Things seem to be smooth sailing for Tsuna and the others, with even Bermuda agreeing to get onboard their plan to save the current Arcobaleno. While the quick resolution is much appreciated, it does seem slightly anticlimactic to have the “antagonist” change his mind so quickly. Bermuda’s reasoning does make sense to some degree, but it seems so at odds with his previously bloodthirsty actions that the turn of events seem a little jarring.

In that vein, it’s also difficult to make heads or tails of Checkerface – while that’s not necessarily a bad thing, his extreme ambivalence saps the tension out of the situation. This is partly due to his absence during the arc; despite being a core character that drives the events, Checkerface has been conspicuously absent for most of it. Most of the perspective on the whole Arcobaleno debacle is from other characters and it results in such a skewed understanding of the matter that by the time Checkerface appears to “explain” his side of the story, it’s too late and feels more like an afterthought than a progression of plot.

The mini history lesson on the formation of the Tri-Ni-Set was nice though, helping to broaden the scope of the matter and reiterating the gravity of the situation. What seems a little confusing, however, is the issue of the Mare Rings. Since they’ve been sealed, they should technically be powerless – how is it still maintaining the Tri-Ni-Set then? Unless what’s important is the mere existence of the rings, how is the Tri-Ni-Set considered “complete”?

In any case, it’ll be nice to see everyone band together to save the current Arcobaleno, even though half the cast is maimed and unable to contribute. Hopefully they’ll be able to pop back in for one last appearance with all their limbs intact.


  1. A bit anti-climatic, but the quick resolution is also appreciated. The fights have been continuously escalating, and with Checkerface displaying at least ten times the flames of Tsuna, it would be boring to have another power-up so soon after Bermuda.

    In the last scene, people already eliminated like Zakuro and Bluebell can be seen contributing to the flames. Nice to see everyone working together, minus the people who are seriously injured.

      1. I don’t know, I mean Checkerface did not promise Reborn and the others will go back to their original form, only that “they will be release from the curses”. Also, other things are not explained……
        I am more interested on who is Yuni’s dad and Luce’s husband.

  2. I’m not TOO surprised at all that this is what it came down to.

    Through following KHR over the years, this kind of awkward and sudden resolution is actually quite characteristic of Amano-sensei’s storytelling. Pacing hasn’t ever quite been her forte. It’s a little anti-climatic, a little frustrating to say the least, but it’s her style (or lack thereof).

    I feel that KHR is something born within a previous generation of character designs and whatnot. Tsuna is not really a main character you can expect to be successful within the present generation. It’s a good time for KHR to wind down.

    I, for one, liked following KHR and I’m happy for Amano-sensei’s work on it. Now it’s time to tie up the loose ends! Can’t wait to see what Amano-sensei has planned next 🙂


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