「オレとおまえのバスケ」 (Ore to Omae no Basuke)
“Our Basketball”

All good things must come to an end, and Kuroko no Basuke is no different. It was an enjoyable ride through and through, but I’ll leave that discussion to my Final Impressions. By now it’s no secret this has been my favorite arc so far – the conclusion was everything I could have hoped for, and even though I knew from the start this match couldn’t have ended well for Kaijou, their loss still packed a punch. So without further ado, let’s get this show on the road.

Finale – Highlights:

The best way to sum this finale up: actions speak louder than words.

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Finale – Impressions:

I don’t think there’s much I can say here that I haven’t said the last two episodes.

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Final Impressions – Technical Highlights:

Sometimes it’s just necessary to mention some of the production details, either because they’re just that good or that bad. In this case it’s most definitely the former.


I’m always a little reluctant to delve into technical details such as directing because so much on how it clicks to viewers hinges on personal taste.

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A discussion of Kuroko no Basuke really wouldn’t be complete without touching base on its cast, which was hands down the best part of the show.

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Final Impressions – Series Highlights:

Before I send the series off completely, some of the highlights throughout the series:

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Final Impressions – General:

I don’t think it’s a secret how much I enjoyed and loved Kuroko no Basuke, and out of the series I’ve had the chance to blog at Random Curiosity so far, this was undoubtedly my favorite. As sports shounen, the plot is nothing to write home about – it follows a rather standard format, so there’s nothing extraordinary about the series in that aspect. What’s important however, is how to present a hackneyed storyline so that it feels fresh and exciting to the audience. In this day and age it’s truly hard to win the crowd’s approval with originality because there’s just so much out there and there are limits set by each genre. There are specific formulas that are difficult to escape from and the reason most anime blend into each other nowadays is because most of them aim to follow a tried and true formula that might not necessarily be the best, but works. Plot-wise, Kuroko no Basuke offers nothing new. It is a story about two guys wanting to become the best at something, and it’s impossible to miss the shounen touches that grace some of the matches. But no one said it was impossible to be a sports shounen and still be good.

What Kuroko no Basuke offers are some tightly-written characters and capable directing that bring heart-pounding to a new level. Nothing is wasted in this show and there’s a clear trajectory with each episode that makes the watch breezy and enjoyable. The games, while a tad unrealistic at some points (that longest three seconds!), offer some exciting moments for the sports fans to cheer over. The high-school setting has a youthful, passionate atmosphere that captures adolescence and the thrill of playing basketball perfectly, and the highs and lows are depicted in the most organic manner possible. All the emotions and interactions feel cohesive and real, but most of all, they feel relatable. This is Kuroko no Basuke’s greatest strength as a show and why it is able to distinguish itself from the genre as something worth watching and remembering. It draws the audience in and immerses them in its world – it’s gripping at its best and the experience is neither cumbersome nor draining. The series doesn’t demand the viewers feel anything in particular; the presentation of the material makes it clear it’s completely up to the viewers what they feel, if they even want to feel anything. Hence whatever emotion the audience experiences will be due to their empathy towards the situation – what they know from experience – rather than momentary, artificial emotions derived from the knowledge of what they should feel.

So after all this tl;dr, should you watch this show? The answer is absolutely. This is one recommendation I can make without reservation because of the wide range of audience Kuroko no Basuke caters to: sports fans, fujoshis, shounen fans, women, men, and people who need to restore their faith in Production I.G. That’s a lot of ground it covers and hopefully this means there’s a second season coming for this little gem. The “epilogue” shots are full-on spoilers at work and given how unabashedly Production I.G included those scenes, I can only assume it was an unofficial announcement of sorts. Either that or they thought April Fool’s came early this year. When, and if, the second season comes though, you can be sure I’ll be watching it!

It’s been an absolute pleasure covering this show, and thank you readers for bearing with my long-winded posts and the commenters for taking the time to share what you thought of the episodes! Finally… BakaMochi, out!

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  1. I was satisfied with the ending, and Kise when he was trying to stand up broke my heart a little..and production I.G. is teasing us with that epilogue hopefully they’ll announce a 2nd season soon!

    Thanks for blogging this! I love your reviews their very insightful! I hope to read more of your reviews this Fall!

  2. As a huge Kise fan this episode really broke my heart (even though I knew it was going to happen since I read the manga XD). But it really did open his potential and strength even more so I’m glad he got a focus like this on the final episode of season 1.

    Now we must have season 2 so I can see him win and have more screentime :DDDD

  3. that shot with Kise on the floor totally broke my heart. it really does show how much effort he put in, much like how Kagami was a few episodes ago when they won Shutoku. only in Kise’s case, Aomine still won.

    what a great post to end the series Mochi. it’s been sure delight watching each episode and then coming to RC to read your posts after that. again, i say that KuroBasu is one of the best sports series i’ve watched in a long time. i can’t count the number of times i mumbled “Ditto!” as i read your posts.

    and lastly, here’s hoping all that teasing P.I.G will become reality soon with the announcement of a 2nd season. *cross fingers* please let there be one…please let there be one…please let there be one…please let there be one…please let there be one…please let there be one…

    PS. time for you, me and everyone who are not manga-readers to start reading the manga now.

    1. Thanks! It makes me really, really happy to hear readers enjoyed my posts (especially considering the length… lol) 😀

      I’m gonna restrain myself from reading the manga in hopes that they’ll make a second season… MUST. RESIST!

      And as for the longest post, this one was ~2500 words, but I’ve heard Stilts writes essays for his Horizon posts too, LOL. We might be neck and neck (and no, those gigantic recap posts do not count!).

      1. BakaMochi, you did an awesome job covering KuroBasu! Thank you for taking the time out to thoroughly share what makes this show a smash hit. The last few episodes literally made my heart skip a beat. And I loved every second of it!

        And surprisingly, though I dread finales, I wasn’t bummed out this time around. To me, the fact that the finale focused on Aoimine and Kise as opposed to Kagami and Kuroko screams “sequel coming soon!” I have a strong hunch that KuroBasu 2 will be greenlit for Winter 2013 (at the latest, Winter 2014).

      2. Thank you so much – I’m glad you enjoyed the coverage! 😀

        Yeah… I would like to say a second season is pretty evident, but who knows?! *knocks on wood* I have a sneaking feeling S2 might grace the screens around winter or spring 2013, much like Fate/Zero and Rinne no Lagrange spaced their seasons apart.

  4. I liked the last episode 😀 and Can’t wait for the 2nd season. I read that the 2nd season will be coming out on april 2013 i don’t know O.O?
    Will you also write about the OVA as well if it comes out??

    1. Hmm… if there is a sequel they probably won’t air it right away, so winter/spring 2013 is likely. We can’t be sure until there’s official announcement though T__T

      As for the OVA, yes I will blog it. I might even blog the extras in the BD’s if they’re worth talking about, so watch for those! 😀

  5. Aside from the heartstopping visuals I also think part of what made the finale is the excellent job Kimura did in voicing Kise. Looking forward to hearing more of him in Robotics;Notes

    Another aspect the anime did very well in is their character design which finds a great balance between bishiness and manliness. They need to hurry up and release some figurines so that I can throw money at them.

    Also: Season 2 Season 2 Season 2 Season 2 Season 2

    1. Yeah! I’ve never really taken notice of Kimura Ryohei before and I found him kindda blah in Sankarea, but I really enjoyed him here so I’ll be looking forward to seeing him in more stuff.

      And yes. Figurines. Supicotto/One Coins/Nendo Petits/1/8’s where. Shut up and take ma money, dammit!

  6. Absolutely my favorite show this year. It was an amazing ride, right from the beginning, and i was eagerly looking forward to every saturday, every week. Can’t recommend this show too much!

  7. “Like someone pointed out last week, Seirin relies too much on Kuroko and Kagami, so it would be nice to see the rest of the team pulling a bit more of their weight in matches”

    Heh, you don’t need to worry about that. Kiyoshi completely changes the entire team. It’s not made that apparent before he’s seen in action, but he’s on par with the Generation of Miracles.

    Anyway, fantastic season. Real shame that it had to stop here (Right before we see Kiyoshi actually do things too… damn.) but a second one shouldn’t be too far off.

  8. I just want to say thanks for writing all of these posts week after week. I can only think it must have been a labour of love. You’re one of very few people on the Internet who has put in the time and effort to analyse Kuroko no Basuke seriously from a literary perspective, and it was always very insightful to read your comments.

    1. Thank you for reading them! It was a labor of love through and through, yeah XD I didn’t expect the series to be as good as it was when I started though! I just wanted something to watch to pass the time and BAM! <3<3<3 Insta-love haha. The show deserved every bit of the attention so I didn’t mind spending the extra time on it, especially if people found it worth reading. 😀

    1. Also big thanks goes to Bakamochi for her fantastically detailed analysis of the final episode and Kuroko no Basuke as a whole! 🙂 I’ve enjoyed reading your posts a lot. Hopefully, we’ll get to see you blog the second season if it happens :D.

  9. The last episode was indeed Kise no Basuke lol. I enjoyed this serious the most for this season indeed.

    I havent been into Sports anime since when Eyeshield 21 manga first came out (not counting the anime, as it got corney there)and Shion no Ou (if you can count Shougi as sports). Thanks to KnB I got into this sports manga/anime Phase that I decided to marathon Giant Killing (2010), which was also awesome and as well as One Outs (2008) another exciting sports anime. Now the next sports-ish thing I can look forward to is Chihayafuru this winter 🙂

    It would be preposterous to show such epilogue or even Akashi at the end if they weren’t planning a second season. Unless their aim was to tease us then leave.

    At least

  10. At first, I was hesitant to watch KuroBasu since sports anime tend to disappoint me with the exception of Chihayafuru (idk, how to classify Chihayafuru but it’s still a sports anime, right?) and Ginga no Kickoff, for this year. In addition to that, Production IG is the producer.

    However, KuroBasu quickly grew in me that I was forced to marathon the manga after two episodes. Though some of the techniques used here sometimes defy logic and basketball rules, it’s tolerable. My faith in Production was restored. They pretty much followed the manga.

    I cannot ask for more for this final episode. It gave justice to my second most favorite match, including the not-yet-aired-only-in-manga-for-now matches. The characters grew, though they still have plenty to improve on.

    Like what I have stated last week, it’d be good if all of the members will do all they can to win. I’d put it in spoiler tags but it’s not really a spoiler, if you’d ask me.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    I hope the break is only for one season not two. If they’re going to make it more than two, then release the insert chapters and LNs as OVAs!

    BakaMochi, thanks for this screencap. Let’s sing the oppai song!

  11. To those who are still doubting that there would be a second season. This insert and also the “See you” at the end, tell us that there would be a next season.

    If you’re experiencing withdrawals, especially those Kise fans who felt that they’re in heaven because of this episode, there’s still the manga.

    On a side note, I hope that Ginga e Kickoff will also receive this kind of attention, even only half of it.

  12. I’ve been eagerly awaiting your post Mochi!~

    I teared up at the scene with Kasamatsu and Kise. That was the scene that did it for me.

    Kasamatsu. Dear Kasamatsu. He came out to be one of my favourite characters in this show. Besides my undying love for Kise (and Kagami, and Kuroko..), the side characters really became some of the best characters of the show for me. Hyuuga, too.

    Thank you very much, Bakamochi (and Enzo, for the first few episodes), for blogging this series. It’s now one of favourites, and I look forward to a second season.

    1. Mmhmm. The side characters were just so good! Kasamatsu comforting Kise made me tear up a little… I’ve never lost a sports game, but I think everyone knows what it feels like to lose and it just felt so real T-T

      Haha thanks, and I hope there’s a second season, too!

  13. That was one jaw dropping final episode! And by that, I mean, I literally couldn’t keep my jaw from dropping every couple minutes! Half way through the episode I was panting right alongside all the players, haha. So the showdown between Kise and Aomine has finished (for now) and Aomine is once again victorious. But I’m really proud of Kise and how far he came as a player in just this one game! I know it may have cost him the game, but I got really excited when Kise was passing the ball to Kasamatsu right at the end. You could really see the faith they had in each other. And while both of them are hurting bad after that defeat, I know they’ll come back even stronger together.

    I was pretty satisfied with this as the final episode (as long as there’s DEFINITELY going to be a second season, haha). I know they only left about ten minutes at the end for some KurokoxKagami time but I really enjoyed it nonetheless. Seirin (along with every viewer of this show) is fired up for the Winter Cup after watching that epic GoM battle. And Kuroko has finally spotted the next member, Murasakibara! Plus I cracked up when Midorima made his “disguised” cameo. I have such a soft spot for that guy! He’s so intense and yet so quirky at the same time.

    I’d have to say that this episode was definitely hinting at a possible second season. But that may just be my wishful thinking at work here. I loved watching Kuroko and Kagami on the basketball court because it brought me back to the feeling they had in the beginning of the show. I love their dynamic and I really want to watch them grow as players in the months leading to the Winter Cup. Oh, speaking of growing, Aomine has ANOTHER LEVEL?! He must be some kind of android at this point! Anyway, I’m satisfied with this ending (for now) and can only hope that the glimpse into future games is a good sign. They can’t tease us with Murasakibara and Akashi during the end credits and then leave us hanging! I mean, they could, but I might cry ^^;;;

    All in all, I will be missing this show and its characters for a while to come! This is the first sports anime that I’ve actually fallen in love with 🙂 I will be eagerly awaiting a second season. Thanks for all your awesome blogs BakaMochi!

    1. The teamwork! To be honest I was kind of afraid Kise would lose his resolve after Aomine admonished him, but I was happy/proud of his character when he still stood his ground. Really proves how far he’s come in terms of leaving his old middle school self behind.

      Dat Aomine. So crazy XD If Haraguro Megane says so though, it must be something amazing haha. And more Midorima is always welcome – he’s somewhere in my top five and his rapport with Takao is just hilarious.

      Thanks for reading! Hope to see you in S2!

  14. Kise really, really tried his best…I’m proud of him for putting that much effort and not giving up in the game. I suppose it would be too soon for anyone to win against Aomine, but then again now there’s something to look forward to in another season. Winter cup won’t come until the winter…and that spoiler of an epilogue really increases my anticipation of the tournament. Now I know there will be someone to blog this anime whenever season 2 comes as to keep me posted. Until the next time for Kuroko no Basuke.

    random viewer
  15. I like to watch my anime in one setting with all the episodes; therefore, I take advantage to read RC’s posts to give me an idea if the anime is worth watching. I haven’t read a sports manga like kuroko no basket, but I did watch a sports anime before. (Ookiku Furikabutte)
    That anime peaked my interest to look into other sports anime as such kuroko no basket, so I am pleased to see you enjoyed kuroko no basket! I can’t wait to watch it now!! XD Thanks for your post Bakamochi while I’m still not familiar to this anime yet, I really enjoyed your enthusiasm, energy, and love for this anime. X3 Oh and I loved your screenshots. (=w=) (hehe)


    Final say: Thank you, thank you! I’m hoping for a second season. 🙂
    Show Spoiler ▼

  16. I haven’t liked a series like this since Ippo. Kise really put up a great fight and it was awesome seeing his 1v1 encounters. Really hoping for a second season (and for them to continue a sequel to Ippo damnit >_<).

  17. @ BakaMochi

    Hopefully I’m not too late to report this but I just read Episode 24 and Clicked on the Link on the Word “Nigou!” but the Whole Picture Didn’t Show up …..
    This one https://randomc.net/image/Kuroko%20no%20Basuke/Nigou.jpg

    I’m Pretty Sure it’s Kuroko’s Dog but i just Wanted to See it Soo badly that i just had to Ask you if it’s Just me/ My Computer or Does anyone else have a problem Seeing / Maybe Loading up the same Picture ???

    OH and BTW !!!! I LOVED EVERYTHING you had to Say about Kuroko No Basuke And I ESPECIALLY LOVED EVERY single One OF THE FUll LENGTHS that you have taken your time to Make/ take …… I am Soo Very Grateful That you have JOINED THE RC Team and I REALLY HOPE You don’t Leave In the Near Future

    Your Post Were Long-Winded But I Just loved it More becuase of how much Detail Was inside them T_T BTW I’m one of those people that just has to Read EVERYTHING sooo I just Took like maybe almost/More than an Hour Reading Episode 24 + 25 (The Reviews you wrote)

    There Is no one Else In RC apart from “Stilts” (Who is ALSO JUST as AMAZING) that does that amount of Passionate Writing,
    But I guess your My Favourite Writer NOW XD – The only Person I can Rely on to Make That MANY Full Lengths :O . Just trying to think How much time you Probably Spent Writing These + Taking the Full Lengths :O IS just CRAZY off the Charts and that’s Why us Reader Owe you a BIG great Thanks for Being the person that Delivered us Full Coverage of KnB

    “THANK YOU” 🙂 and i Hope you Compose More or just as many Screen Caps for the Future Anime’s you will be blogging

  18. I just got done marathoning this series and no sports anime has gotten me this excited since eyeshield 21. I was really hoping kiske would win with all my heart and broke to see him lose. It also felt like a slap in the face to know that aomine still has another level when kiske was trying so hard.

    Reminds me of the Goku Vs Vegeta rematch then later finding out Goku had SSJ3.

    Love this series and cant wait for the next season!

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