This week on Naruto, we find out that the “Zetsu”/artificial humans don’t have to take dumps, and that Obito doesn’t quite need to do so as often too (I think). I had to go look around to verify the translations admittedly, but yes, that’s actually pretty much what a fair amount of dialogue was dedicated to this chapter. Felt like a bit of a troll to be honest, but in a way it was one, as well as a set-up chapter too for the most part.

Getting into a more serious mode, we see Obito’s continued “imprisonment” in Madara’s underground cave. Contrary to some of the expectations that the cave just so happened to be under where Obito was crushed though, it turns out that the artifical humans were the ones who got em’ down there in the first place… which is definitely a step up from the far-fetched nature of the other alternative. Sadly though, that’s pretty much all we get this chapter: poop jokes and a few random hints here and there. But as mentioned earlier, this chapter also serves as a set-up for the next, and things start getting admittedly interesting with the reveal that Obito was actually alerted to Rin and Kakashi’s impending doom at the hands of the Mist ninjas. For one, it most likely lets us see what happens to Rin, which is probably the big unanswered question everyone’s just pondering at the moment. And next, we also get to see the interesting development that Obito’s merge with “Zetsu” results in someone who looks exceptionally like Madara in his younger days… makes you wonder…

Either way, it looks like the foundations are being set for revealing exactly why Obito ends up supporting Madara’s plan (at least to an extent), though we pretty much know its likely to do with Kakashi’s inability to protect Rin, who probably ends up dying in view of Obito. Notably, part of me can’t help but suspect that Zetsu’s offer to assist Obito and let him go to Rin/Kakashi is just a ruse to get him riled up and support Madara, because Rin’s already at a point where she can’t be saved or something… Anywho, another week’s done, and it looks like the flashbacks continue next week.


  1. The way things are going, and with the Zetsus having mentioned that Madara’s dream world can bring back even the dead, it looks like we are seeing Obito’s motivation to become Tobi being his desire to see Rin alive again.

    What do you think? Corrupted but noble desire or pathetic and childish lovelust?

    1. Probably. Since Obito is that team’s Naruto equivalent.

      Uchiha-level emo + Naruto-level intelligence = Seeing Rin alive with Madara’s plan

      So, my vote is for pathetic and childish lovelust.

  2. I do think that this is part of Madara’s plan since during this time I belief that Madara(black zetsu playing the part of kage I would guess) was in control of the mist village. Also Rin’s ends up in danger when Tobi finally gets used to his new body.

    1. Yes, I absolutely agree that this is the scenario we’re looking at.

      I simply can’t picture somebody like Madara, even in a suppressed state, would allow his “creations” and subordinates to wander around and “help” Obito like they are. I believe this is all part of Madara’s manipulative nature and all planned out.

      Pretty much I imagine Obito is also going to get some redemption within the manga. After Madara coldly mentions with that unchanging expression of his that he set up the ambush through the fake Mist kage, and that he felt that the loss of Rin and Stupid Kakashi would play a part in the overall master plan by incorporating Obito as a cog in the system, I’m pretty sure Obito will crack and do something stupid (Naruto-like) but fail because he’s way past his bedtime.

  3. Guys I think that Obito will have a change of heart but not by Naruto, Kakashi might be the
    only one to persuade Obito to change his ways. It is just like the pattern that MK has been
    using all this time just like when Jiraiya tried to persuade Orochimaru to change his ways
    and Naruto has been trying to persuade Sasuke, now it is Kakashi who has to confront Obito.
    I don’t know if He will be able to persuade Obito but He can try before Obito dies for real.

    K C M
    1. But wouldn’t it have been better to see how far he came over the past seven years since Kakashi Gaiden ended? You know, INSTEAD of just forcing it out in a few chapters that halts the final battle dead in its tracks?

      1. Yeah, you’re probably right. Still doesn’t change the fact that it is told the way the writer intends it to be. Which might be disappointing to some, and appreciated by others. At the end of the day, it’s still a HELL of a story. Which from this chapter, in my life opinion is heart felt. A character, seemingly returning from the dead only to be strongly motivated to be reunited with his comrades once again. Suck it up dude.

      2. Yeah, that might be an interesting story if it had anything to do how the character has been for the majority of it. You’re seriously telling me that just a couple chapters of exposition suddenly changes your opinion on all the stuff Obito’s done over the course of the series? All the people he’s killed and manipulated? This huge war he started? It would be easier to understand if we knew all this BEFORE he did all of that, or at least knew why Rin was so special that he needed to start a war, but…we missed that shot and the story’s suffering for it.

        As of this chapter, Obito’s acting like an idiot. And not the endearing type of idiot either, the kind that it is impossible to feel sympathy for because he keeps screwing up when he shouldn’t. He’s being manipulated and letting it happen. His character is just a tool and if that’s what this flashback ends on, with him not having any will of his own left after Rin’s death, then that brings his character down another level.

        And a story being “the way an author intended” doesn’t make it any better. Remember the Fullbring arc in Bleach? Is that any better because it’s “what the author wanted”?

      3. You raise valuable points which I could of saw happening. But that case in point is that it indeed didn’t happen. Fact of the matter is no matter how much you complain, nothing will change. And don’t get me wrong. Do not assume that because of this specific chapter that my overall outlook on Obito has changed. I am merely noting his accomplishments to this specific chapter and nothing more. Accomplishments that I deem worthy of respect. Anything that happens afterwords is nothing neither you or I can comment on, since we haven’t seen a reason as to WHY he has done the several devastating actions that we have seen him carry out thus far.

        Additionally, I never said that making the story the way the author intends is necessarily a good thing. It’s just something that us the readers have no control over. And for the record, Bleach having the Fullbring arc, no matter how bad it seemed to be was necessary for the plot to continue, and in my opinion, shouldn’t be compared with the story telling of Naruto.

      4. *sigh*

        Well…okay, then. As long as we’re on the same page here. I’ll try to refrain from repeating the same points over and over and just complain about events that are revealed from week to week.

        But I will say this: The fact that predicting how he turns to evil is as simple as was discovering his identity is not a good sign that the writing quality will be improving any time soon.

    2. Sorry but I do need to deagree with most of what Da5id sayed….
      I think it’s great the way that the story is being told.
      If we where feed Obito’s story as the rest of the story had progressed there would have been no build up to this point. Who was Tobi, what is his plan, why is he doing this? None of that would have been there. It was the same with Itachi, and Danzo. At first we where told that they where bad and thats that. Then we where given thier story and shown how they came to be who they where.
      Oh, and there is no way Obito will live after this; Kakashi may “save him” by getting him to leave Madara’s side and help them, letting him die as a hero. But, this is the start of his death flag.

      1. The main difference between Obito, and Itachi and Danzo is that Itachi and Danzo, for a majority of their time, were behind the scenes in the shadows; Itachi only getting a few short appearances overall until he fights Sasuke.

        Obito, however, as “Tobi”, has been in the forefront of events ever since his first appearance being Deidara’s partner as a “new member” of Akatsuki, yet for ALL that time, we didn’t get anything on Obito and were simply lead to believe it was Madara the whole time (or someone pretending at least). This is what Da5id means about having this all thrown at us and expecting it to work when we had all this time to have it revealed little by little.

      2. ^Right, exactly. If they wanted it to be like Danzo or Itachi, they should’ve just said he was Obito outright.

        I gotta say, with how this and Amon from Legend of Korra turned out, I’m starting to distrust the whole “masked villain” plot point more and more

      3. I still disagree with that. There was a large number of Naruto fans that guessed that Tobi was Obito; after Kakashi’s child hood flashback, where we first met Obito. I admit I was one of the people that did not agree with that, but alot of fans did. It’s kinda obvious that that arc in the manga was ment to put it in our heads that Tobi could be Obito.

      4. Not in any real credible sense though. A lot of people only thought “Obito” simply because of “Tobi minus 1 O”. That’s it. Otherwise, there wasn’t really anything else to possibly suggest it was Obito at all.

        Madara was far more credible, and Danzo even more so. Even Tobirama (somehow) comes off as more credible when you consider the revelations of him being able to use time-space ninjutsu and being the creator Edo Tensei and such.

      5. I’m…not sure I understand, Platue. Obito showed up in the flashback before Tobi showed up at the end of the Sasori arc, so it’s impossible that anyone would guess he was Tobi before Tobi had even made an appearance.

  4. The only problem with is is how once again Obito will end up a pussy and emo. I bet he’ll crack up crying Rin died and let Kakashi convince him to stop Madara through some “psychotherapy”. “ZOMG, I CAN SEE IT NOW, SRY KAKASHI, FOR EVERYTHING. I CAN’T CHANGE THE HARM I DID IN THE PAST BUT I CAN HELP NOW. *Kills Madara, dies with a smile in his face and remembering Rin*. Naruto ends, with one of the worst possible ending ever.

  5. I recall Fourth Hokage fighting the Tobi with the fake arms, so was fourth fighting Obito since it was Obito that had the fake arm? But then again, when that happened, Obito should still be a kid… And I don’t think it’s Madara who’s fighting the Fourth… Arghhhh!!!! Soooo confused.

  6. This is probably also a prelude, also, to how Obito ended up becoming the Mizukage for a time and meeting Kisame. And the whole extermination of Kekkei Genkai users could be a result of Obito getting revenge too.

  7. Can we say “Mangekyou Sharingan Spoiler”?

    But here’s the lol – It can go two ways, either with the death of Rin, or the death of Zwirly (Swirly Zetsu), since both are close to him. You never know, Zwirly might to the “sacrifice self for friend” bit.

    This has got to be Madara Cunning(tm) at work, since he knows seeing someone dear to him die will awaken Obito’s eye’s next form, and so advance his (Madara’s) own plan

    1. But the condition to awaken the Mangekyo is to kill close friend by your own hand. Besides, it makes more sense that Kakashi’s Mangekyo appeared after Naruto Part 1 or he’d have shown it before then.

      1. It does not have to actually be by your own hand, but just the emotional feeling of loss in general. It’s just faster to do so by killing that person with your own hand rather than waiting for them to die from something else.

        Remember that Sasuke DID NOT actually kill Itachi with his own hands either. Itachi merely died of his own illness. That along with both the revelations of the truth behind the Uchiha Massacre, and quite possibly Itachi “implanting” his own ocular abilities into Sasuke just before he died, is what lead to Sasuke awakening his own Mangekyo Sharingan. It could also explain why Sasuke happens to have Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, and Susano’o as his own Mangekyo abilities like Itachi, but in the opposite eyes like a “mirror” from Itachi (Amaterasu from his left eye as opposed to Itachi using it from his right eye), yet others like Obito have Kamui and Shishui having his uber-Genjutsu.

      1. Uh..what? What I mean is that the jokes were actually able to light the mood and make the chapter less boring than it actually was, since we pretty much know what’s going to happen.

        Also, I love when there’s minor comedy on serious moments. Which is why OP is my favorite shounen, not Naruto.

  8. Plot summary:

    Tobi-Zetsu: Everyone loved the “Old Man’s Lower Parts” joke last week, we decided to take out all subtlety and just fill the first few pages with poo jokes! Because that’s exactly what this huge revelation flashback needs!

    Obito: Whatever, I’ll get out of here eventually.

    Zetsu: Nope, you’re gonna help with the old guy’s plan to mind control everyone so we can have world peace!

    Obito: That’s…probably the stupidest plan I’ve ever heard. There is no way will I ever do that.

    *laugh track*

    Obito: …where did that come from?

    Zetsu: Nowhere…it’s nothing.

    Tobi-Zetsu: Poop joke!


    Obito: Wow, these parallels are so forced…er, I mean contrived…er I mean done with so too many characters already…er I mean clever. Yeah, that’s it.

    But at least now I can train to get myself out of here! These guys are sure fun to hang around, but I need to remember that they’re just trying to get me to work for that old guy. I can’t listen to a word they say.

    Zetsu: Hey, that Rin and Kakashi you were telling me about are in danger!

    Obito: I instantly believe you!

    Tobi-Zetsu: Wait, you’re too weak and I don’t appear in anything other than this flashback. Use my body!

    Obito: I’m sure showing up like this won’t cause any misunderstandings!

    Tobi-Zetsu: Poop joke!

  9. I can see how Tobi got his body infused with the 1st hokage’s cells. Interestingly, this must be how Obito is able to use the Sharingan so freely without fearing blindness. Though it seems Tobi can’t use the wood jutsu.

  10. Whoa, what’s with the hate Da5id? We get it, you don’t like it that Obito is Tobi, but whatever, move along.

    I f*ing loved this chapter. It was so unexpectedly hilarious and (Oh yes, this is the moment for that word) epic. Zetsubros were the highlight here, and they answered so much and even had the time to make poop jokes. 10/10. I find all these bunch of characters so likeable, cracking jokes and helping each other. The way they describe the Moon’s Eye Plan is great too; they actually believe it’s a good thing, whereas most shounen villains stop at ‘I’ll conquer the world’ and give very, very pathetic excuses. Granted, Madara’s logic is flawed of course, but it *is* a relatable viewpoint nonetheless.

    Agh, so much love for this. I initially groaned at Kishi for inserting a flashback in the middle of the decisive battle, but at least he’s making it entertaining. Needless to say, the best scene this week was the very last panel. Feels like Tobi is a superhero from those Marvel movies, putting the suit for the first time and heading out to fight crime, against his master’s orders.

    I’m digging it. Now, I hope Kishi will make Rin’s death a memorable one, because if it isn’t that significant, then Tobi-Obito’s resolution will be pretty weak, turning against the world for the random death of a teenage crush.

    Oh God, please more Zetsubros.

    1. I’ve already said multiple times what I hate about it. It’s poor timing, wasted opportunities for proper character development, and misuse of a final battle to explain shit that should’ve been explained years ago.

      You’re aware the Zetsus aren’t helping Obito so much as messing with his head and luring him into Stockholm Syndrome, right? Besides, they don’t exactly need winning over about the evil plan when Madara’s their creator and controls them forcibly. They were just dumbing it down to make it NOT sound like world domination (which it pretty much is, except with mind control).

      As for Madara’s views, they’re relatable, but also idealized and naive. TOO naive for a great ninja such as him, unless he’s gone senile, which is very likely considering how he was acting when Obito woke up. “I hate all this fighting. It doesn’t do any good or nothing. Back in my day, we didn’t fight so much. Where’s my applesauce, nurse?” That said, letting Obito go out just to see his friends die is actually going along with his masters order, since the Zetsus specifically want him to see people dying. For all we know, THEY’RE about to kill Rin and are forcing Obito along to make him watch.

      After considering all of that, the poop jokes just seem like shitty humor.

      *slams table* PUN INTENDED!

  11. My favorite panel of this chapter is the one when the Zetsus yelled “Hurray!” at Obito for finally able to walk again. They look sincerely care about him. It’s touching.

    Oh, by the way, does doesn’t-need-to-poop ‘privilege’ also work on Obito too?

  12. I hate how Tobi degrated from being badass mysterious guy, with huge power force to just a guy who hates the world be ause his love interest dies. It is such a boring uninteresting motivation, we’ve seen it before for a million times: Pain, Gaara were exactly same. The next thing you know, Natuto is going talk-no-jutsu him into good and he will trap Madara in his dimension.
    Obito – Hate all. Infinite tsukomi!
    Naruto – No, you don’t! Will of fire!
    Obito – oh, i don’t! Madara you tricked me!

    meh…. That is weak.

    1. As I mentioned a chapter or two ago, that is exactly what I fear will happen, especially when you consider, in terms of conventional fighting, there’s just NO way Naruto can beat Madara the way he is now (with all the properties of Edo Tensei behind him and him holding the keys too, coupled with far more REAL combat experience), even with all his new Kurama powers. (Hell, we already saw that Madara was able to effortlessly block his little Biju Bomb WITH JUST HIS FAN.)

      The only other way would be some major hax in some way. =\

  13. these chapters are dragging on way too long. What happened to Obito should of been 2 chapters long at most. I don’t need 10 pages of Zetus talking about taking dumps and 10 pages of Obito remembering stupid moments of embarrassment with Rin. Chapter 1, Obito wakes up and rehabilitates. Chapter 2 he goes to help Rin and Kakashi but fails. next chapter is back to the present.

    Zero Hour 17

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