「居場所の刃傷持ち」 (Ibasho no Ninjou Mochi)
“Where the One Scarred by Swords Belongs”


Why will Musashi lose if they go too far through Tres España’s fleet?

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How do the Valdez Siblings’ spells work, and how did Noriki intercept them?

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Why did Horizon and the Valdez Siblings say that Noriki lost, even though he saw through their pitch?

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What’s the chaff that Adele and Musashi-sama were talking about?

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What was that programming language the automated dolls used to translate sensory information into sound for Suzu?

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What did Kenji and Nenji do aboard that Tres España ship?

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Diego’s painting magic

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What do Tres España’s Testament Arma do?

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Why did Takakane deactivate his Testament Arma when Shirojiro’s coins were raining down on him?

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Where did Gin’s smaller arms come from when her big prosthetic ones were so clearly cut off?

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A quick overview impression before I get into each of the many plot threads woven into this episode: no, this episode wasn’t nearly as awesome as the previous one, but that’s a friggin’ high bar to clear. It was still awesome, and the best episode I’ve watched…well, since the last episode of Kyoukaisen! The action was just glorious, and there are two times during the episode where I got that chill that said hey, I’m watching something special. Yeah, it was a little rushed – they jammed a lot of content in here – but overall I think it was done quite well, considering all they had to work with and what they managed to accomplish. Now, let’s get into it!

Noriki vs the Valdez Siblings

I cover this one a bit under the Explanations section above, though not with as much solid information as I would prefer, so go to the comments below if you can help out! As for impressions, two things come to mind. First of all, I like how Noriki was going all tsundere on them for calling him out on how he came with a piece of metal under his jacket (what is this, Oda Nobuna no Yabou? zomg, spoilers!), and I liked how Noriki didn’t straight up win. Insofar that his goal was to drive the siblings off, he did win, of course, but I like to see the enemy giving the protagonists a good fight, and just injuring the older brother’s weapon hand rather than knocking the younger sister out entirely definitely isn’t a full victory. Gotta earn that, guys!

Omniscient Suzu

Like with Kimi-nee, Suzu is one of those characters who by all rights shouldn’t be terribly useful in a fight (one is an erotic dancer, and the other is blind, fergodssake!)…and I therefore love it whenever she is. First of all, it was awesome to see Suzu go all omniscient, and adorable when the cushion thing recurred. A clean cushion indeed :3 But of everything else, I look forward to Suzu being able to contribute more to this (and perhaps future?) battle(s) using this tactic. Suzu as mission control with Neshinbara and Adele on the bridge? Do want!

Motivational Speaker Toori

Initially I thought the diversion with the Musashi grunts was going to be a chance for one of them to show how far down the chain of command the faith in Toori and the others went, and just generally act like a bit of a badass. That would have been cool, but I laughed when Toori broke in and used his own special brand of motivation to rile up the troops…threatening promising to come over and console them if they didn’t fight hard. Mushashi’s soldiers are tsundere for Toori? :3

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Shirojiro vs Hironaka Takakane

First of all, the obligatory comment – a railgun, in my Kyoukaisen? …yeah, I’m okay with that, says Stilts cheerfully. 😀 But jokes aside, it was ridiculous how many different ways Shirojiro found to fight with money. Not indirectly – it’s damn easy to fight with money if you use it to buy, ya know, actual weapons – but to literally use the money itself is much more impressive. My favorite one (aside from the railgun shots, of course) was Shirojiro making what is basically chainmail out of coins to avoid getting sliced open like a kipper. Nice!

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The Ascent of Jizuri Suzaku

Ohhhh yeah, now we’re getting into the best parts. This one was a surprise – coming into it, I had no idea this episode would contain Jizuri Suzaku vs Michiyuki Byakko Round 2, much less that it would be one of the scenes that gave me those “holy shit this is good” chills. First of all, the wings – niiiice. Jizuri Suzaku is a junkyard God of War, and it’s biggest weakness has always been that it’s a melee unit that cannot fly. Until now, that is. That alone raised its combat effectiveness markedly.

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Futayo vs Gin

Now, the without a doubt best part of the episode. First of all, that opening scene – hilarious! XD I cracked up as Futayo’s naiveté slowly broke Gin, expecting with each passing second for her to go hard yandere to avenge her husband’s honor (and it was televised too, BWAHAHA!!), and I was not wrong. This episode only had a few of Kyoukaisen’s trademark funny moments, but this was certainly the best of them!

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Looking Ahead

There’s only one more episode in this season, and there’s plenty to look forward to. Despite the title, we didn’t get to see Mary fight this week, so I’m looking forward to seeing that next week. Also, we just need to wrap up this whole Spanish Armada thing before time runs out! But now that most of the duels are over with and England is finally getting in on their own battle, that’s the last thing on the agenda. One more for this season…and probably a nice little hook hinting at the Season 3 I would so dearly love to see. 13 more episodes! 13 more episodes!

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Surprises abound as the last few duels are end, bringing this season ever closer to its conclusion. & Naomasa, Gin-san..*chills* #Kyoukaisen

Random thoughts:

  • It was a rough day for Margot. Man, they really need to beef up the durability on those things! Still, though that’s going to be potentially inconvenient for Musashi, it does mean that Margot and Malga are back on the same level. I think the strain on their relationship was going to be gone anyway, but if not, that oughta definitely take care of it. Work together to rebuild your rides, girls!
  • Oh Asama, you bad girl you :3
  • Loved the Tres España soldiers breaking out into their school chant on the battlefield, lawl. Only in Kyoukaisen!
  • Really not sure about the scene with Hassan and Persona-kun. I know this isn’t the most aggressive of battles, but stopping for a meal (served by the enemy) in the middle of a battle was quite odd. I’m just gunna try not to think about it too much.
  • Ponytail Futayo is hot, but so is unbound Futayo, HNNNNG!!

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    1. I know, right? And the other writers said I was mad to blog this! Mad they said!!!

      Tell me, would a mad person do two massive retrospectives (Part 1, Part 2) and then write 13x ~3,000 word posts that each take 8+ hours to do for 13 straight weeks in a row? Huh? Would they!?!?

      *froths at the mouth from all the genius*

      1. They just keep on upping the levels of AWESOME!
        From Tachibana Gin getting a second set of arms (in both senses of the word!) and going all out versus Futayo, to Neito/Walsingham teaming up to help the Moneymaker (and we can see a nod to certain railgun in the passing…) to “putting your money in life insurance”, to sending an incubus with slime for some “non-violent” mischief (cupid’s arrow? :P), to Toori’s unique leadership methods “I’ll go to cheer you personally!”, to Futayo disarming (literally!) Gin AGAIN. And sweet special ending focused on the Tachibana pair.
        Amount of incredibly lame puns is so staggering, it’s like we get them rapid-fired.
        But they are all executed with so much style, it’s just flowing seamlessly into one giant firework of awesomeness/LOL.

      2. Yes Stilts nii-chan… You are certainly mad. But in a good way!

        I must admit that I almost wanted to NOT follow Kyoukaisen II after that mind boggling season 1. In retrospect, its a relief that I continued on with it.

        Right after the Monogatari series, this would be the next one that I’d follow from start to finish.

      3. Only problem I have with Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon was it’s really hard to understand all aspect of the show without reading Stilts’s explanations and impressions.

        That being say, I really enjoy your MAD ~3,000 words long posts every weeks and I really appreciate it. Without it, I don’t think I will be able to enjoy the show as much as I do now.

  1. Hello, I have always read this blog, but this is my first comment. First of all I apologize for my terrible English, my native language is Spanish, so I’m using the google translator XD

    13 more episodes are not enough for a third season. The volume 3 (light novel 5, 6, and 7) have more than 2470 pages, so 13 episodes for adaptation are very few. Note that Volume 1 has over 1200 pages, and Volume 2 has over 2000.
    I hopefully a third season has 24 or 26 episodes.

    1. Agreed. A lot of people said this season needed to be 2-cour, and though I think it worked out pretty well overall, I’m going to be really worried if we get a 1-cour Season 3. Here’s to hoping! *raises his glass*

  2. Horizon challenges that sacred question of “Can an amazingly convoluted and complicated story balance itself with this much amazing fanservice?”

    And the answer it gives us is…*drools at Gin kicking ass*

  3. So very agreed on Futayo’s hair. It looks great normally, and then undone was an amazing surprise.

    As for Gin, thank you as always for the explanations Stilts! The normal arms had me confused after the mention (And now visual) of Muneshige cutting off her arms, but seems sensible in hindsight.

      1. Agreed. Kyoukaisen is a show that challenges the very idea of a main character. Sure, Toori and Horizon are still the most central figures to the plot, but in reality all the characters of Class 3-Plum (and those they’re immediately close with) with the main characters, because this show would simply not work ANYTHING like it does without all of them.

        Besides, putting multiple characters at the center of the plot is the only way Kyoukaisen is able to constantly give us conclusions that actually feel meaningful, which I for one absolutely love.

  4. Awesome episodes these past weeks were. I still can’t get over the awesomeness that was Tenzou last week.

    – Look on the bright side, Stilts. At least Persona and Hassan got to do something. It’s a waste of curry though with the old guy dipping his paintbrush in it.
    – If you’ll allow me to fill in said blanks in the case of Asama launching the Kenji missile, I’d say imagine if that was Toori. Or a more unrelated example a ship full of Nakano Azusas and put Hirasawa Yui right in the middle.
    – This was mirrored somewhere else but definitely the mecha fight gave me Asura Cryin vibes.
    – I really wonder what those Kobolds can do.
    – Intentional or not, Shirojiro flipping that coin Railgun style was just awesome.
    – Shocked Gin is a cute Gin. This whole sex misunderstanding that started with Malga really reached new heights.

  5. so who was “Mr Parted-Head” that Heidi was referring to when asked about the kobolds? All I understood was that Mr Parted Head (or parted hair) gave them a lot of stones and that somehow the kobolds were in them…

    1. I think ‘Mr Parted Hair’ is Charles Howard. He probably loaded the stones with the kobolds when Musashi was receiving supplies from England before the armada battle. Probably a small gift to Shirojiro in acknowledgement of his skills as a merchant.

  6. HA, RAILGUN SIGHTED, power of money is too strong, also some of the other side characters get a bit of screen time, I cracked at Nenji and Kenji, as well as Hassan and Persona serving curry to the enemy IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BATTLEFIELD. Oh dear, Gin’s looking quite yandere now… , and this show is soooooooooooooo full of win.

  7. I must say, ever since episode 7, Kyoukaisen has been leaving me breathless in almost every single conceivable way. From the pacing to the action to the huge space battles (yep I’m one of those HUGE fans of space battles).

    This episode’s no less. From sex to Gin to money and back to Gin…. its just breathless.

    And Gin, who knew you could be so moe >> https://randomc.net/image/Kyoukai%20Senjou%20no%20Horizon/Kyoukai%20Senjou%20no%20Horizon%20II%20-%2012%20-%20Large%2027.jpg

    1. Gin was to but it bluntly some what robotic in showing her emotion. This episode showed a full range of them from her. haha I always found Gin fascinating but I really just want to give her a huge in place of her husband. T-T

  8. I’m not sure about the fight between Noriki and the Valdez siblings, but aren’t the first two attacks by them actually hits by pitch instead of strikes? That means Noriki should be at least at first base.

    Futayo and Gin clearly were the stars this time, seeing how their fight began and ended the episode.

    About Gin’s arms: After her big arms were cut off, you can see the two crosses she usually carries on her shoulder fall down in front of her (unlike the rest of the arms which fell down behind her). I believe that these crosses are were she keeps the smaller arms in. The attachment of the arms should be no problem, after all Gin can use telekinesis to control those giant guns.
    And yes, they are prosthetic. She either lost her real arms in her fight against Muneshige (you can see him cut them off at the end of the episode) or even before that.

    The second time Gin loses her arms in the fight, they are actually not cut off by Futayo, but rather dropped by herself before Futayo completes her swing. Maybe Gin didn’t want to have her arms cut off by anyone but Muneshige.

    The title of the next episode makes me think that Musashi will actually fall into Tres España’s trap and move into their territory. England will possibly wrap up the spanish armada battle behind them.

    1. Ahaha, true on Noriki. I was ignoring that part of baseball rules, since it’s sort of a baseball-battle thing. A bit weird though, to be sure.

      I noticed the crosses, and that’s a distinct possibility, but I figured it was unnecessary to hide them there if she had hammerspace. Doesn’t really matter – either would work.

      I’m 90% sure Gin’s arms were prosthetic when Muneshige cut them off. After all, notice the lack of massive blood loss here.

      Interesting thought on her dropping her arms. I’ll have to watch that again and see if you’re right!

    1. Show Spoiler ▼

  9. Just a couple of quick things:

    The Valdez Siblings’ pitches have an optimal point at which they combine into one and disappear into a private space of some sort. Noriki observed this mechanic and targeted that sweet spot, destroying the private space and repelling the shot.

    Also something a little more interesting about Naomasa imouto from the Q&A. While their hometown was under attack, the Suzaku OS wouldn’t boot due to some sort of malfunction. Already half-dead, imouto volunteered to be wired up as the new OS. This is actually why everyone has looked down on Suzaku so far – not because they knew it was using an imouto-based organic OS (evidently they didn’t), but because it was actually inferior and not the ~true~ Suzaku, thus leaving it unable to use its associated abilities. But this episode, with imouto in danger, the original OS finally boots up and Suzaku becomes the ~true~ Suzaku, allowing it to use its ability to turn surroundings to nothing and defeat Byakko.

    Additional fun fact: The parts of imouto that are hidden by blue liquid in the tank are because those parts of her body are either heavily damaged or not present at all.

      1. As Stilts said below, most of this info is stuff I’m translating and summarising from the episode Q&A, occasionally with the addition of some of the info Kawakami tweets (he tweets a lot of interesting bits and pieces while the episode airs). I also discuss things with some people who actually have read the LNs every now and again and I’m planning on starting reading Owari no Chronicle soon!

  10. I wish to see more of Naomasa. And the rest of the cast. Season 3, demmit!

    Shirojiro revealing his coinmail had my jaw dropping at this magnificent bastard. Never ever underestimate the power of money! The Hound and the Wolf combining forces after their sort-of rivalry was also epic to watch; it’s great seeing England finally join the fight.

  11. – Somebody should really teach Futayo about what sex really is before she causes a misunderstanding on an international level next time. Just how sheltered did you brought her up, Honda Tadakatsu, to not even know about the birds and the bees?
    – Asama shows more of her mischievous side by inflicting a Tres Espana ship with the presence of an incubus and his 3HP slime friend. Totally loving the way she stretches the rule that miko’s cannot hurt people through some ingenious methods and a helpful dose of ‘coincidental’ effects her arrow shots has on her enemies.
    – Toori again manages to lift up the Musashi grunts fighting spirit with a few well chosen idiotic statements. Although the way the Tres Espana grunts could get into formation and perform a cheer of their own while the Musashi grunts waited for them to finish was definitely a bit cheesy.
    – Shirojiro schooling Tres Espana’s Vice Chancellor on the power of money. From firing coins at high speeds, manipulating a huge wave of coins to smash into his opponents, to wearing armour made of coins, Musashi’s treasurer shows how ‘real’ merchants fight using money. Literally.
    – Naomasa and Jizuri Suzaku getting some payback from Era Fusae and Michiyuki Byakko for the beating they got in Episode 1. You know they’re in serious trouble when characters who usually have their eyes closed finally open them, and Jizuri Suzaku finally openly declared itself as one of the 4 Sacred Gods of War by activating its 3rd form and subsequently sending Michiyuki Byakko for a drink. Hope we’ll learn more about Naomasa and Jizuri Suzaku’s past, and why her sister is piloting(?) Jizuri Suzaku.
    – Gin and Futayo’s duel. Gin finally used her full power, the Quattro Cruz, after Futayo de-armed her for the first time. Unfortunately for her, it wasn’t enough, and Futayo proceeded to destroy all her big laser guns and de-arming her for the second time, even doing it in almost the same method Muneshige used when he fought her (this probably hurt Gin a lot, making her think all sorts of things about Futayo’s and Muneshige’s relationship after Futayo’s misleading confession). Seeing snippets of Gin’s and Muneshige’s past fight made me hungry for more info on these twos relationship, especially on how a girl could love the man that cut her arms off.
    – Also, Futayo looks seriously hot with her hair down. I know I’ll probably be crucified for this, but I think that she now looks hotter than even Kimi-nee. Welp, let the downvotes commence then.

    1. The “sex” misunderstanding is a Japanese to English translation confusion. It, of course, started because Malga took “sex” to be “intercourse” in Japanese, rather than Asuma asking what the translation was.

      Of course, the fact the end results are the faces that Gin makes, just makes that joke really, really work.

      1. It’s not a translation joke, it started when the clueless about world Azuma asked Malga what the word means and she was too embarrassed to properly explain flowers and bees and the damage started circulating from there. Futayo got the wrong idea from Masazumi when she explained sex as a way of improving relationship.

  12. It should be illegal to have so many fights in just one episode!!!!! compared to “traditional” shonen you feel suffocated and shocked. For example right now Luffy and Hordy figth has been what like 10 episodes and still going?! I enjoyed every single second and blow exchanged here of every single match. Hell even the “dinner” fight of curry vs fried rice. As silly as it was it did buy time for Mushashi and took the concentration out of the paint. But when the credits rolled I was wasted took me and hour to re-synch my sneses.
    Futayo she just rock the boat (the whole ship). So far all the Tres España fighters either fleed or flyed overboard. Which bring me to Gin, it felt she wsa captured?! will she be hostage for season 3, will hubby came back to rescue her?!! argh!!! can’t wait. Gin was lovely and moved 5 spots in my list Kyoukai “waifus”. However Futayo ughnnn NYAAAaaaa!!!

  13. I liked to express something to the scene that I find it ridiculously funny:

    ” The Fat-lolicon guy just fell in a hole while delivering the Hasan curry to Velasquez and his last words were to spread his “ideals” to the “Young Girls” of Tres Espana. ”

    Goodness gracious, this war is one of a kind. Where will you see a couple sitting somewhere high in the middle of war? Horizon was drinking tea and Toori almost got shaved by a cannon, talk about crazy, you know. They even have time to chat with Tenzou during the last episode in the middle of war.

    Can we give Toori an award for the “Best Naked Man of the Year Award. Definitely he’ll win ,for sure.

    Man, oh, man. Sunrise sure are amazing for squeezing all those four-thick-phone book like novels into 26- episode. Sunrise staff and the Voice Actors & Actresses have my uttermost respect for them. I hope that for the conclusion of the series, we’ll receive a good news for season 3.GO!GO!GO! KyoukaiSen 3.

    Ken Sanders
    1. As much as I’d love to have a S3 of Kyoukaisen, it’d probably happen in 2 or 3 years maybe. Producing something like Kyoukaisen is a lot of work, the staff deserve to have a lighter work load for a while! If there never is a S3, then that’s understandable too…but a 2 cour S3 by Sunrise in a few years would be FAAAAAANTASTIC!

      1. I agree. It’d probably be best for the series if there was a break before Season 3, so they can do it right. Of course, this has nothing to do with me wanting a break before another season (or two) full of back breaking, 8+ hour-a-day posts 😀

  14. Noriki battle, Noriki’s fist touched the first 2 shots, first shot that bent the steel plate in his vest give him the angle of the pitch, second shot he stepped backed to judge when he can full extend his arm and the speed required to make full contact. The stance he took is a batting stance that help speed up swing and force by stepping forward and shift center of gravity, same concept exist in martial arts as well. Valdez Siblings’ spell St.Elmo’s fire el fuego is base on offering charity, both pitches cannot arrive to the enemy at the same time, because it is not charity if you give all you had to the other, and it is not the best charity if you don’t leave the other a hand to receive more charity. The 2 pitch goes through a process that they as their path seemingly fuse into one, they enter a spell specific space where the power and trajectory of one pitch is offered to the better pitch. one pitch arrives at the enemy as the best possible pitch, the other returns harmlessly to the pitcher. Noriki saw through the truth and hit the better pitch before their trajectories fused, that breaks the spell and the entrance into spell created space and the offering of one pitch to the other did not occur. All 3 times, the little sister’s pitches were the best, and the head on hit send it back where it came from. To save his little sister, the brother caught the line drive out and broke his hand, but preserve the sibling’s victory. Though they didn’t pull out because of that, the pulled out because Musashi is accelerating and their small ship can no longer stay attached without sustaining terrible damage.

    Kenji is and incubus that does exactly what his names suggest and suck energy, Neiji was there to prevent escape.

    Think of the old man’s a ability as an augmented reality app, he needs too see the whole picture and what he add does not do direct damage to the actual thing, only phenomenons created by the spell.

    Four Sacred Gods of War each has it’s own ability akin to reality marbles of Fate, Michiyuki Byakko has “road”, Jizuri Suzaku’s is “lake.” If you as why is it “Lake” when it appeared as the sky, it is meant to be a reflection and endless. Technically the Sacred Gods of War should all be semi-automatic intelligent machines and requires no pilot, you give them a command, they figure out what to do, which is why it was surprising that Jizuri Suzaku has a person in its chest. Up to this point Jizuri Suzaku was never properly activated, so Fusahide called it a fake. It’s been driven by Naomasa’s sister following her command, since she replaced a large amount of Jizuri Suzaku’s AI functionality, but once she is exposed, in order to protect her Jizuri Suzaku’s OS finally activates which activates the “lake.”

    Tachibana Gin’s other pair of prosthetic came from the cross-shaped boxes that she was carrying, they fall off because Gin no longer has arms to support them on her back, and as it falls to the ground, box opens and the arms attach. It’s not very clear because usually attention is diverted by her large prosthetic and the elaborate clothing design of the Horizon world, but if you look at her in the beginning of the episode and compare it to her character design sheet, you’ll see 2 thing that was sticking out her back. They had to condense a lot of the past into the ED. Tachibana household is known for it’s ridiculous martial prowess and strength, Gin wanted to take over as head of the household eventually, so she dedicated her life into becoming as strong as possible so that she can inherit the Tachibana Muneshige name and be the head of Tachibana clan. When Muneshige came along with the intention of taking the Tachibana Muneshige name, she hated him so much that she repeatedly beaten him to severe injuries. Muneshige eventually became stronger, at the very last fight, Gin was attempting to kill him because he was taking away what she work all her life for, he sliced away her arms because she became a pure weapon at that point, and he had to disable her so that she finds humanity again. It’s implied that she will never be as strong as she once was, and thus frees her from the burden of becoming the strongest and take over as the head of the Tachibana clan. They modified out a bloody touching scene, where right after Muneshige lops her arms off, he held her in his arms and with his hands directly keeping pressure on the wound so she doesnt bleed out.

  15. Oh wow. I thought that after previous two episodes it’s physically impossible to keep up tension and awesomeness levels and expected this episode to be a little of let-down, but with Kyoukaisen, they really do cheat. I disagree that this episode wasn’t as awesome as previous. Well, maybe a little less, but it just keep up delivering from the very beginning.

    Most of the awesomeness was already pointed out, so just the few details that I especially liked:

    – I though that the freakishly huge arrow that Asama used in S1 to shoot through the incoming projectile (and “accidentally” through the gun turret behind, dropping the ship) was the biggest thing that can be shot using bow. Boy, was I wrong. Though I admire the idea of using Kenji as a non-lethal bio-weapon to completely break enemy formation.

    – If Suzu continues what she’s doing, she’s soon gonna be a better expert on, ahem, “cushions” than Toori is. He’d better watch out for our cute little contender to the title of “boobs connoisseur”.

    – Neito and R.Doro… I mean, F.Walsingham shown some really good teamwork. Their action scene was short, but they cooperated rather than getting into each other way, not to mention their abilities kinda compensate each other with Neito excelling in close-to-medium quarters and Francis providing firepower at longer distances.

    – The scenes with that badass soldier, the scene with Jizuri Suzaku or the witch platoon from the previous episode illustrate another thing: they all have pretty good reasons to fight. They are not just here for the visuals, but everybody have their own backstory and their own reasons.

    – Speaking of reasons, I loved Margot single-handedly going all Red Baron on Tres España airforce. Even if she eventually got shot down, she’s like a squadron of X-Wings incarnated in one cute witch.

    – And Futayo vs. Gin. Oh man. That fight was choreographed. It’s so rare in anime (and elsewhere). Every single move actually made tactical sense, and Futayo pulled like two or three of them per second. I re-watched just that fight three times just to catch every little trick she used. Hands down, one of the best fight scenes I’ve seen in anime.

    1. Agreed on all of the above, especially about Suzu and Futayo vs Gin. That battle was really impressive for all the thought behind every move (a rarity…I can’t even claim that combat scenes I’ve written have such attention to detail, and I love that kind of shit), so it’s a pleasure to watch. And as for Suzu….moooooeeeeeee!!! :3 Cutest bangs in Musashi indeed!

  16. Quote “Here’s the thing about Toori – in terms of raw, analytical ability, he’s not the smartest guy around. If you need someone who can deal with complex tactics, then you’re going to want Neshinbara (battle) or Masazumi (politics); for intricate systems, Naomasa (electronics, mechanics) or Shirojiro (economics) are the way to go; hell, even Futayo (combat) has a squirrely tactical cleverness that is plain to see once she starts fighting.”

    I once read something in the past about how a good leader is not one that can do everything, but one that knows how to distribute its ppl in the area they work best at.
    Which make alot of sense to me because yea a good leader that knows how to do everything and being perfect is nice but bottomline is you only one person, two arms and two legs theirs so much that one person can and will ever be able to do, not to mention endurance in the end it just goner tired you out.
    But a smart leader that sit back but knows where to put certain ppl in certain area is alot more smarter, like the old saying work smarter not harder.

    1. It comes down to absolute advantage vs comparative advantage. A leader might be better than everyone else at something in absolute terms (this isn’t the case here, but it could be), but like you said, they’re only one person – better for them to focus on the one thing only they can do (lead effectively, one would assume) and leave everything else up to others.

  17. About Gin’s smaller arms, I believe (and good reason to believe) that they were inside those containers she was carrying around on her back and attached them shortly after having her bulkier ones severed. First, when you watch the scene, she clearly doesn’t have arms underneath the bulky ones and then you see the containers on her back fall to her sides where her arms would be. Then they fall away revealing the cute little petite prosthetics.

  18. It’s wonderful that Suzu get’s cushions in such large scale battles…but damn. She can sense things in a 30 km radius? Did I hear & read that right? Suzu is so awesome! (well everyone in Kyoukaisen is really… XD)

  19. Stilts, I really need to thank you for what you have done for me, and hopefully will do in the future with the next season of Horizon. My experience with this show may be very well a common one, but I want to let you know nonetheless, even if my English is poor.

    I was sick at the time, so having some free time to waste, I downloaded the first season out of curiosity, and started watching it. I was like, wow, nice characters! nice and hot, love these girls outfits.. oh, now there is an awesome battle for the heck of it … some weird speech .. oh, it ended ? guess so ..
    and then I realized I didn’t understand anything. Absolutely. Not a single thing. I though that there was a lot of wasted potential and the show was at most average, but at the same time I felt something was really wrong, like > I < was the one out of place, instead of the meaningless battles and rants. The Horizon characters were still in my head and all looking at me with an expression like to say "poor guy, he really struggles but can't be part of our world" …
    So I decided to look for info, someone to help me enter this world, I didn't want to surrender without even a try. And that was when I found this site and your reviews. They were as magnificently executed as this show is, truly. They literally composed the whole picture for me, out of the shattered pieces I had, in such an elegant way. I finally felt part of this story. I couldn't help it and rewatched the entire first season in a couple of days, later catching up with the second one, always following your lead. This time, manly tears was shed as the fantastic adventure unrolled in front of me.

    This show is now one of my all times favourites, it's the very definition of "entertainment", the purpose anime are meant for.
    And it's all thanks to you, for letting me join this trip
    *takes off the hat and bows

    ok, enough with the love confession, I still like the Horizon girls waaaay more than you Stilts, all of them 🙂

    take care, I hope we will continue our journey into more Kyoukay Senjo no Horizon.

    1. *bows* I am humbled by your praise, kind friend. I’m glad my self-indulgent walls ‘o text have been of use to some. It makes every minute I spent on them absolutely worth it. Thank you, and you’re welcome *bows again*

    1. i would say the testament unuin would be mad at england and punish them for letting tres espana win.
      but most likely they used musashi as the battle ship so that if tres espana does win the can just blame them putting more problems on musashis plate

      genicis of sin
    2. I’m not sure, to be honest. They’re certainly get the normal rewards for winning (fame, enhanced power, a diminished enemy), but I’m not sure what it would do to history reenactment. Everyone might act like they lost anyway (like how everyone claims the scuffle with Musashi or the whole Mikawa-blowing-up things never happened), or that might be the point where history splits off into a new direction! Probably the former, though. It’s all politics, after all.

      Really though, I’ve always just filed that under “the characters need to really make sure that doesn’t happen” and let it be :X Sorry I can’t be of more help this time!

    3. I think if they do win they’d be punished by the Testament Union to recreating history because Spain is suppose to wan in power during this period of time, chances are they might get their Testament Arma taken away, which would be a big blow to their military power. Spain is not foolish enough to do that. They’re trying to “win”, then explain it into a loss by citing certain criteria of the loss they recreated during the battle, so that it shows that they are to be reckon with ,but still abide by the general guideline of the Testament Union. Span is already in bad shape for losing one Sin Armament, and their first special agent semi-crippled(lost his superspeed connection due to Futayo’s old man and lost to Futayo)

    1. No, no Arashi. I was talking about the possibility of a threesome in the doujins between Gin, Mune and Futayo. Futayo is just too dumb to understand what sex is here. 🙁

      I dunno. This is Futayo. She didn’t have much screentime that doesn’t involve fighting people.

      I be like making an alter-Mune who is a damn cool playboy…

      The Moondoggie
  20. whooaa really?
    say why they don’t want make Horizon into total 25/26 episode?
    i heard one volume of Horizon light novel are extremely long and thick,they should already have lot tons material to make into anime adaptation


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