As expected, some of the pieces start coming together this week as this chapter focuses almost entirely on explanations. For one, we find out that Madara made short work of the Kages. The result is not surprising in the least, but what is surprising is how Kishimoto didn’t bother showing any part of that fight at all. Typically, he wouldn’t have hesitated to use that fight as a quick sidetrack away from the Obito explanation part, but I suppose when you’ve been gearing up for this moment for a while and have half the fan base screaming for answers, that’s not a luxury you’re going to have. That and the fact that it seems like he might be saving that fight for later, as the Kages are still barely alive, and Tsunade (at the expense of her life) may yet save them all for Round Two…

In any case, the explanations… we find out that Madara indeed was the one who saved Obito back then. A bit far fetched considering the timing necessary and so forth, but it does pretty much demonstrate that Madara was running around as Tobi for a bit and then passed it on to Obito following his death. It also explains how they’re familiar with another, as it turns out they’ve both been responsible for planning it out from the start. Granted, Madara was supposed to be revived by Nagato with the Rinne Tensei instead of Kabuto’s Edo Tensei… so the plan hit a bit of a snag, but hey, nothing he can’t handle of course. Either way, while the explanation’s not quite complete (still more to go in the coming chapter), it is going a long way toward answering many of the questions we’ve posed over the past few months, and is a surprisingly coherent one for the most part. It stretches some moments to barely believable (Obito surviving in that state and Madara being there etc.), but off the top of my head, there’s no real big issue with how it’s being explained at the moment. In the end, it’s a shounen after all, so what you can believe is going to be tested either way, and well, that’s what’s going on now.

I’ll reserve my judgment for until after all the explaining’s said and done, but I just have to say it’s looking pretty decent at the moment AND does make a fair amount of sense… considering the circumstances. The thing I do start wondering however, is the viability of either using Rinne Tensei or Edo Tensei to revive Rin actually, as it arguably could be done. Of course, there’s probably some restriction I’m forgetting, not to mention we actually don’t know much about Rin’s death at all, so this might yet be answered in the coming chapters in some shape or form… but just wondering at the moment. Moving onward, it’ll be some very intriguing chapters up ahead to say the least. There’s the explanations to look forward to, the fact that there’s virtually nothing Naruto, Kakashi, Guy, and Bee can do to arguably the two most overpowered ninja in existence at the moment, and also Sasuke’s ultimate, inevitable involvement too.

Overall, as ridiculous as it sounds, I have to say Kishimoto might’ve just pulled a bit of magic from out of nowhere, because even though it’s so close to the end, he’s managing to keep some major story threads going concurrently (thus keeping some semblance of interest), while also throwing down some viable explanations in opposition to all those that believed it impossible for Tobi to be Obito. And if it turns out that the explanation works out so well to the point it answers practically everything… wow, that’d be quite something, as that means Kishimoto had this sequence of events planned out hundreds of chapters ago. Guess we’ll see though.


  1. …works out so well to the point it answers practically everything…

    Kind of wishful thinking if you ask me, but I wouldn’t put it past Kishimoto to be able to pull off such a feat- Bleach and Kubo, on the other hand…XP

      1. Also reading this manga it reminds me of an arc from the Bakuman manga whereby the authors use elements from previous chapters to make it seem like foreshadowing after the fact. Although I do have to agree that it seems to be wrapping up without any dues ex machina type ideas.

      2. @Fullmetal

        My (admittedly empty) speculation is that Madara got Obito to kill him right before he died of old age (He was ailing and would’ve died anyways, besides, dying was part of his plan)- Obito consequently gaining the Mangekyo Sharingan for killing his mentor and savior. And then he could’ve just taken the deceased Madara’s eyes to make his eternal (This part is unlikely, since I don’t recall Kishimoto actually mentioning that Obito’s Mangekyo is eternal, but you never know)…as for Kakashi, he’d simply obtain his mangekyo concurrently with Obito obtaining his since it was originally Obito’s eye anyways…

      3. Yeah, it’s not an Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. From what we see with Madara and now Sasuke, having the Eternal Mangekyo replaces the normal Mangekyo Sharingan, so when they use it, it doesn’t go from normal Mangekyo to Eternal, but simply Eternal with the combination of the patterns in it.

        The only other thing I can think of to support it would be how Kakashi questions Sasuke on how bad his eyesight has gotten since using the Mangekyo. Last we saw, Itachi or anyone never mentioned or showed any sign of their eyesight going bad using the Mangekyo Sharingan, so how would Kakashi be able to know about such things unless he himself wasn’t experiencing it to some degree with his Mangekyo, which wouldn’t be happening if it were an Eternal Mangekyo?

  2. I thought last week it could be Rinne Tensei that Maddara wanted to be revived by (probably as Rinne Tensei is a perfect resurection technique while Edo Tensei is flawed). Also Obito being saved by an older Maddara also makes perfect sense, actually that was my theory of what happens.

  3. I might get tons of hatred for this, but here it goes:
    I hope that Kishi will me smart enough to end the story, as in end Naruto once and for all after the madara/tobi/sasuke part ends and that he won’t be trying to prolong it, as in ANY anime, be it good or bad, once the main villain is taken care of, and new main villains are introduced, turns into crap. I had mainly bleach in mind (seriously, I consider bleach after Aizen to be… bad), but there are other good examples, such as Death Note (ye, ye, manga=/=anime, but once L was dead, the ‘next’ anime part was terrible), Dragon Ball (although Cell’s saga wasn’t bad at all, but later on, especially gt, were a joke), and many others.
    Unless Kishi still has some secret evil character which he will introduce in the process, giving the story some cohesion. I mean, he can easily leave sasuke aside and after madara and tobi are dealt with, bring him back. AND there’s till #1 super villain in Naruto series, Orochimaru!

    1. Well, to help ease your pain a bit, Dragonball GT isn’t even considered a canon series anyway, so Buu is still, canonically, the last main villain.

      I still thought Cell was a better villain overall as Buu felt like he was a more powerful repeat of Cell with all of the absorbing stuff going on. And while Gohan being uber-powerful was cool, it also felt a bit weird because I was sure they mentioned that, with his awakening SSj2 against Cell, his “hidden power” was ALREADY fully awakened, so having it “fully awakened” again by the Elder Kai and being SO much more powerful made little sense.

      But I get what you mean on prolonging stories like that. Some series can make it work, but if you make a main villain SO powerful/over-the-top ala Aizen, Madara, etc, then anyone that comes after that will most likely feel lame in comparison. And it’s not only in terms of the villains, but the main character(s) too. When up against such a powerful/over-the-top/etc villain, the main character(s) are (usually) subsequently developed a lot more and pushed to their limits to overcome such a huge threat, so continuing on after kind of hurts the main character(s) because there’s not much left to develop besides stuff that may as well be filler material.

    2. 1) Kishimotto has already said Naruto is ending within a year that was about two to three months ago meaning Naruto the manga is ending in about 30-40 chapters.
      2) You’re right about Bleach although I’ve put enough time into it I’m in it to the end.
      3) Death Note, I can’t believe I’m writing this but Death Note was a Shonnen Jump manga… beyond that Light was never the hero of Death Note he was the villain. Also Death Note was hardly elongated past its prime it was only about 100 chapters.
      4) GT was anime only and had no relationship to the manga at all. Hence all the plot points, the author of the manga actually does not even acknowledge its existence in Cannon. Although on Dragonball its kinda funny Toriyama actually thought of ending it at Freeza (hence why Freeza was heads and shoulders worse then anyone before) but he liked the popularity so he continued it. Then he wanted for real to end it after Cell but his editors convinced him to extend it. So THEN he tried to make a gag type manga more akin to the early chapters (hence the Great Sayaman Arc) but people hated it so he then turned it back into a fighting manga and ended it was a happy ending. THEN because the anime producers didn’t want their cash cow to end they got the rights to produce Dragonball GT which as we all know sucked.

      1. I actually consider the Baby Saga of GT to be the proper end, since it was the arc in GT with the most thought put into it. Super 17 was just pointless fanservice, but the Shadow Dragon saga could have been good since it was an interesting concept.

      2. I wish people would stop putting Death Note in a pedestal, as if the fact that it’s published in Shonen Jump should surprise anyone, or that something being targeted as the shonen demographic makes things bad.

        And the original run of Death ran for 108 chapters, and is part of the reason many people complain about how painful the last couple of chapters were because the author pretty much lengthened for no reason other than to have it at 108 chapters, which somehow makes it “deep”.

        Prinny Union
    3. I’m actually really hoping that we get one last mini-arc where Naruto is in charge of his own team of younger ninjas . I think seeing Naruto as the sensei would make for a really good ending, and would also avoid all of those problems about having to make every enemy more and powerful because it would be lighthearted.

  4. We’ll finally be getting more answers next chapter!

    Anyway, yeah, not showing the fight with the Kage is surprising and now Kishi is making it look like Tsunade is gonna end up sacrificing herself to save the other 4 Kage. At the very least, I wonder if we’ll finally get to completely see what she looks like without her Genjutsu. We only get a couple brief glimpses of her arm and such twice before, but never her face or anything.

    And, if anything, the fact that Madara was revived via Edo Tensei rather than the Rinne Tensei is BETTER for him (at least with himself at the reigns and not Kabuto) since if he were brought back with the Rinne Tensei (which seems to bring people back just as they were when they died and not rejuvenate them in any way and we’re seeing Madara was an old man there at the end of the chapter), he’d still be vulnerable.

    With Edo Tensei though…

    1.) He’s immortal. He’ll never age nor can be killed by any normal means.

    2.) He has infinite chakra.

    3.) Any physical damage he takes simply regenerates, so unlike Hidan and getting his head cut off, you can’t even disable him in any way to at least remove him as a threat. Even if you completely blow away the body, it simply comes back as we saw with Hashirama and Tobirama at the Chunin Exams.

    4.) Being so powerful, normal sealing tactics don’t work on him like with the other revived.

    So, hopefully, we get plenty of answers next chapter besides JUST about Obito surviving, like what other actions he and/or Obito had done over the years like his tenure as the Mizukage and then controlling Yagura, and so on.

  5. You seem to overlook the revelation that the Naruto we’ve seen for the past 3 chapters is a clone, and not even Kakashi or Guy knew about it.

    So is the real Naruto in the other dimension, is hiding somewhere preparing senin/bijuu mode, or what?

    Also… why does old Madara still have eyes? I mean… didn’t he already give his to Nagato at that point?

    1. No, no. You’ve misread it. A lot of people have.

      We see the real Naruto behind Kakashi in this chapter, next to Bee. The Naruto clone is the one that broke Tobi’s mask. When he did it, he was spit back out along with Tobi. That’s the one that’s standing by Kakashi and co.

      It’s no big revelation or anything. Kakashi was just surprised Madara noticed it with one look.

      1. I think madara made it clear that the original naruto was not present in the scene.

        So, both narutos ywe see are clones and I think that the original e training or doing something secretly.
        Maybe he is in the forg land trying to combine both nine tails chakra and the sage-mode 😉

      2. No disrespect, but I think you misread it.

        First off, it’s clear the one talking in this and last chapter was a clone because it was destroyed by Madara. Second, there is no other Naruto’s visible on the field in the scene.

        Kakashi wouldn’t send the real Naruto to the other dimension w/ no certain way he’d come back. Also, it makes no sense for the clone to be “spit back” out w/ obito, since they weren’t touching and Obito isn’t dumb enough to warp them both back.

      3. Yes there is. There are two Narutos this chapter. The one who attacked Madara was the one that was a clone. The real Naruto is the one who unchains Bee and throws the stakes at Madara and Obito. The Naruto that went POOF was standing in front of Kakashi yet we also see Naruto standing next to Bee, who is BEHIND Kakashi so unless Naruto is warping around as he speaks, there are two. Madara’s dialogue supports this. He asks Obito where the real Naruto is and then the Naruto next to Bee yells something out and Madara says “over there…”

        And to add to that, there’s actually an overhead shot of the entire field when Madara blocks the stakes and you see both Narutos in it. And like I said, the page where Madara says the Naruto speaking to him is a Kage Bunshin shows a Naruto in front of Kakashi and a Naruto behind him.

      4. Madara asks where the real Naruto is. Am I to believe he just didn’t notice the second naruto standing behind Bee? Unlikely, plus I just reread the chapter and there is not a frame with two narutos in it.

      5. No, that was the same Naruto clone, he just jumped back. There are speed lines behind Kakashi that represent this. Have you forgotten how insanely fast he is in this form?

        Like leesigh3 said, If the original Naruto was there, Madara wouldn’t have asked where he was, plus you never see 2 Naruto’s in the frame.

      6. No. That makes no sense. He jumped back to Bee just to charge Madara anyway? Look at page 13 on the Stream’s release. You can see Madara and Tobi. Then there’s Naruto clone. Then Kakashi and Gai. And in the back Bee with Naruto. You can even see Naruto’s tails. Madara didn’t notice the real Naruto because he was looking at the fake one and as soon as he realizes it, the real Naruto speaks up.

      7. No. That makes no sense. He jumped back to Bee just to charge Madara anyway? Look at page 13 on the Stream’s release. You can see Madara and Tobi. Then there’s Naruto clone. Then Kakashi and Gai. And in the back Bee with Naruto. You can even see Naruto’s tails. Madara didn’t notice the real Naruto because he was looking at the fake one and as soon as he realizes it, the real Naruto speaks up.

    2. Huh? he jumped back to free Bee, then he attacked w/ the spikes, then he rushed him.

      “MADARA didn’t NOTICE the real Naruto”

      See that statement right there tells me we’ll just have to end this debate here and agree to disagree. We’ll see who’s right next week.

      1. You do have a point there. However dialogue doesn’t seem to match. After all, there have been mistakes made in the manga before. I’ll humble admit defeat, but I still think Naruto has a trick up his sleeve.

  6. Unfortunately, it looks as though the position of Hokage is about to open up. I have a feeling of who might be qualified to fill that position, but it’s just a guess – I don’t want to hypothesize too much because it could be just about anyone at this point. Anyone at all.

  7. I like how graphic was the scene of kages defeat. I mean it is not real usual stuff, you would see a person to be cut in half. Woman cut in half with a cubic metre of blood covering everything around. That woman being quite liked character, especially amazing.

    As for the actual happenings, this marks the last nail in any elaborate “Tobi is not Obito” theory, which brings me to conflicted feelings. From one side i enjoy every second Madara is in focus: he is not only insanely powerful, but also have some decent combat humor. From the other side, i don’t want to even start to think at what lengths Kubo will need to go to explain all questions risen by Tobi revelation. I guess he will try to pull something like he did with Sasuke, when he killed Itachi. Like, Obito wasn’t to bright before the catastrophe, after it he just snapped out of pain and Madara catched him in-mid insanity, secretly killed Rin before-hand, blamed the leaf village and Kakashi for it, created a plant clone which is Zetsu,who keeps Obito intact and passed his plan to him.

    Also i am bother how Obito has the most powerful sharingan in existance, and how his eye survived the rock smash bada boom.

  8. I’m officially going to try and call how Madara will be defeated:
    We’ve seen that one of the only way to seal Edo Tensei beings is with a jutsu developed by the Fourth Hokage (that shinigami jutsu that sealed Orochimaru’s arms), but no one knows it anymore. But wait, isn’t some of the Fourth’s consciousness still in Naruto, queue internal conversation where Naruto learns the jutsu. Now comes the tricky part, Naruto can’t die so while performing the jutsu Kurama takes over and sacrifices himself to seal Madara, thus not only foiling Madara and Obito’s plan, because the whole statue thing will be incomplete, but also saving Naruto.

    For sticklers saying that the Fourth used all his chakra last time he appeared and thus wouldn’t be able to appear now, there will probably be a rushed explanation of it.

    1. That tree trunk thing is probably keeping her alive. The pressure is keeping her from bleeding out. What is really a stretch is how it cut her in half without completely crushing her lower body into mush.

  9. You know this could’ve been handled a lot better if they had Izuna, Madara’s brother, as Tobi instead of Obito. For one, Obito was originally meant to just be a character who shows how Kakashi became the way he is. If Kakashi actually had a character arc to go through in the main story, Obito would be good for advancing it, but Kakashi hasn’t changed at all since his introduction. Obviously he has something to answer for in terms of Rin’s death and how he had a role to play in it, but that also just came out of nowhere. If Izuna were the culprit, it would at least make immediate sense as to why he’s helping Madara since they’re brothers and Izuna is said to have been very willing to help him. If Rin’s death ends up the only reason Obito changed to the dark side, it’s not gonna add up.

      1. He’s putting it at the climax of the story, starting now, when everyone’s characters should have been resolved by now? Why not wait until after it, when he’s Hokage and he actually has some new issues besides babysitting Naruto?

    1. Actually Rin’s death would make sense since it has happen a lot in the series. Gaara lost his only love one (mother’s cousin). Nagato lost his best friend and he turned. Then there was Kabuto whose mother figure was killed and he started his path towards Orochimaru pupil. Zabuza lost the only person who cared about him and he turned to the good side. Sasuke lost his parent but it wasn’t until his loved one Itachi died that he went pure killing evil. His brother came back as a zombie and he became sane until Itachi cancled the spell and now Sasuke is confused. Having someone precious to you die will cause you to turn your aliment in this series.

      1. Yes, but they all had those parts of their backstories explained relatively soon after their characters became forefront in the story. We’ve known Tobi was the leader of Akatsuki for over half a decade now, and there was no mention of this until a week ago. It’s bad timing.

        If they had minor hints after his role in the leadership of the group about exactly what caused him to turn (not just that he was Obito but why Obito of all people would become this cynical and nihilistic), or even at the beginning of this war, then THAT would’ve been a good way of building up evidence and lead people into the revelation of who he is. Instead they drop it on us in the middle of the ultimate battle, with a few hints to prepare us for it, when they obviously missed their shot.

    1. Hard to say since we never knew his actual age, but if you consider Tsunade’s who’s probably in her late 70’s now, and that last page was at least 17 years ago (naruto’s 16)… i’d say he was around 110-130 years old when he died assuming he died before the kyubi attack .

      1. Actually Tsunade is in her 50s. Since Madara is about the same age as Tsunade’s grandfather (Hashirama), he should be around 100 if he was still alive. I’d say he died around 90 years of age.

        Son Gohan
      2. She’s only 20 or so years older than Kakashi? The databook confirms he’s 30. I guess it’s reasonable, but I would have to assume she’s a little older than that, but either way he’s definitely over a hundred at that time.

  10. Nice Ep…………lets see what do they explain about how Obito did survive the rock and how was Madara Alive at that point of the story……….if you notice he had a really large lifespan………

    1. Just a speculation of mine, but maybe he is somehow linked to the uzumaki clan as well, as it was a powerful clan linked to the rikoudo as well ..same ancestors with the senju´s … maybe he had a mother, grandmother from there … maybe would explain why he and his brother where the most powerful uchihas of all as a combination of the bloodlines of the younger and older rikoudo son´s .. developing the mangekyou and eventually the rinnegan besides the normal sharingan .. and i bet all other uchiha´s with this thread are descendants of him or his brother izuna

      he also stood in some relation to nagato who turned out to be uzumaki, remember he spoke words like: “i gave the rinnegan to you” … so for my logic he probably is in some way nagatos (great)grandfather which would ultimatly link him to the uzumaki clan …. he may carry the name Uchiha in the first place but that doesnt mean he could´nt have uzumaki blood ^^ or at least marry or take an uzumaki woman as well … to preserve their bloodlinepowers i can very well imagine this .. since he probably wouldn´t choose someone from the senju clan ^^ … maybe he found someone in rain or land of water .. he was known to manipulate the mizukage so he at least ended up in this region …
      And as i come to think of it, maybe obito was probably linked to him or his brother as well and madara knew it .. obitos team was in the land of water when he “died” – since the nins had the symbol of kiri -, so why could´nt a madara be with them if he ended up there and save obito out of sentiment or something? …so many possibilities here..

      And well Uzumakis are said to be very longliving, so why shouldnt he be able to get “ancient” xD .. but its all just speculation ..there is nearly nothing known about his personal live … could be all just bullsh*t for all that i know

      sry babbled on to much xD

  11. All you guys that think that Naruto will end in a year or six months guess what, It isn’t
    ending as quickly as you expect. Kishi is trying to lower expectations now that the big guys and the big events are here so I think He will probably keep the show going longer than what was anticipated, because there are things that have not been settled yet and they are.

    1. Naruto vs Sasuke.
    – This is no doubt going to happen as it stands Naruto has to protect his village from
    the vengefull Sasuke and maybe try to convince him to come back.

    2. The ten tails.
    – The tailed beasts are as much important to the story as the characters and being
    described as a god that brings disorder is not going to be defeated that easily.
    It will take someone at the Six Path’s Sage’s level to destroy it.

    3. Naruto and the Tailed beasts conversation.
    – We should all remember what the tailed beasts said about Naruto, that He is the
    Sage of the Six Path’s….. before they gave Him their chakra and were sucked in
    by that humanoid gigantic statue(gaedo mazou). So the question is what did they
    mean. Is He the Six Path’s reincarnation or the second coming or whatever, He is
    kind of like te shinobi world’s version of NEO(reference to the matrix)

    4. The return of orochimaru.
    – Orochimaru is back and still obsessing over Sasuke’s body like the freak that he.
    I don’t see how he is going to get it now Sasuke is in EMS as he couldn’t sieze
    Sasuke’s body in ordinary sharingan mode. He has a better chance taking some of the
    sharingans that Tobi/Obito piled in one of his hideouts. Frankly I wonder why MK
    even bothered to bring orochimaru back don’t get me wrong I think orochimaru is an
    excellent villain but now Madara uchiha is back He outshines Orochimaru a lot because
    orochimaru wanted an undying body and the Sharingan just like Madara Uchiha has. I
    think it is getting old to see him change body every three years and still chase
    after Sasuke for his body.

    5. The Revival of the Uchiha clan(another edo tensei summoning).
    – Why, some of you may ask. Because it will be fun, this war can’t just last three or
    four days. I mean come on, This is the shinobi world war it would take months or even
    years before it ends, by the way I’m thinking that ever since Kabuto showed Tobi the
    edo tensei jutsu that tobi is likely going to use it, but who will tobi revive I asked
    myself then it hit me, He will revive members of his own clan that was massacred to
    create more chaos ie an army of the Uchiha versus the shinobi alliance.

    6. Naruto vs Madara – The prophecy of the Great Toad Sage.

    – The Great Elder Toad prophesied that Naruto will fight a young man with Power in
    eyes. A lot of you may assume that The Great Toad was referring to Sasuke but the
    Toad didn’t specifically mention Sasuke by name. Like I said before prophecies are
    like riddles that need to be solved before they become obvious about the person or
    the event that they are referring to. Madara is that person the prophesy is talking
    about. He may be old enough to be Naruto’s and Sasuke’s great grand father but he is
    still young in his edo tensei form ans since He can’t die in this form he is forever
    young and he has powerfull eyes and Naruto has to fight him to save the world.

    7. The Sage of the Six Paths.
    – I think MK will make an appearance of the Sage of The Six Paths before He ends
    the show, in other words Naruto will never end unless we see even an episode of
    the Sage of the Six Paths. His appearance will help lead to a climax of the series.

    8. Naruto Dies.
    – If Naruto is destined to fight Madara Uchiha the outcome will obviously lead to his
    demise. Madara Uchiha is immortal, has infinite chakra, a sussano that can fight a
    tailed beast, the rinnegan, has Hashirama Senju’s DNA planted in him to mention a
    few. Who do you think is going to win. Naruto may put up a good fight but in the end
    against madara will cost him his life.

    9. Naruto meets the Six Paths Sage and returns.
    – After Naruto is killed, He will end up in an after life dimension and meet the Sage
    of the Six Paths just like Kakashi met his father after Pain killed him. Naruto and
    the Six Paths Sage will converse and The Sage will explain to Naruto about how He
    defeated the ten tails and how He tried to bring peace to the world before He died.
    He will also tell Naruto that He has been watching what was going on in the world
    specifically the battle of the descendants of the two sons because of the decision
    he made to make the younger son his successor instead of the elder son, He will then
    give Naruto some advice wisdom and maybe some power which will help him find the
    answer to bring true peace into the ninja world.

    10. Naruto’s resurrection.
    – Ofcourse after his encounter with the Sage our Hero will be in a better position to
    take out madara uchiha and the ten tails beast and I believe that He will save the
    ninja world and be crowned the new Hokage and everyone will live in peace forever.
    THE END.

    It may or may not probably go the way I described it but I have a hunch that some of what I
    wrote above is right.

    K C M
    1. 1.) Agreed.

      2.) Agreed.

      3.) Probably something akin to a reincarnation. I did point out several times way back that Naruto’s first new Kurama cloak could easily be overlapped with the Rikudo Sennin and you’d see a pretty similar appearance, including the 6 magatama “necklace” Naruto has in that cloak. Kurama also shocked and saying how the sealing method Kushina used on him was something that was used by the Rikudo Sennin.

      4.) Well, to be fair, we can’t forget that Sasuke only went after Orochimaru when he was at his absolute weakest state and even then, all he was able to do was contain him, not actually destroy him. And we also can’t forget that, as revealed early on in the war, Orochimaru (much to Obito’s displeasure) knew A LOT more about the truth of what was going on than he ever expected him to. (Things like the Jubi and whatnot.)

      5.) Who knows?

      6.) Eh, but as I pointed out the last couple chapters, there is just no conceivable way that Naruto could defeat Madara the way he is now, even with all his power, without some sort of extremely ridiculous haxing and/or plot device to allow it. Heck, we just saw Naruto’s little Biju Bomb was easily deflected just by Madara’s fan alone. Naruto has a lot of power, but all of it is useless if the opponent can’t die in general, can regenerate any damage to his person, and has infinite chakra on top of being one of the most powerful shinobi to EVER exist with LOTS of combat experience (being born and raised in a time of constant battles and war, many of which were against Hashirama in his adult life).

      7.) Probably make some Obi-Wan Kenobi-style appearance to either support Naruto, congratulate him, or something, lol.

      8.) Considering his almost-“suicide pact” with Sasuke, I have doubts, lol.

      9.) Something like Kakashi with his father when he died.

      10.) There would still need to be some sort of hax or plot device as it wouldn’t matter if Naruto came back because Madara would still be there with all his advantages.

      I’ll tell you one thing, though. I am PRAYING TO GOD that Obito DOES NOT get “pretty-speeched” by Naruto, thus he suddenly, ONLY THEN, hesitates and realizes what he’s doing is wrong, thus pulling a Nagato and betraying Madara, which will probably lead to Obito undoing Edo Tensei on him somehow, making Madara vulnerable and able to die (if not disintegrate right there), but Madara getting one last blow in and hitting Obito, and Obito dying (for real this time) while putting his belief in Naruto for the future…great, that’s probably what will happen…x_x

      1. Thanks for agreeing with me in some parts, well as for the others it’s nothing but mere

        4. I know that Sasuke was able to defeat Orochimaru because the latter was weak, my
        point is because orochimaru lost to sasuke’s ordinary sharingan mode, he can’t
        take on Sasuke in EMS mode as Sasuke’s power is combined with Itachi in that mode.

        8. I believe that despite Naruto’s suicide pact with Sasuke he can still convince him
        to come back to the village. The only weapon that can kill hatred is Love and not
        more anger. Sasuke still considers Naruto his friend despite his oath to kill all
        of konoha citizens. I don’t have proof of how Naruto will change his mind but I
        know He can because Naruto’s gift is to appeal to people’s Hearts and that is what
        Sasuke needs after so many corruption from Itachi(partly), orochimaru and tobi.

        I don’t see anything wrong with Naruto making Obito/tobi having a change of heart just
        like He did to Nagato although I understand exactly what you mean. Obito after all was
        a good person who changed Kakashi’s view of abandoning comrades for the sake of the
        mission. If Madara saved Obito then that means that Madara did it for selfish reasons
        and corrupted Obito so Naruto has to erase that corruption and bring Obito back to his
        senses. If it makes you feel any better Naruto can’t change people like Madara, Kabuto

        K C M
    2. 1) could be settled within a year
      2) could be settled within a year
      3) could be answered in a single frame or epiloge
      4) could be settled within a year
      5) don’t think this going to happen. You need time, sacrifices, and the originals dna to do edo and Tobi only has 1 of these. Obito’s not getting out of this battle alive.
      6) Naruto isn’t going to solo madara. It’s going to take everyone on his side plus konoha 11, sasuke, and maybe even orochimaru to take down him and tobi. So this will be settle within a year
      7) could be settled within a year
      9-10) Great fan fiction but I don’t think any of that will happen either.

      In short, I think most of the things you mentioned can be handles within 6-12 months

      1. Thanks for your reply and to elucidate some of my points.

        5. Tobi can warp as many people in his kamui and keep them in his alter dimension for
        sacrificial purposes, as for the uchiha DNA he will get it from the sharingan that
        he has been piling up in one of his hideouts even if it means damaging some of the
        eyes at least he can save the special ones for himself.

        6. I still believe that Naruto will go mano a mano with Madara because madara is immortal,
        defeating all the kages and has unbelievable power that can bring fear to everyman.
        There is no suitable opponent for Madara than Naruto because Naruto has Hashirama’s
        will and Hashirama Senju was the one that stopped Madara in the past so Naruto will
        stop him in the future.

        I don’t know for sure if all these will happen but I know that as a fan I can enjoy an amazing series.

        K C M
      1. Uh… true. But like everyone says Naruto gives the same bento. So at least Fairy Tail doesnt disappoints like shounen series these days. I look foward to fairy tail!!! Do you? At least in Fairy Tail no body is killed. In Naruto nobody dies even if they get killed.

  12. Well, i wonder who was the one who unleashed the Nine tales in Konoha when Naruto was born, the problems is that Madara was to old and Obito to young to fit at the age description for the masked man thou the Tobi that helped Itachi was most certain Obito.

  13. I think the most frightening aspect about this is how Madara seems to still hold the role of loosely being the “Big Bad”, whereas Tobi is sort of like “The Dragon”. Gotta love Madara’s arrogance too, and how Kishimoto did the matchup of Madara vs. 8 and 9-tails while Tobi fights Kakashi and Guy.

  14. Has anyone noticed how the reinforcements that were supposed to be heading towards Naruto, Bee, Kakashi and Guy have not yet arrived
    and how Madara supposedly beat them all to reach them( Naruto, Bee, Kakashi and Guy) first instead.

    K C M
  15. I feel life Tsunade wont really “die”, the fact taht she was cut in half but the summoned slug just casually said “i’ll put you back together” didnt show any tone of urgency to her situation. She basically told the slug she’d be fine if it waited and to go treat the other Kages instead. Whether its a bluff or not, I just didnt sense any death flag on her. Maybe its just me.


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