It seems I’m not alone in wondering whether or not this is truly the past Keima is familiar with – he also seems to be toying with the idea that it could be a completely different timeline, though at this point he considers it an unlikely possibility. Urara seems to be the big change in this past, should it prove to be a different one – all the alterations seem to be linked to her, including the cancellation of the camp which came about due to the construction initiated by her family. However, it’s still entirely possible that this is the same timeline – she herself wants to stop the construction and there’s nothing to say that something Keima will do won’t halt this construction and allow the camp to resume, thus resulting in the same events as last time.

Urara seems to be the type of girl who’s trying to act older than her age – taking her mother’s makeup and scolding Keima for playing games. It makes sense that she would start to fall for Keima, someone who’s so obviously far more grown up than he appears (which is no surprise given that he has the mind of a seventeen year old at this point) what with his complex explanations and kissing a girl who appears so much older than himself. Their relationship could be a little disturbing when you look at it from that angle, but it’s also possible that there won’t be any conquest this time – Keima has set out with the intent to ‘befriend’ Urara and I’m sure that anything more than that would seem a little creepy to him too.

tl;dr: @MoombaDS – Everything that’s different in this timeline seems to be revolving around Urara… just who is she? #TWGOK


  1. Adorable on the “big sister’s” part.

    I am interested where on earth was Urara all this time in the present time.

    Anyway, I am going to enjoy what Keima is going to do, as a child, I always did enjoy these time travel manga where the child is VERY smart to annoy people.

    I so wonder, since Keima has the power of the Demon with him, his “sister,” can he do. I can see the idea of destroying everything. Mwa hahaha


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