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Back at BAR & SUN, Gray tells the other members of his guild about Lucy’s situation and what they must do to free her (win the Grand Magic Games). Natsu doesn’t want to wait, therefore he is tied to a pole.

The situation is creating a lot of confusion. The royal army can’t hurt citizens so Lucy should not be in danger. Gajeel wonders why the others who were in the castle weren’t arrested. Mirajane reminds everyone that they’re a team participating in the tournament, so arresting them would be a bad move. Natsu breaks free only to end up being knocked down by the master who reminds him that everyone in the room wants to do the same thing but they can’t act as they want considering who their opponent is. But FAIRY TAIL aren’t cowards either.

Moving on to the castle, Lucy and Yukino are having a conversation in their cell. They’re discussing what’s right and what’s wrong when Yukino all of sudden tells Lucy about a sister she used to have called “Sorano”. Yukino who used to upset her parents with her clumsiness was always defended by Sorano, no matter what. One day her home was set on fire by some of Zeref’s followers. They kidnapped her sister and left everyone else in Yukino’s family to die. Yukino obviously escaped and saved herself but she lost her parents in the process. This is why Yukino loathes Zeref.

The final day of the tournament is here. As all guilds’ teams enter, everyone notice that there is something different with Sabertooth. Some people notice that Lector has gone missing. Even though he isn’t there, Sting knows Lector’s wish in his heart and promises to not lose again. FAIRY TAIL has also gone through some change. Natsu has been replaced with Juvia.

Makarov tells Mavis about his plan. Winning the tournament is the only way of (assumably) getting Lucy back legally, but since their opponents can’t be trusted, FAIRY TAIL has a secret. Everyone will be busy watching the games so there will be an extra team sent in to save Lucy. This is a strategy that uses two fronts. The other team is made up by Mirajane, Wendy, Natsu, and the three Exceeds of their guild.

It has been a while since we had a “clever” FAIRY TAIL chapter. Most of them have been filled with action lately. It was definitely a nice change to see some brains again. I am very exited about this new strategy of two fronts, mostly because Mirajane is in the new team. I don’t even remember the last time we saw her fight someone in the manga. Was it during the S-class examination? I look forward to seeing her in action again, and the same can be said about Wendy. While we did see her fight Chelia, I thought that battle was cute rather than exciting so I hope to see Wendy in a more “serious” battle.

Even though everyone is occupied with the last battle of the Grand Magic Games, the castle isn’t unguarded. When Gajeel asked everyone why they weren’t arrested along with Lucy, it was even more obvious that the royals captured her to make sure Eclipse happens. I’m certain that an entire team not showing up in the tournament is weird, but that’s definitely not why the others in FAIRY TAIL weren’t arrested. I think they were allowed to go free intentionally so they could be busy with the tournament while the White Knights would open Eclipse without any hindrance. The tournament is a great way of slowing down all the guilds’ best players because they’ll lose a lot of magical energy throughout the battle.

It’s a great thing that FAIRY TAIL is one step ahead though. I do not think Natsu’s team will be able to save Lucy easily. The mysterious girl has yet to make an entrance in this battle. Her identity has been the hot topic of the FAIRY TAIL discussions for a very long time, and now another possible one has showed up – Sorano – Yukino’s sister. Last week, there was a comment that blew my mind with its very well written theory. Lucy has been the person to most likely be the mysterious girl, but after reading that comment, I was so sure it was her mother. But now that we know about Sorano’s disappearance and Zeref’s involvement in the incident, she could be the mysterious girl as well. Jellal sensed Zeref’s presence from that girl, so now, I’m lost again.

I think I’ll just give up guessing and wait for Mashima to reveal the identity of the girl. Anyway, aside from the exciting battle strategies, we can’t forget that there is one event left in the tournament. I’m glad to see that Sabertooth has gone through some change, the positive kind. I don’t like the smile on Minerva’s face though. I hope Erza fights her! Having Juvia in the team tells me that Lamia Scale is at disadvantage with the lovestruck Lyon who probably won’t be able to harm his beloved. So I guess we can anticipate both exciting action and some comedy in the upcoming battle. I’m looking forward to that, and of course, Eclipse as well.

Moete kitazou!


  1. I really enjoyed this chapter. Was kinda glad the master smacked Natsu since it was understandable he was angry, but charging in won’t do them so good and it wasn’t like everyone else was going to let it slide either.

    Now Lucy and Yurikano – I wonder if there is anything special or interesting going to happen later on since all 12 keys are locked away somewhere else? Heck make that 13 keys and maybe something nice and fun might happen and make Lucy OP as shit cos she really needs it. Sorano is giving me Angel vibes. It feels like she is another who was dragged to the tower of heavens and then went to OS like the rest of the team. I wonder if the anime fillers would play a part with us seeing Angel-tan again or Lucy mentioning her like Wally and Hoteyes at the end of the arc.

    Sabertooth looks nice with the clothing makeover but Minerva reeks of bitchiness and has skank written above her head. Care factor for Lector going up by a smidgen, but still 0 care factor for Sting. Heck I like Gray’s new clothing. It looks kinda retro and Erza’s…. it’s too short to be a kimono, but dayum it looks nice especially on her. Though all of them do not look happy at all.

    Lastly, but not least, Natsu, Wendy, Mirajane and the cats. Interesting and unique combo. One thing like about Mashima is that he doesn’t forget his side characters or even the entire FT members. Hope we get to see some awesome new forms from Mirajane or even more of Sitri’s abilities and power.

    Also Stereoman, Thank you so much for the effort you do for the images. You are the best. Here have some cookies and cake I baked while you were making this post.

  2. It seems like Minerva has taken over the guild master for Sabertooth. We didn’t find what happened to her father and she seemed all too glad when Sting lasered him. Her position at the front in the middle of the group seems to suggest she is the new leader. I’m not sure whether this would be for the better though. The other members seem more relaxed, but Minerva herself has some rather cruel tendencies, so I hope she gets her ass kicked.

    1. Maybe she is but they haven’t announced it yet, if that was the case she can’t participate in the final round because of that… if I can recall the rules say that the Master fo the guild can’t be part of any tema in the tournament…

  3. ” I don’t even remember the last time we saw her fight someone in the manga. Was it during the S-class examination?”

    didn’t she fight in the tournament? In bikini first but she transformed in the end iirc

  4. I really hope Sting doesn’t get the nakama advantage for Lector’s sake. And it’s nice to see Mirajane team up with the Dragon Siblings (I kno they’re not related but they’re cute together like siblings) for once.

    Am I the only one who stopped caring for Lector after seeing his color palette?

    Azul Flamed Samurai
  5. For those who think that Sting and Rogue will join Sabertooth, I don’t see any possibility of that, Fairy Tail already has four Dragon Slayers including Laxus and two more Dragon Slayers will be too much for the story. It is preferable if they remain in Sabertooth but with a new master who will reshape the guild with a strong bond unlike gemma.

    K C M
    1. i have no horse in the race since i don’t care if they join FT or not, but its not like the number of dragon slayers has actually affected the story much.

      even with 4, the main 2 by far are still Natsu and Wendy.

      Gajeel’s pretty much a second tier char, whipped out to mix things up a bit, but nowhere near the airtime of the main bunch (Natsu, Lucy, Erza, Gray, Wendy).
      Laxus gets even less attention than that.

      even if they did join Fairy Tail, they’d fade into roles as background guild members, and the story would still pretty much focus on that main quintet.

    1. That actually makes a lot of sense!

      Remember who used to believe in Zeref and kidnap children? The people who originally built the Tower of Paradise. At least according to the anime, Angel was among the children kidnapped and forced to work there.

      This is in addition to the similar looks and affinity for summon spirit magic.

  6. Hmm, the fact that Sting and Rogue are still participating in the tournament, despite attacking the guild master, suggests that Minerva probably took over Sabertooth. She was smiling evilly when Sting blasted the master, and now she is leading the team on stage. Besides, I doubt that Sting would agree to serve under the master that killed Lector anymore.

  7. I hope there will be unision raid between Gray and Juvia like the one in the anime Daphne filler arc. I think Erza armour this time is like rob of youen who doesn’t look like special but have elasticity. Lastly did anyone notice what is it beside Kinana.

  8. For the most part the cats have always been pretty useless. They are cute and all but don’t actually bring anything to a team going into a dangerous situation (except Panther Lily that can transform into a powerful fighter for a short period of time). Natsu’s team would have been better served with a couple of the more powerful members like Evergreen then the cats.

  9. maybe the Raijinshuu don’t have to be a cheering squad for Laxus , Instead , they have to be part of Natsu’s team as they can have powerful combo , especially Freed and Bickslow. + evergreen’s stone eyes and fairy magic. i think the raijinshuu are pretty underrated team nowadays. Mira is very useful and wendy for support . but a heavier group should be in natsu’s team. Natsu , + Raijinshuu + Mira + Pantherlily . I know they should have a small group for better strategy but they can have more to be sure that success is coming they’re way


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