「天下布武」 (Tenka Fubu)

Tenka Fubu was an important phrase in Oda Nobunaga’s conquest. He coined the term on his seal in 1567 as a way of expressing his intent on conquering all the land under one sky. The adoption of this phrase also marked the acceleration of Nobunaga’s conquests and his transition from being a lucky daimyo to a formidable general.

It’s fitting that this final episode be named as such then, for this episode marked the transition from Nobuna the Idealist to Nobuna the Ambitious. Her struggles–losing the people she loves–has not gone in vain; she has risen as a leader who can push forward despite the emotional toll. It’s great that Saru finally came back for Nobuna, but the story could’ve continued just fine without him. The story could’ve gone without Juubei’s survival as well (what a trooper she is!), but hey, the story needs its major love triangles for the second season! Nobuna x Saru x Mitsuhide, Nobukatsu x Nagamasa, and of course the heavily implied Dousan x Danjou…

But alas, no main character is ever fated to die (yet), so the episode ended on an even lighter note, where good completely prevails over evil and where Nobuna moves onto the next stage of her conquest. Although I don’t typically like these types of endings, it’s a satisfactory ending that’s to be expected of the show. Everyone ends up happy, the foreshadowing for a second season is placed, and of course, OF COURSE, that tease of a kiss at the very end. My only complaint for this ending is how easily everything seemed to resolve itself. Katsuie finishes off two characters that are all talk with a single lunge, Nobuna conveniently is able to bypass the mysterious masked figure *cough*, and Saru’s phone…most durable phone ever? Although I predict these conflicts aren’t elongated due to time constraints and production values, if I could have my way with this finale, it would be longer battle sequences WHILE all this dialogue is going on, so that the feeling of tension that’s so critical to a conclusion can be expressed more clearly.

Despite the minor gripe, I would say that Oda Nobuna has exceeded expectations and has proven itself to be a great series in the genre of Sengoku era genderbending. “It’s just another Sengoku Genderbend!” many said, even us as writers, where the only real twist was the genders themselves. However, Nobuna has proven to be a story that takes its twist very seriously, integrating it into a more general problem of altering a timeline. A prime example of this serious take would be the twist of Asai Nagamasa. While some of us knew from the get-go this would happen, either from the light novel or a lucky guess, the twist is a plot point that works with the setting, rather than as a tacked on gimmick. The show doesn’t just moe your favorite figures from a part of Japanese history, it presents an alternate reality. It was easy at times to forget what was historical fact and what was fabricated, for it all started to blend in. The first few episodes stayed true to history for the most part without any major changes, but as the plot sailed forward, all these small changes begun to pile up, snowballing into the events we’ve seen in recent episodes.

However, other than history changing due to Saru, the main changes that occured thanks to genderbend was due to the change of heart thanks to the gender switch. To see the conquest of Japan from a strong female group’s perspective is a fairly interesting concept to wrap your head around. The women of Oda don’t perceive their goals as something about honor, blood, or power. Instead, contrary to their predecessors, they sought to unite Japan through more altruistic reasoning–a desire to unite the people in the name of peace and equality. It’s not a silly type of unity that’s meant to be moe either–their ambitions are honest. Nobuna follows her dream due to her background, and as a result, everyone else is inspired by her ideals and follows her banner. Although I haven’t personally seen any other genderbends, as I stated at the start of this series, I am impressed by the way that the show mixes the silly elements of a harem and ecchi show with the serious topic of conquest. It’s a nice mix that doesn’t really disappoint those looking for women fighter fanservice, but doesn’t alienate those who are looking for a more serious plot.

The serious plot does have its own flaws though. Throughout the show, the flow of tension and the path of conquest was marred by the constant pattern of comedy-serious-happiness format that dominated the majority of the show. It became such a predictable format that it ruined most of the conflicts that popped up throughout the show–it became an expectation that any conflict wasn’t permanent and would be resolved by the end of the episode. The show may have attempted to rectify this problem by the end, but the damage already had been done, perhaps enough that future seasons will suffer from this expectation. However, if future seasons continue to shake things up progressively more and more, I may yet again have to swallow my words, like I have done several times throughout the season. The show is becoming less and less afraid to inflict emotional and physical pain on the main characters, even going as far as to kill off minor characters for the sake of shaking up emotions. Goemon will never forget her fanbase, despite how clingy they were. The show is becoming more open to causing bad things to happen to shake up the plot, though it seems going ‘all the way’ is still far away for the show. There is a threat to Oda’s cause, but it constantly keeps stabbing itself, letting Nobuna clean up with an easy blow.

However, there was one plot point I feel they did justice to, and it’s Nobuna and Saru’s relationship. I was really surprised at how receptive the two were to the other two’s actions. Normally in a rom com, the development that occurs between characters is usually reserved for the end in one big swoop, at which point the characters revert to being the best of friends. Nobuna and Saru shake things up to that formula by having both of them influence each other, with recognizable results. It was obvious at the beginning that Saru had (and to an extent still has) a superiority complex due to his knowledge, but Nobuna was quick to put Saru in his place. However, apart from any comedic resistance…he actually listened and kept that in mind throughout the series. Nobuna, who lacked certain confidence in herself to lead the Oda without Saru, was encouraged to go forward with her dreams through his reassurance from beyond the grave. While all of this is happening, their relationship continues to grow…albeit slowly and steadily. The moments when they embrace each other at the end of the series…I just want to reach out and congratulate them on finally opening up to one another!

After all twelve episodes, I appreciate Oda Nobuna no Yabou for giving me a thoroughly enjoyable show to watch. I know that many of you saw my transition from coverage of Famiglia to Nobuna–I don’t regret that decision one bit, for I moved onto a show that truly exceeded my expectations. Nobuna really sets the standard for future genderbends of history: not everything has to end in a comedic gag. It’s been a pleasure to cover this show, and I will gladly jump on the train to cover the second season, should it ever come to fruition.

In fact, just like how I’m considering reading up on Moyashimon’s light novels, I will DEFINITELY consider taking a look at Oda Nobuna’s light novels as well. The source material is definitely ahead in terms of development, so seeing what happens next, before a second season comes up, is something I’m dying to see now!

Any historical questions that you have about this episode or any of the previous episodes: feel free to ask! Just as a heads up, not much other than the burning of Hiei by Nobunaga himself happens historically in this episode.

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    1. Maybe it’s the iPhone 5s with increased durability and longer battery life (he managed to reboot it and play music). And of course there is a new port to render all your accessories useless.

    2. Wouldn’t the iPhone5 with its longer frame be better at dodging bullets? Then again, Saru left our timeline prior to its release so he’ll have to make do with the still quite durable iPhone4, with its war cry app and now bullet and blade dodging ability.

      Kinny Riddle
  1. Haa that was a nice ride…Now show me where to buy the nice figs!

    Also after the preview shot of Takeda Shingen, now am curious how they’ll portray Uesugi Kenshin. @_@

    Also Saru X Nobuna X Mitsuhide might now be the new cause for the Honnoji Temple Incident.

    1. I ould find it hilarious if Kenshin is a guy. After all, there are a lot of theories floating around that he was actually a woman in real life. It would amuse me greatly if he ends up not being genderbent (or genderbent to be masculine).

      Gouka Ryuu
  2. I had high hopes for this show from the pre-season promotional videos. There was just something about the attitude that Nobuna exhuded in those promos.

    I had high hopes, but reasonable expectations — the show did exceed my expectations a bit, the only problem being the pacing.

    I suspect the producers doubted the viability of this project, and struggled to get to a decent point of closure in a single season. This led to a lot of compression, with major campaigns happening off-screen and related to us as narrations. When the show took its time (say, Saru’s tour of Kyoto), it was surprisingly good.

    If there’s a second season, I hope they’ll feel they can relax a bit, and do a bit more justice to all aspects of the story.

    I like the way they finessed the sacking of Mt. Hiei, turning it into the malevolent plot of Konoe, instead of having it be Nobuna’s doing.

  3. ” Nobuna and Saru’s relationship” He he he, in the very end, even the Randomc has put our Protagonist the name “Saru,” anyway I am curious whether this relationship would cause the “Incident at Honnō-ji,” as we know Akechi Mitsuhide would supposedly kill Nobuna in that event; from the look of this episode it is obvious that, like the anime School Days, the love triangle would cause jealousy and would tempt Akechi Mitsuhide to kill Nobuna.

    I am curious just how far the author made Saru’s awareness level. As we know, most anime MALE protagonist in Harem anime are usually put in some level of ignorance where they are unaware that more than one girls loves him. Especially in the realm of envy the Male protagonist ends up neglecting the feelings of women…..well the Japan of this era would does allow polygamy and Saru does plan to fulfill Hideyoshi’s dream- a castle full of lovely girls.

    My main concern is how our dear Nene is, in historical records, is SUPPOSED to be the wife of Hideyoshi. Does anyone ever see that happening. I would be interested if the dude develops a lolicon fetish and adds cute little girls to his harem.

    My next main concern is Hanbei, since it is known that the historical one died of illness during Hideyoshi’s attack against the Mōri in the Chūgoku region of Japan, while Miki Castle was being besieged. Has this already happened? If not then I hope that Saru has some medicine with him from the FUTURE.

    Next is Kichō, Dousan’s daughter, did we even see her in the anime? When Dousan mentioned “the boy who would marry my daughter,” did he meant Nobuna or Kichō?

    Next is our CUTE Goemon. The Historical one is said to have died by being boiled alive along with his son in public after a failed assassination attempt on the civil war-era warlord Toyotomi Hideyoshi, as in supposedly Saru. Though this is after Nobuna’s supposed death, so I would wonder if the author plans that to happen.

    Then there is our lovely Hisahide Matsunaga, the historical one is said to have joined Nobunaga but later cut off his ties and Nobunaga turned on him as he besieged Hisahide at Shigisan Castle. Defeated but Hisahide committed suicide, I wonder if Saru would get involved with such a lovely women to prevent that.

    I am going to wonder if Hisamasa is still alive. If not then Nobuna would later besieged Odani Castle and would Hisamasa commit seppuku.

    I am going to hope that Naotaka and Naozumi Magara didn’t die, it is likely since they were suppose to die around this time, I think.

    My last concern is that Iphone (I think it is an Iphone). I can bet that in 450 years in the future of this world, the technology of that would be fixed and studied and Saru’s decedents would be the next Bill Gates of Japan.

    1. It was Ishikawa Goemon who was executed in that manner for trying to assassinate Hideyoshi. This version is Hachisuka Goemon. The other half of her name comes from Hachisuka Masakatsu, who was one of Hideyoshi’s most loyal retainers.

    2. >“Incident at Honnō-ji,” …
      Given this series’ premise it won’t be anything as gruesome as that. But there are more problems than just avoiding honnoji incident anyway. How is Hideyoshi supposed to fight any other former oda retainer unless the incident really happens?

      >I am curious just how far the author made Saru’s awareness level.
      Just notice how Saru’s already building up a formidable harem, but composed only by lolis at this point. Notice how Saru’s not even interested in them, preferring what he could not achieve: Katsuie’s or Francis boobs, much to Inuchiyo’s chagrin. That’s just how comedy works here. (very similar to Index’s Touma’s own harem)
      Well… leaving aside Nobuna and Juubei, but that’s another story…

      >My main concern is how our dear Nene is, in historical records, is SUPPOSED to be the wife of Hideyoshi.
      Aside that historical marriages have been conveniently turned into ‘imouto relationship’ here, Saru turning lolicon is not happening. As I said before, his tastes are… much rather oriented to… watermelons. I feel pity for the left unconcerned lolis, though.

      >My next main concern is Hanbei,
      Well let’s not spoil the fun here 😉

      >Next is Kichō, Dousan’s daughter, did we even see her in the anime? When Dousan mentioned “the boy who would marry my daughter,” did he meant Nobuna or Kichō?
      Kichō appeared back in ep 3. A cute loli, I must say. The daughter Dousan is referring to in ep 12 is Nobuna.

      Then there is our lovely Hisahide Matsunaga…
      Let’s not spoil the fun here too ^^

      >I am going to wonder if Hisamasa is still alive.
      again this event belong to the next volume of the novel.

      >I am going to hope that Naotaka and Naozumi Magara didn’t die, it is likely since they were suppose to die around this time, I think.
      No female was harmed during the filming of this show, but I suppose their role is pretty much finished here.

      >My last concern is that Iphone (I think it is an Iphone).
      I don’t think that poor Iphone could have lasted another episode. This is why we had only 12 episode. (j/k)

      1. To some of your concerns:

        Yoshiharu considers the lolis to be his little sisters and friends. No need to worry. Unless he gets stuck in there until they grow up reaching legal age…

        Magara sisters are still alive. Notice how Katsuie reversed the edge of her sword before slashing them. She also mentioned that Nobuna let the Asakura lackeys left if they wanted it. I’m sure they will be back if there is gonna be a second season. Their gigantic swords are simply too awesome.

        Some more new and unanswered questions: So, how the heck did Saru get to the past? What are those cards Asakura Yoshikage carries around? Was there some sort of past relationship between Dousan and Danjou? What alloy is used in the making of Yoshiharu’s phone and Katsuie’s armor? I’m guessing vibranium.

        Sadly, second season seems to be unlikely to come out anytime soon. I’ll miss this anime…

      2. Thx, but I was answering to Loo2 ^^;
        Every line marked with “>” is a quote from him.

        Again we should not consider his ‘lolis’ as target of some kind of love feeling, even given that any of them has a feeling for Saru in return.
        As a matter of fact they’re lolis for the purpouse of avoiding them to get in the way of the main love triangle between Saru, Nobuna and Juubei.
        Any other not-loli char ho could have feelings for Saru has been demoted as a secondary char and shares seldom sceen time with him.
        This is a kind of double layer security to keep the love triangle between the main charactres only,and keep the story focused. Unless that it would all turn into another To Loveru.

  4. lookin at the screencaps about goemon’s crew of followers been reduced to that 1 last guy out of the few that were always shown made me think how sad that 1 last guy must be losing his crew and he’s the only one left in this happy ending. poor background characters

    1. That’s Takeda Shingen alright, as she’s got the Takeda family crest (four diamonds).

      She would probably the main antagonist with her renown invincible calvalry, Saru will have to ensure the Battle of Nagashino happens where said cavalry is mowed down by the arquebusiers of the Oda/Tokugawa alliance.

      Kinny Riddle
  5. Sad its over but I enjoyed the ride from beginning to end. Though I was hoping for a more obviously romantic ending but not so much since they’re hinting at a second season.
    I knew that Hanbei would know about weather Yoshiharu would be alive or not. Also I was expecting him to follow the archetype of excaping from a really bad situation without a scratch but I was surprised to see him slumped with an arrow in him. Then Jubei had to warm him up O_O that was unexpected.
    I’m also glad that Nobuna didn’t need Saru to come “back from the dead” in order to bring her to her senses. Also she was able to fight on her own farly well. Finally saw a character die!

  6. They’ve made a pretty straight-forward case for another season, but how are the current sales going, as an indicator of how soon it might be made, and how busy is the company that put this out?

    Can’t say this is really a (future) spoiler, but:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. I think the 1st Bluray disk came in at number 20 from the top 25(?) for the week. (saw it posted on SanCom a week or 2 earlier). Dunno how you figure sales from that, as I’m more of a figures guy 😀 (finally saw a link for uncolored prototypes for Nobuna and Hanbei and looks promising ^_^, but will reserve judgement till final colors)

      1. myanimelist featuring Oricon data sales stated around 4000 BR copies sold in two weeks. It’s anything but promising.
        3k copies is a (very) crude threshold under which an anime is deemed failing. 5-10k is a good success, usually granting a second serie and above is a bestseller. Bakemonogatari gained something 50k and was a huge success.
        On the other hand the novel ranked 36 on that weird name ranking “kono light novel ga sugoi” (or something). Again not good promising.

    2. In episode 10, Yoshiharu did kind of leaked to Motoyasu (Ieyasu) that she would be the one to run the country when peace arrives, so he seems to intend to ensure history runs its due course in the end, allowing some variations along the way, such as the still-alive Imagawa becoming Shogun and Dousan surviving.

      OTOH, he seems to have something arranged for Juubei-chan (Mitsuhide), saying she would travel the seas with Nobuna, rather than her betrayal at Honnoji. This would conveniently send Nobuna away from history while allowing legend and hearsay to revert to the Honnoji version that we’re all familiar with. Yoshiharu might arrange for a clone to take his position and assume Hideyoshi’s identity, while also grooming Ieyasu at the same time to take over in due course.

      Kinny Riddle
  7. well give compare other 2 aka otome & collection this sengoku version hmm give bit ok sure bit more action & etc on it.

    sure again gender-flip overall yea it some checking yea so need a s2.

  8. At least this show wasn’t afraid of pairing up the title characters at the end. This earned my respect thoroughly. I hope the two other romantic comedies/romance lineups that are reaching their respective ends will archieve this too.

  9. This was a surprisingly entertaining watch, despite its premise. Props to them for actually prioritizing plot / characters over fanservice, though it’s not to say there weren’t any fanservice. At the very least, it wasn’t a show where breasts get more screentime than anything else.

    I don’t know how important the real Nagahide was in history, but it’s funny how searching on Google for “Niwa Nagahide” returns more results for this anime series than the actual person.

  10. Great show with a great ending, I probably missed it, whatever happen to the sick pervert that wanted Nobuna? And Saru never want to know how to go back? How he managed to appear in ancient Japan? All this a dream due to excessive gaming and he fall into a coma? Mitsuhide, I respect you, no one will managed to survive a blast and climb up a cliff except you. I love how Inuchiyo get all jealous over Saru and Nobuna!

  11. A rather surprisingly good show, despite its apparent moniker of “just another Sengoku genderbend”.

    A second season would be just fine, as we still have other Sengoku “badasses” that have yet to appear, like Takeda Shingen (seen in the teaser shot at the end), Uesugi Kenshin, and of course the epic-music accompanying loli Bontenmaru. As well as “aniki” Chousokabe Motochika (too much BASARA influence for me, lol) and the Mori clan.

    Sanada Yukimura may or may not appear, as he’s only active towards the end of the Sengoku and beginning of the Tokugawa Shogunate, long after Honnoji. But that didn’t stop the author from inserting Bontenmaru into the story, despite Date Masamune still being a baby during Nobunaga’s conquests.

    Kinny Riddle
  12. Thanks for blogging this the whole way. It’s a shame that the show wasn’t slated for 24 Eps from the start, but given the initial reception to the series announcement that’s not surprising in the least. If it had, I think the pacing would have been a little better. Like some earlier ones, Ep. 12 seemed a little rushed at the end.

    As it stands, Oda Nobuna was probably my favorite show of the season. It wasn’t perfect,but I always enjoyed each episode. From comments here and elsewhere, it seems a lot of people who were skeptical at first ending up with a positive impression by the end so I’m optimistic that Season 2 will get the “green light.” It would be great to see Season 2 on the Winter 2013 schedule. In the meantime, I’ll keep reading the LN as fast as it’s translated.

  13. The little show that could be … and WAS and IS ! Really enjoy it, nothing like the underdog show winning and this one did deliver more that anohter show with high expectations that will remain nameless. The only “flaw” was the failed kiss. Saru did deserve it even if for a second touch Nobuna’s lips. Then the cut scene of everyone watching. Still like Juubei said at the end she still is ahead. However for a second there I thought that if they kiss Saru will be “ported” back to the future; that really scared me. But the “cliff hanger” for next season make me really happy. Next season Now~!

  14. Just to clarify something, some people here think there won’t be a season 2 anytime soon, yet unlike Shana/ZnT, the ending is really asking for a sequel/second season, so I have no doubt that negotiations are going on behind the scenes. Even Accel World, rumored to have a second season, didn’t have a hanging end scene.

    I hope that the Japanese like it enough too, hoping it had high enough viewer rating to warrant a second season 🙂

      1. Zanibas – it’s not just the second season for Nyan Koi that was aborted. The manga has been on hold for a while – 9 months between the last two chapter releases! According to a comment on Imaginescans site (scanlators for Nyan Koi manga), Nyan Koi’s mangaka has been struggling with serious health issues which would certainly be a good reason for no Nyan Koi Season 2.

        JMO, I think the chances of Season 2 are pretty good (75%+). In addition to seeing a lot of “I’m surprised how well this show turned out to be” type comments, there are two subsequent manga adaptations as well (Oda Nobuna no Yabou & Oda Nobuna no Yabou: Himesama to Issho). That wouldn’t happen if there wasn’t a decent fan base for the series. Hopefully it’s enough for Season 2…and soon. Be great to see this on next seasons schedule.


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