「Il Comandante della Squadra Protezione Animali」
“Commander of The Animal Protection Team”

Forgive my Thai, but wat.

I’ll give this episode the benefit of the doubt: it was trying to appeal to the softer side of the ‘family’ and create some depth of character. Maybe they were trying to reinforce the naivety and innocent justice that the younger members have! However, pulling off something of that nature before showing any other significant sides to the characters is just…clunky. From watching this and reading the comments from last episode: most of those comments also apply here, only now on top of more problems.

Once again, the introduction of the remaining characters and their Arcanas has been clunky. It just seems like they’re slapping the introductions willy nilly in the plot to seem ‘natural’, but it ends up being,“Doing stuff. Amazing ‘insight’. Oh btw, I’m X, the Y! My power is—*conveniently cut-off*” What’s worse: the reason for introducing most of these Arcanas right away is…hazy. I wouldn’t have minded if the story had revealed Arcanas later in the story when they were actually being used, but apparently the director wants to get plot setup out of the way. Normally this would make sense if there was actual plot development simultaneously occurring like last episode, but…

Assuming that the show is indeed aiming for a quick and dirty intro exposition through its fairly large cast, and assuming that we’re aiming for 12 episodes here…why…WHY use an episode on rescuing a cat! I understand if the director was attempting to create a softer side to the characters…especially Felicità, but there is no time to dedicate an ENTIRE episode to chasing a cat! It could’ve been training and discussing how to win the tournament. It could’ve been showing the inner workings of the Family. Heck, even going more in-depth into Felicità’s past via flashback episode would’ve established the setting. But nope. Let’s spend the episode deconstructing Felicità’s tough girl personality and highlight her girliness! It’s quite unnecessary to show two flashbacks of Papa and showing her sadface as reaction: a quick reflection would’ve done the trick.

Perhaps I am taking things too seriously (you can totally call me out in the comments if I am), but it’s such a shame to see screen time wasted. I understand that its origins come from an otome game, but shouldn’t that open-endedness be an invitation to take the best routes possible? For any of you that played the game, is there a route where Felicità doesn’t end up with anyone (in a good way)? Those who’ve played the game, help provide some insight on what you think will happen in the comments (without any obvious spoilers of course).

Now that I’m done fuming, let me tell you, there is one Arcana that interested me when it popped up. Felicità’s mother, Sumire. If we infer that she has the power to pass absolute judgment on an issue and how there’s a tournament coming up…some serious twists can happen in the tourney were Sumire to pass judgment against popular judgment. Of course, this also creates the possibility of Sumire acting as the cop-out resolution in an ‘oh noes the good gaiz are losing!’ matchup, but let’s hope that it doesn’t come to that.

Now let us sing a song with our favorite Nova, ’cause apparently he’s a bad boy.





  1. I feel like Nova is going to be the one to decide if i watch this or not. I already can’t stand his character so if he doesn’t get any better i’ll most likely drop it.

    1. it has really good animation, and the first episode was a let down for me, because of the story being so shitty executed(in all ways I keep telling my self: “there is no way this could of have a good series”) . So I’m dropping it, but going to follow it to see if zanibas has enough of it. *Cough* Guilty Crown *Cough* <- it won't bad as that, i mean the cough

  2. I don’t think the tournament will proceed until the main characters learn to control their arcana powers. That’s why this episode was so carefree. Also, we have to remember this isn’t just some Italian Mafia but a vigilante “family” so this episode is to show that kind of bond imo. This is only episode 2 so I’m okay with it, but if this was near the end-half of the series then I would be fuming as well.

    random viewer
  3. I get trying to give the characters depth but aside from Sumire, and maybe Nova, there is really no one here that I find all that interesting and am able to get behind. I’m also really trying hard not to compare this to Reborn as well. Oh well, three episode rule still applies.

    Mike F.
    1. Libertà and Nova’s personalities don’t balance each other as I expected.

      You would either support Libertà for being passionate for his determination and regard Nova as a cold heartless antisocial jerk but THEN Nova shows that he’s quite caring and introspective that rather not rely on others as much which makes Libertà LOOK like some loudmouthed idiot that doesn’t know moderation in his actions and just keep butting in to others business OR you could just HATE them both since they bring out the worst of each other and makes them unlikeable to watch

      They seem to make watching the show better by NOT having both in the area at the same time to cancel each other out. The other characters haven’t shown any characterization beyond the initial appearance in episode one which is all ASSUMPTION, which in fact just might be at risk of being a letdown

      Felicità takes the cake as being dense in certain matters (unless her powers covalently solves it for her) which is fine since she “shouldn’t” have to be worrying about who she may end up getting hitched with and the strong reassured girl from the beginning of episode one is long gone and seem to have assumed her namesake of “princess” in the need of saving. If she have powers like the rest why cant she compete for her right to be free to choose if to marry (or not at all) AND select who will be the next “papa”!?

      For a group of protectors of this island I hope to see them doing more “protecting” and LESS infighting to be the next head honcho!

      1. Yeah, exactly. I get Liberta and Nova are the two males that the show is gonna focus on the most and with their vastly different personalities it would be natural to set them up as foils to one another but they’re kinda being handled very in a very clunky manner like you said. They bring out the worst in each other which makes it hard to get behind either of them.

        And Felicita, I’m sorry she just doesn’t seem all that interesting to me. I need something to get behind her character as well. This is starting to show one of the major problems that Evol had. A very uninteresting main character who I just don’t connect with and can’t really get behind them and care about what journey they have in store for them.

        Mike F.
  4. Is chasing the cat some sort of a japanese trope ? I’ve seen this in Code Geass too, and it wasted an episode quite in the same boring fashion.

    Also I understand Felicita is the character incarnated by the player and thus being bland so that we can project ourselves on her is required, but really she’s just too boring.

  5. I hear you, Zanibas. It was a risky move to have such an underwhelming second episode. I was really confused. I’ll hang in there to see what episode 3 has to offer though. So far I’m feeling Lucas, Sumire (she’s mysteriously calm about marrying off her unwilling daughter), and the family adviser/alchemist guy.

  6. It was really an underwhelming episode in what I thought was an okay start.
    The exposition really bugged me as well. Imagine someone talking to you like that now.
    How would you feel if he said something that you already know? Wouldn’t you say “Why are you repeating that to me?” Ugh.
    On the other hand, this show has great visuals, although faces look weird when not zoomed in. Felicia is still pretty with her twin tail, ZR look but Noto Mamiko doesn’t really fit the role for her. I may go for the 3 episode rule but I may just finish this for the heck of it. Whichever comes first.

  7. Wow… taking some real risks here and building up the momentum of the series with a lost cat in the second episode…

    Not a very good move at all if you’re looking to hook viewers. I ended up skipping through half the episode hoping something more interesting would come up.

  8. Can’t we all just agree that this show sucks so far?? It may improve, by all means, but so far it’s pretty much mediocre stuff throughout. I only have negative things to say about this show up to now. It’s one of few shows in recent memories where posters who wrote that it sucked didn’t get overwhelm negative thumb-downs, but thumb-ups even in some cases (guilt crown, hello?)! Now that should tell something about this show. Compare this to SOA or Jinrui WSS. It’s a night and day so far.

  9. I don’t think its really a good idea to do this so soon, these sort of episodes usually show up half way through seasons. I’m also a bit tired of everyone always explaining their cards.

  10. Well. Not much I can say about this episode. I still hope that this series will pick up sometime soon. But let’s see here. 2 months before the tournament, this series is going for 12 episodes, and the 2nd episode is FULLY dedicated to rescuing a cat. Why am I starting to feel a “Tenjho Tenge” vibe to this series ?

    I can understand some relief after the event but a whole episode dedicated to a cat in a action/12 episode series there isn’t time for this. Unless they plan to make an OVA or a season 2 dedicated to the tournament. If that doesn’t happen then I will really start getting a Tenjho Tenge vibe, because in that show (mostly action) but they ended the series right before the tournament. The show was a train wreck disappointment though.

    There isn’t time for all this unnecessary crap with 10 episodes left I expect training, tournament, character development, and relationship development. It’s already risky enough to have a complex series stand at 12 episodes. But it’s the 2nd episode and we don’t have much of anything.

    This is why I didn’t play the game or review it yet. I don’t want to enjoy the game and it’s development only to be cracking my head open on the wall for the TV series’ stupidity. When this series is over, I’ll review the game. There will be alot less raging that way.

    I never liked J.C. Staff but I’m just praying it gets better from here. It’s only the second episode so no need to rage just yet. But if I don’t see this going anywhere by episode 5 AT THE VERY MOST then I may just drop it.

    Would’ve been a pretty decent episode if this series were running for 20+ episodes. That way they wouldn’t have to rush any development nor would I have any complaints. My view on this episode would probably have been different if it were running for 20+. But it’s 12, J.C. Staff is animating it, and where 2 episodes in. Not good.

    Last episode = Decent
    Today’s episode = *sigh* Don’t let me down…

  11. I saw that a lot of people weren’t really fond of the first episode but I actually liked it. I didn’t think it was as bad as most of the people were saying it was, like how it was generic and such, but this episode… really threw me. The end of the previous set up the premise of a tournament so I was expecting some plot development there but instead we saw an episode focused on chasing a cat O_O really? i’m just so… lost… let’s hope the third episode reels my interest back in.

  12. Show with a Spanish backdrop, how nice and mysterious. Not bad for a episode 2, I enjoyed it, but it is a 12 episode anime, why waste an episode on cat chasing and not on story development?

  13. Pretty disappointed with this series so far. When it was announced I was interested because I’d heard about the VN and always wanted to play but my JP wasn’t a high enough level to get through it. The anime looked like the second best way to experience it. However, the clunkiness in it’s handling, in a 12 ep series on top of that, seems like poor handling. I’ll wait till ep 3 to see if they get something going but my hopes are low.

  14. For those who’ve played the game and not for those who are only watching the anime, you know, the best route is about Luca and Jolly. Luca and Jolly’s route already covered the main plot of Arcana Famiglia. Unfortunately they chose the route of Liberta and Nova… So sad, the Luca’s route is beautiful, I’m disappointed that they choose the most boring routes… I’m still seeing this because of Luca, even though he will have a few scenes…

    1. Awww. I’d been favoring the Luca route because of what few plot summaries I’ve been able to find on the game, both in character and just in terms of telling the overall main story, but I had a feeling the anime might go for Liberta and Nova due to character type…guess I have more incentive to go back and improve my JP one day.

  15. The story in this episode does happen in the game itself, it is a part of Nova story route.

    Looks like they’re going to take a part from every characters story in the game to make the plot for the anime.

    The thing that make the game interesting (aside of the gameplay) is seeing how the relationship between character develops, not seeing how their power develops.

    As of this question, “For any of you that played the game, is there a route where Felicità doesn’t end up with anyone (in a good way)?”
    The answer is that route is exist in the game.

    1. I see. That would make alot more sense. I actually thought J.C. Staff was being…well J.C. Staff with this episode. But I just hope they don’t overdo the calm peaceful moments of all the story routes. Now I’m starting to think I should review the game so if the future episodes do something similar to this it won’t be so rage inducing for me.

  16. I thought I was the only one upset with this episode. :/

    I was doubting myself, thinking maybe this was how usual harem animes go… (haven’t watched a reverse harem since Ouran High School Host Club) …but seeing as I’m not the only thinking this episode had choppy scenes, I’m convinced. Haha

    Hopefully, improvements will come soon…

  17. Reoccurring problem w/ all harem / reverse harem series: character designs & romance > storyline.
    Ouran is the exception, of course, like rochichan stated, but Haruhi herself was uninterested in boys and placed herself in a situation where she could sustain that lack of interest… therefore, story > romance.

    1. It’s frustrating to see reverse harems get a bad rep because of lackluster anime adaptations. Though, in addition to Ouran, I think the manga version of Fruits Basket is another reverse harem that had some awesome storyline.

  18. Trying my best to apply the three episode rule. I’m not expecting much for the story, but this episode falls below my already low expectation. They seem to forget Felicita’s personality from episode 1, and the whole arcana power infodump is still as silly as the previous episode.

  19. I am thoroughly offended by the terribleness of this episode.

    Cat rescue?! I felt like I was watching a pre-shippuden filler with bishies. Character information bombardment while doing nothing with it seems rather silly as well.

  20. Dude. Fruits Basket shouldn’t even be considered a reverse-harem. It just became an emo-fest at the end where almost every character had a disturbing childhood or even more disturbing parents.

  21. hmm not to let down other people but i don’t think the story will focus on the ARcana Duello ,but more on the development of the relationships Felicita establish with others .It will slow dig in everyone secret past focusing on the main trio so i guess for now it’s alright ,they want to start this as a light anime and leave the action for the final ,so for those who expect some badass anime like KHR better leave your hopes down ,it’s not going to happen.
    Show Spoiler ▼

  22. Wow! It took J.C.Staff 2 episodes to mess this thing up. Setup is nice but execution is the worst I have seen in a while. If it wasn’t for the gorgeous Felicita I would have dropped it now.

    Sinan Çevik

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