「信奈絶体絶命」 (Nobuna Zettai Zetsumei)
“Nobuna in Grave Danger”

So yeah…about that one concern for many episodes about the show always ending on a cheesy note…scratch that now. We know, we KNOW that everything is going to resolve itself happily by the end of the season, and we know that Nobuna isn’t going to die, but the fact that the episode ended on a tense note is to be applauded. The fact that the tense note comes from a serious injury to a major female character only adds to the list of debunked misconceptions I must swallow. The show continues to improve on itself, to raise the bar on itself more and more. The other show I’m covering, Shirokuma Cafe, has gone through a similar improvement, both of which I’d like to attribute to the writer finally breaking into the rhythm of things. Considering how Kasuga Mikage, the writer of the light novel, is writing Nobuna as their first novel, their rhythm has definitely gone into high gear despite the novice experience. The tension now lasts longer, the resolutions are less clean-cut, and the mortality of all the characters looms closer. I applaud both shows for their improvements thus far.

But now that we’ve reached our climax, what does this mean for the rest of the series? Will Yoshiharu go into a fit of great rage and lose all logic? Will rage be induced as Asakura decides to try and do terrible things to Nobuna? Will Nene ever get the attention she truly deserves? Instead of discussing the events of the episodes in great detail, instead I will dedicate the majority of this post on one aspect of the episode…

That one aspect though relates to Asai Nagamasa and her husband, the ever multi-roled Nobukatsu! I mean, as much as I love seeing Nobuna and Saru be cute together…this is just something else. As many of the comments were careful to spoiler out, Nagamasa actually is a girl…making Nobukatsu an ironically perfect match for her! Although I initially viewed Nobukatsu as a temporary character for the sake of advancing the plot, it’s great that he’s ended up being relegated to the role of history’s Oichi! It’s a bit weird, but it somehow works out well with the genderbended roles. I foresee that the first of their heroic and romantic adventures will involve assisting the Oda army in some way. That’s right, I said first. I imagine that this couple won’t close their books after this arc–on the contrary, I believe that since their relation is one that’s so unique and filled with potential, they just can’t go to waste! Nagamasa, although initially a stereotypical chauvinist, actually is the victim of chauvinism, an interesting twist that…only seems natural because of the unique scenario. Nobukatsu, although initially a childish rebel, ends up actually being quite reliable and reassuring despite his age.

From this, perhaps it is safe to generally say that Nobuna is a series that sets us up for B-level plot, but in reality has a lot more up its sleeve. Just like many of the cons that I named earlier that are now debunked, many of the characters are shaping up to have different dimensions that I couldn’t have predicted seeing. I knew Nobuna was going to be a notch above most genderbends, but the series continues to hint that it will become something even more than it is now. It is a shame that the story didn’t start off like this, but as with many a starting novelist, their true skill reveals themselves during the middle of the story. Here’s to hoping as always that this trend continues in the right direction, and here’s to hoping that direction leads us to a second season!

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    1. Agreed. It’s like watching Negi, but on purpose.

      And yes, this episode was awesome Zani. And yes, I watched it so quickly because of you! N-Not that I care w-what you want or anything *tsun tsun*

    1. Nobuna lays dying, but just then the shade of Steve Jobs appears! It tells her, “Nobuna, you still have much to do” and then in a flash of white, her wounds are healed. As Steve Jobs’ Shade disappears, he says “Stay hungry… stay foolish” and then is gone.

  1. That farewell between Haru and Nobuna. +10 points! You could feel how all the generals were itching for kidnaping Haru and run away with him. Too bad Haru said it aloud “kisu from the greatest price of the land” Nobuna lips!

    Also sick loli is sick :0

    Just loved how everyone jump into the action and the rush of the military withdraw. Epic episode, we really need a 2nd season.

  2. The biggest surprise to me and since I didn’t read a lot of spoilers in the comments was Asai being a woman. I did not know that. I don’t have access to the LNs to even spoil myself ahead of time on that. But, man, Nobukatsu, is one lucky shota. Hot wife? Check. Being man enough about seeing her naked at the bathing pool? Check. How many male characters don’t overreact or don’t get an [overused] nose bleed scene when in that position in another anime? Little to none. Heck, he goes so far to assure that she doesn’t have to hide herself in front of him when they’re alone together, and even is willing to go back to rescue her. Now, that guy has enough balls and guts as Saru has at this point.

    Oda Nobuna is something that really exceeded my expectations when I first watched it. I do have to thank my friend for suggesting to me to watch this. He’s about as surprised as me when he first watched it. He thought this would be some run-of-the mill harem, fanservice anime.

    Boy were we wrong.

    Sucks that they cut out the kiss scene between Saru and Nobuna, but I was so anxious for him to tell Nobuna that he will take the best prize out of Japan– the prettiest woman being Nobuna herself. It’s almost as good as Himeko’s confession to Taichi in the recent episode of Kokoro Connect.

    I really hope there is a second season. The way the story is going, one cour doesn’t seem to do this series justice. There are more stories to tell about Nobuna and Saru that I would love to see.

    I’m going to cross my fingers and hope that there is a second season.

  3. wait wait wait…

    so no matter how many times saru proves himself, nobuna randomly, for no real reason (plot hole!), decides to lie to him about her destination. then, when he comes to help her she claims HE’S THE LIAR since she’s so convinced he’s going to die


    1. I think Hanbei already explained it to Saru, Nobuna’s still skeptical of the “from the future” claim (since some of his predictions are abit off-target) and dislikes the fact that Saru can predict what she was thinking (ie appears to be reading her mind).

      As for calling him a Liar ties back to her belief that everyone she loves had died and knowing Saru’s personality he’d offer to take the rearguard position which is tantamount to suicide against the odds he’s facing.

      1. yes, i understand that’s the explaination we’re given…and it’s really weak.

        after 9 episodes of saru:
        1. proving he does know the future
        2. putting his life on the line for nobuna
        3. the two growing closer in friendship/romance

        we’re supposed to believe that nobuna lies because
        1. she still doesn’t trust him
        2. feels like “he’s reading her mind”

        im not crazy bashing the show or anything, i enjoy and will continue to watch it but i just felt this was a pretty glaring plot hole

      2. @Kasrkin519

        Weak maybe, but I wouldn’t call it a plot hole as there’s plenty of stuff from prior eps. to justify Nobuna’s actions.

        1. Yoshiharu’s info on events is now becoming faulty (since the factors leading to major events are becoming altered) thus she really can’t fully rely on his future intel. (Evidenced by him getting flustered at the change of events leading to the occupation of Kyoto as well as the Takeda – Uesugi bluff the enemy made)

        2. The Liar part is her being tsundere and the fact that Saru has been known to become reckless when placed in a combat situation. ( Dousan’s rescue, Getting intel on Okehazama and building the Sunomata castle). Thus it’s not that she doesn’t trust him it’s more like she knows him too well.

        3. She still has to keep up appearances of her being an in-charge Daimyo thus conflicting with her growing attachment to Yoshiharu. (tsundere)

  4. Can safely assume Nobuna is not gonna die, probably some serious injuries but not fatal. If she dies, the show just took a weird turn to crash and burn.
    Zenki need more screen time, everyone love a white wolf that is larger than normal since it/he is a demon.
    And the man with the red mask is so obvious to be Dousan’s adopted son, but in anime, they always cannot see it…

  5. Heh at Saru being asked to stay behind and babysit all the lolis in Nobuna’s court: Goemon, Inuchiyo, Hanbei-chan and Nene, with the latter two engaging in some hawt bathing action.

    Kinny Riddle

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