「金ヶ崎の退きロ」 (Kanegasaki no Shirizoki ro)
“The Retreat of Kanegasaki”

Okay, this episode…just wow. This calls for a new change of format! Q and A ahoy!

So what’s all the hustle bustle about? Why is Zanibas demanding I watch this episode immediately if I haven’t already?

First off, the episode ends on another dark note, contrasting with all but one of the episodes thus far. That means we’re on a combo streak of cliffhangers! This is a good setup, as it creates the needed tension leading up what will probably be an epic conclusion! People are dying, getting injured, backstabbing, sneaking around, hallucinating…which begs the question: why didn’t they stuff all of this earlier? Beggars can’t be choosers though–I’m just glad that they’ve finally fixed the plot flow! Don’t proceed with this post until you’ve watched the episode!

Yeah, alright, I watched it. But there’s got to be a secret plot going on here that we don’t know about! He can’t be…forever…no! Noooo!

Although it may be true that there’s GOT to be something that’ll cause “Ultimate Oda Victory” next episode, but how exactly that’ll happen is beyond me. If they did have a plan in mind, it’s a cruel plan either way. Zenki decides to jump in after a volley of arrows kills someone, Hanzo intervenes when the lolis can see it happen, and Nobuna is forced to make erratic decisions such as the burning of Sakai. Surely it must all tie together, and surely those two shady schemers have a plan, but it comes at a price–everyone else’s suffering.

Yeah! Zenki sucks! However, where is Hanbei to give him a good slapping?

That’s a good question. Hanbei, after appearing in this risque shot, doesn’t appear anywhere else. She’s absent during the strategic and tactical meetings and she’s nowhere to be found when Nobuna recovers or is at Mt. Hiei. Either this is a major omission by the animators, or that Hanbei has a part in this that we have yet to see…

So…about Nobuna now…

Nobuna hasn’t any will of her own, and I don’t blame her. Right now, there is a power clash between the interests of Danjou and Nagahide (who, to some people’s delight, gave out MANY scores this episode. While Danjou’s interests and allegiance may still be up in the air, it is obvious that she has Nobuna, the conqueror, in her best interests. This contrasts with the defending Nagahide, who is desperately losing Nobuna, the dreamer, but is powerless to do anything about it. Although Danjou’s initial help may have spurred Nobuna to save Kyo by forcing a retreat, it is obvious that Danjou is using emotions to push what would otherwise be impossible to ask from Nobuna. However, Nobuna herself is just something to be dragged around by Nagahide and Danjou, without any of her own judgment to resist the snap decisions she’s making. The way that she approaches all her decisions is a gut reaction, without any thought of her own life or of those around her. Although it is a sad state of affairs for Nobuna to be, it makes for a thrilling conclusion, contrasted with the cheesy endings of earlier episodes.

So…what’s going to happen now?

Your guess is as good as mine. Although my guts tells me this is going to end on a happy note…perhaps the show will surprise us with an alternate feeling than the standard “everything went well” conclusion. All I ask though is that people don’t magically resurrect, such as the many people who sacrificed their lives to protect the protagonist. Their sacrifices should not be tainted with a cop-out Deus Ex Machina!

If I had to actually take a guess though, I would predict that Yoshiharu, along with many of the other main characters, will appear next episode to save the day, most likely with the armies of the Azai (as Nagamasa undoubtedly will escape the island and lead her forces once again with her shota crossdressing husband). There have been hints too at how some characters on the opposition may defect, such as the sharpshooter’s amazement at Nobuna’s survival (and the overt dismissal of his services) . However, this won’t happen without Nobuna suffering a little pain, as seen in the preview. I just hope that the Asakura don’t lay a hand on her…that guy creeps me out to no end!

But you guys should tell me below in the comments! What do you think will happen in this epic conclusion? What are your crazy theories about what’s going on! However, if you have visual novel spoilers, please hide those in the appropriate spoiler tags!

So what about the ties to history? Were there any this episode?

Only a few, though I expect the next episode to have more. The two important events that should be noted this episode are…

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  1. My theory:

    Zenki + Hattori deception combo with decoy using dead body (ala Maria Ross from FMA). Although the part where Mitsuhide and Co. seeing the decoy would be unintentional on their part.

    Also guessing Asakura would escape and be set-up as the big bad for next season @_@ (Go for s2!)

    and Also “Rage is one hell of an Anesthetic” – Zaeed Massani (Couldn’t resist ^_^)

      1. this is always the case when “we couldn’t even recover the body.” kind of like in gundam where they’re not dead until you see them blow up in their cockpit, and probably scream the name of some female they’re in love with. ELIZABETTHHHH!!!

  2. I also believe Yoshiharu’s death was all a deception plan. After all, deception is a primary tool for ninja and we’ve seen Goemon able to “teleport”, so who’s to say, with Zenki, they couldn’t literally place Yoshiharu in the blink of an eye? (Zenki shielding him and Hattori switching him at the same time.)

  3. this series is definitely one of the best of season imo.. out of expectations at first for me. it made me interested enough to the point to start reading about what happen in the LNs.. I hope they don’t completely change up the ending so there could possibly be season 2

    i see why sometimes reading the LNs of anime will make people feel like the animes been butchered.. if it gona be anime original ending with many changes i wish i never read the story.

  4. Unless the end of the episode is still part of Nobuna’s dream or Yoshiharu’s faked death went bad and he was still badly injured or knocked out there’s going to need to be a decent bit of explanation to why they waited on the reveal while Nobuna was out razing towns and sacking sacred places.

      1. Nobuna knew Saru had died from the dream and people were just afraid to confirm it to her. Notice the usual lack of vitality in Nobuna’s eyes when she’s experienced (or going to) any unhappy event. When she’s like that, she turns to the path of cruelty and madness our history’s Nobunaga went through, and you all know the result well enough. So, they’re suggesting us that Nobuna is going to end bad without Saru by her behaving by rage and cruelty like that! As a matter of fact, the main theme of this story is how about Saru to preserve Nobuna’s dreams intact to avoid her tragic destiny.

  5. I agree that Saru is most likely safe due to some ninja-shenanigans/magic from Hanzo and Zenki. This ep really is a step up from previous episodes, and I’m really glad that Saru didn’t come back this ep.

  6. At first Im only watching this for fun due to the support for the LN and also expected more ecchi scenes to fill my time. turns out this anime is not my favourite anime for this season. Although many minor changes were done but the plot arrangement is done well, the atmosphere and pacing were well done too.

    Sadly the 2 original person from Goemon gang is dead but I liked that the reality and harshness of war era is shown here instead of keeping to the comedy/happy line where nobody with a known identity will die. RIP

    I am really interested in how next episode will be done. In many ways… I suppose the ending will leave some room to continue for season 2 instead of happy end that concludes everything. I have faith at the scenario writer.

  7. Poor Inuchiyo is forgotten among the smiling samurai ladies when even Narimasa and Tsuneoki are included… grow a little taller, girl.
    I’m sure our beloved monkey and his kouhai survive, though I really hope it will not become a cheesy moment when they do come back next week. But, considering the more and more complicated plot threads this episode bring to us, I’m worried about the final.
    Well, let’s just hope this anime will leave a good aftertaste we will not forget in the long run.

  8. the retreat of kanegasaki should have involved lake biwa . nobunaga started to scheme against asai after this. the burning of hiei was instigated by hashiba, later and supported by akechi and shibata. well the ikko ikki sect deserved it. then… until the betrayal of araki murashige.

  9. Nobody believed Saru actually died, but the poor lolis who saw that happen! Juubei wouldn’t have the bucket kicked yet too! Real ending has to be cheese as this show is but a dramatic one.

  10. Hanzo obviously figured out a way to fake Yoshiharu’s death. Motoyasu, being Hanzo’s master, would probably be informed about it, but in order to maintain the element of surprise, would no doubt keep Nobuna in the dark while nursing Yoshiharu in secret in her HQ in Mikawa to the east.

    Juubei-chan probably survived as well, but will have to stay with Motoyasu as well to keep the secret that Yoshiharu in fact survived.

    Only Inuchiyo ended up actually believing both died, perhaps something Hanzo intended.

    History has a Siege of Mount Hiei, where it was so one-sided that it was more a slaughter than a siege, with Nobunaga’s forces pwning the warrior-monks and other Nobunaga opponents sheltered inside. And here we have Danjo goading Nobuna to give in to her Dark Side and fulfill her ruthless destiny.

    Kinny Riddle
  11. While I loved the episode, I do think Saru survived as well.

    The one that was ‘killed’ was probably Zenki. They would have immediately returned to Nobuna as soon as they could, but they did not anticipate Juubei and co returning for them, and even more Juubei going on a rampage. Most likely they’re trying to find Juubei now before returning.

  12. Why ? How dare you producers make the lolis and all the girls suffer like this?!!! After 10 episodes of “softening” the evils of wars. This episode comes from left field to show that the people we care for can die and suffer in the turmoil of war. (I strongly agre with previous posters that Saru is alive). Can’t wait for next episode. I totally called that allowing the fat buta to live will come back to hunt Nobuna and Saru. Hate when I’m right; but it will make sweeter Nobuna victory when the tide reverses.!

  13. Nobuna’s survival was telephoned… and that pun gets zero points.

    It struck as odd when Zenki talked about killing Yoshiharu: as far as we know, he’s just Hanbei’s body double, so does he even have that much freewill? Unless Hanbei’s fever is making him act weird. Anyway I too say Yoshiharu’s death was a trick, and he’ll swoop in to save Nobuna and her retainers at the last moment next time – and look totally awesome doing it. Maybe he’ll send that monkey head right back as an ‘I’m coming’ message.

    weird d
  14. Think Danjo is working with that Asakura. They just did not realise it. It is all part of the big plan of the Asakura own plan… He probably gonna betray the monk and the funny looking creepy guy.


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