OP Sequence

OP: 「UNDER/SHAFT」by 真音 黒崎 (Kurosaki Maon)

「天を仰ぐ蛇」 (Ten wo Aogu Hebi)
“The Snake That Admires the Heavens”

It’s only been a few months since the first season, but to say the least, it definitely felt longer than that. But like the snake that it is, Jormungand comes slithering back with its eagerly anticipated second season: Perfect Order. And I’m glad to say that I’m back and ready to continue coverage, so sit back, buckle up, and enjoy the ride!

Going right in, this first episode notably starts out rather similarly to the first season. We get the quick mention of the Jormungand myth again and a seemingly more mature Jonah to go along with it. We’re not quite given how much time has passed since the first season and this one, but what we do know though, is Koko’s busy schemin’ away and launchin’ em satellites (OVER 100 OF THEM!). Once again though, her dialogue with Dr. Miami just so happens to be blocked out (darn it!) so we don’t get to hear her grand plan for all em’ satellites, but it is interesting to note how the satellites are named “Jormungand” and crisscross around the world — just a bit similar to the myth don’t you think? Hmmmm… sure makes you wonder a bit.

In the end though, the satellite launches with Dr. Miami are only one of the many threads started in this introductory episode, which surprisingly, was lacking in the trademark action of its predecessor season. But with some of that piew piew clearly coming next episode and the nice developments this episode, I can’t say I’m disappointed in the slightest. I mean, how can I when I get to see Karen Low back again (and working under Dr. Miami of all people)? Not to mention, you just can’t help but smile a bit seeing Schocolade and Scarecrow still hanging around as comic relief for the most part.

But that’s enough nostalgia for now. It’s time to shake off the cobwebs and delve right in to the new developments… and some key revelations too. And first on that list is the reveal of R (a.k.a. Renato Socci) as a spy for the CIA! I was already flipping out when he had that suspicious meeting at the end of the first season, but gosh darn it, seeing him actually talking with the man known as Chief Black… really hammered it in for me. At least though, it seems like they’re not the ones who want Koko dead, and Koko seems to be on to him as well. Ultimately, this brings us to who actually ordered the hit from the end of last season and the other major reveal this episode —the agent known as Hax Hex. Though admittedly, the way she gets her way with men and enjoys it at the same time… she might as well be hacking.

Bad jokes aside, it looks like things are really rollin’ toward some more serious developments, as we have Koko caught in the crosshairs of two different groups at the CIA. And I don’t know about you, but seeing how Koko tries to realize her plans for world peace while battling off her toughest opponent yet and a spy within her own group… as well as wondering how the two dynamics between the CIA factions will work out as they try to complete their own respective objectives… phew* That’s some set up. There might’ve been no real actual action this episode, but gosh darn, I’m getting chills down my back just thinking about the things that could happen in Perfect Order. Combine that with the new OP theme by Kurosaki Maon (which gives off that perfect badass vibe) and darn, it might be a bit premature, but the second season’s already looking like it’ll be every bit as (if not better) than the first. Here’s to next week, as we get our first multi-part arc! Already!

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ED Sequence

ED: 「Laterality」 (ラテラリティ) by やなぎ なぎ (Yanagi Nagi)



  1. This episode reminds me why I tended to curse 6 days, 23 1/2 hours of the week. It was the time it took for the next episode of Jormungand.Seriously, this episode reminded me fully of why I loved the first season so much. 😀

    It’s obvious Dr. Miami and Koko work on the same wavelenght. I seriously lol’d at Lehm’s reaction when they calmed doing Valmet and Karen. XD
    Hex will be interesting though. I feel like she’ll actually make Koko sweet a bit. :/

    1. Seems like initial reason was to piggy back on American GPS and what not to see arms trading/transport routes. They also added extra satellites with added capabilities like intercepting military communications and the like, so basically it’s a huge electronic warfare system to ensure they can dominate.

      However, as Koko and Dr. Miami seem to hint at, that’s only the side benefit and seems to be only something her dad wanted. They seem to have their own ulterior plan of some sort, which sadly, was muffled again. But like every time they’ve muffled Koko’s conversations at key points, you know it has to relate to her plan for “World Peace” so… guess we’ll see the answer sooner rather than later.

  2. It’s interesting how they decided to start the season by showing the rocket launch scene. In the manga they didn’t show it until after two more arcs (including the Operation Undershaft that just started with this episode). I was confused for a minute there wondering if I missed an OAV or something at first. XD
    Maybe they wanted to establish the connection from the last episode of the first season and show what happened to Karen Low.

    1. That guy called Spin was a pretty big idiot. He gave out the information before he even got to have sex with her. BUT it looks like she would have let him continue anyway until he started fagging out and told her to get off of him. And look what a mess he’s in now; He let info leak that could get him killed and never even got the sex as compensation! THE FOOL!

      Allen Walker
  3. well there back again yep look expect more loco koko to go around.

    so now karen work for dr.miami give still got grudge with valmet also koko & miami are planning some hmm.

    now cia is ready plan their operation with R is the contact & yep they bring in hex yea indeed she want koko.

    more crazy chicks in hey i like crazy chicks as well hmm wait & see what next.

  4. I’ve often wondered if this whole amazing series isn’t really about an emerging love story
    between Koko and Jonah (yeah, I know I’m kind mushy that way)…

    Aside from that, we’re given some third-person insight into (possibly) Koko’s motivation and
    internal struggles with what she is doing – is she, herself becoming what she hates, a dragon?

    So in a way, I see those moments that she spends with Jonah very significant in her character
    development in the story because, despite his apparent baptism into her way of live, at his core
    he is just like her and serves (I believe) as her emotional anchor. We know about his tragic
    loss last season, but I sometimes wonder if Koko suffered a not yet revealed similar loss as well…

    I any case, I look to the next ep! As was mentioned, those 6 days, 23½ hours are going to feel like a 100!

  5. 2 weeks ago, I’ve decided to marathon the entire 1st season Jormungand since I haven’t watch it. This is mostly due to the hype over S2.

    And I have to say, I was pretty sad that I’m not on the “boat” long time ago when they’ve introduced the anime ‘cos I really, REALLY enjoyed it. Still, I’m glad that I have enough time marathoning the 1st season and Guilty Crown (a lot of people keep saying it’s bad, but I’ve watched it for a reasonable reason). Sadly, I might have to do the same for the 2nd season since there’s TOO many anime on my current watchlist; SAO, Total Eclipse, K, Chuunibyou, BTOOM!, Zetsuen no Tempest, not I’m already planning to add Psycho Pass and Robotic;Notes on my watchlist. As of now, I still haven’t watch the 1st episode of Jormungand S2. But hey, if K turned out to be as BAD as most people predicted, I might drop that one out and replace it with Jormungand.

  6. I’ve not read the manga/novel, nor know nothing about future events, but did anyone get the impression that Koko would be Jonah’s last enemy? Like, after it’s all said and done, he’ll have to make a decision to kill her, or continue working for her. This episode also gave an impression that Koko has stocked some emotional investment in Jonah, with the big hint being the close up on him after Hex’s “How can I re~ally hurt Koko (^.^)?” line at the end. The Koko in bed scene and obvious mentions in the last season supplement this as well. It really makes me wonder “Why Jonah?”? What is it that she sees in him that she would like him more than the others? Is it his hatred of weapons? His straightforwardness and honesty? Anyway, given that scene with Hex and Spin, I imagined she would do something like rape Jonah. Yeah, my mind was a bit in the gutter (>.>), but can you blame me? Like the time with Valmet in ep 11, where she says ‘let’s take a shower'(together or otherwise), it’s like the director/author wants to subtly imply that these women are sleeping(not the ‘sex’-type of sleeping, mind you) with him or something.

  7. “Her name is Koko! She is loco! I said Oh no!”

    I cannot express just how happy and excited I am about this new season and that I get to see my favorite arms dealer at work in all her genius once again! Some times I wish I had been born into a less-than upstanding family and become a badass arms dealer like Koko… Sorta. Lol. Anyways… Whoa nelly they’re setting up quite the season for us. Two different factions in the CIA are gunning for Koko for different outcomes, she and Dr Miami are plotting something epic with the final satellite launch, and Jonah is still showing how clever and quick on the uptake he is for a youth. I can’t wait to hear what happened between Hexe and Koko. Omgoah Hexe is HAWT! And I’m starting to think Koko brought Jonah into the fold so that he could keep her from turning into the dragon she hates. I don’t see her really investing as much conversation with the others as she does with him, but maybe that’s because he’s the newest and the youngest out of them all. She may have already gone thru the same thing with each of them when they came to her. Because it’s not like the others are distanced from her. Everyone is uber close! But I think Koko has designated him as her rock, to remind her of what she’s striving for. Anywhooo… WILL EPISODE TWO HURRY ALREADY!!

  8. Seriously why hasn’t anybody translated the last 3 vol’s of Jormungand manga? The manga finished last year and the last release that was translated was vol. 8 a little over a year ago. If anybody works at offtopia(the fan translator group) please tell me why nobody is translating it anymore.

    Allen Walker
  9. that was a brilliant episode…the op and ed were not as great as the first season’s….though in terms of animation there was a noticeable improvement….and hex was sexier than i thought she was in the manga

    looking at the next episode’s preview will Show Spoiler ▼

  10. So the reason behind rocket launch in the first season’s opening is revealed – and Koko is a busy bee and has launched over 100 spy satellites masquerading as commercial navigational network…
    To add more factions to the usual multiplayer “30 xanatos pileup” (T) we get Mr Black and his inside spy R, dr Minami as a faction of its own cooperating with Koko – and now employing Karen of all people!, Scarecrow+Schokolade with their usual antics, and last but not least Hex, a truly terrifying woman that seems to be a bit rogue CIA agent with a grudge against Koko. It seems she will target Jonah as he seems to be Koko’s weakness at the moment.

  11. I bet a lot of people now wish that Jonah accidently had shot R or now known as Renato Socci when he woke him up.

    Well I personally don’t dislike are R for being an mole from the CIA, to be honest I kind of like it because an perfect group would be boring.

    Beside the whole R thing I only wanted to see Kasper this episode even if it was only seeing him watching the rocket launch like the others.

  12. sig sauer 2022 is poor man p226/p229, it cost 350 dollar and is no where as accurate as browning hi-power used by yonah.

    Magpul Masada is a cheap man’s mushmaster ACR. I like the fact that it can be taken down to the barrel with the right tool, but FN Scar light and HK 416 are way better shooters.

    I had jams with each magazine fed to the ACR, and picking up casings you see scraches on the casing indicating bad machine job. It will take a whole day using nevr-dull to smooth out the rough surfaces.

  13. when i first saw hex, i thought she was chinatsu all grown-up and even more screwed up. And then, I realised a while later that chinatsu was already dead.
    maybe it’s the way they carry themselves, confident and psychotic and sadistic. i got delusional >< but i guess hex would be way more bad-ass


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