「死闘の果て」 (Shitou no Hate)
“The End of a Deadly Battle”

Picking up from last week, the BETA have now officially arrived on the base, and Yui’s in quite the bind. Good thing for her though, she had the manly Corporal by her side, and ultimately her knight in shining armor arriving as well. Combining with how she was rescued way back too, and you just can’t help but consider how lucky she is to still be alive. But then again, if there’s one thing that’s true in the Muv-Luv universe, it’s that living has its share of burdens too. Seeing all your close comrades die in front of you, time after time, but living to tell about it and having to deal with the guilt and the anger… phew, that’s something that could easily throw you off the rocker, and you really also gotta consider her luck a curse as well.

Moving on, a lot of the episode goes pretty much as expected… from the Corporal dying a gruesome death to Yuuya jumping in to save Yui at the last second. But despite the fact we pretty much could see what was going to happen from a mile away, it was still a fairly good episode surprisingly enough, and no, it’s not only because we got plenty of BETA appearances this week (including more epic FORT CLASS).

For me, the thing that really made this episode was how they actually managed to properly include old flashbacks along the episode, flashbacks that were not only relevant, but made it so some scenes were improved as a result. I still think it was a bad idea to make those two anime original episodes at the front… but I will admit that having those episodes out and linking them to the events of this episode did make it better. Alas, I wished they would’ve just went straight into the material and leave the past fully to recaps like some of the new moments we never saw before this episode… but what can you do?

Either way, regardless of what your opinions are regarding the flashbacks, there is one key sentence that was included this week that I feel needs to be talked about. And it’s the quote from the instructor, where he basically says: “everything we know about the BETA come from the sacrifices of those that fell before us”. Maybe you glanced over it, maybe not. But it really is a powerful quote. I mean, think about it. Everyone is alive now not only literally because of the efforts of their predecessors in killing the BETA they killed… but also figuratively in the aspect their fights against the BETA and their TSF test data was the key to their now, more modern TSF’s. And the fact that they recognize that, the fact that they pretty much try to make the most of their deaths for the benefits of their comrades as a result… it’s a great insight into the Muv-Luv universe, to military culture in general, and a demonstration that there are positives to the human spirit too. And notably, it’s this sense of comradery, that sense of respect for their predecessors that the soldiers have for the most part (especially those of the same nation) that made the original VNs have so much impact, and it’s showing somewhat here too… albeit to a lesser extent.

In the end though, I mean, a side story is a side story, and there’s just no comparing it to the main VN’s. But even though the series ultimately has been pretty average, it gets props from me for trying to and managing to at least incorporate some of the core foundations that make Muv-Luv what it is. Admittedly, the story and adaptation could have been done better at this point, but it’s definitely not a bad series to say the least, and it’s actually quite interesting how much the series has developed since its rocky beginnings. The thing that’s starting to make me wonder a bit though, is how this arc has been pretty long for the most part. With such long arcs and the fact that the newest part of Total Eclipse‘s source material isn’t releasing until the end of the year, I find myself wondering how this adaptation will end up… but I guess I’m just worrying way too soon with some half the series left. For now, we got more BETA action comin’ up, and it looks like we’ll be in for at least a decent ride for the near future.

Author’s Note: There may (EMPHASIS ON MAY) be a chance that I will switch from Total Eclipse to a new fall series when the new season starts. If this happens (unlikely), DO NOT misconstrue this as meaning I believe the series sucks. It would merely be me swapping to a new show I feel like covering more, nothing more than that. Even if I do drop coverage (again, unlikely), I hope you will continue watching the series, or at least give the visual novels a try.

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  1. RIP Corporal Yamamoto. Though as expected as it is, you did well. Especially when compare to certain Soviet solider that deserve his karmic justice.

    On the other note, Yui looking up the Grappler-class on ground level make them look 100 times more terrifying than normal.

  2. Poor brave Redshirt Yamamoto. He triiiiied to kill the BETA with a forklift (HUZZAH!). Kid’s just a technician though, he was out of his league.

    Its nice to see Yui’s PTSD though but this time she had the will to do a mercy kill. Of course Yuuya comes and saves the day, but that precludes the arrival of the Fort-class BETA. Can’t wait to see what the Fort does.

    One nitpick though, is that Stella doing a “headshot” to a Grappler. That’s stupid, because that’s not a vital organ and Grapplers don’t die from that, they’re supposed to be shot in the main body.

    1. Yup, I have the same complains. (And the overpowered laser beam version of laser class too.)

      The show did not try to explain a significant amount of information regarding BETA to new viewers, so i guess the director took the easy way out and base on “common sense” instead.

  3. I’m actually surprised that Yamamoto died the way he did and not when he first checked the tunnel (flashing of gunfire, screaming, then crunching).

    I mean, I couldn’t be the only one who, when he said he’d “check it out” when hearing the noise, thought, “NO, YOU DAMN IDIOT!!!! Oh great, now he’s gonna die in…” *counts*, right? Only for him to actually COME OUT after the flash of gunfire, lol.

    Wow, a miscellaneous character actually having a hope of survi-? *dies just a few seconds later* …evermind.

  4. I was hoping for the Corporal to have died saving her but instead he dies pleading for his life, for her to save him.

    Either way, I’m glad none of the girls died but I still have this dread with each passing episode.

    1. In my eyes, the brave Corporal saved Yui.

      From using the forklift to scouting alone, all his actions can be interpreted as putting his life on the line to protect her. Furthermore, he chose to do all that after he cracked the weapon’s lock, when he could have just leave the rest to Yui and escape.

      I believe all man will turn coward at the face of death, its the actions that led to it count.

    1. Nope HHH, Sol is correct. You are not. Dropping a series has never been a guaranteed equivalence to the series sucking, and I mentioned exactly that. You are the one twisting my words into your viewpoint that dropping it does equate to suckage. Apparently you need more detail as to why I might drop it, so here it is.

      The only reason I’m considering dropping TE is because there are two fall series I’m looking at that may yet be the best of their respective seasons and/or runner ups as some of the best of the year. These kind of shows and the chances to cover them come only once in a long time, so as a writer, I would be foolhardy not to express some interest in covering them. In addition, time does not permit me to cover three shows this coming season, and as I am obligated and wish to continue coverage of Jormungand 2 (whose original I covered), that leaves dropping TE as the only option available if I want another fall show.

      Does this male TE a “sucky show”? Nope. All it does is not make it the best of the season. If it really was a bad show, I would feel no regret dropping it and probably would have already–not to mention I probably wouldn’t bother telling viewers of the potential droppage before hand.

  5. Today’s lesson: The BETA are horrible monsters indeed, but the ultimate villain still ends up being man – The loss of Yamamoto and the base were all due to politics. Sad that this is a fact in the real world too – the world can have a common enemy and you’d still be up against selfish, ambitious idiots.

    Frickin’ send that Soviet commander to a group of Soldier Class already. Let’s see how he prioritizes politics when it’s his life, and limbs, on the line.

  6. This episode is really stupid to the extreme, you telling me you goner sit there wasting time doing first aid while in a warzone full of betas? Is not like she got shot in the stomach or any fatal area, she got injure in the arm for god sake, whats the worst it could happen, lost an arm? Get your dumb moronic ass outta the area first you bunch of moron then worry about first aid.

    And when Yuuya arrive I don’t know why I just had this sudden urge to totally wanna slap yui hard in the face and yell at her for what the hell you thinking for staying behind. Then she get all dere dere about it, If I was Yuuya I would just slap her hard pick her up get inside the cockpit and get my ass out of that crazy area before I get kill, not sitting down chit chatting and doing first aid like this is a comfort zone.

    1. 1) It was a giant piece of shrapnel. If she moves with that on her arm she could bleed out or even get infected. A TSF cockpit is also an uncomfortable place for a second person to be in since its extremely shaky. Treating her on the spot was the best course of action.
      2) Talking to a patient during first aid is standard practice for medics. It relieves the tension of someone who gets injured, especially when they are still in a battlefield.

    2. That’s what Stella Bremer was there for – to serve as their lookout while Yuuya treats any injuries Yui would have. We can forgive his decision to give her first aid there because he knew Stella would take out any incoming BETA around their location.

    3. Yep it didn’t seem necessary to do immediately & no reason for it to take 15 minutes. If it was gonna be a huge issue (maybe due to blood loss), taking the glass out and wrapping really should only take about 1-2 minutes at most, even with all the bandage wrapping. The sling is just ridiculous … I don’t think my arm was that well wrapped when I broke it! Not to mention that they talked forever about what they were gonna do as well ..

      1. It wasn’t just 15 minutes of first aid. It was just 15 minutes in general. Basically get to Yui , treat her and have her board the Shiranui, find some way to extract the railgun then get out. At least that’s the plan until Yui insists on destroying it.

    4. A little bit like all the BETA stopping when he starts shooting, not one of them taking a lunge at him. And with the plot armor saving Yui.

      And yes, the time they wasted to treat her was ridiculous. Get her into the mech, take it out there, apply bandage quickly while others are on the lookout, get the hell out of there ASAP.

      The idea was all sorts of stupid because characters were in a do-or-die situation and kept dragging their feet or the BETA would inexplicably stop charging for some reason. Like when Yui is lying on the floor and having her flashback. I started thinking ‘Hey, what surprisingly polite BETA, they’re giving her the time to say her last words (…or get saved, obviously).

      When this series can’t even nail its action scenes, you know this is really bad because it doesn’t have anything else to show for it since the rest is so goddamn bland and stupid.

  7. Goodbye Cpl. Yamamoto – we hardly knew ya… but you have succeeded more than you imagined, Yui lives.
    Also kudos for the series for lampshading differences in military cultures, from Soviets secrecy and backstabbing, to Japanese “heroic sacrifice” (trope!) to US “leave no man behind” (trope!).
    Ewok out!

  8. Total Eclipse closes out its first course the only way it knows how… with political intrigue, a little romance, and of course, the BETA doing what the BETA do best.

    I was delighted, as I’m sure Yui was surprised, that the last person she thought of in her supposed final moments was Yuuya. It goes to show how fond of him she’s become during their time together, going to the point of finally calling him by just his first name. I really hope that their relationship gets some more development in the next episode, as Yuuya will probably be the only one who can comfort her from the breakdown she seems to be having in the preview. I also hope later down the line that Yui can be more upfront about her feelings for him, and will acknowledge to the other girls in his burgeoning harem that she’s gunning for him as much as they are.

    And Yuuya saves the day, killing the BETA in style with the 94 Second after a few episodes of doubt. Either Yui being in danger or just plain guts helped him get over his previous stress, and it looks like he’s going to get even more experience with all the BETA heading his way.

    Poor Corporal Yamamoto. He was a redshirt from start to finish, but at least he did his best to help Yui who gave him the mercy she couldn’t give Yamashiro in Kyoto. We salute you Corporal.

    Latrova and Zhar Battalion are on their way to the base as well, and I’m betting they can provide the backup Argos Flight needs to make it out of there alive. Of course, I’m not expecting much of Zhar Batallion to survive the battle, but I at least hope the ones who do finally give Yuuya some credit. Or Latrova, just her would be fine.

    Can’t wait next week for the new Op and Ed, even if I’m surprised this show has enough budget for a new Op and Ed, and I’m hoping it has some love triangle related Yuuya/Yui/Cryska scenes along with an appearance from the Shiranui Second Phase 2.

  9. A bit of inconsistency in this episode: Yuuya comments about needing Stella’s Strike to help move the railgun because the mount arm isn’t attached, but in the previous episode Vincent says that the Shiranui Second could have carried the railgun away if it were not deployed away from the base. The mount arm is only necessary to stabilize the railgun while firing so its absence isn’t a big deal (the Shiranui Second is seen holding and moving the weapon before the mount arm attaches to the shoulder with no issues). It should be no problem for Yuuya to grab the gun and take off to an altitude that the BETAs can’t reach (Stella has been camping on the control tower safe and sound). Guess they are trying to add some suspense…

    Gotta love Stella, such a great teammate. Loved how she camped on that control tower. Am very worried that they are setting her up to die, though, because they need to stay behind to destroy the railgun (when they obviously don’t) and that can only mean more time for bad things to happen.

      1. They are REAL. But if are there are any lazer-class then it will surely make them hard to go higher grounds. Lazer-class are specialize in shooting upwards.
        Sorry, I can only answer that to avoid spoilers from other MuvLuv series. I haven’t read MuvLuv TE yet though.

  10. The subs I saw mentioned here that the second to the last BETA(the one with green arms and 12m tall) is the Fort class. Yet you said that this is also a Fort class. Are they both Fort classes and the latter is just an advanced/more powerful type or are they different? I would think that since it looks different from the green one it would have a different name.

    Yes yes, I should read/play the VN but :effort:
    I’ll get to it sometime, probably after the anime. So yeah.

    1. Thats the grappler class in the first picture. Fort class is the latter one. Fort classes pretty much take out a TSF in one hit but they are much rarer, so usually you typically avoid going into their range. Combat vs BETA is far more tactical than what is shown.

      BETA’s main threat is numbers. I think the Tank class is known to destroy the most TSFs of the BETA strains. They are far scarier in the Alternative world then what is shown (traveling up to 80kmph in hundreds or thousands and they can jump onto TSFs and rip them apart with their giant jaws). Generally you can’t fly around like Yuuya did cause of the possibility of laser classes.

  11. Correct me if i am wrong.. but aren’t all materials regarding Beta (Appearances, weakness, etc) that was shown during the flashback in Yui’s class, is classified and only available for Eisihi? If i recall correctly the main reason is to not cause public to think that beta is the result of human experimentation by another country and stuffs?

    And in this episode it was shown to bunch of clueless students who didnt even pay any attention.

    1. Ah yes, typically they are only shown to Eishi, but if I remember correctly, Yui and the other girls were in a cadet school specifically for molding Eishi, so that theoretically fits the bare minimum requirement.

      It is a bit awkward though, admittedly, especially when most of them weren’t even paying attention, and I think part of that has to do with the bit that was anime original. I am not quite sure if this aspect was actually in the original source material itself.

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