「星々の歌」 (Hoshiboshi no Uta)
“Song of the Stars”

It was hard for me to avoid smiling at this heartwarming episode filled with what I love the most about FAIRY TAIL. And no, I’m not talking about the fanservice, but that’s a nice thing too. For me, this series is all about love and bonds, and that’s what we were shown today – in a hilarious way of course. Everything was so enjoyable, and I believe the manga readers who are ignoring the anime can watch this episode and find it highly entertaining. The episode was amusing from beginning to end, and I couldn’t stop myself from giggling while watching it.

As the childish person I am, it was easy for me to relate to all the silliness in this episode. While some people might call Gray and Natsu immature for all the competitions they had, I’d simply call it “having fun”. I like to build castles of sand with my friends too but sadly, I’m nowhere as skilled as Natsu and Gray are, which surprises me. Well, Gray is artistic, no doubt, but Natsu… I’m jealous!

Aside from the boys having fun, let’s not forget that this is a training camp and not a vacation. Lucy discussing One Magic with Capricorn was a very touching scene to me. Lucy may be one of the weaker characters of this show, but she has a great heart and I admire her so much for it. Her conclusion that says that One Magic is related to love was very beautiful, and for the record, it makes a lot of sense too (with Hades) and it is truly something that fits this anime (because of how it makes friends more important than anything).

It’s interesting to see how different everyone’s training methods are. The main team which we saw today had a lot of fun on the beach, but the others seem to be going through more serious developments. I’m not sure what the Raijinshuu is up to, but the Strauss siblings were seen camping with Cana. So, a lot of training in the wild I guess. It will be interesting to see how everyone performs in the tournament which takes place in five days instead of three months!

When the anime hit the Zentopia filler arc, I was quite worried about the party chapter. I had no idea how the anime would pull it off but I’m glad everything went smoothly. I’d been looking forward to this party for so long, and I must say, it was better than expected. The Celestial world was beautifully done, and it was so nice to see all the spirits again, especially the sneaky king. I wonder if it’s possible to make a contract with him. That would make Lucy one of the strongest magi ever!

A party means good company, food, and music. The stellar spirits weren’t stingy; they brought us everything and a bit more! I laughed a lot at Natsu feeling troubled over the food, but Gray and Erza didn’t seem to have any problems with that, and Aries and Cancer weren’t so bothered. It was also quite nice to see Juvia bonding with Aquarius. I’m surprised she managed to do such a thing considering how grumpy that mermaid is. Also, I think Lucy’s old outfit looked really good on Juvia because it reminded me of the dress she was wearing when she joined FAIRY TAIL (the colors).

My favorite part of the episode was Lyra’s song. It has been so long since we last saw her. Her song was presented in a beautiful way. Nakajima Megumi is an amazing singer. But it wasn’t just her voice that grabbed my heart. The lovely pictures that were shown on the screen during the song were really fun to watch and heartwarming. I loved all the flashbacks with Jude and Michelle; they made the moment so emotional, and when Lucy started crying, I almost thought I would do so too. It was truly an amazing moment. I need to find myself a key like that…

Having said that, next week’s episode is one I really look forward to. I’ve been waiting for it for so long now, so I’m super excited! But for now, I’ll rest, because I feel dead like Gray, Erza, and Natsu after doing all these full-length shots.

Moete kitazou!

Full-length shots: 01, 09.1, 09.2, 09.3, 09.4, 09.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 13, 14.5, 15.1, 15.2, 15.3, 15.4, 18.5, 19, 20.5, 21, 22, 23.5, 24.5, 26.5, 27.5, 29.5, 30, 30.5, 31, 31.5, 32, 32.5, 33.5, 36




    1. OVA means no censorship so it’s for the better 😀

      In any case, I’m still a bit worried that they’re skipping canon stuff, considering how close the anime is to the manga.. Hopefully the upcoming events will be extended so the anime doesn’t catch up too quickly.

      1. Oh absolutely. I loved Naruto, Bleach as well when I watched the anime and I still follow the manga for both, but ever since I started Fairy Tale, I am just enjoying it so much more 🙂

    1. I know how you feel, it was the same way for me when I started watching FT, at first I thought it was just another shounen knock off but I was wrong and I suddenly came to love Fairy Tail as much as I love Bleach, Naruto and One Piece. I kept watching FT until I caught up to the current episode and know I’m reading the latest chapters of the manga. Keep watching and enjoy, by the way beware of some haters that keep talking trash about this awesome shounen keep away from them, let them go watch harry potter(although manageable) or that other or some other lousy series which name I don’t want to mention here.

      K C M
      1. Thanks I am very much enjoying it. I think the thing I love the most about it is the sense of camaraderie and the friendly bonds that lie underneath every achievement, every victory. Its so very truthful and genuine and I am yet to see an anime that was able to weave a tale with so much tragedy and seemingly insurmountable obstacles and still infuse it with so much positive things and so much optimism and have the good defeat the evil and the strength of the bonds and all that.

        Its less of a power rush as other shounen and I am loving that aspect of the show.

    2. Toriko looks similar to Fairy Tail in that it’s an over-the-top shonen, so they go ALL OUT WITH THE COLORS AND CRAZINESS. I think that anime creators have discovered that the best way to make a shonen successful is not to make it dreary, dark, and serious!

    3. i like Fairy Tail, but still is not as good as Naruto or One Piece..Bleach i dont know, it went to hell after the S.S arc and got worse and worse..

      but is definitely on the right path.. to be one of the greats shonen..

    4. No I feel you, FT got good around the 2 dragon slayer arc, amazing during the laxus arc, gotta give much love to Juvia (fav female) and Gajeel (fav dude & dragon). There was such an emotion tide during those two arcs that I never felt while watching Bleach or Naruto. Sure those two had epic, pwnsome moments but FT gets you riled up and tear up manly tears while screaming at the computer screen.

      But I will admit tho, Tower of Heaven and Edolas didn’t really hit me and Tenrou Island could’ve done better but Bleach still can’t compare and Naruto is just ok now.

      Azul Flamed Samurai
    5. I’d say it’s all about personal preferences, but there are several elements that FT does better than other current shonen series:
      Show Spoiler ▼

      FT does have its flaws though:
      Show Spoiler ▼

      Can be better for some, can be bad for some… but those are my reasons 🙂

  1. I really liked this episode! Despite already reading this in manga, I couldn’t help but to laugh throughout it, especially at the end when they realized the spirits sort of trolled them with the whole 1 day = 3 months thing. 😛

    P.S. Whoa, now that’s a buttload of full-legth shots o.o Nice job ^^

  2. I know how you feel, it was the same way for me when I started watching FT, at first I thought it was just another cheap knock off but I was wrong I suddenly came to love FT as much as I love N, B, and OP I kept watching FT until I caught up to the current episode and now I’m also reading the manga. Keep watching and enjoy and by the way there are some FT haters that keep talking trash, keep away from them.

    K C M
  3. Something change from the manga like Levy tease momment but in exchange of Lucy heartwarming momment it all worth of it. I wonder how far Happy will be flying next week (if you alredy read manga you will know what i mean).

  4. That ending was hilarious. That deadpan delivery from Virgo telling them about the flow of time in the Spirit World was too much. I re-watched those last 2 minutes a couple of times, so funny.

  5. Why did Loke get cuf off in that group picture, he should be near the center. Juvia looks great in this bikini. I played that song over and over again. I hope it comes out in mp3 or something, it’s very lulling. LOL on the spirits trolling their training time. And that preview shows Jellal/Mystogan (I hope it is) so I’m looking forward to that.

    random viewer
  6. Full-length shots: 01, 09.1, 09.2, 09.3, 09.4, 09.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 13, 14.5, 15.1, 15.2, 15.3, 15.4, 18.5, 19, 20.5, 21, 22, 23.5, 24.5, 26.5, 27.5, 29.5, 30, 30.5, 31, 31.5, 32, 32.5, 33.5, 36

    guess its beach episode.


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