It’s beginning to seem very likely that Dokurou is a denizen of hell. Okay, that was actually pretty much cemented from the start given what we already knew about her. But it does mean that there’s probably no way for humans to become demons and vice versa. It seems rather odd that a runaway spirit would be possessing a demon though (and Keima seems to agree), particularly when they should all still be sealed at this point in time. I’m convinced that there could be something different about this one. On the plus side, the fact that Dokurou is a demon could potentially explain why she’s rapidly regressing instead of the usual mechanics associated with runaway spirit possession. Whether Keima’s ‘home drama’ proves effective in filling the gap remains to be seen, but I find it rather ironic that even though he didn’t introduce her as one of his father’s illegitimate children, he still ends up being treated as an elder brother.

As I suspected from the very beginning, it looks like the major event is going to involve the release of the sealed runaway spirits which Keima witnessed with Tenri during his childhood. At the moment he seems to believe that his job will be to prevent their escape. This seems like it would be a pretty bad idea given how much it would change the future – nothing of what’s happened in the manga to date would have come to pass (unless Wakaki is looking for an easy way to end). Since he’s being directed by the goddesses (and perhaps more importantly Tenri), I still strongly believe that what’s being orchestrated is their release rather than its prevention.

tl;dr: @MoombaDS – Without intending it, Keima nets himself yet another imouto! #TWGOK


  1. I wonder if it even really is a runaway spirit inside Dokurou now that it has been revealed that they haven’t actually runaway yet.

    Also poor Elsie, it was enough that he was normally conquering other girls but now one of them has stolen her role of little sister and since it’s a conquest Keima is taking it much more seriously than he took her little sisterness.

  2. As expected of Elsie… Even while trying to keep her little sister title ends up being trapped in a box. Wonder if she knows Nermal from Garfield?

    A crazy idea. What if Dokurou is the spirit inside a normal girl body that has her true personality unconscious at the moment? I’ll find it funnier if the girl happens to be somebody that Keima already knows (as his teacher, Nikaido).


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