matter how hard I tried and no matter the vocabulary I had at my disposal, I wouldn’t be able to properly talk about everything in this episode. But as my pick for the best show of the season, it’s my obligation to try my best to get more people watching, and try I shall.

And so, I’ll start out with the major highlight of this episode: Sawa. Nursing the injuries suffered at the end of the last episode and knowing that her chances of becoming a jockey have taken a big hit, she ends up going as far as changing her choice for her career plans. And well, it’s just a darn important scene because not only does it emphasize how hard it is to actually become a jockey in the first place, it also gives a great portrayal of an experience that many of us have had at least once: the moment where you have to decide whether to take the leap of faith and chase your dream… or to move on and choose something more grounded in reality.

And as someone whose already had to make this decision, I really just can’t help but identify with Sawa in this case, especially when it comes to the time period after this, where you can’t stop thinking: “Did I make the right choice?” “What happens if I had chosen the other route?” It really is a crippling time period to say the least. Not to mention the feelings are things that just don’t really go away, even years later. And this just further demonstrates why TARI TARI is such a great slice of life, because it doesn’t just take the “grandiose dreams” aspect of the slice of life genre and run for it. Instead, they take the dreams, ground them in reality a bit, and give us plenty of realistic scenarios, views, and quotes to go with it. And as a result, we get a show with characters we can easily empathize with and thus a show that just gives so much more emotional impact with everything that happened.

Granted, the end result of her father actually realizing her despair and how much she really wants to be a jockey and trying to assist her cause, wasn’t exactly as realistic… but you can’t argue that it couldn’t happen. Regardless though, this is one of those scenes where I can’t help but feel there’s more to it than just what you see on the surface. See, aside from it being a darn great scene, one can also argue that it’s a commentary on families in general; that deep down, no matter what most parents say or do… they really care for their children. And that while they sometimes they do it wrong and sometimes they just can’t describe their feelings right, the end result is that they’re doing what they think is in the best interest of their child’s future. Yes, their views may be wrong… but I think that doesn’t matter here. Rather, what matters is the basic understanding behind the parent’s motives… to take this into account and not to snap at them at every little thing despite at how harsh some things may sound.

Moving on, there’s just a load of other powerful quotes that have many ulterior meanings or were just plain awesome. Just shows how much more complex TARI TARI is compared to how it looks on the surface. Some quotes below:

“Maybe you just need to step back” / “If I step back now, it’s over. Why’s everyone telling me to quit?”

The key thing here is how Sawa considers this being equivalent quitting. But, what it really means (at least in my opinion): “Slow down. Take a little bit of time to think. Are you really, really sure you want to follow your dream? Screw thinking about reality for a moment. If you really want to follow it, then go for it. But if you have an major doubts, maybe you shouldn’t go for it.” Just a great show of maturity from Wakana in that respect.

Wakana: “Until I joined the Choir Club, I thought music was a skill you cultivated on your own. But I was wrong. You need to be with others, let your feelings intersect and connect and experience joy and suffering together.”

Konatsu: “Remember when you told me that I didn’t have that special something that moves people? I can’t do it alone. But with the help of my friends, I think I’m at a point where I have the potential to move people’s hearts. I believe a teacher’s job is to develop that potential.”

To say the least, the above quotes are just… powerful. Not only do they emphasize the fact that sometimes you just need someone else with you to accomplish something (and thus friendship), it shows the maturation of our two heroines as the show has progressed. It shows how they’ve realized many of the views they held before were wrong, have accepted it, and are ready to move on… together. And it also gives a subtle commentary on the job of teachers in general: to develop our potential. I could go on a whole side story about how many teachers aren’t doing that well these days… but that’s a whole ‘nother Pandora’s Box.

Wakana: “When I was depressed, I wanted to be left alone. But, it was nice to know someone cared”.

And it’s true. Sometimes there are things that people can only solve by themselves. It helps to talk it out with others, but in the end, the person having the problem has to get over it and accept their decision or what has happened themselves, or else they won’t ever really get over it. To them, just knowing that friends care though goes a long way towards that process.

In any case, there’s just plenty of those quotes throughout not only this episode, but the series itself… and it goes to show how different TARI TARI is compared to a typical slice of life. But, that’s it for the quotes for now, as I’m hitting around 1100 words at the moment (see what I mean by being unable to talk about everything in this post!?). So, I’ll just do a quick bullet point summary of the moments that really helped make this episode:

  • Seeing Wien’s house, I was like… OF COURSE THAT CAN FIT 5 PEOPLE. But on a more serious note, I find his house to be very telling in that Wien is clearly rich, yet he’s unsure of his future (and wants to do something). This combined with the fact that his relative from a few eps back is seemingly ill to a point where money clearly hasn’t been able to do anything… it seems like there might be a subtle “Money isn’t everything” placed there. Regardless of whether that’s true or not, it’s just good character development for Wien and at least demonstrates the potential dire situation of his relative.
  • Seeing Sawa’s dad say “You’re dealing with a monk here. I’ll send you straight to hell! Bam!” really made my day.
  • Wien trying to press the emergency fire alarm and Wakana buying time for audition via prank calls were also just hilarious.
  • Also, seeing Sawa get really pissed at other peeps was just quite something, demonstrating just how much pressure she’s in.
  • And lastly, you can’t forget Sawa ridin’ the horse to school!”
  • Anywho, I reckon I’ve knocked out most of the readers by now, so that’s about it for now. Catch ya guys next week.

    EDIT: Oh yes, forgot to mention. There are few shows that made me tear up or bawl at all, but no show has gotten me tearin’ up twice, and TARI TARI’s managed to do that. Major points for that feat.

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        1. I wouldn’t give up just yet on SAO. Who knows, maybe once the actual plot starts it will redeem itself. But I agree, these non stop side stories and jumping around in plot is really taking a toll.

        2. Same I had such high hope for SAO but they totally mess it up now and quite honestly I am looking forward to Accel world more now than SAO, if they would have follow the LN storyline and make these side story as a break in between like ep 12 or 13 thing would have been so much different, but now with different character, different story every week they totally kill the mood I had when we first watch episode 1. So sad in term of LN SAO is better than AW but in term of anime adaption AW done a much better job at it than SAO.

      1. Yeah, KC is still tops for me as well. This is slowly going back up the list though after a very ‘meh’ first few episodes. I’m much more satisfied with Tari Tari now that Wakana is over herself, MUCH better character now :).

      2. Wow, I’m noticing a lot of people listing top threes and not even a mention of Jinrui makes me a sad panda. It’s probably one of the most unique shows I’ve ever seen. The cute and colorful art style belies the dark themes underneath (kinda reminds me of Wall-E’s take on the decline of humanity minus the happy ending), and the show makes legitimate social criticisms through completely absurd situations. Whoever wrote that is a genius in my book.

        But anyway my top 3:

        1) Jinrui
        2) Kokoro Connect
        3) Hyouka (and if we’re only taking new shows, SAO)

      3. aw yea, KC all the way! idk, I think it has something to do with this show by comparison that just makes me love KC so much. I notice that TT, as an “original anime” is way too by the books and takes so little risks with the story that it becomes painfully predictable. Like, you watch the first episode of the arc, and if you’ve seen any tv in the past decade, you already know generally how the arc will end

        1. I would argue that the fact Tari Tari is taking risks by trying to tell its drama in a naturalistic and genuine instead of trying to make a theatrical drama out of it, which is much easier imo. It takes incredible skill to make something “natural” without feeling “boring”. I compare it to say making comedy by “slapstick” or “gag” means compared to “satiric, dark, dry” means, with the latter being more difficult to pull off.

          In all seriousness, anime falls into this “forced drama/melodrama” trap all the time. I feel that a lot of the time when anime decides to do drama, particularly Key adaptations and most notably in the recent-ish Anohana follow the same gimmicks that a lot of the “factory-produced” J/K Dramas make – that is go overboard with the acting and dramatic music and have a lot of “crying” scenes which results in a very artificial, “manufactured” feeling. Some people buy it, other people like myself usually cringe at it or find it unintentionally funny. Now, Kokoro Connect isn’t that bad, but some scenes in certain episodes (like episode 3 and 5) crossed that line. And the whole Heartseed supernatural gimmick is nothing new. Outside of noitamina-timeslot slice of life/dramas (and even then some of them resort to the supernatural like the latest Natsuyuki Rendezvous), supernatural elements seem to be the norm rather than the exception. Not saying all melodrama/theatrical dramas are bad though, and your mileage will vary. I myself loved ef tale of memories and consider it the pinnacle of melodrama in the last 5 years. Clannad After Story too, particularly episode 18, though I did cringe at the ending… but that’s for another topic.

          Anyways, apologies for the semi-rant. I’ve just been seeing comments about Tari Tari being uninspired and playing safe, when in my books making a melodrama out of something is the cheap way out. I do give props to Kokoro Connect not making a romcom out of the body-swapping/personality-switching though. That I do admit to it being bold.

        2. Now, you see, I feel the exact opposite of that. While I agree that at certain points AnoHana kind of hits you over the head with the melodrama bat, I didn’t feel that way towards KC. Fear of dying is a universal emotion that resonates with everyone. The dialogue in TT on the other hand is just dripping with sentimentality that it feels artificial and manipulative. The problem with drama is that once you see where it’s heading, you lose investment in the characters and story. I haven’t been able to predict where KC goes, mainly because of that supernatural phenomenon draws focus. I see the beginning of Sawa’s arc, and I already know how it ends. Because of that, I find myself fighting with the dialogue in this show. It’s like I already know where it’s going to go, and I know what the dialogue is trying to make me feel about this character, and because of that it comes off as artificial

      4. I guess I’m the only one who wouldn’t put Kokoro Connect anywhere near their “Top 3” list LOL.

        For this season, I’d have to say TARI TARI is the only new show that’s managed to move me in any way emotionally, along with maybe Natsuyuki. In terms of pure turning-my-brain-off entertainment value though, Binbougami ga! takes the cake.

      5. Maybe it’s just me but KC suffers from the similar problems that both Ano Natsu and Ano Hana did. The supernatural gimmick that interferes with my enjoyment and forced melodrama. It’s largely got to with Heartseed who I believe is a terribly written character because he’s a plot device that does nothing but drive the plot (drama) instead of being a character himself. Which is why I don’t feel anything.

        In comparison TT is much more naturalistic, understated and genuine in its drama. It’s also much better at comedy in that it’s restrained pinpoint and seldom indulges in excess (with the exception of crazy Spanish guy). Too many times does anime rely on slapstick, gags or what I call “juvenile fanboy” humour which KC is also somewhat guilty of – groinkicking and all those “sex” jokes it cracks. Also TT has some awesome character development for its adults including the two dads and the pregnant teacher. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen parents take an active role and I can’t remember the last time pregnancy character was on screen. Probably Clannad AS.

        TT reminds me of the naturalistic approach that Usagi Drop had which was one of my top favourites of 2011. With moe of course but that isn’t a bad thing per se unless its overloaded to the point it overwhelms the series – e.g. K-on. TT is a significant improvement over Hanasaku Iroha whose consistency is comparable to that of Mari Okada in recent times. Oh wait… she wrote Iroha :p. Tari Tari shaping up to be best anime PA has done since True Tears. Funny both abbreviate to TT…

        My top 3 that’s airing atm in no particular order are:

        Tari Tari
        Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita

        1. I just want to post to say that I completely agree with everything you said. I thought I was the only one that felt that way about Heartseed. He’s very non-threatening due to the fact he’s only a plot device employed to drive the story.
          Usagi Drop is also a wonderful comparison. I’d say Tari Tari is a beautiful mix between Clannad and Usagi Drop.

        2. If you would like new perspective, I would recommend Draggle’s Anime Blog for KC, where he ingeniously ties in events of KC with Scripture. It adds a new layer to who they are and what they do. Because from my impression, your dislike for the series is only at face value. Things happen and you find yourself disliking what is being presented (which is fine, btw. It’s exactly why I’m not like TT at the moment; the girls are just not nice people). But with KC, i delve into the critical thinking aspect of the series, which is like crack to me. The debate that whether or not one’s identity is primarily based upon one’s outer appearance is the kind of stuff I spend hours talking about on the forums.

          Which brings me to my next point. I wouldn’t call Heartseed a terribly written character. In fact, I wouldn’t call him a character at all. He is a plot device, but not in the negative context in which you hold against the series. I’ve thrown out the idea that Heartseed is actually the metaphysical representation of us, the viewer. In which case, he drives the plot forward, only because we want the plot to be driven forward.

          If your only seeing the series for what it is and not what it could represent, then of course you’re bound to find problems with it. For example, I disagree with your point that TT is naturalistic in its portrayal of drama. The Vice-Principal comes off as strict, hardheaded, and a rigid follower of the establish order, but so far she’s done anything but that. Twice she’s overturned her undaunted convictions following a single monologue from one of the main cast, and it doesn’t feel natural at all.

          Lastly, and this is just my personal point, your notion that “slapstick” = “juvenile fanboy humor” just comes off as snobby and elitist. Physical humor is a deeply ingrained part of comedic culture. On the other hand, what you took to be funny in TT episode 7 was actually gender discriminatory bullying that was not funny and, if you think about it, highly offensive.

        3. I respect your opinion and I’ll just agree to disagree, except for this portion which was uncalled for:

          “Lastly, and this is just my personal point, your notion that “slapstick” = “juvenile fanboy humor” just comes off as snobby and elitist. Physical humor is a deeply ingrained part of comedic culture. On the other hand, what you took to be funny in TT episode 7 was actually gender discriminatory bullying that was not funny and, if you think about it, highly offensive.”

          Physical abuse comedy is common, but it no means that everyone has to accept it. Anime in particular is typically terrible at overusing slapstick comedy, in particular using male teenagers as punching bags for the female characters to beat up. I don’t know about you, but it’s incredibly unfunny to me. You mention TT has poor treatment of males. That’s fine since I somewhat agree… but at least it doesn’t involve someone getting kicked in the balls or punched in the gut (happens in KC). TT’s abuse is verbal in comparison. As the old saying goes, “Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me.” I’ll stop my rant here but Guardian Enzo wrote a “rant” about male treatment in modern anime on his “Lost in America” site if you want to read.

          As for TT comedy in episode 7, you’re going to have to be specific because there were numerous comedy moments in that ranging from Konatsu mistakingly thinking Sawa’s problems was related to romance to Wien attempting to set off the fire alarm. I don’t find all of TT comedy funny (like the Spanish guy), but it hits most of the time, which is more I can say with KC’s “sexual comedy” antics.

        4. Thank you – you hit the nail over the head XD

          For me, it was less of a problem with AnoHana since the supernatural element at least played an integral role in forcing the characters to face their issues and confront each other. With AnoNatsu I could never figure out just why the alien aspect had to be there, other than to get some cheap tears from the audience. With KC, it’s much the same thing. Heartseed is nothing more than plot device, and it’s annoying that the series is relying on such an obvious crutch to drive its main story. The mere presence of such a mechanical plot convenience like Heartseed just throws any believability and naturality of the drama right out the window.

          For me, Kokoro Connect has crossed the line into “forced drama” every time. I’m probably in the minority here, but the way I see it, Kokoro Connect is all about emotional contrivance – it will make you feel, but it’s mostly out of conditioned reflex than a feeling of genuine empathy. KC presents conflicts that is designed to elicit specific responses; for example, take episode 5 (or whatever episode that troll!bridge scene happened). It’s painfully transparent that every event in that episode was pretty much engineered to wring out certain emotions: anger, sadness, anticipation, and then finally, relief. The magnitude of the events are what causes most of the reaction rather than the event itself. Or take that episode where Yui confronted her fear of men. The appallingly juvenile solution aside, Taichi seems like a hero because that’s precisely what the scene is meant to do – he just found an easy solution to a complicated, serious problem. How can he look like anything but good?

          Put simply, the drama in Kokoro Connect doesn’t run a natural course. It’s not a result of events stemming from the story, or a result of character interaction; it’s a bunch of dramatic situations strung together by a supernatural all-seeing plot device designed to maximize the emotional rollercoaster ride.

          This is kind of unfortunate, because the show has some very strong conflicts in it that could have provided some really nice, well-done drama if it wasn’t handled with all the finesse of a drunkard with a baseball bat.

        5. I have to wonder if it’s the slice-of-life genre classification that has people constantly comparing Kokoro Connect and Tari Tari, because at the base of it they’re both really entirely different kinds of show. And in my opinion, they’re both very good at what they’re trying to and supposed to be doing, for the most part.

          As someone else commented – TT is a character-driven narrative. Therefore the show takes extreme pains to flesh out its characters, even the side-characters, in as genuine a way as possible. It takes little touches such as having the two chorale club members confronting Konatsu this episode two of the three that showed up the previous episode, and even having both be antagonistic in distinctly different ways. The flip side, of course, is that the narrative-as-story tends to be more than a bit messy, with distinct imbalances between the depth in individual character stories (it’s rather clear at this point that Konatsu and Taichi are suffering in terms of character development compared to the other three); but in terms of natural and realistic event and character progression that, as you say, doesn’t go overboard on the drama, TT is one of the best shows in years.

          KC, in comparison, is obviously a story-driven narrative. The characters are by no means caricatures, nor are they unconvincing as people; they are, however, most definitely also each and every one of them (yes, even Aoki) as much a thematic vehicle as they are a character. The author, in this case, has a definite agenda to explore, and it is arguable that he may do so a bit heavy-handedly at times; however, he manages to do so without making the characters flat and one-dimensional, and plumbs well into many a fascinating yet highly uncomfortable question.

          On a side note, I don’t think it’s fair to level the same accusation of Fuusen Kazura as being a mere ‘supernatural gimmick’ as in AnoNatsu (AnoHana I’ll disagree, because while it was a gimmick there, it also was a highly necessary one for the purposes of that story) – the supernatural element it represents is, in effect, the vehicle for the narrative itself, and not a mere distracting homage like it was in AnoNatsu. In fact, I’d venture that part of the reason why you have issues with KC has to do with the fact that… well. TT’s characters are, by and large, fairly likeable people, who are, besides certain central complexes, well on the well-adjusted side of the spectrum. KC’s characters… really aren’t. Which is what makes them interesting, really. Your slapstick humour criticism is more pertinent, although I will contend it’s at least somewhat on purpose to engender mood whiplash, and as an illustration of the gap in the interactions these people have with each other.

          Personally, my preference is for KC. That’s largely because I enjoy shows with a more cerebral bent. At the end of it, however, I truly enjoy both shows; TT I’d enjoy for the refreshing, genuine, and heart-warming atmosphere – I’d forget it, but have fond memories whenever the name is brought up. KC I’d enjoy for the plot, and think deeply about the themes being communicated, and my own opinions thereof.

          Both of the above, of course, assuming that they don’t screw up royally by the end of the season. 😛 Which is unfortunately something more than one anime has managed.

        6. @Corin:

          Thnx for your comment.

          Firstly, I think the main reasons why it’s being compared is that both are dramas albeit differently executed, both have a 3 girl 2 guy ensemble cast, both are set in high school and both have a significant amount of “moe”. So to me, I think the comparison is legit.

          My main problem with Heartseed is that he’s just there without any explanation or backstory to why he wants to make the characters “suffer” other than for “his own entertainment” which to me is a load of bull and very hard to swallow. Perhaps this will be addressed later on (it definitely has to, or else I’ll deduct a significant amount of marks for it), but at this point I don’t buy it and the drama seems completely forced. The characters themselves aren’t acting out the drama, it’s been puppet-stringed by Heartseed. This was especially so in episode 5 which I thought was the worst episode of the series so far because it was effective a troll bait and switch, and imo a bad one at that because now I’m expecting future “drama” to be trolls too. Completely kills the emotional impact of it you see. Fortunately this new arc seems to be better in presentation because now we see the characters try and “outsmart” Heartseed, but unfortunately I have a feeling it won’t be long before he comes back and forcibly shakes things up again, killing all emotional attachment.

          And this is just my personal opinion, but I think plot/story for “slice of life/dramas” series is totally overrated. For thrillers, sci-fi or fantasy, sure plot/story is very important, but in “life dramas” the limit to an “original” plot/story is very limited. I find it that characters and presentation is far more important in a slice of life/drama than for any other genre (though it’s still very important there) and unfortunately KC just doesn’t click for me. If you have a look at say the some of the Ghibli drama classics like Ocean Waves or Only Yesterday, or noitamina classics like Honey & Clover and Nodame Cantabile (and recently Usagi Drop), they all ran on very basic, simple premises but the presentation was top notch. They all ran on sentiment and/or nostalgia which imo is far more emotionally evoking than “manufactured” drama that a lot of these theatrical dramas/melodramas like the ones I’ve mentioned before present. Now Tari Tari isn’t quite at that level, but it’s close and is the closest in years for a series that is arguably “otaku-centric” and “substantially moe” without crossing that forced drama line.

          Anyways it all comes down to personal preference. Personally I don’t go to slice of life/dramas to get my intellectual dose (I go to shows like Mawaru Penguindrum or Jinrui for that), but if that’s what some people like, by all means that’s their opinion. But I do hope that this “Tari Tari is uninspiring and unambitious” comments stop that I’ve been seeing everywhere since imo, drama via restrained, understated and genuine means without being insignificant, is much more difficult than creating one via theatrical means. This is also what separates the really good J/K TV dramas from the bad ones – the heavy, emotionally exhausting melodramas are dimes a many, whilst the ones that don’t feed on excess without being a snorefest are a gem in the rough.

        7. it’s that notion of “men getting beat up by women in anime” = “all slapstick humor in the world” that just comes off as snooty. I didn’t particularly say it had to be anime. The fact that you equated slapstick with frathouse humor illustrates how little you know what fratboy humor really is. The mere fact that you used the words “Physical abuse comedy” just shows you don’t even know what slapstick even means.

          And I said TT episode 7, not 8. You read GE’s article, so you already know what I mean, so stop pretending you don’t. Anything a guy says or does in TT either gets laughed at or gets shot down for comedic purposes. According to said article, the guys are being treated as second class citizens, and the worst part is that everyone thinks it’s ok. And your line in the sand is “as long as they don’t beat them up, it’s not offensive”? Please. Then by that logic, Cyber bullying doesn’t exist.

          Am I defending KC’s comedy? Of course not, there’s hardly any comedy in the show to begin with. It’s your general brush statements about a certain brand of comedy is what offends me.

        8. Commenting any further here is probably way too off-topic, so I’ll desist. Just a point, though – while your description of Nodame Cantabile is pretty accurate, Honey & Clover was pretty cerebral and heavily thematic as well.

          And as far as manufactured drama goes, nothing’s worse than any given episode of SAO or Accel World. 😛

    1. Amazing how relaxed Wakana has become once she’s sorted out her affairs, to the point that she’s willing to resort to prank calling the Vice Principal just to buy time. lol

      But that’s still nothing compared to Wien’s attempt to trigger the fire alarm. Way to go, man.

      Kinny Riddle
      1. and to finish the unfinished song from her Mother..

        Sure, she can read Books or ask for advice from others. They are just “tools” to learn hearing the Melodie inside your Heart/Soul

        This kind of Melodie, should come from deep within her. All others are just “others” Music

        Get the feelings, get the Flow. And if you catch the Wave, Notes appear out of nowhere. Dont try to think rationally, just let it flow trough you. Pick notes that grown a “warm” feeling (it can be sad times too. Life is not only Sunshine!)

        1. I think Wakana has been reading books to get some of the technical aspects of composing sorted out. But yeah, from now to get the thing done she’ll have to let her feelings guide her.

          Wakana’s awesome though, so I’m pretty sure she’ll have the song ready soon.

        2. one suspects Wakana doesn’t know the first thing about writing music, which is why she’s doing the research.

          contrary to popular belief, art (at least good art; of any kind) does take some old-fashion work and development to possess a level of skill to do anything particularly meaningful.
          nobody simply “does it” without that period of development.

          there are no idiot savants in the real world.

    2. That was quite unimpressive compared to Wakana’s arc. Sawa comes across as incredibly foolish with the way she dealt with everything. Like I said before, Sawa’s troubles just aren’t interesting enough to push this much angst especially since it comes at the heels of Wakna’s development. And it felt too easily resolved just because she saw her dad stick up for her. In hindsight, if Sawa really wanted to be a jockey she should have known about the strict height and weight requirements. She apparently also never considered the fact there are other careers to pursue in horse-riding.

      Thankfully, the rest cast made it worth watching. Kudos to Wakana especially, she dealt with everything like a champ. Konatsu really pushed the yuri goggles when she kept trying to help Sawa. And Wien is still awesome, trying to push the fire alarm must have took brass balls.

      1. I pretty much agree with your views on Sawa, but if you look at it from a “teen” perspective I think her views become more relatable. I agree, it was still hard to get into her plight, but it still seemed real enough to me that it didn’t affect the experience.

      2. To me it seems that Sawa’s problem/theme is not as much her dream as becoming a jockey, but more her relationship/clash with her father.

        He must be really something by the way if he can lock down a woman like Shiho 😛

    3. Okay I have to call complete proper horse care fail on this episode.

      Sabure’s going to be really lucky if he don’t go lame or suffer major respiratory distress.

      That’s not the way to treat a beloved horse boys and girls.

      1. Even i know that she must clean his Sweet, from running. And is he not “afraid/panicked” from these Cars, Trucks and Lights?.. Or he is really a “City Horse”

        But, i think the writers wanted to tell her, that she used her last “trump” card to reach them in time. to build up tension. (and for the meanwhile scenes at school :))

    4. Who else thought the scene with Sawa riding against the ocean reminded them of the Seirei No Moriboto opening?

      With that said, while TariTari is well done, I think the plot’s ultimate lack of “gravity” pulls its rating down. I think Summer 2012 goes something like:

      1.) Kokoro Connect
      2.) Side Art Online (:P)
      3.) Tari Tari.

    5. “Best??” Dems fightin’ woyds! [/bugsbunnyimpression]

      It’s definitely back at the caliber I expected it to be (High hopes~). Those first two episodes were such a strange beginning. They were really more of a prologue than the actual start. @_@.

      Rinne no Lagrange, Kokoro Connect, TariTari; easy top three for me ^_^.

      ““You’re dealing with a monk here. I’ll send you straight to hell! Bam!”” XD Yes! That was awesome! To me, Sawa’s Father knows he has a point, but after seeing how much effort his crazy daughter is putting into this, it felt like “Well, I might as well give it a shot myself. .. WHATS THIS?! These people are /impossible/! RAAH FEEL DADDY’S WRATH~” XD.

      Sigh, now that hopes have been met, I hope I can stop being so harsh on this show for it’s weird start and just enjoy it for how good it is~. That weird first impression is being an annoyingly high hurdle though :/.

    6. That look she had at her dad in the car was done so damn well i knew she was thinking “how could you talk about taking away my life’s dream!?” they captured the panic so well i really felt it. what the hell kind of rule is that anyways…to tall my ass make a new weight/height class for horse archery. godammit! or move the targets a few inches back. really a fail plan though starving yourself for a performace sport that relies on concentration and enduring strength to hold the bow back…that would be some damn feat if she could master it though. like…bad ass samurai training. ” i fasted for a week and when i could hit the target…i knew i was finally at the next level…”

    7. “best new show of the season”, where did I heard that before? (Jinrui, Kokoro Connect). We are really lucky to have these show all in one summer, I’m currently worried of the choices next season.

    8. Modern Transport is overrated, when in rush, ride a horse… Go get a horse everyone. And Wien idea of pressing the emergency button when they are in a emergency, but nothing to do with fire and medical problem got me cracking up and rofl, nice one Wien!!

    9. I’m desperately hoping for a Wien arc to start next week!! He’s definitely got a great story and he’s definitely the best character in the show (they all really are wonderful, though). I agree that Tari Tari is hands-down the best show this season- not only does it look at dreams and passions, but it looks at them in a realistic fashion. No matter how much Sawa wants to be a jockey, it’s impossible. She’s not naturally built for it and dieting won’t change that. There are other jobs dealing with horses that she can get into, so it’s not the end-all-end-all, but it’s nice seeing someone come to grips with the fact that hard work can’t accomplish everything.

      I’m still not a huge fan of Sawa, but the rest of the group more than makes up for it. The song they sang her was so incredibly sweet. Wien is the hero that the world deserves!

      1. Tari Tari
      2. Jinrui (it lapsed a little bit after the first arc, but it’s back on track thankfully)
      3. Hakuouki Reimeiroku (biased because I already love the franchise)

      I think KC is largely overrated, still a decent show!, but still overrated. Unlike Tari Tari that feels natural and is character driven, KC is very story driven, leaving most of the characters feeling one-dimensional and shallow (Inaba being the biggest exception to that and the stand-out of the show). I enjoy watching it each week, but it doesn’t impress me that much when it focuses on characters other than Inaba. Tari Tari may use some conventional storylines, but the way they’re executed is the true beauty of it. This show has confronted one of my deepest fears- what if something happens and that was the last thing you said to your loved ones? A fight, something disrespectful? Tari Tari is a beautiful show about family and friendship, Wakana’s story is one of the most heart-wrenching I’ve seen in a while, and it’s truly something special.

      1. Which show you prefer depends solely on you. I find myself looking distantly at the characters’ problems in Tari Tari (I do feel like I have a strong direction in life, so I can’t connect with them as much), while Kokoro Connect touches on issues that I feel more strongly about, such as “what defines my self” or “what if I randomly followed my desires”.

        Interestingly, I find myself thinking the same thing about the acting and scripts: the Tari Tari acting seems less unnatural, but also less sincere. Kokoro Connect is on the other side of the border: too much overacting, but sometimes for me it just hits a chord, and what a chord. For example, the argument in the latest episode of Kokoro Connect (7) felt so real, unlike most every other argument I’ve ever seen in anime.

        1. Oh, I never said that it didn’t. What gets me about Tari Tari is the family aspect and all of the heart in this show. Wakana coming to terms with her mother’s death and the regrets she had was one of the best arcs of character development I’ve seen in a while. There’s something about this show that brings back that warm feeling Clannad had. With KC, I’m torn on the issues. I’m more of mind with PocariSweat, the supernatural element hindering my enjoyment. They’re interesting questions to ponder, but there’s also a lot of forced drama, very much akin to AnoHana (also an enjoyable show). I find Iori’s issues to be overblown and minute, Yui’s to be severe, but dealt with in a lighthearted manner, and Inaba’s anxiety and paranoia to be the most real of the show.

          I personally find things to relate to in each show. The argument in KC’s last episode was fantastic. Like I said, I absolutely love Inaba and consider her the best part of the show. At the same time, though, the supernatural aspects and Heartseed being such a bland character hinder my enjoyment. When they focus on Inaba and her anxiety, the show’s heart truly comes out. The scene early on of Yui discussing what happened to her was also very well done. However, none of it has hit me as hard as Wakana coming to grips with what happened with her mother. The characters in Tari Tari feel genuine, they have heart and inspire a lot of feeling, and characters are ultimately the most important part of a show for me. It’s different for everyone though.

    10. My top 3 for this season are
      1) Kokoro Connect
      2) Hyoka
      3) Tari Tari

      The only actions ones I am watching this season are Acel World and SAO. I’ve been enjoying both but they aren’t as good as the top 3.

      I had hoped to see them singing together for the ending song but, alas, it wasn’t to be. sigh. Oh wells. Looking forward to another ep.

    11. @Zephyr

      I think you feel very passionate about this show 😛

      Personally though, I didn’t even get a hint of emotion from watching tari tari. Either way, I’m glad you’re able to take much away from this show.

        1. Sugu soko ni aburamushi,
          Sugu soko no Shin’ichirou no kutsu no soko ni mo aburamushi,
          Shin’ichirou no kokoro no soko ni mo Yuasa Hiromi!

          Yeah, True Tears was pretty damn good.

    12. I love the part when Sawa snapped, and give a piece of her mind to the two arrogant girls from the Vocal Club. They (Vocal Club’s girls) kept giving the “I’m better than you” vibes that just doesn’t seem right, just because they are in an official club doesn’t give them the rights to speak to their seniors with that tone!
      Their attitude really stinks and I was like “GO SAWA!!!” throughout the whole scene!

    13. Funny how this turn into the top summer anime 2012 discussion lol

      Back to the point, Tari Tari is definitely my top show this season. Wakana really grow in me
      I hope Wien will get his part soon

      Note: Too many unfair hate toward SAO. It’s disappointing (ep 3-7), but not bad.
      Kokoro connect is great but too dependent on its drama which is not good imo

    14. Favorite scenes of this episode..in chronological order. :O

      1. Sawa’s outburst at the elitist choir club.
      2. Seeing Wien’s house for the 1st time.
      3. Vice-Principal having a flashback of Wakana’s mother.
      4. “Don’t underestimate me, I’ll send you straight to hell!” Yay sawa’s dad.
      5. Sing and pass the cellphone!
      6. Resort to a fire alarm to buy time even though it never happened. 😛

      —-On other notes…—-
      I’m really looking forward to an episode that’ll focus on Wien.
      …He is a power ranger after all. YESHHH

    15. Is it just me… or is Wien really the jack of all trades, not to mention that he’s actually good at it, as long as he knows the rules or what he’s suppose to do XP. He’s probably one of my favorite characters in this show… and for some damn reason… I want him and Wakana to get together… I don’t know why… I’m sure people will disagree with me on this.

      Sora no Kaze
    16. Joining in the band wagon for top anime… I’d say it’ll have to be the following (in descending order)

      Kokoro Connect
      Lagrange / Kyoukai no Horizon
      Jinrui / Tari Tari

      I must say, SAO didn’t live up to its expectations.

      Back to the show…

      I must say, this’s the best episode of Tari Tari thus far since it concentrates on my favourite Tari Tari girl and also the issues surrounding her.

      The most hilarious scenes for this ep would be “You’re dealing with a monk here. I’ll send you straight to hell”, Wein’s interpretation of break glass in case of emergency and Wakana’s poker face after putting down the phone.

    17. @ Zephyr

      OH NO don’t TELL me you’ve Dropped coverage of Tari Tari !!!! nooooooo

      I can’t Find it on the “Current Series” Section at the TOP ANYMORE
      PLEASE tell me your still blogging it !!!! :O

      I would probably freak out if a series this good is being dropped half way in…….

      @ Trolls that posted on this Review

      GO Away everyone Hates people like you!!!!!
      You have wasted peoples valuable time.
      Don’t come here and just say things like “This is the worst show this season”
      If you don’t like the show just don’t watch it there is no need for you to come
      here and bash about it because there are surprisingly people who actually enjoy
      shows like this.

    18. Can’t I enjoy ALL of them and not picking each other out??? Everyone has their tastes and its not good to force your opinions on other.

      -Watchlist- (No ranking)
      Tari Tari
      MLA TE


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