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OP: 「Dreamer」 by AiRI
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「飛び出したり誘ったり」 (Tobidashishitari Sasottari)
“Running and Inviting”

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t too excited the moment I opened the first episode of TARI TARI. Most of it probably came from Divine’s less than excited opinion about another slice-of-life anime from P.A. Works with a premise that on paper sounds about as fun as playing with a dead cat. However, by the time the credits started to roll I was a little shocked by how strongly the show really grabbed me in. I can’t put my finger on it just yet, but something about its quirky premise combined with its (for the most part) lighthearted characters create something that feels pretty amazing.

And by amazing, I mean creating something that feels a bit different than the standard “girls doing whatever girls” do type of show. Seeing how this is P.A. Works, I have faith that they’ll fix some of the problems they had a few seasons ago with Hanasaku Iroha. While it may have been a good attempt at trying to do things a little differently with an original story, it did have its faults — especially with how slow the story moved during crucial moments. But it’s been nearly a year since then and I see a lot of good things over the horizon. With only 13 episodes to tell its story, I have faith that TARI TARI will be able to skip all the fluff and deliver the hard hitting, emotional story that I know P.A. Works can create.

But what good would that be if there weren’t characters who could deliver this amazing story I’m looking for? Luckily, it seems that both the characters and their seiyuu seem to have everything under control. Not only do we have a fairly diverse cast of characters who all have their own little quirks but I can’t think of anything negative about any of them. You have the hard headed Konatsu who’s leveled out by the fashionable Sawa; Wakana, the girl who has a deep dark secret which is just waiting to be revealed; and the two guys Taichi and Wien, one of whom seems to be reading a terribly out of date book about Japanese culture. Plus, instead of the bad guy being within the group it seems that the Vice Principal will round things out and fill that role quite perfectly with that attitude of hers (Even though I’m fairly certain that somewhere down the line, we’ll get to see how she’s actually not a prick and cares a lot for her students)..

As it stands, I’m really excited for what TARI TARI has to show us. With seiyuu who sound amazing when they sing and a group dynamic that seems fresh to say the least, things are looking really positive. Let’s hope that the next two episodes manage to capitalize on it and take it to a whole new level!

P.S. It’s my birthday today! YAY!


ED Sequence

ED: 「潮風のハーモニー」 (Shiokaze no Haamonii) by 白浜坂高校合唱部 宮本来夏(瀬戸麻沙美)& 沖田紗羽(早見沙織)(Shirahamasaka Koukou Gassyoubu — Miyamoto Konatsu (CV: Seto Asami) & Okita Sawa (CV: Hayami Saori))
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  1. Sawa is so awesome :3

    It’s a nice thing to hear the choir at the beginning of the episode singing that true tears song (forgot the title). It bring back memories, especially since I’m currently rewatching true tears

  2. At first the whole package did seem a little too generic, similar to what I felt when Hanasaku Iroha first aired. But turns out the characters’s personalities are very realistic and honest so I have my hopes up for this show 🙂

  3. Ennnnh, I dont know if I came in with high hopes, or what, but I was less than entertained by this first episode :/. Hearing Reflectia was FREAKING AWESOME. That one teacher, er the VP? Is a total asshole D:. Our MC is adorable, I love anime that concerns music, so I want to like the series… I’m a sucker for archery so it was fun to see a bit of that. The Tenkousei… can I smack him? I really want to smack him >.<;;;.

    I've just got bad vibes that all my attention isn't on the MC, and it's going to be less than fun to watch :/. *sigh*. I'll give it another week or two, but I'm just not confident I can enjoy this series :(…

  4. I really enjoyed this show as well! I loved the pregnant teacher, she was really funny and down to earth. She does a lot to really ground the cast. I’m hoping this can really be the Anime version of glee… I’ve said this before xD

  5. Yep, yep. Very pleasant stuff here. Very good set / char designs and animation quality.
    I’m just praying for that Vienna transfer dude to not turn into a gentlemanly cliche. That blonde girl is starting to transform into Chitanda / Haruhi (her high enthusiasm, stubbornness, and let’s-create-a-new-club obsession): I’m hoping the similarities stop there.

    I’m actually more interested in that music instructor. She’s more like the real ones that we have here in the states for high school (or any competitive-level choir) music teachers.

  6. Happy birthday Takaii!

    About the show, well, since I like Hanasaku Iroha, I have high expectation of the show. I will reserve the judgment til after 3rd-4th episode but it’s looking good so far. I really like the art direction of PA works in this and Hanasaku Iroha but I can’t put it into word about why… it looks.. soothing?

  7. I must be one of the few who was actually looking forward to this show. I’m really enjoying it so far. The second episode is even better than the first episode.

  8. *reads PA Works in the frontpage*

    There goes another show on my watch list. Damn, it just keeps adding up. I also very much liked Hanasaku Iroha so I doubt this’ll disappoint.

  9. The key to Tari Tari’s success is going to be consistency. 3 out of 5 (Angel Beats, Another, Hanasaku Iroha) have had major consistency issues, especially in the latter halves.

  10. Seriously PA art is just too good, the detail and designs that aren’t completely generic. A lot of it does remind me of HanaIro, the three girls here kind of have the same feeling as the three we had there but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Can’t wait to see more. Even if it doesn’t turn out to be the best of the season I still think it’ll be a show worth watching all throughout.

  11. Happy birthday, Takaii. Now get your arse moving and churn out them blogs faster next time for this show and Hyouka as well. I do wonder if you’ve been possessed by Houtarou and his energy-saving tendencies of procrastinating over blogging. lol

    With episode 2 already aired, it would have been more energy-saving for you to release two at once.

    Anyway, yes, the premise looks promising, with another show featuring the “optimal formula” (which I’ve mentioned in the Kokoro Connect thread) of 3 girls and 2 boys.

    Konatsu drives the story with her cuteness and energy, her BFF Sawa (with hawt figure and trendy clothings) acts as her moral support and voice of reason. Wakana is the (tsundere?) girl with sad secret. Wien is the eccentric outsider, and finally there’s Taichi in the “Kyon role” – aka the Generic Guy.

    And being PA Works, the scenery pr0n is stunning as usual. And this time it’s brought back character designer Sekiguchi Kanami and composer Hamaguchi Shirou, who have both worked on Hanasaku Iroha, this should be something to look forward to.

    Kinny Riddle
  12. Loved true tears, and I have a feeling I will like this show too.

    Sort of reminds me of k-on but with actual plot and actual worries, which is a WAY step up over generic moeblobery.


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