I’m sad, so sad. Poor Lector…


We’re finally back at the Grand Magic Games. Jellal is discussing a misunderstanding with Ultear and Meldy. They’re talking about Eclipse which is now revealed to be the door that can change the world. The Festival of the Dragon God is also mentioned

Back at the games, people are discussing the guilds. Now that FAIRY TAIL is in the lead, a lot of people are expecting them to win. But that doesn’t mean that the other guilds lost their supporters. Sabertooth has become a questionable guild after Sting and Rogue’s loss, but still, there are those who don’t think they will end like this.

At Sabertooth’s lodgings Sting and Rogue are being questioned from their guild master about their loss. Both Dragon Slayers have to face the harsh criticism of their master who wants them to erase their guild marks. Lector protects his friends by speaking up for them but the master questions why there is an animal wearing Sabertooth’s mark and launches an attack (Vanish) against the Exceed who appears to be vaporized, or simply gone.

Fearing for his own friend, Rogue rushes to over to shield his Exceed while Sting cries for Lector – something that annoys the master who thinks Lector was just a cat. Hearing that, Sting shoots his master through the heart using his laser, shocking all of his fellow guild members except Minerva who finds this amusing.

On another side of the town, Gajeel is taking Wendy and Natsu (and their Exceeds) with him to the graveyard he found. Gray and Lucy tagged along too. Happy wonders if Igneel is one of the dead dragons but Gajeel tells him that the ones they can see are ancient dragons while theirs disappeared fourteen years ago. Wendy mentions something called “Milky Way”, a dragon technique she was taught by Porlyusica. This technique means that you listen to the voices of the dragons connected to the river in the sky, i.e. it’s a magic that can be used to listen to the voices of the dragons who became souls.

Somewhere else, the mysterious person Jellal was seen following is sitting down and taking notes. She is chased away by a guard who picks up her notes about 7/7, Eclipse, and the Dragon King.

Hooray! This is the 300th chapter of FAIRY TAIL; let’s celebrate that with a toast!

I guess we’re still not allowed to know who the mysterious girl Jellal faced was, but we can safely assume that she isn’t a bad person. Otherwise, I don’t think Jellal would’ve let her go. The girl’s notes and the things Jellal discussed with his friends seemed very futuristic, and that makes it even more possible for this mysterious girl to be one from the future. If that happens to be true, I, like many other, believe that this is Lucy from the future. I thought it might be Levy for a while, but I remember that she was writing that letter to Lucy using her right hand. The girl at the end seemed to be missing one arm – her right one, unless she just pulled off the cap of the pen using her mouth for fun. So my wild guess here is that this is Lucy who traveled back in time. Also, when Levy was writing the letter, she was wondering where Lucy was who obviously was absent at the battlefield. So this might be why she was gone – she traveled back in time!

We know that 7/7, something devastating will occur, and it’s probably going to be Eclipse, but now, the dragons are part of this miserable fate that awaits everyone. The magic Wendy talked about seems very interesting to me and I’m very excited about its effects. Hopefully, this will lead us to what we’ve been waiting for since chapter one – the dragons’ disappearance. The upcoming chapter’s title indicates that we’ll be continuing on the dragon track so I don’t expect the horrible fate to be set in motion yet.

Okay, having said that, I’d like to move on to the part that made me so sad. I know Sting’s attitude is the worst and he deserves some sort of punishment – for his behavior that is, not for his bad performance (I wouldn’t really call it bad). Sabertooth is the worst kind of guild to be in. I’m so glad Sting shot the master, but I wish he would’ve done it earlier. Watching Lector die like that was painful and cruel and honestly, it made me cry. I don’t feel much for Sting or Lector as it is now, but I definitely admired their relationship, and watching your master – someone who you should be able to look up to – slaughter your one true friend, that must be awful and I feel so sorry for Sting. I thought Yukino’s punishment was too much but this is way over the top. Also, the way the master looked at Lector as if he is just some kind of animal… I really despise Sabertooth’s master and I think he is the worst one ever, so far.

When Sting shot the master, Minerva was amused and her face showed enjoyment. That makes me wonder what kind of relationship Minerva has with her father. Despite having a narrow minded, evil father, she should like him considering how similar they are. Why would she find it good that her father is being hurt like that? I’m really curious about her motives. Also, Sabertooth’s master has been getting punched around a lot in this arc. I know he isn’t allowed to harm a participant in case she/he can’t participate anymore, but he really seems weak. I know he has a lot of potential, I mean, he’s the master, but he doesn’t even defend himself. The only “power” we’ve seen coming from him was when he erased Lector from existence.

I believe Sting has a reason to leave Sabertooth now. Well, he was being kicked out anyway, but I really hope he joins FAIRY TAIL. Like Gajeel, I hope the Dragon Slayers of Sabertooth will be taught a lesson, and then be given a second chance. But more than anything, I wish to see someone take the entire Sabertooth down with their irrational logic and rules.

Moete kitazou!

News concerning the anime:
I’ve heard that the currently ongoing filler arc in the anime will come to an end around episode 150. The Grand Magic Games arc will probably begin this autumn somewhere after that episode. The upcoming OVA will feature the training chapter that took place before the tournament. In case you’re up for some fanservicy comedy à la FAIRY TAIL, look forward to that! There are also some seiyuu announcements for the upcoming anime arc that I thought I’d share:


  1. The hooded person is left-handed(the manga panel shows it). Lucy is right-handed(seen in the current FT ED).
    Lucy could have learned to write in her left hand though… But I’m still going to be on the side that says this is not Lucy. I may be wrong in the end but whatever.

    And good news for the anime. Been getting bored with the filler arc. The seiyuu cast looks great. Can’t wait.

    1. Well, there is another speculation.

      As you can see the person:
      1. Never showed her right hand
      2. Had a hard time writing with her left hand (You can see her hand shaking)
      3. Horrible hand writing

      This points to the person not being used to writing with her left hand. She also popped the cap off the pen with her mouth instead of her right hand.

      So what does that lead to? The hooded girl probably *lost* her right arm. There is still a possibility that she is Lucy, who lost her right arm somehow.

  2. is this the end of Fairy Tail? I mean really the end of the series? Because I dont want this going away. Shounen jump has been disappointments left and right! Dont let a good series like this go!

    1. I disagree, I believe its just the beginning of great things to come of the series, I believe Fairy Tail will live to it’s potentials just like Naruto,
      One piece and Bleach it will become one of the greatest Shounen manga/anime of our time. We still haven’t seen the following events such as :
      1. Dragons – Although we have seen Igneel and Grandine in a few seconds of appearance as well Achnologia in an episode we still
      haven’t seen the full story and the history of Dragons and their relationship with their Dragon Slayers and why they
      2. Zeref – The black wizard that created demons and brought the world to chaos, a good shounen mustn’t only have interesting
      protagonists but also very interesting antagonists to keep the action alive, this Zeref must be the mages version of
      the anti-christ who will bring chaos to the magic world.
      3. War – One thing I’ve noticed about these popular shounen manga/anime is the war scene, for instance Naruto ( 4th ninja
      world war), Bleach ( Shinigamis vs Arrancars, Shinigamis vs Quincies ) , One Piece( Pirates vs Marines ), I know that
      without a doubt, Fairy Tail will show us a war between Official Guilds and Dark Guilds.
      That’s all I think about the show.

      K C M
  3. Did Lector really die? Man, that’s so sad! I honestly don’t like Sting cause of his attitude… and he deserves some punishment. But doing that to his best friend is going too far! :'(

  4. I feel that Sting and Rogue are actually going to meet a tragic fate. Whether that’s after they join Fairy Tail (if they even do), or before they can join is anybody’s guess. However, I feel at this point, Sting and Rogue aren’t making it to the end of the story. They’ll probably serve as death fodder to push the plot along and impart some major revelation to the readers.

  5. So we’ve had a Chapter 200 (Kami no Nomi), a Chapter 400 (Hitman), a Chapter 500 (Bleach), a Chapter 600 (Naruto) and now a Chapter 300.

    Quick, someone pick up One Piece! Or a relatively new manga that’s about to reach 100 chapters!

    1. Whoa! You’re right! One Piece is going to hit 700 soon…

      It doesn’t feel like too long ago that One Piece had that month long break in preparation for the New World half!…BUT IT IS.

  6. What was the point of the color chapter? Nothing was revealed in this chapter neither. They could have used this chapter last week instead. Seriously, the author is really starting to troll around too much.

  7. I will wait for further development before calling Lector and Jiemma dead.
    – What did the spell REALLY do to Lector ? Teleportation or kill ? “Vanish” can anything… I’m questioning the rare violence of Jiemma toward Lector. I mean, swatting him out of the way would have been more logical. It’s basically killing a fly with a bazooka. Furthermore, why an Exceed, for all characters ? Did Mashima receive feedback that the two new cats were annoying so he killed one off ? Again… seems rather overkill to me.
    – Big tough guy getting one-shot by a laser beam… not credible, unless I clearly see that he died from that attack. I mean, seriously, I’ve seen one too many tough guys getting up after taking that amount of damage. Mashima will have to prove it to me, in the next chapter, that Jiemma is well and truly dead. Right now, I’d keep my guard up.

    I’m not making a fuss about seeing two characters dying, I’m just waiting for a better resolution/explanation/confirmation.

  8. first i’m excited that we’re back on track after 2 weeks of nothing 🙁
    and as the story goes, we really don’t see the story about dragon yet after 299 chapter but soon we will.
    also, i really like those sabretooth’s dragonslayers join fairy tail and learn what true guild is… as for Lector, that is just mean, it’s really gone too far, but i still don’t think their master would go down with one shot hmm i wonder…
    One thing i really don’t dig about FT is Hiro always left me hanging with the story, i mean if the purpose is to be revealed soon in the future as one big scenario (of course) is fine by me…

  9. first i’m excited that we’re back on track after 2 weeks of nothing 🙁
    and as the story goes, we really don’t see the story about dragon yet after 299 chapter but soon we will.
    also, i really like those sabretooth’s dragonslayers join fairy tail and learn what true guild is… as for Lector, that is just mean, it’s really gone too far bro (T_T), but i still don’t think their master would go down with one shot hmm i wonder…
    One thing i really don’t dig about FT is Hiro always left me hanging with the story, i mean if the purpose is to be revealed soon in the future as one big scenario (of course) is fine by me…

  10. I agree with JiCi, why use “Vanish” when a single punch could have killed Lecter easily? If you look at the shonen dictionary of troll spells, most of the people that where vanished, end up somewhere else, like Kuma did to the Straw Hats…

    1. Exactly

      Also, why Lector, of all characters ? Just why ? I don’t get it… Believe or not, if Sting would have been killed that would have been a better twist. Before flaming me to death, let me explain:
      – Jiemma intends to kill both Sting and Rogue
      – Lector tries to defend Sting
      – Jiemma kills Sting, or badly injure him, and then taunts Lector that he has no one to protect now or can’t protect suitably
      – Rogue goes berserk… and kills Jiemma

      That would have been a better twist:
      – Showing that Sting, as brash as he is, isn’t all that tough.
      – Showing one of Rogue’s most powerful attacks.

      Lector, on the other hand ? Kinda of a questionable decision… He’s not even that cute, so…

  11. Despite having a narrow minded, evil father, she should like him considering how similar they are. Why would she find it good that her father is being hurt like that?

    It’s exactly like you said, they are very like minded, so if the guild leader can be struck down by a subordinate then they deserve to die.

  12. Whoever said that Sting and Rogue will leave Sabertooth and join Fairy Tail may turn out to be right after all but you have to admit that six Dragon Slayers in Fairy Tail is too much and do you think Cobra should join Fairy Tail too . I would prefer an alternative like sabertooth
    kicking their psychopathic master out (although it won’t be easy) and getting a new master( not minerva ) that will be compassionate and caring towards his/her members and Sabertooth will be on good terms with Fairy Tail just like Lamia Scale and Blue Pegasus are. If that
    happens Sting and Rogue would remain in Sabretooth( I’d prefer it that way ), I would also like to see Lector again I can’t believe that he
    of all the characters was killed off, actually I think he will be resurrected and reunited with Sting Never underestimate the world of Magic.

    K C M
  13. AHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA! As somme of you might have guessed, I despised Sting with a passion. I think I wrote a tl;dr post somewhere in the comments section here but anyways, I’m glad that Sting is now suffering. Though if Sting and Rogue went and joined FT, I will bang myself in the wall.

    …Though, them joining FT might make them likeable. It made Gajeel likeable.

  14. I predict in the future that Fairy Tail will win in the grand magic games and become no.1 again prompting gemma ( sabertooth’s master )
    to wage war against Fairy Tail just like Jose ( phantom lord’s master ) did and then we get to see the two masters ( Makarov and Gemma )
    fight, Makarov gets to use Fairy Law on Gemma and sending him packing from masterhhood forever.

    K C M
  15. i was touched with how rogue quickly covered frosch with his body after lecter got vaporized.

    maybe it was all an act to get Sting “powered-up”?? minerva clearly has something up her sleeve.

  16. I have a feeling the Lector isn’t really dead. Just like how Minerva teleported Happy into her arms when Natsu attacked Sabertooth, I think she teleported Lector away when he was attacked. I think her intention here is to let Sting experience a stronger from of emotion, in this case; hate and resentment. Dragonslayer magic seems to increase in strength when the user experiences stronger emotions and I think shes trying to use that to reach some end.

    I’m still wondering about her ultimate intentions are though. Does she want to remove the master to change the guild or did she just want to make Sting and possibly Rogue more stronger for the final day.

  17. Why do I get the feeling Minerva is doing the “Just as Keikaku” here?? Now watch as Minerva become the mastermind. (I keed)

    Well Sting and Rogue defin. get their punishment as many ppl wished for… Well tht was a hard punishment to say the least.(Be careful wht you wish for??) But still the best part is when Sting murdered Gemma. Tht guy had it coming.
    *And well I will be operating under the assumption tht they r dead 4 now.

    Hmmm Wendy ghost talk magic…. this should finally answer some question.

  18. After this it isn’t a stretch to say that Sting and Rogue will join Fairy Tail like others
    have claimed however I still think that it will be better if they remain in Sabertooth and
    a new master will be appointed to take over this mussolini master that they have and unlike
    gemma, the new master will be compassionate and kind towards his/her members. I also don’t
    think that Lector was vanished for good however, we won’t be seeing him for a while until
    then Sting will probably go psycho on everyone including his comrades(remember he does not
    value comradeship as Natsu does although He’s good friends with Rogue, Sting and Lector)and
    when he reunites with Lector again he’ll get off the psycho mode and value comrades more.

    K C M
  19. I don’t know but what if (and this is a big what if)what if Minerva used her magic to save
    Lector at the last minute and is holding him secretly somewhere to use Sting, I have this
    theory because she can use her magic to teleport or transfer things or summon them(I really
    can’t explain the technicals of her magic) but she has used it on Happy, Lucy and her keys.
    She could have Lector somewhere as captive to manipulate Sting’s anger and use it for her
    selfish reasons.

    K C M

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