For the most part, this chapter can be summarized in one sentence: Kakashi “kills Rin” and Obito goes nuts. Because, that’s pretty much all that happens this chapter, as we continue down the flashback route. We still don’t know exactly the reason why Kakashi did what he did, or whether or not that’s even Rin or someone controlling her, but it is notably hinted at that she’s particularly valuable to the Mist ninja after them. Furthermore, it’s more notable that they’re going through such lengths to recover her body, even though they seem to have preferred that she stay alive. In turn, it makes me wonder if there’s the chance that she was killed in order to ensure she doesn’t fall prey to the enemy or something of the sort.

Either way though, we finally find out the moment where Kakashi awakens his Mangekyou… which is surprisingly at the same time that Obito does. We also get the reveal that Obito is able to utilize a fair amount of his powers to begin with, which while farfetched, does at least try to explain where/when Obito acquired his time/space jitsu. Of course, him just so happening to have the potential to unlock it in such a quick time isn’t the greatest explanation and is bound to annoy a fair portion of people out there, but at this point, it’s nothing particularly out of place considering some of the other events in Naruto so far and works of a shounen nature.

Moving on, it sure looks like we’ll get even more flashbacks in the coming chapters, and hopefully, the chapters’ll give us some more insight into exactly why the aforementioned events occurred and what happens to Kakashi immediately after. Until then, looks like all we’ll get regarding Rin are a bunch of theories… sadly. At the very least though, we get a few reveals and explanations to whet our appetites.


      1. How can I tell? Because Obito’s fighting mechanics have been explained numerous times before; this is how he fights. This is how he’s fought since he’s awakened his Mangekyou.

      1. Actually, none of you guys are correct. He is NOT making his arms, body or weapons intangible.

        It only ‘appears’ to be intangible. In fact what happens is that he teleports the part of his body/weapon, that about to be hit by the enemy, to a a different dimension.

        Obito usually chooses NOT to attack while he does this to fool his enemy into thinking he is only able to attack when tangible.

  1. Rin mostly likely had some special trait that the Mist wants, so they tried to kidnap her to acquire it. The same happened with Hinata in the past, except they were able to rescue her. Rin probably saw no way out and asked Kakashi to kill her, which he reluctantly agreed to. It could be considered a mercy kill too, since there is no telling what the “bloody Mist” would do to her if she were captured alive.

    But right now, the fact that the Mist are responsible intrigues me. Remember the reason the Mist is called the “bloody Mist” is because of their horrible graduation ritual. This was enforced under the rule of the Third Mizukage. But also remember, the Third Mizukage was being controlled by Tobi, as confirmed by Kisame. Perhaps Tobi took over the Third Mizukage as part revenge against what happened here.

      1. Well. Blood trait abilities can only be achieved through blood inheritance. So it is pretty much a yes. Except they will never mention that implicitly on Naruto since it is a shounen manga. They just let it off as having their bodies experimented and cloned.

      1. This is my belief as well. In the previous chapter, there was mention of the Mist dealing with ‘experimental bodies’ and in this chapter the Mist ninja are very adamant about ‘recovering’ Rin, preferably alive. Also, they are wearing masks similar to Haku’s mask, which was explained to be the masks of ‘Hunter Ninja’, whose job is either to recover ninja from the Hidden Mist or to dispose of their bodies to prevent their secrets from being taken by the enemy. I suspect that Rin was either a Mist spy or was being manipulated by the Mist. On a side note, I don’t think Kakashi awakened ‘his’ sharingan, I think Obito awakened his and because Kakashi had Obito’s other eye and since they were close together, his awakened as well.

  2. Well, like Spiral Zetsu noted, Obito possessed a large amount of potential; as shown when Zetsu shows astonishment at Obito’s ability to quickly master Mokuton. I think that’s really what ties into Obito’s ability to utilize the Mangekyou so well — he’s just a genius shinobi.

    The one thing I’ve noticed in both the previous and current chapter is that Kakashi still has that slit in his mask where he was cut during the battle at the Kannabi Bridge. It’s been years (as evident through Obito’s hair length), so why Kakashi still has that slit confounds me. You’d think this was a fuck up on Kishi’s part, but this is the 2nd chapter where this mistake is present :/

    1. I don’t know, genius is the ability to learn and adapt quickly eh. There’s seemingly some inherent potential he seems to have, which would make sense, but still feels slightly farfetched that he just so happened to have it you know? In the end though, as long as it’s a viable explanation (which it is), then I’m alright with it.

      As for the slit in the mask, I wouldn’t be surprised if he intentionally kept using it as a kind of memento, rather than a mistake.

      1. it’s not farfetched if you recall Sasuke’s development. much of his progress was hastened by rage and emotions (hell, his whole character is the embodiment of emo but that’s a whole nother… ugh)

        it wasn’t too long ago that his susanoo exponentially grew against his fight with Danzo… and given that Obito “witnessed” the demise of his love at the hands of his rival (both parties being the main reasons that kept him going while trapped in that cave), it’s natural to think he’d go crazy and awaken some latent power

        one thing we’ve learned over and over again is that uchiha should never be taken lightly

    2. just noticed that myself… so did obito time travel back from the past?!!!??!?!? another unexplained theory
      and wtf. kakashi gets mangekyou too? so why the long long wait till he revealed his?

      1. Well, plot-hole no jutsu.

        But can still be explained within the story. Kakashi passes out after mangekyou, so he may not know he has that ability, and just rediscovered it later in life while training or getting stronger etc.

        Also, no, Obito did not travel back in time from the past. More likely his modified body with zetsu makes him look taller/older.

      2. Kakashi probable did not know that the sharingan had other special abilities until he meet Itachi so odds are that it was only after he meet Itachi that he realize that the sharingan was not just limited to genjutsu and copying.

      3. A couple problems though…

        1.) Awakening the Mangekyo immediately begins the process of going blind. Using it merely accelerates the process, but it is an ever-continuing process otherwise whether it’s activated or not. How Obito and/or Kakashi didn’t go blind after over 10 years is a question.

        2.) Considering how much stronger the Mangekyo is to a normal Sharingan, surely Kakashi would’ve noticed something “off” about his Sharingan after the next few uses after this. Even if not immediately, I’m sure someone like Kakashi would’ve discovered it well within the 10+ year time period before the start of the series.

      4. @ HalfDemonInuyasha

        To your first point. I don’t know why everyone is convinced that Obito’s time/space jutsu requires the Mangekyou or that it destroys eyesight, I’ve never seen Kakashi or Obito bleed from their eyes when using Kamui. When Obito first awoke in Madara’s chamber, it was implied that Obito unconsciously used his time/space jutsu to escape from under the rock. He didn’t have the Mangekyou then. Also, in past chapters it has been said that the sharingan has many different abilities, like Shusui’s ability to place suggestive thoughts into people’s minds and it didn’t require the Mangekyou. Not all abilities degrade eyesight. Perhaps in Kakashi’s case, he needs to use the Mangekyou to use Kamui, because he’s not an Uchiha. Kamui is a natural ability inherent to Obito’s eyes, therefore he can naturally use it all the time.

      5. As I said, USING the techniques of the Mangekyo Sharingan merely ACCELERATES the process of going blind. The process ITSELF begins the moment the Mangekyo Sharingan is awakened, whether you use it and/or the techniques it grants or not. It has nothing to do with what techniques at all.

        This is why Itachi was able to keep his (ever-degrading) eyesight for several years after awakening the Mangekyo Sharingan; he was already so skilled and powerful that he RARELY ever needed to use the Mangekyo Sharingan, much less any of its abilities unless absolutely necessary.

        And then you have Sasuke, who was using it at every opportunity, spamming/maintaining Amaterasu and Susano’o constantly after first awakening them all. He ended up going blind in just a few WEEKS at best. By using and maintaining the Mangekyo Sharingan and its techniques so often, it accelerated the process of going blind THAT much.

        In terms of “Kakashi never bled when using Kamui” bit, this is where the balance of power vs. control comes in. Something like Amaterasu is all about being a powerhouse ninjutsu and uses up, seemingly, A LOT more chakra than Tsukuyomi. On the other hand, techniques like Tsukuyomi, Kamui, Shisui’s Genjutsu, etc come off as far more about chakra control than sheer brute power of the chakra itself. This is why you don’t see Itachi’s eye bleed each time he used Tsukuyomi (or Sasuke with his weaker version of it against Danzo). Amaterasu basically “overloads” the eye it comes from, causing the bleeding. Tsukuyomi does not.

  3. I don’t think it’s all that surprising that Kakashi’s Mangekyou awakens at the same point as Obito’s. While the eye is currently in Kakashi’s possession, it’s Obito’s eye nevertheless and Rin was one of Obito’s best friends which would explain its activation.

    Obito’s full awareness of his abilities though was a bit unexpected.

  4. wow, the uchiha are so overpowered, even the lousy ones like this one, in a moment of stress can overpower tens of mobs ninjas, probably more hardcore than the squad that almost took them out in kakashi gaiden.

    1. The Uchiha clan has a long history of hate; their “curse of hatred”. But yeah, a very emo clan.

      Also, interesting to note that Kakashi was like Sasuke as a child, (a prodigy, gets the girl’s affections, calm, and collected), while Obito had obvious similarities as Naruto as a child. Naruto told Sasuke several chapters back that he could have easily become like Sasuke, leaving the village, embittered and filled with hatred. The situation Kakashi and Obito parallels with Sasuke and Naruto, but flipped.

      1. And therein lies a big flaw in Kakashi’s view of Team 7. He basically completely overlapped his own team with Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura, thinking that they were all but exactly the same when they were far from it. The only thing similar were very basic personality traits.

        Naruto was a determined goofball like Obito, Sakura crushed on the Rookie of the Year like Rin, and Sasuke was all “serious” about everything like Kakashi.

        Otherwise, similarities more or less end there.

        Obito still had a family growing up, able to teach him things, friends to hang out with, and so on, allowing him to become a Chunin without ever awakening the Sharingan (something which I’d assume was pretty rare for the Clan).

        Rin wasn’t a total fangirl like Sakura. She still honed her own skills, trained, etc and didn’t let her crush on Kakashi overshadow virtually every aspect of her life and, obviously, didn’t go beating on Obito.

        Kakashi wasn’t all about vengeance or anything. He just became a total stickler for the rules because of his father’s suicide (driven there for choosing to save teammates rather than finish the mission successfully and people scorned him for it), but he didn’t throw everyone under a bus to become powerful or anything.

  5. Yeah, we’re past logic at this point. I’m just gonna go with Obito and say we’re in hell.

    Kishi said there’s still about a year and a half left to go, and I see this battle ending by some time early next year. One thing I’ve noticed about certain Jump titles, like DBZ and YuYu Hakusho, is that they save the last few chapters for sort of epilogue mini-arc that takes place in peacetime years after the final battle takes place. It’s mainly used to tie up loose ends and leave the story on a good “onto the next adventure!” sort of note.

    My guess is that Naruto will use that for it’s last arc…but what for is the main question. Could it be about Naruto finally getting Chuunin? Or Jonin? Or starting a family? Or maybe skip to when Kakashi has been Hokage for years and gives an adult Naruto one final test in order to succeed him?

    Point is, that’s now what I’m most looking forward to in this story.

      1. You’ve confused ANBU and Root.
        ANBU ninja work under the kage of the village and are generally responsible for assassinations, espionage and other dirty work.
        Root ninja are special group of Konoha ANBU ninja working directly under Danzo.

        Those ANBU ninja we saw in this chapter are wearing masks with the mist village emblem. Underneath they could be wearing Konoha headbands. They could be working for Danzo or someone else. As of now, we don’t know.

  6. according to vol.4 , corpse of shinobi tell lot more than living shinobi. from information he know from live to death,all jutsu, and it is possible that the body used to contain something. so.. it is easier to say that she is a sleeper agent

      1. Well correct me if I’m wrong but Kakashi did say, near the beginning of Part 2 while chasing Deidara, that he was “about to test out his new move.” Meaning he only recently learnt how to use Mangekyou at will. And specifically, he was going to test out Kamui on an enemy for the first time.

  7. I am really enjoying this insight into Kakashi and Obito’s past, I feel it is really explaining how things got to this point (I really feel sorry for Obito but I bet there is some explanation behind it that would have prevented everything had he been aware of it then).

    However, unless somewhere in their past is the secret to defeating a filly revived Madara….they’re still screwed as soon as we switch back to the fight!

  8. Well, they both awaken at the same time because both the eyes need to be present in order for it to awaken. Also, the sacrifice for the mangekyou is to kill some one close you you, ie Rin in this case. So, if Obito hadn’t survived and come to this moment in time, I’m sure that Kakashi’s mangekyou would not have awakened at all.
    And kakashi didn’t realise this either as he is not actually from the uchiha clan. HAD he known that both eyes needed to be present for it to work, and noting that his just HAPPENED to awaken, I’m sure he would have pieced together that Obito was still alive somewhere…….or that the other eye was near by….
    I want to see why she had to die! This is exciting!


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