「衛士の一分」 (Eishi no Ichibun)
“An Eishi’s Honor”

Continuing right off from last week, we have Yuuya making his last stand against the BETA. With everything on the brink though, things look just as grim as they did for Yui a few episodes back. But like with her, there’s a guardian angel waiting on the wings in the form of Commander Latrova, as the Zhar Battalion swoops in to save “the idiot busy playing around with the BETA“. Things start looking up for just a moment, but keeping true to Muv-Luv’s philosophy, Murphy’s Law kicks into full blast, and well… I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The bombers start coming in hot, droppin’ em bombs like some insane World War II flick (the amount of budget that must’ve went into that scene, holy crap). And it’s all good… until you realize they’re going to take you out with the base too. At this point, there’s just scarcely any words to describe what I was feeling really, because we saw this coming the second the episode started (and the second the bombers were launched), but damn, seeing the Zhar Battalion bombed to death by their own comrades… that just gets the emotions goin’.

Amazingly, the Battalion end up being saved by the BETA, as the laser class make their triumphant reappearance, trashing everything flying above building height in a matter of minutes. And gosh darn did that have me jumpin’ in my seat, especially since they seemed to have put some extra effort in making the laser class representative of their visual novel (source) counterparts. The exposure time necessary to bore through TSF’s and the bombers were drastically different from the first few episodes and it just restores the laser class as an amazing threat on top of the already ridiculous forces the BETA possess. Add in the tactics involving the fact they never fire on other BETA, and we’re finally also getting a glimpse into some of the actual tactics being actively used to combat each particular class and the BETA in general on a battlefield too. Notably, the bluray versions of the first two episodes seem to have also fixed some of the inconsistencies here as well and added quite a bit more detail to some of the more grotesque, but censored scenes. Also, I’d like to also mention that the Takemikazuchi in episode seems to actually be blue, not purple, indicating a relation in family, but not the actual shogun itself.

Shifting back to the episode, it’s here where Latrova finally accepts that her and her battalion have been sacrificed, something hammered in especially by Yuuya’s dialogue. But as he finds out, things just aren’t that simple as disobeying orders when you disagree with them, as Latrova shows how despite the orders, there’s only so much she can do when its the lives of her family and comrades at stake. To top it off, Latrova also reminds Yuuya that he himself has a task to accomplish, and it just emphasizes the unfair responsibilities thrown onto Eishi (especially commanders) in the battlefield, who must often decide between the mission (and the fate of humanity as a whole) and the lives of their comrades/family. It’s just that kind of world in Muv-Luv, and this situation really just emphasizes how dire things can be in a world facing extinction. But at the same time, there’s also a subtle commentary weaved in about the resilience of the human spirit too, as Latrova ultimately stays resolute despite the grim scenario, opting to make the most of what she can of the situation, and if not, to make the most of their deaths.

Think about it. Her sending of Yuuya back to the base emphasizes her attempt to ensure that at least someone can survive who can make a big difference in the future. Her decision to destroy the laser class with the remains of her battalion a demonstration of her will to protect the country she fights for and the absolute defense line vital to humanity’s overall survival. And last but not least, she even stays behind to fight against the Soviet agent sent to silence her squadron in order to protect her family/comrades too. She refuses to just let the situation bring her down and cower in fear, and it really is just amazing and shows why she was so lauded as a commander in the first place. Not to mention, when you intentionally send away some of your unit and order them to stay away to protect them, yet they still come back because they want to fight alongside you, you know you’re doing something right.

In any case, there’s just so much I can discuss regarding this episode, the commentaries about humanity and military culture, and how this episode emphasizes parts of what made Muv-Luv so highly regarded in the first place, but alas… it’s really just more than I can put in words at the moment. And that’s without even discussing the added scenes at the end of the episode where Yuuya discusses how he’s matured as a result of the events in Kamchatsky, how he realizes how spoiled and immature he was before, and how he says he’ll fight to protect others from now on. Not only does it emphasize the importance and responsibility of those living to continue on in the memories of those that have fallen before hand, but also the fact that it’s important to be able to move on and to have hopefully learned something from their sacrifice. And well, it looks like he’ll get that chance soon enough, as his new XFJ-01a Demonstrator Color just came in the mail (which is ironic since I recently managed to snag the figure version of it in the mail too).

Overall, things are just looking up, and it should be a nice ride from now until the end of the series… albeit there’ll probably be a lull in the action in the coming episode or two (maybe). On that note though, I’ll leave you with one thing, and that’s the question of who exactly the Soviets sent to silence the Zhar Battalion. I’m not sure myself, but that sure looked like Cryska and Inia’s SU-37UB to me…

Some tributes to the fallen Zhar Battalion:


  1. Damn,while i was pretty sure latrova was somehow going to die though i did not expect the whole battalion to be wiped out by the scarlet twins as well
    im still surprised stella even managed to survive this arc i was afraid they would kill her off a few episodes ago

  2. Damm that was a good episode I loved it. Only thing I thought was a bit out of place was the dramatic entrance of Yuuya. For me it felt a bit out of place as there had just died 5 people while he got out. (Not that it was his fault or anything.) Btw need your help I really really want to play the VN’s I already have them but should I play them now while the anime is still airing or should I play them after the anime is completed?

    1. It doesn’t really matter when you play em’ eh. Total Eclipse is a kind of stand alone side story that will not effect your experience of the VN’s, so you can feel free to play em whenever. Just make sure to play Extra –> Unlimited –> Alternative and not to skip around, as they’re all part of the experience. 😛

      **Also er, by stand alone, don’t get me wrong, the events still are happening/happened in Alternative’s universe, but not particularly integral in terms of the story plot line you’re following in the VN.

    2. Don’t skip anything, take your time with both VNs. TE and Muv-Luv proper are mostly independent of each other, so it wouldn’t really matter when you start.

      All that needs to be said though, you should definitely be playing through them regardless. Your enjoyment of TE might go up a bit if you understand the source material more. (Frankly, ML/A puts TE to shame, but Yuuya is, at the very least, just as good as a protagonist as Takeru.)

    3. Let me share my experience, in order.

      1. Watched TE first 2 episodes, felt awesome.
      2. Got interested in the VN, thanks to RC.
      3. Completely all VN in order, with no skipping of any details.
      4. Still feel it’s the best translated VN to date. (Why i didn’t pick it up sooner!?)
      5. Continue watching TE. Now i don’t feel so great about the show anymore, period.

      So in summary, the show that i felt awesome enough for me to get interested in the original material, end up felt kinda letdown after i finish the VN. Ahhh the irony.

      1. Well I mean, there’s just no way for Total Eclipse to exceed the main stories eh, just because it’s a side story. Most of the reason why people are watching the series are either because they’re new to ML and wanna know what it’s about or they’re ML fans coming out to support just cause it’s ML and/or supporting to try and get other parts of the series animated.

        So it’s normal to feel that way eh. In that case, it shows they succeeded, because their original intent was to get you interested in the series and play the VN, and then buy figures. XD

    1. No need to tag, its blatantly obvious that it was Cryska and Inia who killed Latrova. Furthermore the one who handled the coverup was the commander of the Idar Flight which the Scarlet Twins are part of.

  3. What I hate the most is that the Zhar Battalion were killed by not the BETA but their own command and then post-humorously martyred. I bet the battalion obliterated the Laser Class and returned to aid their captain and were slaughtered.

    Drop those mother#&#%^$%! commanders into the middle of a damn BETA pool with only a single handgun with a blank bullet inside.

    I can’t believe they wasted a solider of excellence like Captain Latrova and her whole unit. Freakin bull.

  4. That’s what you get for being a bully. 😉 No seriously, I didn’t expect them to eradicate the whole squad.
    I wonder how Yuuya, Yui and their team mates will react when they finally find out that this probably was the work of the Scarlet Twins.

    Stupid question, but anyone who could explain me the meaning of the “Muv Luv” title? Luv = Love, but what about Muv?

    Before watching this episode, I actually just finished the coup d’etat arc of ML Alternative. I cried.

      1. Ok, after much searching for a more reasonable explanation, Muv-Luv seems to reference the phrase マブ達 which means ‘true friend’, so it really means “True Love”, a direct reference to the tagline, “save in the name of true love.”

        I wish there was a way to downvote myself. (笑)

      2. Ooh….Thanks for the info, been bothering me for awhile.
        Can’t really say i’m a fan of the series, when i don’t even understand the meaning behind the title… Hahaha XD

    1. For the VN, you were not alone. Although it get worse(or better?) from there on.

      If i’m correct, i think you are reaching on the later half of the MLA. Brace yourself.

      PS: You might want to continue the rest on days with ample of time.

    2. @Sol:
      Thanks for the explanation.

      You mean I shouldn’t rush it? I admit that I played a lot these last few days, since I wanted to complete a certain plan. And then the coup d’etat happened.

      1. The Coup arc is good but it barely touches on the emotional cores of the VN. There still a lot that will happen. You’ll know you’re there when “THAT” scene happens. Don’t worry, you will know what scene I’m referring to when you get there.

      2. Nah, it’s the other way around. What i meant is it’s better if you could “rush” finish the next arc at single attempt. You might fare better, but it affected me for a few days.

        It’s kinda hard to explain without possible spoiler, so i shall not say anymore.

      3. Now I am afraid to continue. 🙁

        Regarding what happened in the coup and what I am expecting after that:
        Show Spoiler ▼

        Anyways, thanks for reading/listening. Is there some kind of forum where I can write without the fear of being spoiled of future events?

        I think, that before continuing with Alternative, I might go back to Extra/Unlimited and complete 2-3 more minor routes.

        Back to TE, the fourth LN was released in September. It’s still ongoing, right?

      4. Regarding the VN, forget everything you heard, don’t go all the way and spoil your experience of a masterpiece. =/

        I have no idea about the TE series though, it’s not translated so i didn’t check it up.

        Although i did pick up Muv-Luv Altered Fable, which the first vol of TE is included. I just want to get my hand on the uber hardcore TBS game of Muv-Luv Alternative Faraway Dawn (AKA Get Raped by the BETA: The Game).

        PS: I’m still struggling to clear Normal difficulty…

      5. Muv-Luv: Faraway Dawn is a strategy game. Its infamous for being so difficult you’d be tempted destroy your own wall by smashing your head on it. In hindsight, its probably an accurate simulator of how humanity deals with a BETA horde.

  5. While there are some shitheads in the Zhar Battalion, many of them didn’t deserve such a death… Determined to protect the country that have abandoned oneself, a heroic feat that i respect yet felt pity at the same time. RIP Commander Latrova and her loyal “children”.

    Laser fixed to honour VN. +1
    Yuyaa survived and matured(Finally!) +1
    Walk with style, with epic dawn scenery on one’s back +1000 XD

  6. I confess that I got some sadistic glee at seeing the LASER BETA toast the bombers, especially when the Soviet commander was s***ing his pants. Welcome to MLA where everyone is MUprhy’s b****!

    But the real heroes are those who get up and deal with the hand they’re dealt with. Latrova elects to attack the LASER BETA despite losing many of her “children”. She never balked from her duty and its sad that she had to be silenced. She strikes me as someone who would keep quiet about a conspiracy if ordered to. Its what I liked about Muv-Luv it always makes clear the difference between military duty and political motives.

    On a different note I’m glad to see the Shiranui Phase 2 has finally arrived. Always loved the colors of that TSF.

      1. Some examples:
        * The middle piece of the skirt armor of the F-14 TSF looks like the nose section of an actual F-14.
        * The F-22a TSF has a few jagged edges (though probably not enough) that is a staple addition to any stealth fighter.
        * The Typhoon’s shoulder thrusters resemble the air intake of the actual Typhoon jet fighter.

        Every other TSFs have barely any noticeable features that would link them to their real-life counterparts. The Japanese TSFs in particular seem to take on the samurai motif, especially the Type-00, than any fighter–probably because Japan doesn’t have any domestic fighter designs.

  7. Amidst politics, ideals, and of course the Laser Class, Total Eclipse finally ends the Kamchatka arc.

    I don’t see much point in reiterating how deplorable Russian command was in this episode. From abandoning of Zhar Battalion to outright assassinating them in order to cover their tracks, the higher ups in the Soviet Union look to be poster childs for all the complaints thrown against their nation and citizens. The saddest part of it all is, while Eishi may be the edge of humanity’s blade, the politics around them only serve to make their noble mission even harder. Instead of using the blades to their fullest against the BETA, the governments only see the Eishi as tools to be thrown around and played with at their whims and for the benefit of just their country… but even with this harsh reality, the Eishi still fight against the BETA with all they have in order to preserve not only their nation but humanity as a whole.

    I can’t do anymore for Latrova and Zhar Battalion than salute them for the bravery and valor they demonstrated in this episode. Even as they got screwed over time and time again, they still tried to carry out their mission as Eishi. Unfortunately, I can’t help but think Russian command has always been gunning for Latrova, for reasons that appear to be related to her late husband. Maybe command had some influence over his death and she made the mistake of investigating? At the very least, Latrova was able to impart great wisdom on Yuuya in their brief time together and was able to save him like she wasn’t able to save her own son.

    I knew they would send in the Scarlet Twins eventually, but I never thought it would be to assassinate Latrova and maybe the rest of Zhar Battalion, if they weren’t killed in the attack on the Laser Class. I have to imagine Yuuya will be none too happy if he ever finds out, though he may well be the key to redeeming the Twins and saving them from their Russian brainwashing.

    As a whole, this arc has helped Yuuya grow immensely from the “Top Gun” pilot characterized by his pride and hate of the Japanese that he was when the show began. Summed up nicely by both Vincent and himself, Yuuya has matured into someone that has gotten over his biases and now sees himself truly as an Eishi with a firm mission statement and determination. His interactions with Latrova and Yui from the arc have set him on the course to being a better man for the rest of the series. Of course, I hope that he at least hasn’t grown out of talking back at people because he wouldn’t be Yuuya Bridges if he didn’t.

    As much as I liked the 94 Second, I can’t help but prefer its successor the XFJ-01A. Maybe it’s the red? In any case, I think it fits Yuuya much better, and I can’t wait till we finally see it in action. And I think this arc gave the 94 Second a good send off, since there’s no better way to go out than getting down and dirty with the BETA while you’re losing weapons and limbs.

    I wasn’t expecting a bit of a time skip once the arc was through… I wonder if anything of note has happened in between this arc’s end and the debut of the XFJ-01A. Though I’m more interested in how Yuuya and Yui’s relationship has progressed in-between, since I doubt after all they went through together that they’re current relationship is anything like how it was at the beginning of the arc.

    I hear that the next episode is actually going to be a clip show… but with this show’s budget, or lack there of, they’re better off saving money where they can so that they can actually deliver some good action scenes when needed so I won’t complain. If they at least mix in some plot relevant developments, or heck even some Yuuya/Yui, I’ll be happy. The new op and ed are probably debuting next week as well, so I’m definitely looking forward to seeing them.

    1. “As much as I liked the 94 Second, I can’t help but prefer its successor the XFJ-01A. Maybe it’s the red? In any case, I think it fits Yuuya much better, and I can’t wait till we finally see it in action. And I think this arc gave the 94 Second a good send off, since there’s no better way to go out than getting down and dirty with the BETA while you’re losing weapons and limbs.”

      I don’t think it’s a successor, more of a modification. The XFJ-01A codename is actually applied to the unit Yuuya was using as well, it’s just the first phase where a lot of American parts were swapped in to increase fuel efficiency. Phase 2 adds further tweaks to the design. And the red color scheme goes away. It’s a rollout color, just like how the very first plane in real life is painted in some pretty gaudy colors for the press and stuff. Once they go back into the real testing Yuuya will have his unit painted to more mundane colors.

      “I hear that the next episode is actually going to be a clip show… but with this show’s budget, or lack there of, they’re better off saving money where they can so that they can actually deliver some good action scenes when needed so I won’t complain. If they at least mix in some plot relevant developments, or heck even some Yuuya/Yui, I’ll be happy. The new op and ed are probably debuting next week as well, so I’m definitely looking forward to seeing them.”

      I hate clip shows. It’s going to be another week of waiting to see where Yuuya and Yui’s relationship is now. It should be pretty good since they both think of each other a lot, they just have to admit it to one-another. The lack of budget has been very glaring for this show. However, Satellite also did Macross Frontier and that show probably had a much better budget but there were also a few pretty bad facial animations in the TV show. I guess Satellite focuses more on the CG mecha (which is really nice) to the detriment of the character art.

      1. The XFJ-01 Phase 2 isn’t a modification its an entirely new TSF altogether. The Phase 1 that Yuuya used before is essentially a a heavily modified Shiranui Type 94-1C with American parts based on the concepts of the Active Eagle(an F-15 modified for high mobiltiy and close combat). Its basically a testbed to gather data.

        The new XFJ is for all intents and purposes THE prototype of the XFJ project, featuring an entirely new mecha-frame based on the previous gathered test data. Which is why it has an audience for its introduction since its basically one-step away from being mass produced.

      2. “The XFJ-01 Phase 2 isn’t a modification its an entirely new TSF altogether. The Phase 1 that Yuuya used before is essentially a a heavily modified Shiranui Type 94-1C with American parts based on the concepts of the Active Eagle(an F-15 modified for high mobiltiy and close combat). Its basically a testbed to gather data.

        The new XFJ is for all intents and purposes THE prototype of the XFJ project, featuring an entirely new mecha-frame based on the previous gathered test data. Which is why it has an audience for its introduction since its basically one-step away from being mass produced.”

        I can only base my info on the Muv Luv wiki entry below:


        It states that the phase 1 modifications are to use American parts to increase efficiency and operational time only. There are no lessons-learned from the F-15 ACTV applied to this version and it is still essentially a Shiranui Type 1-C but with better uptime. Phase 2 upgrades the base design with some additional thrusters on the shoulder and waist and some new equipment for the head unit, but it is still essentially a Shiranui. I have no clue if they used another Shiranui 1-C to build the upgrades on or salvaged Yuuya’s unit (it would still have the phase 1 upgraded parts but it is badly damaged). There are still a lot of testing and Japan has not even decided to produce this model vs. adopting the F-15SEJ Gekkou, so it is still a far way away from being close to production. And if they did choose to build the Type-04 Shiranui Second, there is an option to buy parts to upgrade their fleet of older Type-94s, further proving how this is more of an upgrade than an entirely new unit.

      3. The wiki is missing some key details. Remember the reason for the XFJ project is to fix the Shiranui’s weakness, mainly that its frame is unmodifiable for upgrades. There’s no “optional” attempt to improve because the Shiranui is a dead-end machine.

        The Shiranui design would require an complete overhaul for its frame. XFJ was launched with the intent of using the Shiranui’s revolutionary frame design with the internal components provided by American technology. Its why its being done by Argos since the Active Eagle is one of the few designs on America that empathizes melee. The Phase 2 is basically a cross between the Active Eagle and the Shiranui with addition to more recent technologies to keep it in line with recent 3rd Gen TSF.

      4. To the extent of Japanese knowledge, the Type-94 Shiranui had no upgrade path. American expertise was what allowed the TSF to be upgraded. In essence, the changes to the Type-94 to the Type-04 is similar to the changes of the F-15 to create the ACTV version or even the Strike version. The base models receive major overhauls to be sure, but they stay close to the base design to not be totally new units. The Type-04 received shoulder thrusters when the ACTV showed how they improved maneuverability, but it does not use the back thrusters or the arm sensor pods, the 2 most distinguishing features of the ACTV. Your assumption that the Type-04 is a cross between the Type-94 and F-15 ACTV goes too far, they don’t even use the same engines in their jump units. The waist thrusters idea comes from Su-37, so is the Type-04 a cross between the Type-94 and the Su-37?

        Your comment about the ACTV being a melee TSF is also incorrect–in episode 6 Yui laments that she hurt the pride of the Argos pilots because the F-15 ACTV was not meant for close combat and she totally outclassed them in her Type-00. The ACTV is a concept unit that emphasizes speed to quickly engage BETA that have penetrated defense lines, but still adheres to American combat doctrine of melee combat being the last resort–it’s only melee weapon is still 2 combat knives. If you are going to say that the wiki is missing certain details, what are they? I can’t debate this properly if I don’t know where your facts are coming from.

      5. “Japan has not even decided to produce this model vs. adopting the F-15SEJ Gekkou”
        I’d like to note that going by TSFIA, Japan did in fact eventually reject the Gekkou in favor of the Shiranui Second, by order of the Shogun, though there was great enthusiasm for the Gekkou thanks to the demonstrated advantage that stealth fighters confer during 12-5.

  8. Oh well, fantastic episode, down to emotional rollercoaster of Zhar Battalion coming in cavalry style to save Yuuya, then getting carpet bombed by own forces, saved ironically by BETAs Lasers and finally wiped out by both BETA and mystery Russian TSF Show Spoiler ▼

    The whole story reminds me of Warhammer 40k immensely – how many times Imperial Guard are defending heroically against Daemons or Tyranids, only to be wiped out by Inquisition in the aftermath (and of course being declared heroes and martyrs… unless their entire existence is being erased!)
    Yuuya having seen his share of deaths on the frontline definitely has matured. I wonder what the second season will have for him?
    Ah, one more thing, I am one that had a giggle at Laser class advertising the BD?
    Ewok out!

  9. Salute to Zhar Battalion and Commander Latrovka. She and her battalion didn’t deserve that fate at all.

    I truly thought that she’d be able to pull a miracle once again but alas, her time with us has ended.

    May the brave souls of the battalion live on.

    Seriously… The way the Soviets do things truly makes them dispicable.

      1. Wait: Is that someone’s spine? One of the girls’ right? Not really disturbed. I’m so used to this by now…

        Is anyone subbing the BD? I want to see all the censored stuff…

        The Moondoggie
    1. Well, thanks to you guys, I know I am NOT going to click on that link.

      Everything we know about Croos comes from the sacrifice of those that fell before us. I salute you guys! *salutes*

  10. Well guys, not trying to be idiotic, but IF it were Cryska and Inia, why? Latrova saved their lives, for god’s sake!!! But, there’s hope…. what if that TSF was just a little like an SU-37UB and it was another soviet agent and Latrova won the battle? There’s nothing wrong in believing…..

    1. The magic of Soviet experiments. You’ll notice a few episodes back that the sisters weren’t exactly of sound mind slaughtering the BETA at the time and were pretty much in mood where they’d listen to whatever order, especially if it was related to destroying the BETA. So not farfetched at all that it’s them. In fact, they probably won’t even remember they did it (assuming they did).

      1. Yeah, now I get it…. Thanks man…. but still, considering your knowledge about the Muv-Luv series, would be too much expect that Latrova pulled out a miracle and survived? I know, I know the twins are flawless in combat, but you can never know for sure… You know, since I played Phantasy Star 4 and saw Alys Brangwin dying, I can’t deal with this kind of thing… anyway, Bridges and the others won’t forget this easily and we maybe experience some good and old vendetta… for ending here, I SALUTE COMMANDER LATROVA AND ALL THE ZHAR BATTALION!

      2. It’s possible. But if there’s one thing I know, people from Muv-Luv have a tendency to stay dead when assumed dead. Though there is the occasional surprise too, Lol. At this point it can go either way eh. Also a big part of why Muv-Luv was so good too.

  11. I have a question for anyone that might know, IF the shiranui second phase 2 already existed by august 2001

    Muv-Luv Alternative Spoiler
    Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Muv-Luv Alternative MAJOR Spoiler
        Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Show Spoiler ▼

  12. well I disagree with the woman and her team to pretty much commit suicide.
    She knew they wanted to get rid of them when she saw those airplanes and also when someone was sent to shut them up. She and her team should have just escaped to the U.N. or to another country to get asylum (like the wikileaks guy) and they want to continue to fight to at least do it for another country together with her team.

    1. Hmmm… Hunt for the Red Zhar? I see the idea, but Russians would probably silence any UN personnel at Kamtchatsky base then…
      and I dont think TSFs would have the fuel to reach Japan or Alaska.
      Furthermore, they were only unit in position to destroy the Lasers, enabling successful defence, otherwise entire defensive line would crumble, resulting in possibly another hive. And Latrova was too professional to let that happen.

    2. It doesn’t quite work that way. With the Soviet agent on their tail and the BETA on the other side, there was no real way to escape. Even if they did try running and weren’t followed for whatever reason, their TSF’s run on limited fuel supplies and would not guarantee arrival into another country, not to mention most other areas in the vicinity are BETA controlled. You would then have to assume the Russians don’t have anything to force that country to return them either.

      In addition, as hinted, if she did try to escape, her son would take the brunt of the response.

      The whole point of what Latrova did despite knowing she was pretty much screwed over, was making the most of her death. It’s a big theme in the Muv-Luv universe, and a very powerful one to say the least. There just wasn’t any other option available.

  13. yea can anyone spell conspiracy & that silence any witness about whole bomb base etc on it.

    indeed can you say some in the soviet have “dirty secret” do anything put some of units as cannon fodder & “you lived your usefulness” yea don’t trust some higher ranks soviet.

    14eps in with series 24eps what next?

  14. Why do I have this bad feeling that the Soviet Agent was Cryska and Inia?

    Really weird to see that with humanity on the brink of extinction there’s still infighting such this. 🙁

    1. Welcome brother to the uglyness of mankind, we´re just one step from the abyss and we keep stabing each other. But to be honest, it´s not humanity who is messed up but the goverments that only think in their own gain.

  15. Grrr rage!!!! Why they killed the MILF out of Yuuya harem! Kill the writer, scripter, director everyone! I was prepared to see the Zhar Battallion take heavy loses; but Latrovka?!!!! Infidels burn in hell. To top it off is hinted that it was the scarlet twins landing the final blow?!! I’m going to deny reality, please let me live in my own sick world were her Kommander is still around and reunited with her son.
    Wishful thinking aside the show is really messing my head. 🙁 Can’t describe how sad I’m right now… Not sure who I hate the most at the moment the BETA or humanity. Both can be so cruel in so many levels is just wrong. This type of “humanity” really doesn’t deserve to win.

  16. Does anyone else beside me wants to see the USSR in flames after this? They sacrifice the entire Zhar Battallion, messed up Inia and Cryska´s mind and almost lost the Far East Front to their own stupidity! Just for a big whole of nothing!.

  17. I guess this is not a recommendable anime for the Motherland’s audience? lawl

    This reminds me of MGS’s The Boss, too bad she doesn’t have a badass diciple to go “f*** this I’m out and f*** you too”


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