「気づきを与えられて始まったという話」 (Kizuki o Ataerarete Hajimatta toiu Hanashi)
“A Story That Began As We Realized It”

Just when I thought that all was said and done, our characters come back with a new phenomena that reveals more about their past. I’ve always been more interested in seeing how our main cast was brought up and what made their characters so “interesting” to Heartseed. I guess this arc is meant to showcase what each member has gone through prior to joining the Cultural Research Club. What I never expected though was how they would be reverted literally back into their child-like states.

Of course, this doesn’t happen permanently. I’m guessing that it’s only between the hours of 12-5pm and it’s only going to involve Himeko, Iori, Aoki and Yui. And where does Taichi fit into the picture? Heartseed (numero deux) apparently thinks of him as some sort of savior because Taichi is the only one who will not revert back to his childhood (from what I gather). This is either a test or a challenge to see how Taichi is going to handle the situation and whether or not he can “save” his friends from their fate. I’m interested to see why though… is it because Taichi has no traumatizing experiences from his younger days? Or perhaps it’s because his is the most traumatizing? We’ll have to see… but probably not anytime soon.

And now… I am going to just say this and get it out of the way – THEY’RE SO KAWAII!
As children, I just couldn’t stop smiling watching their expressions and actions. It definitely caught me by surprise and I think this “twist” will probably be the most interesting one up to date. I’m not sure what Heartseed has up his sleeves, and it seems like each time they transform (or shrink? de-age?), they can range from any age (as seen from Iori). I actually think that (judging from Yui and Aoki’s reactions), perhaps after each transformation, they forget that critical point in their childhood. They revert back to a point in their lives that was memorable to them (whether good or bad) and they… forget it – after 5pm.

There are also a few things that I want to mention. One of which is Yui’s childhood rival – Chinatsu Mihashi (Uchida Maaya). I’m not sure of the role that she played in Yui’s life… but I’m guessing that they used to be good friends, something happened and now Yui clearly doesn’t want to remember (or due to the current situation, she’s been forced to forget). As a side note, for people that don’t know, I know next to nothing about seiyuus but I know this one! She played Rea in Sankarea! Even though I might not have realized it by the sound of her voice (I only recognized the name), I still feel proud of myself. Alright… back on topic. Aoki finally mentions his “first love” who I’m assuming is Nana. Not much is revealed about her either, other than his confusion of whether or not he actually still loves or forgot about her.

Anyway, there was also a new ending this episode. I assume pretty much that this will be the new ending for the remainder of the 6 or so episodes. I like it more than the second ED, but still not as much as the first. There’s no new opening either… so I wonder if there will be one coming up for our “finale” in 2 weeks. I put quotations around finale because it’ll probably be the last episode to air, but not the end of the series.

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ED3 Sequence

ED3: 「Salvage」 by Team.ねこかん[猫] featuring. 片霧烈火 (Team.Nekokan [Neko] featuring. Rekka Katakiri)
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  1. Just to clarify,

    They don’t forget stuff. At least not any existing memories. They just don’t retain any memory regarding the transformation.
    Things they’ve already forgotten in their past, things that were washed out by time, will be refreshed after their transformation.

    Let’s take an example. Yui was transformed into her 11 year old self in the episode.
    So after she return to normal, she doesn’t remember anything about her transformation. Sort of a 5 hour blank. But instead, memories of what she actually DID experience when she was really 11 year old, are refreshed and became clear, as if she lived it yesterday.

    Hope that clears it up.

  2. Uchida Maaya might be the next Seiyuu to blow up, asides from the fact that she’s pretty hot(see her as Hiroyo Hakase of Akibranger) She’s hitting some starring roles with Rea and Rikka of the upcoming Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!

    If you looked closely, you would see Kunihiko Ikuhara appear on the ed direction, so if it evoke any familiarity with certain flyless bird percussion instrument, that’s why

    1. I believe it is too. I don’t know if that’s considered 2-cour… but I believe that episode 13 will be the last to air on TV and the remainder of them will probably be released on the web or on blu-rays/DVDs. From what I know though, the most updated schedule shows 13 episodes to air and that’s what I plan to cover until fall.

  3. Mass Moe Overload… Shutting down Brain… Reseting…
    OK, SAO has got a worthy rival (T) now… ChibInaban is going to rival Yui in cuteness!
    OK, now with that off the way I can say the series continues to surprise me. Heartseed #2, and the ridiculously cute children versions of the main cast were golden surprises.
    I guess this arc will deal with the past and things we either bury in our memory or would want to change. For one, I’d like to know why Inaba ended the way she is now, insecure and control-obsessed.

    1. I beg to differ ewok… Loli Inaban is the queen of all lolis that I’ve seen thus far… (Even far outstrip SAO’s Yui by a landslide… Haters gonna hate!) Though as a teenager, she’s ranked below the tundra queen… Hitagi hime-sama!

  4. First off, let me just begin by saying that Inaban is awesomeas a teenager and she certainly is a weapon of massive blood loss as a kid >> https://randomc.net/image/Kokoro%20Connect/Kokoro%20Connect%20-%2011%20-%20Large%2026.jpg

    Tell me… Who wouldn’t love a face like that!? Hiding a latent beauty that’ll blossom as a teenager and one that hides the genius that she’s gonna be as a teenager… Truly young Inaban is a force to reckon with and to correct Yui… The cuteness is able to last a few lifetime >> https://randomc.net/image/Kokoro%20Connect/Kokoro%20Connect%20-%2011%20-%20Large%2025.jpg

    And one more thing… I’ve been waiting for this post from you Cherrie… Glad you put it up sooner than later! A million thanks ^_^

    Ok back to the show… I must say that thus far, these’re the cutest things I’ve seen thus far in my entire time of watching anime. I was practically squeeling with glee every single time the kids are on screen.

    With regards to Heartseed, #2 isn’t so much of an ass as opposed to #1 (I believe the Heartseed we know rhus far is #1). Like with rest of you guys, I’m curious to whyTaiichi’s not involved so far. Please SilveLink… Tell us… And also don’t deprive us of more loli goodness!

    c2710 signing out

    1. my opinion on as to why he didnt get to take part: main character syndrome. We see almost everything from his point of view, and if he were participating, well. We’d end up forgetting all those afternoons instead of having a consistent observer of them o3o.

    2. This is very strange.

      I do not find c2710’s post and the one above offensive at all to say the least, yet somehow he still gets downvoted so much.

      Yes, I understand he’s shipping for Inaban, and I’m sure he’ll no doubt attract quite a few downvotes from the more radical Yui-shippers, they’re free to do so, but 32+ downvotes?

      Are the Inaban-shippers more rational to not be bothered to upvote him or the Yui-shippers more passionate? Either that or I suspect someone is abusing the system here.

      Kinny Riddle
      1. @C2710

        Looks like someone did a number on you. Either it’s a rabid Yui fanshipper or it’s some moralfag who got offended with you posting Inaba is the queen of all loli(which is the most singular truth of this world EVAH!)

        Anyway imagine your IP address as a mask. You as a user of a proxy will have another mask cover the one on you already. It is possible to stack a number of proxies on you to make it hard for people to trace your original(in theory).

        But I had tried a number of public online proxies and only a small number of them works good with Random Curiosity site. Some show the site completely messed up.

        Just ignore the faggot and have a good time, shipmate!

        The Moondoggie
    3. I try to get my posts out on time, but it’s been quite busy at work… I pretty much spend 12+ hours at work, about 6-7 hours sleeping and the other hour or so driving.
      Don’t worry though! AW/KC finales will be timely =)

      I actually think that Heartseed #2 is more of a douche than the first. I felt like the first one was trolling a little more for shits and giggles and this one… actually WANTS to see something HAPPEN. Like destroying their lives/friendships and puts all that weight on Taichi. Poor boy.

      @Kinny Riddle: Yes, I also find it weird that he was downvoted 30+ for both his posts… hmmm…

      1. @ Cherrie: Well, we can’t yet see what is the numero duo up to, but my reaction is similar to the “Phantom menace” scene where Darth Maul appears “OH, SITH! There’s two of them now!” (yea I tweaked it for “Incredibly lame pun!”). At least this one had enough decency to give them a hint of timeframe for changes so they could prepare.
        Also, big thx for your posts, I know how RL can be tough on blogging, we are thankful!
        @ Kinny Riddle: The post voting system seems a bit broken, even though for the most part works fine. It takes one hater to make a mess.

  5. “They revert back to a point in their lives that was memorable to them (whether good or bad) and they… forget it – after 5pm.”

    No no and no. They forget those five hours. but they vividly remember that time in their lives. There’s nothing they’re going to forget <__<;. Although they may wish they could. The point of this arc seems to be bringing up those histories so they can work through their memories for better or for worse.

    I am coining a horrible thing, you may all hate me for it. MINABAN~. .. mini inaban. … So Adorbs~. and image 29 ~w~… not so minaban. ufufufufu.

    Mmn I preferred Kizu's ending. but I'm also horribly biased towards Inaba <<;. so that's a thing. To next week :D!. er. this week … er … dammit heartseed this lack of time sense is all your fault!.

    1. I understand the point that they forget what happens during those 5 hours – I get that.
      But the theory in my post points to what happens after the 5 hours are up. The fact that Yui and Aoki both forgot important people in their lives could be a result of memory suppression due to traumatic events… OR it could be the fact that Heartseed is controlling it. It’s a theory – doesn’t mean that it’s true. I just think that these turn of events is a sign that their past is catching up to them. Yui forgot (or purposely doesn’t want to admit) that she made promises. Whereas Aoki isn’t even sure if he loved Nana.

      I’m making observations from what I picked up from the episode. Although half the time, I get distracted from their chibi versions =X

      1. NO worries CHerrie. I really do enjoy reading your posts on KC.

        Anyway, WRT and for the record… I realise that it’s my comments on and for both KC and SAO gets down voted to the max. Though I make sure that the opinions I post in both SAO and KC are objective… I can’t help it but to compare each other as I had quite a number of issues with SAO and even now, I still have issues with it. So Its quite understandable that haters gonna hate.

        WRT Inaban and Minaban… I guess us Inaban-Minaban shippers have her calm and collected persona… that’s why we sing praises more than we upvote her.

      2. “But the theory in my post points to what happens after the 5 hours are up. The fact that Yui and Aoki both forgot important people in their lives could be a result of memory suppression due to traumatic events…

        Ok I’m starting to follow now. Yeah that’s one theory. I think it is simpler to think it has just been a while since those things happened in their life, and they either moved on or got busy with other stuff and forgot as time passed…

        I just think that these turn of events is a sign that their past is catching up to them.

        I’m not sure their past is catching up to them. It seems to me that Heartseed is forcing them to work through things from their past. Clearly for Aoki and Yui it’s this girl he used to love, and this promise she’s forgotten.

        Yui forgot (or purposely doesn’t want to admit) that she made promises. Whereas Aoki isn’t even sure if he loved Nana.

        Saying anything on Aoki’s position feels like I’m going to spoil what the series should develop itself >).

        Again, the core of this arc looks like it’s going to hinge on the times in their lives they remember due to the 5 hours of fun, and working through the issues internal, Aoki and his “Do I really Love Yui” trouble, and external, Yui and her forgotten promise. And anything else that comes up :D!.

        (yaay for learning block quote from this post o3o!)

      3. To defend them, Aoki didnt really forget, he’s just never mentioned the person to his friends, and to his point, it’s quite the awkward thing to bring up. The confusion comes as, Aoki mentioned, that feeling and memory from the age they turn into lingers and mixes with his current emotion. For Yui, what she forgot was a promise, not the person, which sometimes are casually made and forgotten. For Yui, she gave up something she once loved, if that ever happens to anyone, I think they can identify with blocking out that part of their life.

  6. Agreed with some of the above that after returning from their chibified states, the memories and feelings they had at that age that they turned into resurface rather than them forgetting about it.
    As for Yui’s childhood rival, Chinatsu, I’m guessing they knew each other during Yui’s karate days and probably promised to be number 1 or fight in some competition or etc. Maybe Yui was attacked around that time so her memory of their promise is probably clouded by the attack.

    Again Chibi Inaba FTW!

  7. Miyuki Sawashiro FTW! I pretty much like her voice when she’s playing Inaban (just like when she’s playing other roles), but when she’s playing Chibi!Inaban…kawaii overload…

    Kevin Yamagata
  8. This is probably the most surprising episode of KC to date. I felt like a total idiot for not realizing that the 3 kids hanging around with Himeko and Taichi at the beginning are little Yui, Iori and Taichi. ^^;

    Another surprise that like in this ep is the introduction Heartseed II. Really looking forward to see where will this leads to.

    Going off-topic, am I the only who notice that Aoki is the only member of StuCS lacks any form of interaction with any of his family member besides the 1st episode? While it is not relevant to the main plot of the series, I always consider it to be something significant to the character, even if it’s a positive or negative interaction. The lack of such interaction seems to make Aoki to be nothing more than just some guy who appears regularly in the show. Mind you, I have nothing against Aoki. I actually find him likable, more so than Taichi as I find him relatable.

  9. Me in the beginning seeing Mini Yui and Iori= HNNNNNNGGGGGG!!
    Me seeing them say their name and age especially Iori=HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNGGG!!!!
    Me seeing mini Inaba being so scared and shy= HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG *dies* *resurrects after everything should be back to normal*
    Me seeing Inaba naked= *dies from loss of blood during nosebleed*

  10. I was waiting for an episode like this. For some reason it I knew they were going to do it.
    Mini Inaba was Uber cute, reminded me of the way she sat and drank her orange juice reminded me of Ushio. >) Also Himeko and Iori’s girl talk was definately wierd. They’re after the same guy and they’re talking to each other like that. This is definately not your typical anime. Starting now I’m predicting a lot of mini Himeko fan art, as well as naked Himeko fan art. Looking forward to more next episode.

  11. Cherrie Sama, thank you so much for this!!!
    The 3rd arc has finally arrived! This time it is about re-living your past 🙂 What is interesting this time around is that Yui and Aoki will be put into spotlight (more focused on these two than the other 3). I will be quite interested as to how the TV broadcast ends…

    I am not going to say much about the episode aside from the obligatory my lolicon soul is burning! Instead, I want to talk about the ED. ED3 is by far my favorite! Not only is the song super awesome, the animation is neat, plus all the spoilers in the ED! Here are some hints:
    1. Taichi at the beginning of the ED (it is pretty obivous)
    2. Yui and Aoki’s hand in the middle… (this one is a bit ambiguous)
    3. Taichi, Himeko, and Iori with the whole holding hands motions (hints at maybe how the love triangle will go?)

  12. TBH, I thought the previous arc Kizu Random was just too depressing, so depressing that I couldn’t even be bothered to comment.

    IMHO, that arc focused too much on the negative consequences and angst of the characters’ outbursts of emotions, and lost some of the sheen that made the first arc Hito Random such a joy to watch, that sheen was of course the comedy, which is now thankfully back in full force for the first episode of the third arc.

    About time Aoki gets some development. Poor Yui, though she prefers to remain single, to hear that the guy that’s been raving over her for so long was only doing so because she resembled his previous crush must still hurt. And now she must be reminded of why she quit karate due to her traumatic experience of nearly being raped.

    (Off topic: Yui’s younger sister seemed taller than her, even though Yui looks like the more sporting type. )

    (Off topic 2: Will RC be covering the remaining episodes of Hyouka now that it’s finished?)

    Kinny Riddle
    1. I also feel bad for Yui… I mean, this guy claims to love you so much and here he goes talking about his first love (not to mention that she LOOKS like Yui too). I don’t blame either of them, but I do think that Yui probably doesn’t feel so “loved” anymore by Aoki.

      As for Hyouka – I believe that’s covered by Verdant. He’s probably just behind schedule a bit, but be patient ^^ I’m sure it hasn’t been dropped so close to the finale.

  13. Even beginning of this episode alone already made it best so far. They looks like one happy, sweet familty there ^^ with Inaba and Taichi as the parent XD. If previous episode didn’t made ship TaichiXInaba already, this episode surely is.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. I heard what the next arc was about before. But I didn’t expect blatant shipping the moment the episode started. Inaba and Taichi in a family like scene was just too good and effective.

      The Moondoggie
  14. This, THIS is why I keep going back to this series. Even after it’s been frustratingly slow or a tad too predictable, it can turn on its head and return to these oh-so-novel yet oh-so-thought-provoking “quirks” to drive an interesting, enthralling story.

    The sheer adorableness of the gang’s de-aging would’ve had me enjoying this ep., but add in the “reliving important events and feelings” aspect of this latest phenomena is what brought it home as my second-favorite we’ve seen so far. Paricular in regards to Iori, Himeko, and Aoki, all of whom have some dark, troubling things in their pasts (surprisingly in the latter’s case). I’m especially intrigued by Irori because of her switching-personas habit growing up, coupled with her intense identity issues. Aoki’s confusion and first love reveal had to be the most surprising things for me, sp I’m hoping his character depth will continue to grow beyond the shallowish “upbeat pervy knight, head over feet for Yui” personality he’s had so far.

    Personally I loved this new ED more than the others; can’t recall if the footage was better than the first, but if not it’s at least very good. (Sad for lack of screencaps showcasing the kid selves interacting with their current selves. ;_;)

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