Tsuna seems to have finally realized that Reborn and Reborn’s “old friend” are one and the same – about time, too! It was somewhat unbelievable he wasn’t able to figure it out the first time, what with his “Hyper Intuition”.

Putting that aside, seeing the best hitman in action was pretty great, even though it doesn’t look like it’ll be a long-lasting thing. It seems almost silly to undo the curse just to shoot a single bullet, but I suppose that’s the restrictions set by the rules. Tsuna hasn’t had to get shot by the Dying Will Bullet for a long time though, and seeing that he’s already in Dying Will mode, I’m wondering what that shot is going to do. Obviously it’s going to be a power-up as dictated by the ye olde shounen gods, but how it’ll help Tsuna become stronger than Bermuda is still up in the air.

More than the fight though, I’m itching to see some explanations on the Arcobaleno phenomenon that have yet gone unexplored – there’s still a lot of material to burn through on that front and I wish there was less focus on the fights since they all end quite predictably. Hopefully the battle will end quickly with Tsuna’s shiny new powers and KHR! can finally delve into some of the plot points it’s left untouched for a while.


  1. Adult Reborn is certainly sexy!! Still, he’s keep going on and on about “Reborn’s friend”, LOL~ Even Bermuda is playing along w/ this “Reborn’s friend” game. Reborn’s reflex is AWESOME, and I love every seconds of it. Oh did I also mention Reborn is SEXY and AWESOME?

    It has been a long while since Amano-sensei use the “Dying Will bullet”, I kind miss those good-old Daily-arc in the beginning. Also, in the Chinese version, Reborn states, “All the things I want to tell you/let you know is in that bullet”. So I am assuming that bullet is more about Reborn’s information than just a power-up.

  2. oyos

    even if all reborn did was shoot a dying will bullet, he also wasted bermuda’s time by dodging the attacks. there is only 3 minutes of the ‘present’ and we don’t even know if that time was reset when it was taken from skull (skull used almost a minute, right?).

  3. >>Tsuna seems to have finally realized that Reborn and Reborn’s “old friend” are one and the same<<

    Well……..I won't count my eggs just yet. Who knows, it is possible that Tsu-chan could just realize "Oh, that's a Dying-will Bullet", not "Oh, that's Reborn!".

  4. I get the feeling that Reborn is never going to fight seriously for himself, but he’s going to leave everything up to Tsuna. And let’s not forget that Tsuna still has the Shimon Ring on too so there will be a lot of change in Tsuna’s power-up.

    random viewer
    1. Reborn leave everything up to Tsuna because Nano (the 9th) said so, sorry I could remember which chapter exactly. The 9th did states Reborn is not suppose to interfere Tsuna’s own battle, so Tsuna could grow.


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